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    Heart Beat Song,

    Gamble related words Satsuki Sho Japanese 2,000 Guineas Prize kinko Meguro Kinen Meiner Kitz Excelsus  Narita CRYSTAL Heartbeat Peru Sa
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  • ○■ ハートビートソング

  • ○■ 阪神09r境港特 (3上10... In lawn under 10,000,000 on the Osaka and Kobe 09r Sakaiminato special (3) *⑨[kitasanamigo] ○⑧Heartbeat song -⑦[mainerushiyutorumu] Osaka and Kobe 10r Rokko island s (the lawn under 16,000,000 on 3 it is short) *⑨[shigerumotonari] ○④Reach consensus -⑦Double wedge Osaka and Kobe 11r Betelgeuse s (in op d on 3) *⑩Running before [inbaruko] appraising, the ○⑬Returning to [wandaakiyuto] Osaka and Kobe, -⑤[eshinmoaoba] it is close running contents completeness

  • ○■ In partner, [oruhueburu], [sadamupatetsuku] and toe plug Ra, Coty Lyon, universal bank, [oruazuwan, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 新潟11r魚沼s( 4上160... The Niigata 11r fish swamp s (the lawn under 16,000,000 on 4 it is short) *⑭Line blood ○⑮[shigerumotonari] -①Under d 10,000,000 on silk earnest Niigata 12r Toka Machi special (4 it is short) *⑮Gee, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In d under 10,000,000 on the Kyoto 09r 與 shuttle special (4) *⑮[pisanorubi] ○⑤[moerejiyunkin] -⑧A thin madam Gee Kyoto 10r Shirayuri s (3 years old in op lawn) *⑧Running before the sound bus tar regrettable contents ○⑥If only the [musukateru] lawn it handles, -③[vuijiyai] successive win machine △①Running before the sun beam appraising, the Kyoto 11r gold grampus prize (on g 3ⅱ In lawn) *⑦[naritakurisutaru] ○⑨[anesutori] -⑪As for the sunrise Vega favorite and opposition, from 2 heads whose distance affinity is very good. On saddle attractive⑦In the favorite, the Kyoto result it is high even with the day off opening of half year or more⑨You place in opposition. Being local, it rebuilt in 3 counts⑪, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 重馬場実績もあり 天気的には... It is heavy, perhaps you can say that there is also a Baba result, weather has faced to this horse., a liberal translation

  • ○■ The strong horse where 3, the partner diluting (you called this is not found) (the previous victory horse, heartbeat song was definite victory class)

  • ○■ ◎ペルーサ ○ハー トビートソン... * [perusa] ○ heartbeat song - [touzagurori

  • ハートビートソング

    Heart Beat Song,

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