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    Resignation letter,

    Politics related words Tanigaki Teiiti Upper House election Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa Tanigaki Youichi Masuzoe Hatoyama Kunio New party Finance Minister Takeo Hiranuma

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    • sukkirishita �� ozawa ippa no ri tou �ס�
      �� kyou no shashin �� konnen hamou dame kato �� nyuunen ni hana wo sagashi teite �� futatsu no tsubomi wo mitsukemashita konnen hadoushitanodeshouka �� ura nen �� nanodeshoune

    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

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    • Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • The person, Ichiro Ozawa
      Ichiro Ozawa to become non-prosecution dealing, the Ishikawa of present member of the Diet to make the secession report with the former private secretary, as for the latest problem, as for fight of the Ozawa Ichiro vs Public Prosecutor's Office which is called the kana which is not to become the curtain pulling, this time whether being Ichiro's Ozawa winning by small margin as for Ichiro Ozawa, as for the Japanese whom you think that it is the politician of truly unusual type in the Japanese, from ancient former times, to win, because you think that those where it can point to being defeated clearly disliking are the race when it may be defeated it becomes in the negotiation which has a word please raise my face which is the partyThis way saying, taking the point somewhat, because it keeps associating even from now on it tries to conclude, while party both parties harboring the impression mistily, when if expedient is reason, there is Ichiro Ozawa whom it tries probably to pour in agreement to the throat, when it is power, it is, but for example when as for trouble you see from the trust favorite 伯母[san] which probably is & to keep frontal breakthrough defeating, the investigation which you think that it is the man who is not visible in the stomach black man and has been clear swaying, they provide the hand by his, is, they disliking (, personal problem) it doesPerhaps, that the highest capability person [tsu] [te] of the administration ruling party perhaps it is enormous, it is to turn over, perhaps, intimidating indirectly the screw by power it was possible vis-a-vis the investigation which of simply, peril that technique is felt, but whether or not confronting with the same technique, to great power partner such as America and China it can win, hesitant diplomacy and it is problem, but to come out too much diplomacy well diplomacy to swindle in the face, the side is large, because is, more we want reading Sunzi, the [do] - it does shank that, in Ichiro and Ozawa - in order to win, how it should do the dispute which is notYou teach whether, because (laughing) the trust favorite 伯母[san] only Nikkei has taken the newspaper, it is not understood well, but therefore when the various article is read, as for Ichiro Ozawa as for villain investigation the purport like friend of justice being many, as for the dispute, either one with justice, as for the victory or defeat which is not either one badness rather than relationship of power, whether either one the partner the fin had the instrument 伏, the kind of air which is decided does even with the shank, information of the mass communications is designated as gullibility and the focus of the dispute on the other side of that article which is not the [chi] [ya] meeting [ke] is ascertainedOne being important, the shank

    • The Liberal Democratic Party, acknowledging Koutarou's Tamura secession
      Councilor Koutarou Tamura where the Liberal Democratic Party on the 24th, opens party period commission in the party headquarters, submits the secession report (Tottori constituency) acknowledged secession also the voice which demands coping which is harsh was in part, but as for dealing such as dropping the *+*+ nikkei net which is waived 2009/12/24 [23: 55: 36] +*+* the encounter system which it can encounter with Tamura

    • Japanese Letter
      4:50 AM your wake-up weather become cloudy almost and at the place, Hatoyama Kunio original general affairs phase of today and the Liberal Democratic Party makes the secession report and way the new party is formed, but, as for Hatoyama “at the current Liberal Democratic Party it is useless”, that just says, in me, he forming the new party, whether we would like to do what at all to be visible, the policy which does not start it is not the new party? If you do selfishly does not mean that I know such a it is the [a] ~ nonsense thing compared to, it is how to pick the liquor of tonight becomes matter of concern (laughing) with by the fact that you say, this being similar, the impoliteness it does today

    • Political situation
      National anti- Chairman Kenji Yamaoka of the political situation Democratic party 16th morning, with assembly of the party which was opened inside the National Diet, Hatoyama Kunio original general affairs phase aims toward new party formation, concerning submitting the secession report to the Liberal Democratic Party “(as for Hatoyama) calls political world reorganization, but it is not the mistake of the Liberal Democratic Party reorganization or, at least as for the Democratic party, as for the one which joins to that one person it is not”, that you expressed, influence to same party unless it is, showed recognition, (current events communication) [the article all sentence] after the administration alternating the ordinary diet session which becomes first on January 18th as for the opening of a meeting opposition party each party “With problem of politics and gold”, ruling party side posture of overtaking [related information

