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    Gamble related words Jagger Satsuki Sho Japanese 2,000 Guineas Lilienthal Vikutowarupisa Hirunodamuru Excelsus  Peru Sa Heart Beat Song

    • Saturday betting ticket ~ special life “angular staying racing stable support leader representation (blast)”
      Again, while the weather is irregular, it is horse racing, (crying) runa which respects to do with short-term grazing, the legal 粛 angular staying racing stable support leader representation selfishly, the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was, because - (laughing) after all, it does not reach to thinking the birthplace far, the [a] it does and does not drive and (blast) with, Saturday as for the betting ticket being the angular staying racing stable support betting ticket, it has a match with the Osaka and Kobe 9r going willow prize 1 saddle * naturally, the � lead Bali male, before being the angular staying racing stable, in the running to experience 2400, even if as for 3 arrival ○ training which is the � [taganoparumudoru] mare* It is the � [seipishizu] mare, (laughing) you bought in the Osaka and Kobe experience and training and - it was � [sunakusupein] 2400 experience and 5 arrivals, but whether because is 0.3 differences the △ which is not defeated so is the � heartbeat song popularity horse, when buying, here holds down on the saddle thickly with running contents before the Hukunaga, even if as for × on the � five eagle saddle Fujita and it is ↑ training, because it is the popularity horse, the [chi] thickly you bought as for the eye * single victory that and, being the horse single, the betting ticket which ○★▲△×→◎ special life seems you became? If complaint does not call so, it does not hit and the [te] and don't you think? (laughing) law 粛, while successively losing it produces the betting ticket on self responsibility and… (blast) hits [porutohuino] of ・・・10r it goes being! (Laughing)

    • The CM “of IN&ON” and Oginome's CD
      大量的日本當前主題 , for multilingual communication

    • Analog fish - Life Goes ON TOUR
      When 4/8 (Thursday) @ [betsushihoru] [hi] it rusted and analog fish past inspected with [burogu] as for 4 times which were seen until now the anti- van, in the event, as for one-man however the [garagara] kana which is to see for the first time - with you thought approximately, 2 hour 10 minutes the person may be, immediately after ending, unintentionally the [bu] and the extent which stops wanting to come it is splendid, one-man one-man it seems it was live, “hello” the empty it starts suddenly, “low” also does also “the evening”, without complaint, best selection of music highlight started, “please enjoy strange of the chorus” the [te] meaning thing, “the evening” - “[ansemu]” - “dance hall”End of place kana “the evening” it was extreme, “life goes ON” “is to be possible the famous musical work to detour, is, however the [imaichi] [pi] it is with it did not come, when it does again to hear after the live, it is rather good it was possible favorite the new album where we like the place where just it has meandered with you say the straight road”, that above the good live 2 hours when you can think not growing tired to be a variation in music, the tune making & the vocal because good tune is many, to be possible, may be 2 as for being large tour first day, the member so pleasantly so so, the Kimura visor of [kuringon] having entered into the keyboard, recordingAs the empty related, already about one time you see during atmosphere this year which is necessary even the member of 4 public attention say to be possible, the [re] [ru] kana set list, order however it is different, generally such feeling: now hello light bright ready steady go ambiguous heartbeat low clap your hands! Parallel last future kiss my [tsu] cod town evening [ansemudansuhoru] life goes ON (en.1) sayonara 90 ' s [harogutsubai] (en.2) speed

    • Karaoke!
      The master mark weekend the [hi] it rusted and went to the karaoke “defying gravity” “popular” “for good” “i'm not that girl” “no one mourns the wicked” “one short day” “finale” adds '' to wicked! As for “finale” [gurinda] way lines rather than [tsu] temporary… calling the karaoke, practice of vowel method! “one short day”… the lyric of four seasons be too difficult to sing, when ““to good friend” to best friend” the l fee and the lyric of the [gurinda] way although applying meeting it can cry, thinking, that Morio this Kazama of me ([moririn]) strange song is tune of [airin] [kiyara] which the [ze] ~~~ [tsu] wants at the ~ [tsu] place, it is to search but it was not, is, after that with investigation survivor ([sabaiba]) 'american heartbeat' in the origin, 'has put out also [moririn] with the title, heartbeat with 100c ゚', thing… the [a] [moririn] instructor, parenthesis obtaining ~~~ [tsu] [tsuairin] [kiyara] which becomes numbAs usual “fame” and “flash dance” only it enters,… “i sing the body electric” and “out here ON my own” [mada]? Calling substituting, is, but 'someone wears bride design,' “love you do not sleep”, (Shiina Megumi) you sang! Master you, '[zanadou]' seeing, although the [ru]… singing with [oribia] [niyutonjiyon],…” it had made the question and others [tsu], but and one time 'rent' ““it means that seasons of love” is out from the iron man of the karaoke, but this time, 'rent' was not and 'the musical (England)' with just this 1 tunes entered with the binding which is said and increased… circumstance of some adult???

