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    • The neck it is not the rider
      [deyurarara]!! Shizuo ♪ flat Washima which we see passing, the pond it is helpless, but it is, (^ω^) we would like to encounter with such a pond of www which loves that raging condition, (the ´∀ `*) and [serutei] passes the [wa] [yu], (*n^ω^n*)
      [deyurarara] ! ! Le ♪ Washima plat de Shizuo que nous voyons passant, l'étang il est délaissé, mais il est, (^ω^) nous voudrions rencontrer avec un tel étang de WWW qui aime cela condition faisante rage, (le `de ´∀ *) et [serutei] passe [wa] [yu], (*n^ω^n*)

    • [deyurarara] 14 story
      [deyurarara] 14 story Sinra [serutei] taking a bath, thinking as the [ru], the place where you open the [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] the forest massive rock tea eye which is laughed it passes, [doji] [tsu] daughter [serutei] and the umbrella
      [deyurarara] 14 l'histoire Sinra [serutei] prenant un bain, pensant en tant que [RU], l'endroit où vous ouvrez [je] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] l'oeil massif de thé de roche de forêt qui lui est ri passe, [doji] [tsu] fille [serutei] et le parapluie

    • As for [wa] as for [wa
      [deyurarara] it was good! Period rice field you lovely are!
      [deyurarara] c'était bon ! Gisement de riz de période vous beau êtes !

    • [deyurarara]!
      [deyurararara]! So it is not, [deyurarara]! Such a thing how being good, - next week finally is a tour! [yaba] it is and wwwktk does not stop! ww it is it is possible temporarily pleasantly, don't you think? and
      [deyurararara] ! Ainsi il n'est pas, [deyurarara] ! Une telle chose comment étant bon, - est la semaine prochaine finalement une excursion ! [yaba] il est et le wwwktk ne s'arrête pas ! ww que c'est lui est-vous possible temporairement agréablement, ne pensez-vous pas ? et

    • Japanese talking
      [deyurarara] [tsu] [te]…When it is the novel and animation, story tucking after all, the [ru] don't you think? well…If Sinra and [serutei] think both and regardless it is to call [shizu] which is properly we love the overlooking 也, (the *^^*) illumination
      [deyurarara] [tsu] [te]… quand c'est le roman et l'animation, plissage d'histoire après tout, [RU] ne pensez-vous pas ? puits… si Sinra et [serutei] pensent que tous les deux et sans se soucier il est d'appeler [shizu] qui est correctement nous aime le 也 de négligence, (illumination du *^^*)

    • Japanese talking
      [deyurarara]!! You saw temporarily to 3 stories
      [deyurarara] ! ! Vous avez vu temporairement à 3 histoires

    • weblog title
      [deyurarara] 3 volume, you read! First “it is thick the [tsu]!”With w this time is thought it is the volume perfect score!
      [deyurarara] 3 volumes, vous avez lu ! D'abord « il est épais [tsu] !  » Avec W on pense cette fois que c'est les points parfaits de volume !

    • drrr
      You saw at a stroke to [deyurarara] up-to-date story
      Vous avez vu à une histoire à jour [deyurarara] de course

    • Drugs can hang tough tomorrow.
      [deyurarara]!! The [a] [a] [a] [a] well well the [shizu] favorite [tsu]!!!!! The [tsu] which comes would like to enter already and well!
      [deyurarara] ! ! [A] [a] [a] [a] puits bon [le favori de shizu] [tsu] ! ! ! ! ! [Tsu] qui vient voudrait entrer déjà et bien !

    • Heiwajima
      [deyurarara] 7 story w which was seen
      [deyurarara] 7 histoire W qui a été vue

    • A sleepy ー w
      [deyurarara] 3 volume half or more being…
      [deyurarara] 3 volumes demi ou plus étant…

    • Bomber
      The [a] which purchases the novel of [deyurarara] to 1~4 volume - (the ´∀ `) the novel [tsu] [pa] time it is required quickly
      [A] achète le roman [deyurarara] à 1~4 volumes - (`de ´∀) l'original [tsu] [la PA] dont temps on l'exige rapidement

    • デュラララ
      [deyurarara]!! youtube animation animated picture mansion self-indulgently youtube [deyurarara]!! The journey of wendy: [deyurarara]!! At your this store of 1st story “opening first” thought, the palpus it is good it can add to all fixed foods equal to favorite number, the fact that there is a system, which “meets and paste” is popularity

    • ララララララr(ry
      It was fixed to [deyurarara
      Il a été fixé [deyurarara

    • アニメみた(・・。)ゞ
      [deyurarara]! You saw to 2 stories, (the ●´ω `-) The [a], the ^^^^ where flat Washima becomes matter of concern
      [deyurarara] ! Vous avez vu à 2 histoires, (le `de ●´ω -) [a], le ^^^^ où Washima plat devient question préoccupante

    • いーざーやーくーん
      [deyurarara]!! 3 stories you saw, -
      [deyurarara] ! ! 3 histoires que vous avez vues, -

    • デュラララ!!・第2話「一虚一実」
      [deyurarararararara] ! ! !

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