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  • ○■ 虚空歌姫

  • ○■ It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

  • ○■ 私も近いうちに一 くらい観に... While I am close, about one time we would like to go to view

  • ○■ With we would like you to say, is, (the ' Ω `) (with the cv. Endo twill) <- this importance w

  • ○■ そして最後には、 決まりのご... And lastly, taking bombardment and [makurosukiyanon] of the canary, as been accustomed, describing, it ends as though you are decided,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ That was production only of tv edition, it is think as the shelf, in theater edition you have shown as “[makurosu] f” purely, a liberal translation

  • ○■ あと大変見にくい すが、フィ... After it is vague very much, is, but the film was [ranka

  • ○■ Because '' Sunday before this of the theater edition [makurosu] f sky songstress ~ [itsuwarinoutahime] ~ saw (^ω^) (by bus to cinema of distance where 540 Yen also one way is required w) as for the cinema in addition to [makurosu], screening those which start are many from preceding day, it was full with the person,…

  • ○■ それに、ストーリ の最初でま... To that, the story being first, quite like the sweetheart, alto solving, it comes out with the proper feeling and passes and thing with the second volume it may to keep having is not conversely in [shieriru] is or (laughing), a liberal translation

  • ○■ 'Theater edition [makuros u] f - [itsuwarinoutahime] -' you saw, a liberal translation

  • ○■ tv版の再構築+ 作カット... Because it is the story, just reconstruction + new work cutting of tv edition, having tried, that with also just new work live image of [shieriru] probably will enjoy to private from calling, it went to view

  • ○■ Alto and from [ranka] fir st you know each other and shank something [muka] are attached with something

  • ○■ あ、先日「マクロ f虚空歌姫... The [a], some days ago the “[makurosu] f sky songstress ~ [itsuwarinoutahime] ~” you saw, because (the ´∀ `*) [uhuhudarin] is [makurosu] lover, (゚ д ゚) (. _.)(゚ д ゚) (. _.) Although [unun] it is and the [ya] - it is weekday, it was the number of good audiences… Don't you think? as for the breakdown, 9 tenths were the person of the man, ('c_ the, `) [hu] ゚ [tsu] perhaps everyone, the core it probably is fan what… The [ee] ━━━━━ which [hanpa] was not purchase amount of the goods and is (゚ å ゚;)━━━━━!!? The sport towel of [shieriru] is used in [nani] kana? - It is the [te] to do, the [yo] - the [i] delusion [te] you see, the `;: ゙; `; (゚ Ε ゚) [hu] ゙ [tsu]!!

  • ○■ “You eat?”(嗚 call, sprouting word of this day, first-class prize

  • ○■ 劇場版マクロスf イツワリノ... It is to be concerning theater edition [makurosu] f [itsuwarinoutahime], but with semi- ticket 2, chestnut star….It is to be concerning theater edition [makurosu] f [itsuwarinoutahime], but with semi- ticket 2, however it is like you can receive [kurisutaruatowakusu], is this, unless at you must look 2 movies? Because it is not understood well, please teach!

  • 虚空歌姫


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