    • From today continual overtime work (Ω)
      Good morning, it is, (Ω) the [yo] it is, because (Ω) day of no 5 day became the day off, overtime work is three day continuation, you saw, (Ω) it does not make today and the [te] (`Ω ') is even again the [yo] it is to run to hobby from here, but (Ω) at the time of the moa pre- starting voice is the unique from the evening because, the [yo] is tension ......(Ω *) “It accompanied and doing to sleep?”, that (Ω) “it was the lovely sleeping face”, even the [ya] it is the [te] [tsu]!! (Ω) (Is, how!!)The [yo] it is the heartbeat and it is not or!! \ (Ω)/The just a little unique coming [yu] it is it goes back and forth to the highland, is* [bishitsu]} (Ω HKRPT the [yo] it is (Ω) today it works also to such a [ahoaho], (Ω) everyone of work in gw (Ω) just a little just it keeps being enthusiastic, the better [yo] (Ω) the no

    • [Free] ogre bundle [chi] wide special edition /ZOOM
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • Live (2010/5/2) of whale
      As for tonight lively (Kitazawa lete under at) of the whale this time in order Matsunaga for you to go to bed, whether the cover [ri] whale (the Sugibayasi 恭 male (vo and g), camphor tree equal (per and cho)) the quiet tune which is the center when you think, this day, as for the camphor tree, it was basic set, [kahon] & cymbal + [shieika] with lete not to be, but the amount where Matsunaga does not stay, the splendid play successive appearance [kahon] kind of prayer which has been enthusiastic you saw necessary and “the daughter of the album island which” is the [tsu] [te] feeling, “the melon” empty, doing the tune which recently is not done, you were delightfulToday does comparative high “of daughter recording tune of the island and” “the daughter of the island” (tune title don't you think?) the air which is heard after a long time does we we like, don't you think? the pedal steel was added selfishly in the ~ head, because (laughing) also “reiho” “of cobalt boy” recording was unusual, private, how it makes como-lee which, you think that we want doing Sugibayasi 恭 male sings cobalt boy how live, the [yo]? (como-lee, it is the [jiburi] cover in the talk box which “the [robo] [jiburi]” how album this year is put out, very the parenthesis good arrangement there is this, cannot disdain because it was possible and being is) “the heartbeat” of encore while remembering, was the [tsu] [te] feeling, but this tune it is not popular kana - with it thought anymore, it is favorite the tune which in addition it is possible to be able to hear

    • [sukakuratsushiyu
      How you probably will pass everyone g.w? By his there is no first half especially schedule, live does tomorrow even with w← which is ended however and you do with Tachikawa, the � where enormously pleasant fancy trip plan event “innocent trip” is held as for the place where it starts from 18 where it starts enjoying o'clock as for Tachikawa [hatobitosutekan] 2nd!!!! Therefore “you see, going to seeing, to call you are, don't you think?!!! /” The [tsu] [te] thinking, please communicate [ru] [tsundere] by all means the framework framework (^o^)

    • 3 magazine [repo]*

    • Greenery prize (GⅢ) Expectation
      Tokyo 11r greenery prize (gⅲ) Lawn 2400m favorite②[berusa] opposition⑤[touzagurori] holding down⑬Lead sparkle⑰Heartbeat song single victory 4 point horse single 12.3 connected single 24 point [po] [mu] barons

