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    Earthquake Early Warning,

    Internet Reportage related words Japan Meteorological Agency 駿河 Magnitude Tokai Earthquake Area Mail
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  • ○■ Sound of urgent earthquak e bulletin you heard after a long time

  • ○■ まぁ、誰も気象は 想できな... Because well, no one can expect weather, there is no ginger, the shank

  • ○■ According to Meteorologic al Agency, as for epicenter in the Hiroshima prefecture north section, as for depth of the seismic center 12 kilometers, scale of earthquake (magnitude) it is presumed 5.4

  • ○■ 最近、震度5の地 が続いていま... Recently, earthquake of seismic intensity 5 continuously now the shank

  • ○■ Yesterday was holiday, bu t it was business day

  • ○■ 携帯電話の緊急地 速報も鳴らず... Urgent earthquake bulletin of the portable telephone you did not sound and you knew earthquake occurrence with [tsuito] which conveys the occurrence of earthquake to my address, but is, when you hear in the human who is in the office you say that it shook rather even at the office where there are 3rd floor of the high rise building

  • ○■ After shaking being settl ed almost,

  • ○■ 我が家は岩手沖は とんど揺れま... As for the pad as for the Iwate open sea it does not shake almost, a liberal translation

  • ○■ If it should have been th e shaking which is weak even fortunately, it is, but incorrect report? So earthquake is not felt completely!?

  • ○■ 大きめの地震でし が、大きな被... It was earthquake of large texture, but as not been, ♪ I while working in order not to fail, have decided big damage to pay attention from something

  • ○■ jishin sokuhou wo mioe te nete kara suujikango �� jukusui shiteita watashi ha tobi oki mashita �� jishin ka ���� dentou ga yure teiru �� kanari hageshii yure ni omoe mashita

  • ○■ 今回も、緊急地震 報 間に合い... konkai mo �� kinkyuu jishin sokuhou

  • ○■ hisashi burinianoketata mashii oto wo keitaidenwa kara kii te �� torihada gatachimashita

  • ○■ ところで先月の地 からこももが... It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

  • ○■ そういえば昔、コ チャーから... souieba mukashi �� ko^cha^ kara

  • ○■ shikashi kasai �� j ishin nochi wo fukumu �� ga deta ra tsure te dena kyanaranai

  • ○■ しかし、魔の金曜 だね、と... It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.

  • ○■ sate �� honjitsu ha konnatokorode

  • ○■ こんばんは!いや 久しぶりの緊...

  • ○■ There is no tidal wave by this earthquake

  • ○■ 22日…21日に緊急地 震速報の... 22 day…Because the mail of urgent earthquake bulletin came on the 21st, when you thought, in addition that earthquake continues, this day did not have earthquake

  • ○■ It can return to the usua l returning home mode to the suffering area apartment complex, because last night from urgent earthquake bulletin sure enough as for the suffering area apartment complex perhaps for a while as for returning home mode it is unreasonable from aftershock frequency, when circumstance of the cat continues, the workplace to stay, after to be packed with the flow of life continuation in [maji] memory of [maji] apartment complex life to far one to disappear to become the father himself of rent life and tomorrow recently from the workplace approaching to the barber of eightfold state, however it returns to the suffering area apartment complex, as for the night to Minister of Finance Saitama the schedule which stays to put out, Sunday after sanctuary [hukuari] observation support end the workplace to stay, because to be packed it returns to life, don't you think? 嗚 call- When it is this kind of life continuation, perfect stress symptom. The explosion father is not wrong

  • ○■ 被災犬でないボク も大地震... Sound of the urgent earthquake bulletin which just a little is the strange feeling one day many times from the day when me who are not the suffering dog it has major earthquake [dokidoki] doing in the shaking of innumerable rank, the cup of [tsu] temporary neighborhood only is barked, because and I the nerve am thin, condition of the stomach became bad, a liberal translation

  • ○■ This time, before the urg ent earthquake bulletin shaking, it increased…

  • ○■ 01:23 from tw... 01:23 fr om twitbird truly today being the snow? However still it does not fall,… 01:24 from twitbird work it is busy, you bragging, it became the constitution which does not echo, however - 01:26 from twitbird at the beginning you were not invited, because the absentee is many, it was invited urgently in secondary meeting, but it is, should go? The handle, truth too luckily to use w 01:27 from twitbird this which is lovely, - cat twitpic.com/71rcy5 01:30 from twitbird honestly and [jiyamirokuwai] it is the [tsu] which only goes to… rt @abyas_nmnl [so] which are attracted rather, it does the rt @nekopic_bot boot, the [yo]! jamiroquai! Something 01:35 rt from twitbird person as for about one it has those which you can be proud

  • ○■ <!-- insertp... <! -- insertpr (); -->

  • ○■ Settling, when the [ru], with you think, shaking comes

  • ○■ 気になるわ〜〜〜 ... The [wa] which becomes matter of concern - - - -, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Immediately before the ea st Japanese large earthquake disaster in atmosphere and ionosphere on seismic center abnormality? 2011 May 20th slashdot

  • ○■ 昨夜の地震、まさ 寝込みを襲... Earthquake of last night, you attacked the sleep just, a liberal translation

  • 地震速報

    Earthquake Early Warning,

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