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    Shizuka Kamei,

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  • ○■ しかし、民主党が 導権をもっ... But, the Democratic party has leadership because, only, the shelf it is and is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Furthermore considerable human rights disregard being done, program being invented

  • ○■ このまま菅総理の 陣を待って... This way, when 菅 it waits for the resignation of the prime minister, in addition 1 month 2 months keep passing wastefully, probably will be

  • ○■ <民主党の鳩山代 が新政権発... <Hatoyama representation of the Democratic party directing to inauguration of new administration, it started moving

  • ○■ If < ruling party conf erence is possible, quite it is strong vis-a-vis the Cabinet it means to have “veto”

  • ○■ 鳩山氏は同日夜、 僚人事につ... As for Hatoyama the same day night, concerning Cabinet minister personal affairs, in the party headquarters “it was completed in press corps

  • ○■ Also Prime Minister himse lf Hatoyama has dropped the grumble to the mass communications, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 私は 3党連立政権 のほころ... You thought that as for me [ho] time of 3 party coalition government as for the [bi] it appears with diplomatic question, it starts from the fact that Party Chief Fukushima of the especially corporation people party presses for the reform of the Japan-U.S. status of force agreement strongly, but expectation came off completely

  • ○■ As for future corresponde nce of the same group as Ozawa original representation, you probably can call Noda new administration circumstance

  • ○■ 亀井氏はその後、 者団に対し... As for Kamei after that, vis-a-vis press corps, “Kyoto, we like the majesty ',' with it said”, that after doing, “the fact that it enters into the mark of the castle of symbol of power of the shogunate, was the mistake

  • ○■ Vis-a-vis the movement of secession of Yosano and others, it is in the midst of the Chinese visiting, 菅 as for Vice-President and financial affairs phase Naoto “at present time you do not think cooperation comment, at least completely”, that it denies in press corps, “it is important administration to keep managing securely in administration of the current 3 parties,” you said, a liberal translation

  • ○■ というのも、日本 原発推進が... With the notion that where you say, the fact that nuclear propulsion accelerated in Japan is Koizumi administration day (April of 01 - September of 06)

  • ○■ But 菅 the largest prima ry factor of short life is “Ozawa removal”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 2009.9.20 19:1... Topics of this news of 2009.9.20 19:19: Hatoyama Cabinet

  • ○■ Reference sight: Collapse -amazon.co.jp in └ Japanese center -

  • ○■ (引用終わり)( 照:yah... (Quotation it ends) (reference: yahoo adviser), a liberal translation

  • ○■ In order to be able to pr ocure information simply even in the person who does not have time, you try to try gathering news, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 亀井氏は、「小沢 の影響を気... Kamei “designates Ozawa's influence as the air, it is” with Prime Minister Hatoyama, “to encourage”, it does, pledge “modification” on the one hand Ozawa “demand of the citizen therefore”, with it boosts

  • ○■ Kamei after the conversin g, reported the merger story of the Democratic party to national new party staff, but this staff opposed “idea is different from the Democratic party completely”, that, as for Kamei “I cut off, but it is, you say that” with it explained,

  • ○■ ライバルのメディ はハナビち... The media of the rival is [hanabi] news

  • ○■ But, realistically it isn 't so not to be able to say?

  • ○■ こんな「無責任」 、言い方は... Such a “irresponsible”, there is no expression

  • ○■ In addition as for the pr ime minister, “it is possible to tackle the big topic which ahead is done to send or it is questioned to us, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ところが、朝日が 以下のよう... However, Asahi seeing, like below how, “ky” the article is published, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 1:1, the same place depar ture

  • ○■ 民主党にも、意外 良い人材... Unexpected the good talent has been even even in the Democratic party, isn't?

  • ○■ * Comment: Democracy 2 vi ctories does with assistant selection and passes, business does not understand as it is now, as for House of Councillors selection of next year

  • ○■ なんといっても首 に厳し... Those where is harsh after all in the prime minister are public opinion, a liberal translation

  • ○■ (The product sutra newspa per) Kamei, it is postal services reformation charge, the ~!!

  • ○■ 鳩山氏は5日午後 小沢氏と党本... 5th in the afternoon, Ozawa and it conferred Hatoyama in the party headquarters concerning the management of new administration 1 hours over excessively, it left choosing a person to Ozawa concerning the National Diet personal affairs of party official personal affairs and management Chairman who etc the House of Representatives House include national anti- chairman,

  • 亀井静香

    Shizuka Kamei,

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