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    Takayanagi Akane,

    Entertainment related words AKB48 Ooshima Masako Kashiwagi Yuki Maeda Atsuko Itano Tomomi SKE48 Miyazaki Miho Matsui Reina Umeta ayaka Minegishi Minami Yokoyama Yui Yamamoto Aya Matsui Jurina
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  • ○■ 高柳明音

  • ○■ メディア選抜 1位 田敦子 2... It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

  • ○■

  • ○■ 【akb48チームa】岩 美咲...

  • ○■ 12 rank Takajo sub- tree (a) 11 rank shrine 澤 佐 river (k) 10 rank Matsui 玲 奈 (s) 9 rank finger field 莉 乃 (a) 8 rank Itano friend beauty (k) 7 rank Takahashi everyone seeing (a) 6 rank Kozima positive greens (a) 5 rank Watanabe flax friend (b) Mariko 4 rank Sinoda (a) Yuki 3 rank Kasiwagi (b) Yuuko 2 rank Oshima (k) Atuko 1 rank Maeda (a), a liberal translation

  • ○■ ①チームk 大島優 (2位)... ①Yuuko team k Oshima (2 rank) ②Yuki team b Kasiwagi (3 rank) ③Mariko team a Sinoda (4 rank) ④Atuko team a Maeda (1 rank) ⑤Team b Sato being completed [re] (34 rank) ⑥West blessing (outside sphere) on team n ⑦Team a Maeda sub- beauty (37 rank) ⑧Team b Watanabe flax friend (5 rank). Team k Yokoyama reason depending (19 rank) ⑩Team a finger field 莉 乃 (9 rank). Team s Matsui 玲 奈 (10 rank) ⑫Team n Yamamoto 彩 (28 rank). Team b small forest beauty fruit (32 rank). Team b Sato sub- beauty greens (18 rank) ⑮Mina research student Ooba (35 rank). Team kⅱ Furukawa love Japanese plum (outside sphere). Team a Takahashi everyone you see (7 rank). Team s wooden promontory lily [a] (outside sphere) ⑲Beauty Hiroshi research student Takeuchi (outside sphere). Team kⅱ Qin Sawako (33 rank) 21 team e woody plant flower sounds (outside sphere)

  • ○■ ske486 name team s: 4 nam e teams kⅱ: 2 names

  • ○■ 40位藤江れいな4698 39... 40 rank Fujie [re] it is, 469,839 rank Ichikawa beauty woven 462,838 rank Matsui 咲 child 502,037 rank Maeda sub- beauty 578,036 rank 須 rice field sub- Kaori 534,335 rank Ooba Mina 34 rank Sato being completed [re] 543,833 rank. 611,732 rank small forest beauty fruit 612,031 rank Nitou Sawako 萌 乃 628,830 rank Oya true 那 666,029 rank expert will Tsu Kaori 726,428 rank Yamamoto 彩 869,727 rank Miyazaki Miho 927,126 rank flat 嶋 summer sea 974,225 rank Tada love good discernment sound 1,167,422 rank Umeda 991,024 rank relations river far fragrance 1,085,423 rank Takayanagi 彩 it is good beauty 2,285,715 rank 峯 bank everyone seeing 2,607,014 rank Matsui Satoshi ability adding 1,716,416 rank Kawanishi sub- beauty greens 1,657,417 rank Akimoto reason depending 1,645,518 rank Sato possession bloom 1,413,719 rank Yokoyama 1,238,720 rank Masuda 110,621 rank warehouse holding Asuka 珠 Rina 2,780,413 rank Kitahara village English 2,795,712 rank 11 rank 10 rank 9 rank 8 rank 7 rank 6 rank 5Rank 4 rank 3 rank 2 rank 1 rank

  • 高柳明音

    Takayanagi Akane,

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