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  • ○■ アパパネ

  • ○■ So right away from the re sult

  • ○■ This wins and disregards the defeat/miss [ke] and would like to support is!

  • ○■ If the one where we would like to begin horse racing from now on, you see, it is understood

  • ○■ 1 arrival [teiemuankoru] (6 popularity) you directing the eye, 2 arrival golden dahlias (9 popularity) very [kore]… to be distracted even in the other horse, being unreasonable in me, the shank

  • ○■ If from development circu mstance front remainder you think that [ranankiyurasu] and best cruise come, it is, but if rear whether [supatsutotaganoerizabeto] being weird [shinmeihuji]… so puts out also [apapane] strongly,

  • ○■ In △ note, as for here 2 running the flower, also Osaka and Kobe jf and 5 arrival continuation believing power, [shinmeihuji

  • ○■ Continuously staying in R itto as a band same horse of [apapane] which starts running in Ouka prize you have trained

  • ○■ ------------------------- ----------------------------------------- - Ceres remaining overnight D (it escapes, preceding stickiness being packed exponent to be low outside sphere) ○ [pisanoyurishizu] (reaction it is sluggish, but tannin with thick end leg it runs, reliable) - Clever Sunday (inside to wait, sneaking away exponent to be low outside sphere) - [garubo] (Tokyo 1400 directions, front running 4 arrival exponent low) - [buikonan] (single horseman it escapes and is sticky being packed exponent to be low bitter fight) - [meishiyoukanpaku] (good rank early coming out stickiness exponent to be low bitter fight) But ○ Shine (front running recreation opening and front deterioration development it falls) - [reto] (short range. Also the reliable running exponent is low outside the sphere) - [kiyoueiashiyura] (the Sapporo 1200 directions? Training it is heavy [me] [deki] doubt) - [esukada] (Nakayama op victory exponent to be low bitter fight desperation) - [shigerumotonari] (short range. Also reliable victory exponent is low outside the sphere) - [mainearoma] (yellow chrysanthemum prize 2 arrival there is difference, exponent to be low bitter fight) ○ Kin Tosi D male (front running rear one. It falls exponent to be high higher rank) * [taganoparumudoru] (Kyoto mile new horse level to be high second look) - [eshinhowaitei] (flat. Short range direction exponent it is low bitter fight desperation) - S Kate Kay (front running rear one. It falls exponent to be high higher rank) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Kyoto mile in new horse game You aim for [taganoparumudoru] which it starts hitting! As for the exponent 3 of candidacy under ream So exponential difference 2! You have a match with the [zuba] [tsu] in the single victory! In indefinite ratio 0% conclusion of according to exponent thickness! You bet with action bet! Exotic bet selecting the horse single and 3 connected single! Because it could squeeze to 3 under ream, you bet and stretch the gold on the thick [me]! However 3 connected single select also the box betting ticket as an insurance! Possibility of the misfire you feel concern in the sequela of the g1 crushing defeat

  • ○■ Less than 2 heads which I make the favorite, there was popularity, but good running it has done in 3 arrivals and 4 arrivals

  • ○■ '[apapane]' of 2 year old queens had come out just the head a little, but from the point of view of the odds it was Ouka prize of confound conflict pattern

  • ○■ Osaka and Kobe jf does, [ apapane], with deciding, hurting, but [tsu] [chi] [ya] now it does in never the large enclosure, the seed

  • ○■ So it is visible even lin eage, but if after already a little there is a straight line, past narrow defeat in almost, with, the kind of contents which are said

  • ○■ Classic first as for feat ure Ouka prize

  • ○■ However option of [apapan e] is difficult,

  • ○■ * [oukensakura] ○ [shin meihuji] - [apapane] △ [saundobaria] × apricot fizz × [ginzabonanza

  • ○■ 3 arrival [eshinritanzu

  • ○■ Also 3rd apricot fizz wei ght wear of Ouka prize very limit returns to the seat which has settled

  • ○■ Nakayama 11r spring thund er s

  • ○■ 2 arrival 16th [apapane] (1 keeper air)

  • ○■ As for becoming popularit y, you think as [apapane] and apricot fizz kana, but either it is not funny also to let flow from there,

  • ○■ Other than [apapane] expo nent Because it is below, score is squeezed and it is game with single victory system

  • ○■ [apapane] shows the step gouy gouy and the extension between 1, victory [oukensakura] which showed the 貫 record of 2 year old queens stands in result and [hana] which make the position taking prefer is sticky that way and guaranteeing 2 arrivals

  • ○■ Of course, with 1 round, it was sunk in the mat, instead of spirit 揚 々, in discouragement, it arrived to the return route, (laughing)

  • ○■ Vinculado paginas web es tan escritas en japones ,

  • ○■ As for main race/lace of Nakayama race track Capella s

  • ○■ Well tomorrow the Ouka pr ize which informs about the g� series commencement of the spring

  • ○■ 118 [apapane] 牝 2 54.0 Ebina justice 1 minute 34 second 926 [animeitobaio] 牝 2 54.0 Uchida Hiroshi happiness 1/2 horse body 5315 best cruises 牝 2 54.0 Ando Masaru oneself 3/4 horse body 6 horse connected 6− 182,050 Yen

  • ○■ In 3 connected returning/ repeating boxes of [ranankiyurasu] axis, [shinmeihuji], [apapane] and best cruise, [taganoparumudoru], to jewel of Nile

  • ○■ The apricot fizz how tran sport?

  • アパパネ


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