    • '105 /1 - 2 expectation reminiscences
      5/1 greenery prize result 1. [perusa] 2. [touzagurori] 3. heartbeat song 4. aroma coffee 5. [ririentaru] expectation * [perusa] -> 1 arrival ○ cosmopolitan emperors - heartbeat song -> 3 arrival △ lead sparkles * Excelling suspension × [touzagurori] -> 2 arrival horse reams (2-5) 380 Yen hit!! Reminiscence “intense challenge condition!! [perusa]!!”If be too strong and it wins as for the time as for winning at the thing 2 minute 24 second level which it comes after the race/lace record of [haiagemu] [haiagemu] and only this time it is plugged, [vuikutowarupisa] is not [kingukamehameha] class, with current appraisal as for the betting ticket where [perusa] becomes high being too cheap, viewing… 5/2 emperor prizes spring in story result 1. jaguar male 2. [mainerukitsutsu] 3. [meishiyoudontaku] 4. [namurakuresento] 5. air Jipang expectation & [meishiyouberuga] ○ [toukaitoritsuku] - the [jiyamiru] △ [namurakuresento] -> 4 arrival ends Reminiscence “jaguar male, g� first conquest!!”Already as for the betting ticket comes off, producing disadvantageously made the cause of the trivial result with, enormous tension going down, increases, toe plug Crown of the support horse, because it was the race/lace which even excessively is not contents, 'axial is not accustomed to the air which you recollect horse [tsu]!!' Tokyo Niigata Kyoto 1r - 5 68 102 r 3 53 66 143 r 7.13 3 5 - 4r - 11 129 165 r 5.9 4 12 11.15 6r 175 13 - 7r 1 106 113 68 r - 2 12 11.12 9r 2 1011 128 1110 r 981 211 r 2 13 1.8 2.4 12r as for 10 151 102 10 red letters as for the blue letter 2 or more 3 either one ream the race/lace which confronts: In 17 31 races/laces race/lace 55% either one daily double the race/lace which is done: Whether 24 race/lace 77% hit ratio in 31 race/lace, just a little it is low, < This week summary >

    • Thought of greenery prize?
      It became slow, but it is thought of greenery prize of the Derby trial which Saturday was done at Tokyo race track

    • Connection
      The storm is the [u] of appearance, it is it inhales with thought, it is, it is (100302) as for the hair type of [matsumoto] at the time of talk? It is not understood well, but don't you think? as for me after and others the [ri] money [matsumoto] of the wallet which likes the forelock which falls 5000 Yen as for just a little unexpected Aiba according to the imagination it is feeling in the handsome face just a little remembering, whether it was the feeling which is heard with the storm increases is, the kind of line as it is called in the palm reading television was the same as the animated picture where the clothes which are not are transmitted with the net in me, when the [u] it is being everything, the white set [u] the way it is it is as for set and camera work as for the clothes which are the hat of the one whose always well enough favorite [matsumoto] is good it is everyone connection? It connects this tune, with something the shank? Sho tying in regard to the connection of dark color with the waist, it increased, don't you think? 5 people being even, delightfully so especially delightful Sho when shaking the side one line, the lawn did the shoulder of [satoshi] and in the prelude which is hit about the one step [satoshi] which goes down as for moonwalk Sho in the moonwalk after being visible, as for the member whatever time repeating, saw in the foot of [satoshi] and because it comes off, flew source of trouble which cannot be verified somewhere the movement of the Aiba of the heartbeat which conceals the [nino] shining neck with “awfully ~ day the ~” 3, with “first class [suma] ~ [iru]” 2, “is impudentThe saddle ~ be and” with 1, can repel!! Whatever time seeing, it is pleasant, if the [niya] [ke] [te] lastly puts away stormy clothes allotment (inside the parenthesis sub charge) hat ⇒ [matsumoto] (the cap Sho) it is short pants ⇒ Aiba (Ninomiya) sleeveless ⇒ Sho ([matsumoto]) necktie ⇒ Sho (Ninomiya) bow knot ⇒ [satoshi] ([matsumoto]) jumper ⇒ [satoshi

    • The side of the left hand index finger is painful.
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • Troublemaker
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • Japanese weblog
      Greenery prize axial horse ②[perusa] partner ⑦[toukaimerodei] ⑨Excelling suspension ⑪Cosmopolitan emperor ⑮Smart focusing ⑰As for the heartbeat song betting ticket, 3 connected size C arrival fixing sinks and the horse size C arrival fixing sinks (plus making above-mentioned partner 5, [touzagurori] with holding down addition)

