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    Jiji Press Co.,

    Reportage Politics related words 郵政 Self-Defense Force Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa Regime change House of Representatives election マニフェスト Futenma Political leadership Hatoyama Cabinet established jiji opinion polls Noda Yoshihiko Finance

    • show_biz_news
      Japanese Vending Machines Begin Offering Free WiFi: Hereu2019s a novel idea to expand your companyu2019s vending machin... http://t.co/zIaOvBtj

    • Un-discriminating attack incident.
      “Helping” from newscafe-社会 news, in inside of car of car the scream = blood the pupils who are let flow, a liberal translation
      „, helfend“ von den newscafe-社会 Nachrichten, innen innerhalb des Autos des Autos der Schrei = das Blut die Schüler, die ließen Fluss sind

    • akihabara toori ma jiken nitsuite ��
      From newscafe-社会 news
      Von den newscafe-社会 Nachrichten

    • jinminkaihougun wo yousei surutsumoridesuka ��
      “Raincoat = gargle not drinking,” - also interest and misunderstanding which increase spread, to newscafe-[yori] social news radiation measure ““in the protective clothing substituting drinking raincoat” gargle, there is no effect”, -. Explosive accident of the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima 1st nuclear plant is received, insecurity to the healthy damage by the radioactive substance has increased, but it is difficult for the general people to buy the protective clothing and the iodic medicine which holds down the absorption to internal. You inquired about realistic coping method and the like at the manufacturer and the like. The iodic medicine which is used after the explosive accident even at the part refuge. “Day medical manufacture” of the medical supply manufacturer (Toyama city) ever since accident, even from the individual it reached the point where the inquiry follows one another, but because the prescription is necessary, sale has not done. On Internet “[u
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • http://ameblo.jp/uncle47/entry-10829125888.html
      From newscafe-政治 news conservation of electricity it called in the citizen and secretariat Director = government branch field Yukio the 12th night, the reporter interviewed at the prime minister official residence, from the fact that the gross of the generation of electricity quantity has fallen due to the shutdown of the nuclear plant and the like which receives east Japanese large earthquake disaster, called conservation of electricity in the citizen. “(Confronting earthquake and the tidal wave) listing the country, you expressed that from the viewpoint which it overcomes, we ask conservation of electricity to all citizens”. (12 day 20:18) [the Jiji Press, Ltd.]- There is a possibility of large-scale power failure of the national capital region
      Von der newscafe-政治 Nachrichtenerhaltung von Elektrizität, die sie im Bürger- und Sekretariatdirektoren- = -regierungsniederlassungsfeld Yukio die 12. Nacht, der Reporter benannte, interviewte am Amtssitz des Premierministers, von der Tatsache, dass das grobe des Erzeugung der Elektrizitätsquantität gefallenes wegen der Abschaltung des Kernkraftwerks und der dergleichen hat, das japanischen großen Erdbebenostunfall empfängt, genannt Erhaltung von Elektrizität im Bürger. „(Erdbeben und die Flutwelle konfrontierend) das Land, drückten Sie verzeichnend das von der Veranschaulichung, die es überwindt, wir bitten um um Erhaltung von Elektrizität zu allen Bürgern“ aus. (12 Tages20:18) [die Jiji Presse, Ltd.] - es gibt eine Möglichkeit des großräumigen Stromausfalls der Region der nationalen Hauptstadt

    • weblog title
      It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

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