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  • ○■ Have the necessity to mak e the line the negotiation… of these which

  • ○■ As for her, as for [obama ] almost the left of another 3 years and as for possibility most differences have been found: Long peace process underway. Although several rearranging of Clinton are obtained, the sufficient, as Secretary of State after the relatively quiet first 1 years, Israeli prime minister [netaniyahu] which shows her tenacity which copes above the last 1 weeks

  • ○■ Tuesday, she spoke concer ning the bond whose bilateral are strong, chose the fact that it interprets the other her standpoint of speech [netaniyahuisuraeru] as softening

  • ○■ Demonstrators of the Pale stinian person (Xinhua finance/Mamoun Wazwaz) getting together in &$&$ hundred day [yarumuku],…

  • ○■ Something as for her, the following speech: She directed to reopening in the Israeli and Palestine peace negotiation, inquired about the response of [netaniyahu] in the American of specification demand and waited but it was important

  • ○■ Vinculado paginas web es tan escritas en japones ,

  • ○■ According to the declarat ion of the human rights group of the Palestinian human prisoner, Palestinian Jordanian river west coast area and the city, it is transmitted to the media

  • ○■ According to muscle, t of four [huataha] authorized personnel is returned…

  • ○■ As for the Israeli troop as for 8 artillerymen shelling and you answered…

  • ○■ You recognize the rig of [rura] and Israel, contributing to fairness and the lasting solution, you reconfirm the interest to Brazil in the Palestinian righteousness…

  • ○■ by Emad Drimly Um Mura d, a Palestinian mother in the impoverished Gaza Strip, decided to look for a job to support her family after her husband, the family's sole breadwinner and Lost his job due to the Israeli blockade. The only job the 34-year-old mother found is to work as a servant for rich families in Gaza City. She washes dishes and cleans the houses to feed her children and instead of turning them into beggars. Although she is pregnant, and is supposed to give birth in two months and the… [imatsudo] Drimly [omumiyurado] decided that her husband supports her family in order to search work with the mother of the Palestinian person in poor Gaza area, the only wage earner of the family, that work was lost for the Israeli blockade

  • ○■ They are, he died several hours later in hospital

  • ○■ She feeds her children an d wash the dishes, cleans the house, instead of turning them into beggars that she is pregnant, two months, has been the birth ...

  • ○■ Palestinian protesters (X inhua Finance / Mamoun Wazwaz )u0026amp;$u0026amp;$ Sun gathered at the Yarmouk 100 ...

  • ○■ According to a statement from human rights groups and Palestinian prisoners, Palestinian West Bank city will be sent to the media

  • ○■ Makuotti the European Uni on (EU) consultation between the special. Published in the Middle East, Judeh is said to reinforce the importance of Israel and the Palestinians resumed peace talks that stalled regional and international efforts, reported a new agency to run a national tiger

  • ○■ null, responseDetails : invalid result data , responseStatus : 40

  • ○■ According to sources, fou r of one Fatah official return t ...

  • ○■ Hamas, however, after the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) is a member of the emergency session canceled any attempt settlement of the Palestinian Hamas decided to open an emergency meeting Wednesday for the West Bank and Gaza Strip In order to achieve the purpose, according to Block, are ignoring the ban

  • ○■ Ratebuabu Rahma, member w ith the most popular, despite changing the route of the wall, swore Committee, the Xinhua Finance said, an official of Israel s civil administration, which was built on land in the village Ta old wall, the b is to resist the Israeli wall that connects the protesters ...

  • ○■ Palestinian Prime Ministe r Salam Fayyad and several 2000

  • ○■ Muscle is a car of Palest inians in Israeli military forces, including two women and five people said to add a fire, and Husan, Bethlehem, drove a car near the town of West

  • ○■ Violence between Israel a nd the Palestinians had on Saturday mounted in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip while a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official said the Palestinians seek the US guarantees to resume the stalled Middle East peace process. Palestinian and Israeli security sources said on Saturday that Palestinian gunmen and Israeli soldiers traded fire near Gaza Strip-Israel borders east of the southern town of Khan Younis, wounding eight Palestinians, including two militants and ... violence, on Saturday between Israel and Palestine, Hamas, they are mounted Ta ruled Gaza Strip with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official said, the Palestinians, the U.S. slowdown, he said guarantees that seek to resume Middle East peace process

  • Palestin


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