    • Japanese weblog
      Furthermore on the 1st, the 17th greenery prize which was done at Tokyo race track (3 years old gii and lawn 2400m), the Yokoyama model Hiro jockey horseman power 1 keeper air [perusa], keeping the straight line full from medium group waiting, when it is expelled, acquiring 4 horse body differences to 2 keeper air [touzagurori], the victory time which wins 2 minute 24 seconds 3 furthermore 3 keeper air heartbeat songs entered into 3 arrivals of 1/2 horse body differences (well), in [perusa] and [touzagurori] as for [perusa] where it can give the preferential starting running right of Derby with this before the debut 4 winning successively as for running new leaves s (op) with afterwardsSatuki prize (gi) with 2 lowering [hirunodamuru] which sticks, it won, but furthermore you evaded Satuki prize and the Japanese Derby with the goal of adjustment was advanced, also father [zennoroburoi] has controlled the greenery prize of 03 years with the combination of the Fujisawa Kazuo tamer & the Yokoyama model Hiro jockey, it became the parent and child conquest achievement with the latest victory * [perusa] (male 3) father: [zennoroburoi] mother: The Argentinian star mother father: candy stripes racing stable: Miho Fujisawa Kazuo total record: 4 game 4 victory main victory saddles: New leaves s (op)

    • original letters
      2010_05_ 11st, at Tokyo race track trial “17th greenery prize” of the Japanese Derby (gii and lawn 2400 meter) line the [wa] [ru], [perusa] of the preponderant 1 keeper air (the male 3 year old) it sneaks away in the straight line, 2 minute 24 seconds of four horse body differences 3 as for victory race/lace mission mode escapes (well) pleasantly with the good time, [perusa] of the popularity horse, [touzagurori] faces medium group waiting and the straight line, [perusa] of 1 keeper air which are the overwhelming victory where [perusa] takes the lead ahead of time, near remaining 1f pierces succession easily and releases, 2 keeper airWith the race/lace result which does not have the disturbance of order of [touzagurori] and 3 keeper air heartbeat songs, for the fan of the jackpot aim when you said be disheartened? [perusa] is conquest of the parent and child two generation which follows to father [zennoroburoi

    • original letters
      Method of winning whose [perusa] where as for arrival order and allotment 1 arrival [perusa] 2 arrival [touzagurori] 3 arrival heartbeat song horse connected 380 Yen horse single 520 Yen 3 daily double 770 Yen 3 connected single 1880 Yen race/lace as for [perusa] of best broom popularity while sublevel waiting race/lace advances, the same game clothes 3 head temporarily the race/lace which connects the face in the first, as for the owner did not accumulate in the escaping and the count of mission mode and probably will be is exciting! Thinking of [perusataimu] 2.24.3 rising 33.8 current Baba, Derby completely the better seed does strongly entering range of vision! The betting ticket such a [pe] [rusa] may be entwined to the betting ticket with considerable probability, because was, they are 3 daily double game sinking from same owner [ririentaru

    • Japanese talking
      It keeps drying the laundry with a certain semantic echo which is the man and Aoyama who are done, as for ◎02 [perusa] ▲17 heartbeat song 5 [touzagurori] note 07 [toukaimerodei] △09 excelling suspension △13 lead sparkle & [perusa] which are expectation of greenery prize as for outstanding talent here which has won Satuki prize 2 arrival horse [hirunodamuru] as for the mission mode which has won favorite apparent [hansodebando] gently a head where we would like to hold down unlabeled

    • weblog title
      As for greenery prize the framework of Satuki prize while being linked this year would like to insert also one two of the framework and framework [zennoroburoi] product scene in range of vision, * heartbeat song * lead sparkle - [rodoobuzaringu]* Just a little you hold down cherry tree l doll △ [perusatouzagurori

    • Japanese weblog
      Because the present horse racing [chi] it is buying with advance sale, it is going out, just the article does is up first and the [chi] [ya] Lawn 2400m◎ [perusa] ○ excelling suspension - [touzagurori] * Even with [toukaimerodei] △ [rodoobuzaringu] △ cosmopolitan emperor popularity as for here the horse of complete victory 3 is from [perusa], but in [perusa] after feeling the size of the scale, directing to the production with this race/lace, because kind of the fact that you measure the leg seems that it does not do, side model of full opening & the partner who believes racing stable comment go to bed even in the trial and it is opening, but with the excelling suspension radio nikkei cup 6 is, but [vuikutowarupisa] which wins 0.3 second difference here large the next running which is something which you can be proud difference you attached young even with scene s, but 3 arrival here of [hirunodamuru]If as for 2 games the rising and being excellent, the Kawada jockey coming [touzagurori] winning the heart strong 3 counts, when you look at here 2 games which are the strange complete victory horse, with the feeling where the catching of the engine is very slow Tokyo however so it is all right, the jockey substituting every games, after it becomes matter of concern, appraises also [ru] ones in about this position the rising of here 2 games [toukai] of 33 second level, the cosmopolitan lives together to the load and the same framework same arrival 1 in the ○ and the front running and both may go before, is, but in inside the cosmopolitan emperor of senior Matsuoka oneIt increases heartbeat song with the complete victory horse which you take in coming out, but because not to go to the meaning which is bought entirely, because front running and slow says, when the clock is slow the rising without the [kire] [te] that much, the affinity of Hukunaga who tries cutting the fact that it is outside large in the reason last week was not good, because as for this week expecting, it increases (^-^) we should come, there is no today, don't you think? the ~◎ is 1 keeper air 3 connected single compared to the air whose 3 daily doubles are safer does, ◎- (the ○~☆) - (sign) we would like to buy entirely with the [tsu] [te] feeling,However after, there is no thinking [tsu] drill self-confidence, as for Tokyo 10r Fuchu s which it tries buying temporarily, with the horse connected box super plainly⑥⑧⑭⑰We would like to buy,