    • Inferring Kunio's of secession secret design. Protection of the Democratic party long-term administration <60 with generation the parent the tax evasion sibling who cannot leave, the Japanese shame >
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • The prime minister, with Kunio secession “also the Liberal Democratic Party suffering hardship, the [ru]” (the product sutra newspaper)
      impressions , original meaning

    • To amendment plan = legislation of house members you aim “child relief of the non family register,” - democracy workshop (current events communication)
      Is according to volunteer Assemblyman of the Democratic party, “legitimate presumption problem workshop” (chairman branch field Yukio administrative renovation charge phase) on the 25th, after the divorcing was born within 300 days, in order to relieve “the child of the non family register”, summary plan such as civil law amendment is collected, when becoming pregnant which is presented to Ministry of Justice aims toward the National Diet submitting and formation as for the civil law where married life has failed (it is it is) when, making the stipulated exception which is regarded the child of the husband before the divorcing pillar workshop in the future asks cooperation from each party, after the divorcing of the woman the child within 300 daysIn case of the child and presumption premature delivery of the former husband although it makes the exception when becoming pregnant married life having done the catastrophe, among such case which applies presumption stipulation, when violence of the former husband causes of divorce is many, but the woman who would not like you to know childbirth and address does not make the birth certificate, because of this it becomes the primary factor where the child of the non family register increases, with civil law amends family register law, document submitting which proves the fact of marriage failure in condition, recognizes also the birth certificate which does not designate the former husband as the father In policy proposal 232 cases “the Cabinet minister to state affair devoting” = Ozawa categorization, 1st grade Assemblyman to application categorization and the party the cooperative request = prime minister branch field person, Kobayashi you cannot explain and cannot agree upon, = 菅 “with the party also correspondence examination the” body wiping Nara Yakushiji (product sutra newspaper the) Shinkansen rail, Tokyo ─ Kagoshima is connected before flower memorial service…Next spring to being open to traffic (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company) < drinking driving > the effect “of death accident zero” 83 day severe punishment conversion inside capital (everyday newspaper) Hatoyama 邦 the secession delivery acceptance = our people (current events communication) < audience rating > at “well pot” lowest and Kanto 13.5% (everyday newspaper)

    • <The Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd. > in the old ceramic ware 263 point Chinese of possession contribution (everyday museum the newspaper)
      As for electricity in the ceramic ware which as for the Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd. as for the large portion which it announces that on the 26th, the old pottery magnetic 263 point which the same company possesses (meter approximately 121,000,000 Yen suitable) it contributed to the museum of the Chinese Guangdong Province, former chairman 99 - 02 years, from old fine arts trade of the acquaintance purchases with preposterous transaction, becomes lawsuit with medium electricity that “it can utilize the items in possession effectively, it can expect that it contributes to the development of culture”, the approaching/leaning which you have commented. Ahead the ceramic ware of the problem that at “deeply the plug museum”, already you have finished the transport to the museum which displays the ancient fine arts and the like, to consult when purchasing where former chairman even privately from old fine arts trade of Nagoya city which has the transaction of large sum, buys at expense meter approximately 584,000,000 Yen of the same company to officers' meeting and the [tsu] [te] not be, 04 years with the judgment where medium electricity does have no other choice but to value of 114,000,000 Yen, the vice president of that time to prosecute to the company internal investigation agency, as for former chairman while resigning 2 months later, electricity balance and the like of the judgment result approximately in former chairman440,000,000 Yen was claimed, former chairman 05 years, seeking debt non- existence verification, while suing electricity contested in the Nagoya district court, recognized the fact that finally you dispute note breach of duty it is former chairman, with the fact that among other things the retirement consolation gold is not received in 07 kept reconciliatory old pottery magnetism with the company internal warehouse and the like of the Nagoya city east Ku The Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd.: Wind force generation of electricity plan to revocation the Aichi Shizuoka prefecture boundary Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd.: In president as for President Mizuno and Mita to chairman inauguration 訃 information: Hattori Hiro 87 years old new President Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd. Vice-President = original: Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd. Mizuno discernment Hisashi 訃 information: Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd. Vice-President the Hattori Hiro 87 years old = original < the Liberal Democratic Party > Kunio's Hatoyama secession delivery acceptance House of Councillors selection you glare and cannot deal with and (everyday the newspaper) Ozawa interview gist (the product sutra newspaper the) national new party is Satoshi and person supporting which is questioned (the product sutra newspaper in the) examination memo “all abolition” = thick labor economical former Bureau Chief trial the public prosecutors - Osaka district courts (current events communication) diplomatic relations phase, as for the reason of high-speed discount abolition “the effect is small”, (the response)

