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    Mellow Yellow,

    retail sales related words Coca-Cola Seven-Eleven
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  • ○■ Sale was started in 1983, it is the soda water of citrus flavor

  • ○■ 休憩しようと自販 に行ったら、... That it will rest, when it goes to the vending machine, unusual ones were found! The [tsu] [te] report ♪ [meroiero] ♪ bosom tilting specially, the shank (o^- ') b exactly that time, it is to be in the shopping mall, but because even excessively bosom to force, buying, returning, replying, we asked the ~♪ [tsu] [te] mail

  • ○■ Furthermore, at the time of the Japanese first appearance (1971) was modified to label design and the logographic mark which designate the glass bottle of green as motif also “sprite” appears in addition to “[meroiero]”,

  • ○■ うちの近くの自販 に復刻したら... It reissued in the nearby vending machine inside w thinking ww everyone who seems knowing, [ru] kana? But [meroiero] (' the ▽ `) the no thin cc lemon person what dislike the ♪ which is not (the ´ε `) the [a], [] which comes being previous live it is the ♪ (the ´▽ `) with pianissimo this for a while to live, length and others you obtain

  • ○■ Both to be gone unnoticed , the mountain due unnoticed revival

  • ○■ 懐かしいよー! メ ローイエロー... Bosom to force, -! It is [meroiero], -!!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ So, when it does, it sell s is with circle k! [meroiero]! You bought unintentionally

  • ○■ 何年前だかのブロ に「メロー... “[meroiero] would like to drink”, that there is the remembering which is written in [burogu], it is no year ago of, but revival it is never done with, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because you found with [m eroierosupa], bosom oak [ku] Tetsu when it is and the buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is, the kind of air which is the can does the time of the child, but it is Shopping completing, riding in the car, it tried drinking being hot promptly, rather than the throat you have been thirsty consequence tasting, however the method which moistens the throat tried drinking in ahead slowly afterwards, as for taste you think that it is not different from former times,

  • ○■ 会社帰りにセブン レブンに寄っ... When it approaches to seven eleven in the company return, in the past well was drunk [meroiero] which

  • ○■ メローイエロー

  • ○■ kyuukei shiyouto jihank i ni itta ra �� mezurashi i mono wo mitsu ketayo �� ttewazawazago houkoku �� mero^iero^ �� natsukashi idesune (o^-')b choudosono toki �� shoppingumo^ru niitanodesuga �� amarinimo natsukashi inode �� katte kaette kite ���� tte me^ru wo henshin shite �� o negai shimashita

  • ○■ 水・お茶・メロー エロー... mizu �� o cha �� mero^iero^

  • ○■ あまりの暑さにメ ーイエロー買... recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ To learn more, ask blogg ers to link to.

  • ○■ 会社帰りにセブン レブンに寄っ... May be linked to more detailed information..

  • メローイエロー

    Mellow Yellow,

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