    • Japanese Letter
      The present [wa] (^-^)/today weather is good, is, but it comes out and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is the [ri] doing also the storm warning where the wind is strong and is greenery prize gⅱ* [perusa] ○ [toukaimerodei] - [touzagurori] △ cherry tree l doll * Lead sparkle × heartbeat song × cosmopolitan emperor

    • original letters
      Without being wrong at one two of Tokyo 11r greenery prize [roburoi] product scene, it does and [yo] last week flora s the paste horseman which wins power with the [perusa] favorite the day off it clears up with mayday and crosses today and increases but it pulls and is confined and even schedule there is no at all it is those which are… it clears up and takes also Fuchu it is in kana - the seeing to be, starting, - - * [perusa] ○ heartbeat song - [touzagurori

    • Emperor prize spring (Kyoto)
      Present result Niigata 1r not yet victory 1 arrival…2 [hotsukaiarakatei] 2 arrival…3 nun yaw dream 3 arrival ◎6 [majibito] 3 daily doubles 2-3-63,660 Yen end Kyoto 1r not yet victory 1 arrival ◎5 [yumemirutera] 2 arrival △1 release three wheeler 3 arrival 10 silk mad Ness horse single 5-1680 Yen hit Tokyo 2r not yet victory 1 arrival △10 [shingundepachiya] 2 arrival ◎3 Marsh harrier 3 5 cherry tree clover horse single 10-31,500 Yen hit, 3 connected single 10-3-54,060 Yen end Tokyo 9r eightfold cherry tree prize 1 arrival △6 [shiyaininasa] 2 arrival 11 [danonsupashiba] 3 arrival ◎10 game maestro horse single 6-113,060 Yen end Tokyo 11r greenery prize 1 arrival ◎2 [perusa] 2 arrival ▲5 [touzagurori] 3 arrival 17 heartbeat song horse single 2-5520 Yen hits and 3 connected single 2-5-171,880 Yen hits ◎2-1-2-0If in expectation Tokyo 2r not yet victory ◎4 lead Garuda of connected anti- ratio 60.0% tomorrow to do order and [yo] is possible to be 9, 10, 2 and 6 Kyoto 4r not yet victory ◎5 hero the expectation w 11 which, 8 and 6, the 13・・・ to be extensive the ◎4 baby nail under w Tokyo 6 r 5,000,000 the dirt 9, 1, 5, 3, 7 and 10 Tokyo 11r [suitopisutekusu] ◎9 crack seed 3 successive wins 1, 2, 4, 3, 14 and 12 Kyoto 10r emperor prize (spring) ◎13 [jiyamiru] 7 [namurakuresento] ▲12 jaguar male ☆15 [eashieidei] △16 [mainerukitsutsu] ×3, from 6 and 8 Kyoto 12r Kyoto golden premium ◎8 load ant s 4, 12, 6, 1, 3 and 11 tomorrow is these 6 races/laces and you go out

    • weblog title
      It was schedule of the Hokkaido travelling with previous hit, but because one for uncouthness was possible, after increasing a little in the Derby trial of the male horse, as for the favorite which is done as for the hole which is made [peruza] which is in the midst of 3 winning successively as for distance of expectation 2400m being the experience being completed appealing Mt. Tarumae bosom forces to [rodoobuzaringu] and Tokyo 11r greenery prize g which is [mutsuchi]ⅱ ◎2 [peruza] 10 [rodoobuzaringu] ▲17 heartbeat song △5 [touzagurori] △7 [toukaimerodei