    • original letters
      issue , Japanese talking

    • Conduct of Yosano and Tokyo governor harms national interest
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    • Being the ruling party? Being the opposition party? Apologizing!
      Although Yosano who is existence of the leader at the Aso Cabinet 馨 original financial affairs phase, more and more during this week and made the secession report to the Liberal Democratic Party with the direction which starts the new party and with the [chi] [ya] [tsu] seed, at constituency was defeated in the Democratic party candidacy and revived at the Liberal Democratic Party proportional Ku, but doubt therefore standing position of that new party and the extent which is united with the Hiranuma former multipara phase of the extent right approaching which enough capital Governor Ishihara who is indistinct is supported that when you think whether that Liberal Democratic Party the right to leave a party is an individual whether 'you persist in the opposition party' the Sonoda original secretariat which already is the partner of one side secondaryAs for the director “it unites with the Democratic party”, that speaking, then 'the ruling party it will approach after all and' what probably will be just, being the ruling party, ...... being the opposition party? (゚ _.)? (. _ ゚)? Therefore some name 'Yosano' the [tsu] [te], 'giving' to be, 'the field' how the obscurity which is. It passes then center taking, 'the thanking/apologizing' [tsu] [te] the [tsu] [te] which you obtain and Yosano, the ruling party or the opposition party is decided? - At last - and don't you think? (^.^) v

    • Our people Sonoda submitting the secession report
      Our people Sonoda the secession report as for submitting Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General representation before the Sonoda, assuming that we would like to form Yosano former financial affairs financial charge ministers of state and also the new party which already submit the secession report 5th in the afternoon, submitted the secession report to President Tanigaki When “it is applied”, are don't you think? relations of the man and woman can be exhibited “are applied to the newly-married two people,” that being like you use the shank it is - excessively not using, the shank, with damage can be applied when, word now after the shank, the car can be applied, the [uedeingu] telegram [katsupadokia] lottery which includes the pickup thinking pulling, relative moving being useful information stock dealing fraud concerning the form boiling licensed tax accountant introduction Tokyo Shinjuku Ku ray crotch lining of the shark fin where the treasure get health insurance pre- pre- food impression does not accumulate/how part-time job resume to write prevents fraud damage

    • Japanese Letter
      Pigeon es mountain es 邦 es husband original general affairs phase when 6th morning, the giving es thanking/apologizing es field es 馨 original financial affairs phase and others which makes the secession report to the Liberal Democratic Party and the flat es swamp es which forms the new party 赳 it converses to es husband original economic industrial phase and afternoon, made clear

    • Yosano original financial affairs phase, submitting our people secession report
      2010 April 3rd (Saturday) 12:46 transmission Yomiuri Shimbun Company Liberal Democratic Party Yosano 馨 original financial affairs phase 3 day noon, conversed in President, and the party headquarters Tanigaki of the same party submitted the secession report

    • It is the Yosano Hiranuma new party
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • As for Yosano…
      En japones , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      As for Komeito in the party central manager meeting of 11th morning, as for the same bill which decides that for and against with vote is left to the executive committee concerning the correction agreement with the government & the Democratic party of the “child treatment establishment bill”, it is voted at the House of Representatives public welfare work commission of 12 days, but as for Komeito the correction agreement which is the prospect that you approve concerning the treatment provision to the child of the child protection facility which is outside the object in compliance with Komeito demand, “devises necessary measure”, that wording is added to bill supplementary provision Fairness, the road of the ruling party again? It recognizes, astonishment also the staff which “is similar to before the extent 10 year which is surprised”! The child treatment and migrant foreigner 50 human children being in native country, provision prime minister, “conclusion 菅 financial affairs phase, child treatment full amount it cannot provide cannot definitely promise to child treatment full amount provision June aim and” opens and “rebellion “public works projects of House of Councillors democracy” stops also being repaired” child treatment “reputation it is bad the”, after 20 years, is there Japan? < Cheerfulness of the spring > at every place air temperature 20 degree from the south which it exceeds the warm air entering (everyday the newspaper) drainage many those iron men 28, cheer (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company) < man arrest >6 the doubt wife and the mother-in-law of month eldest son abandonment of a body death Miyazaki (everyday in force the newspaper) American duty secondary director, on the 4th visit to Japan (current events communication) constitutional or unconstitutionality? Corporation people, the positioning ambiguous way of Self Defense Force…(Product sutra newspaper) Advanced medical care of next year continuation, facility standard to second look… Bodily injury resulting in death suspicion, stepmother re-arrest =5 in year old child assault -… Councilor our people Matsuda delivers secession, (current events communication) < Meteorological Agency > large tidal wave warning in tidal wave warning modification (every… < Graduation crisis > school payment gold targeting financing thick labor…

    • Hatoyama Cabinet half year…The blockade impression ardor of cooling down, drifting

    • 789. Sakamoto steed or Don [kihote]?
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • The news 4/4 the television for the Japanese may hide,
      belief , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      Yosano who submits the secession report to the Liberal Democratic Party Isao Hiranuma of 馨 original financial affairs phase and non post original economic industrial phase, Hiroyuki Sonoda of Yosano's alliance friend who participates in the new party which has become the prospect that the new party is formed even on the 8th former secretariat secondary director, mixing Takao Fujii who is close to Hiranuma original transport phase, you open assembly on the 5th, the time of the joining party which finally confers you become 5 people, but you anticipate, as for the new party which is also the possibility the Liberal Democratic Party secessionist and former members of the Diet joining and furthermore increasing with House of Councillors selection of this summer, constituency, proportionBoth selection it is the policy of supporting the candidate “independent majority obstruction of the Democratic party” is put out, Yosano who is the thought of aiming for the fact that it becomes the saucer of counter democracy vote 3 day noon, meets with President Liberal Democratic Party Tanigaki, Secretary General Oshima which submits the secession report of 7 dates cannot absorb the people that at just the Liberal Democratic Party on the 3rd, in press corps, Yosano Sonoda who suggests the intention which is made harsh dealing such as dropping on the 3rd, with assembly inside Kumamoto prefecture, “would like to oppose to the Democratic party in Fukuoka prefecture, if is, not to be separation, at little number of peopleMaking another party, from calling it absorbs many people if possible, puts the Democratic party and it should have defeated” in shooting, Fujii who is the thought of submitting the secession report to the week opening which was said on the 3rd, in Gifu city in press corps, “doing one big decision when, you do in the new system where you think as kana, looking long, it becomes the Liberal Democratic Party playback”, that as for Yosano expresses and others who, with the House of Representatives selection of last year from the Kochi 1 Ku running with non post, large Jiro Hasimoto who is defeated front Kochi nomarch, Kunio Hatoyama which the Liberal Democratic Party leaves a party firstHatoyama which gropes also the cooperation with the original general affairs phase on the 3rd, showed desire in new party participation, the money-making @ investment outside employment know-how information bald measure growth hair departure hair U.S. Information Agency 35 year housing loan which in addition, takes also the name of Councilor Yoshio Liberal Democratic Party Nakagawa who is close to Hiranuma and the [za] it is done! The return being cut off? < The Hokkaido Assabu vehicle fire > the child rides rear [shi]… which

    • weblog title
      issue , original meaning

    • Japanese Letter
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      The conversation where Isao Liberal Democratic Party Yosano 馨 original financial affairs phase and Hiranuma original economic industrial phase, by the fact that the new party is formed within month synopsis agreeing, as for the new party which 3 had become days clear in the member who is the direction where both people become cooperation representation, Hiroyuki Sonoda of Yosano's alliance friend former secretariat secondary director, Fujii who is close to Hiranuma as for prospect Yosano where Takao original transport phase and others joins 3 day noon, converses in President, and the party headquarters Liberal Democratic Party Tanigaki submits the secession report of 7 dates being something which Tanigaki called, approximately 20As for Yosano who between amount was done in conversation, “the paradigm whose politics which the citizen seeks is new (framework of thought) that being intraparty, necessary to reexamine once more it is when, there is no tomorrow in the Liberal Democratic Party that after expressing, Tanigaki “although either how to think is not different from Yosano very, it is regrettable”, that expressed that you say what,”, Sonoda and also vis-a-vis this which conveys the thought of leaving a party, but you call dissuasion that it did not do, Yosano original financial affairs phase, our people secession report submitting Yosano original financial affairs phase, our people secession report submitting fire fighting length in official business, in woman private use mail…Disaster feeling… Fire fighting length in official business, in woman private use mail…Disaster feeling… “deceleration obligation in automobile which is not” driving homicide innocence