    • Single double king* This week view
      This week view * Emperor prize. The powerful horse [huogetsutaburumainerukitsutsutoukaitoritsukujiyagameirujiyamiruteiemuankoru] � greenery prize powerful horse [perusahatobitosonguekuserusasutouzagurori] � suite tweet as for the s powerful horse [rojihuerozukuratsukushidovuikutorimachiyamaninsoruhua] this week point of course favorite absent emperor prize spring as for g1 of this year as for 1 keeper air which are attention the combining [e] which is it may become the fight which as for attention as for Derby of [perusa] this year of greenery prize high level is hotter than ordinary year privately whether 1 keeper air during 4 winning successively taking over the flow whether [huogetsutaburu] whether [mainerukitsutsu], is

    • Greenery prize
      issue , linked pages are Japanese

    • Greenery prize (expectation)
      Tokyo 11r greenery prize (g2) lawn 2400m

    • Greenery prize expectation
      kanji , Feel free to link

    • [huogetsutaburu] (Hiroshi Uchida and pond river Yasuro) expectation (emperor prize spring in the end leg view)
      Nihongo , Japanese talking

    • Greenery prize expectation
      *⑦[toukaimerodei] ○⑰Heartbeat song -②[perusa]*④Cherry tree l doll △⑤[touzagurori] △⑥Aroma coffee △⑨Excelling suspension △⑩[rodoobuzaringu] △⑬Lead sparkle △⑭[ririentaru] △⑮Smart focusing double victory④3 daily doubles⑦Axis -②④⑤⑥⑨⑩⑬⑭⑮⑰

    • This week horseman horseback riding
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original meaning

    • Race/lace view of greenery prize?
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , for multilingual communication

    • [deiomedesuekuserusasu] 
      But the pen is thick “the world the start, or midst of gw, is a fighting chance where while remembering the affinity in [pensoratobupengin] which works expectation of tomorrow single horseman or m [shingeki] of the 1800m n tornado outside [sakutsu] and the Kyoto 9r purple field special, the area of m cheer full can be entwined perhaps main day of me or sees as single horseman thickness of the n tornado the difference horse mosquito net of position and before interval is less crowded, 2 running eyes from running * real prince ○ [naritatorunedo] - [uinvueroshitei] △ blue Mauritius Kyoto 10r Momoyama s dirt 1900m development to read, the possibility of moving simply ahead of time the [zu] and others [ku] aconitic line may escape a little with slowIn the horse which is thought as power higher rank expectation * my emblem ○ cherry tree Romeo - as for 1800m slow thick here outside dream traveler Kyoto 11r iris prize the straight line where the around outside is long, it may there be a [kire] power which can overturn little head several preceding advantage, because * ○ [vuikutorimachi] - cherry tree tempest Niigata 10r Arakawa 峡 outside 2000m special there is no time gradually with [deiomedesu], * gold sparkle ○ [ritsukaroiyaru] - Tannhauser △ a singing ray solo Niigata 11r 鏑 arrow special lawn 1000m * [jiniomatsujiyore] Niigata 12r Takeda castle special dirt 1200m * [oserowa] ○ [daiwahuratsugu] - speedy SEIKO Tokyo 9r eightfold cherry tree prize lawn 1600m * the game maestro ○ sole death tongue - the [danonsupashiba] △The Bonn joule melon Tokyo 10r Fuchu 2000m lawn 2000m * dream nocturne ○ smart stage - right being something which is wanted appearing in Derby even with fault in tow Shaw dessert Tokyo 11r greenery prize lawn 2400m [perusa], * the [perusa] ○ excelling suspension: Expecting to training up growth, it increases, - with heartbeat song △ [touzagurori] △ [jiyovuarianto] △ [ririentaru

    • When it is side and, occurring, it does and - is
      Good morning, however ◎17 turn heartbeat song 5th [touzabikutori], 6th aroma coffee ▲4 turn [perusa], 10th [rodoobuzaringu], the 13th lead sparkle ★4 turn cherry tree l doll [tsu] [te] you said, Tokyo you have experienced and… * whether [berusa] that [touzabikutori] that of inside [paku] the lead sparkle [a] ~ being perplexed, sleep it is my [tsu] [te], the Liberal Democratic Party not to be being the Democratic party, even when without, therefore the hole party

    • The word which is cut in heart: 'From What is Jazz'
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

    • 2010 Jang DongGun's STORY①… Spring of this year
      belief , original meaning

    Heartbeat, Gamble,

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