    • Yamazaki, at outer space fried egg “of the South Pole food” freeze drying, beef ginger burning (product sutra newspaper)
      Naoko Yamazaki of the astronaut who embarks to the following space shuttle (39), are the intention which carries the food which the Japanese South Pole observation party developed to outer space it makes freeze makes dry “the fried egg” and as for this dry food “the ginger of the beef it burns and” in the schedule which is brought, it may become the stamina source which overcomes hard duty, requesting real cooking where the accompanying chef of the observation party which was developed before approximately 2 years as a carry-along food of the South Pole field counterintelligence corps cooks, to the vendor, being lightweight is something which it freezes dries as for the advantage of being superior in flavor and nutrition value, the space foodDoing, at optimum outer space resetting at the hot water of centigrade 85 degree, but as for the South Pole dry food which you eat in cooking where the inside of Japan and europe is wide corresponding possibility, as for Yamazaki the Japanese-style 2 items in order plan to load Soichi Noguchi who is in the midst of long term staying in the international space station (for 44) to space shuttle “[deisukabari]” as another “bonus food” from the usual space food, as for Noguchi's menu which the South Pole dry food is delivered together “the “Ishikari pot” [kinmedai] the boiling attach”, as a sashimi of sushi news item the sea urchin of the Hokkaido product, the soy sauce of [hotate] and the [ma] [gu] [ro]As for space utilization of the South Pole dry food which such as soaking is luxurious edition of the fish [zu] paragraphs for the first time as for the development person in charge of National Institute of Polar Research South Pole observation center “we would like to hear quickly you say, (Yousuke within length as for) field burning 3 human death safety judgment 4 group representation interview (everyday the newspaper as for our people acceptance and dealing waives Kunio's) Hatoyama secession report in feeling and whether you could eat tastily,”, (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company) day medical chairman selection, the candidacy 3 person first public debate (medical nursing cb news) postal services reformation plan “is not comprehended”, Prime Minister = Hatoyama (current events communication) Aiko attending school, “the Crown Prince husband and wife heart it hurts,” (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company)

    • Japanese talking
      En japones , please visit the following link

    • Hatoyama original general affairs phase, in the Liberal Democratic Party secession report
      As for Kunio the Liberal Democratic Party Hatoyama original general affairs phase as for the Hatoyama original general affairs phase which submits the secession report to the same party headquarters on the 15th, via the private secretary on the 14th, “as for the Liberal Democratic Party the appreciation expiration” you expressed, the same party left a party and you had shown the intention which forms the new party

    • The Japanese-American monetary policy waiting higher quotation it is heavy
      As for the monetary policy of Yamato investment trust Nagano good fortune paying/inserting [shiniasutoratejisuto] Japan and America as for Japan where consensus has not become settled when additional relaxation of tight money policy emerges, there was advance reporting, but 10 to which the possibility nothing coming out about half in regard to the United States which remains, is not with cannot call either the possibility of modification and official discount rate pulling up of the wording that rusts the present time it maintains the low interest rate and is to obtain Kunio Hatoyama where political situation gets going only a little submitted the secession report, so Yosano may follow to this which is, is, but although Masuzoe showing understanding, as for the circumstances seeing choices spreading that it is good, assuming,Already, because it was spreading beforehand, if [sapuraizu] it seems that now when especially it is not, Upper House election is done the notion that, Hiranuma new party already with one side where you think that 'you insert in the party of everyone whom 1 these cores are passing as a political party' now, it is possible

    • [a] - misunderstanding…?
      The Hatoyama Kunio original general affairs phase which submits the secession report “it is in Saigo and 'the [gi]?' with it wants saying”, the [u] ~ is… also this person thinks what, from the [wa] is with the person individual the shank [e] 喩 is obtained well in Riyuuma Sakamoto with,… being the [uke] aim? When you see from comment, if as for letter of the “conservative main river” however it is not, when, “the place where the Liberal Democratic Party of former times is good” you say so raw it does not have either not taking, you mention the Liberal Democratic Party 1995 sarin incident occurs, the hideout corporation people & ahead per seat of treason being the case that it has coalesced, already the Liberal Democratic Party had died was similar that you think whether and, it returned to the origin with Koizumi, after that is at all was Yosano 舛. However after all in my mark than both people everyone of Hiranuma and reformation club, to that how to move of the party of everyone of Watanabe [mitsuchi] jr. directly becomes matter of concern, don't you think? “mono it makes and declares “national interest first” “constitution amendment” to and the greatest in the world” can execute you throw one vote to the “new party”

    • “Prime Minister Hatoyama younger brother does not think the cooperation which is the younger brother” (the product sutra newspaper)
      Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama “thinks 15 days and nights, is conduct the end when Hatoyama Kunio original general affairs phase of the actual younger brother in regard to leaving a party, the younger brother the varieties thought of the Liberal Democratic Party with, but the younger brother does not think the cooperation which is the younger brother”, that you answered to the question of press corps at the prime minister official residence which expresses Kunio Hatoyama as for secession delivery Sonoda to position resignation Masuzoe new party? “In present condition just dissatisfaction” Nakata prime minister! “Mistake of office work one the mistake of the minister of state” is, it was disliked in Ozawa!? The Maeda day discernment person, as for [wake] of democracy candidacy [hazushi] our people, Matsuda of the secession notification Oshima “my interest, after the private interest” 20 years, is there Japan to dropping? With investigation negligent lawsuit of the Tama central station the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (the product sutra newspaper the transaction dressing up financing gold swindling of) Tokyo Electric Power Company, re-arrest (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company) < secretariat director > the withdrawal of the question main mind book seeks the president to appeal in Assemblyman Muneo Suzuki, Hagiwara Sakutarou mandolin tune the thinking to the musician crystal (everyday the newspaper publication - branch field charge phase (medical nursing cb news 50 corporate bodies whose possibility of the) categorization object is high as) decision dissatisfied in cd (everyday the newspaper)

    • Kunio Hatoyama secession report
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Feel free to link

    • March 16th present reporting article
      As for the damage of the executive committee where each 2 people where the March 16th present reporting article * Hatoyama Kunio original general affairs phase, secession delivery submitting Liberal Democratic Party Hatoyama Kunio original general affairs phase the Sonoda Hiroyuki Secretary General representation which submits the secession report 15th in the afternoon, vis-a-vis the executive committee this day, requests position resignation to Secretary General Tadamori Oshima in our people, is acknowledged as for has criticized the ideal way of the party the child treatment office work of ◎ms and the small-scale self-governing community which are not avoided free support American Microsoft Japanese corporate body, the program data which supports related office work job vis-a-vis the small-scale self-governing community where the cost burden which corresponds to child treatment is heavy, no chargeKeynote judgment of the data which are used so offering on the 15th, combining with the spreadsheet program “excelling” which understands & the business which after 8 months as for upper part correction March government monthly economic report government 15 days in the March monthly economic report which is announced, keynote judgment of business is done “it has restored steadily”, that, the upper part the business profit which was corrected improves after 8 months ever since 2009 July, modification of the keynote judgment with the Hatoyama administration which it judges that the brake is being applied to the deterioration of employment situation, for the first time * consumer state of mind, February trend of 2 month continual improvement Cabinet prefectures15 days as for the February consumption trend investigation which is announced, you can see the investigation Cabinet prefecture that recovery tendency of decrease and production of the unemployment rate which the consumer attitude exponent (general household, field numerical value) which displays consumer state of mind front month ratio 0.8 point rise improves with 39.8 and 2 month continuations influenced * the Minamata disease lawsuit Kumamoto district court, reconciliatory plan synopsis temporarily as for the gold which shows the member of marine bioluminescence patient meeting of 2,100,000 Yen Minamata disease not yet designated victims, reconciliation conference of the class action which requested compensation from the country and the like are 15 days, temporarily gold the Kumamoto district court shows the synopsis of reconciliatory plan 2,100,000 YenAlso third party committee installation at such as medical treatment treatment month 12,900 Yen (under 70 years old) was included

    • [Kingdom Ozawa] Life is but a one time only, guiltu0026#39;ll have a be able to return rip as many times
      issue , please visit the following link

    • Scandal [90] more than copy and paste! More than 50 arrests! Nefarious list of Democratic scandals

    Resignation letter, Politics ,

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