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    • You bought
      The [deyurarara] whole volume it has been even ((delightfully crying

    • weblog title
      [deyurarara] it continued and bought (the *´∀ `)

    • weblog title
      However [deyurarara] you saw, it does after all and the [zu] groovy [wa] ~♪ [aitsu] does in the foot of the [zu] the shear pen (the ball-point pen? With which good [wa]) sticking and [tsu] [te] [e] [e] [e] [e] [e]!!!!! REPT (`д´) no same thing probably doing or, the [kora] [tsu] [tsu]! www

    • Meta brother ー Cream
      Because [deyurarara] it was not seen, you saw, don't you think? (the *´д `*) funny so no shelf & (* `д´) the no--〓----------The 〓 time it is the [po] 〓

    • Kiseki sense
      [deyurarara]!! So it probably is cast luxurious what with [tsu] [te] something?…The dubbing artist whom by his likes almost being present, [kiseki], [ru

    • おおかみさん
      [deyurarara]!! It is to read 1 volumes, but until the postscript is read, the protagonist you think you are your own reading solution power that the dragon he is peak you, you despaired

    • コメ返+α
      [deyurarara] the [a] [tsu] which is overlooked!! Because the [wa] which is the [a] [a] light shock well the preschool was funny roundly, it will do well and with will do?

    • らんらんるー♪
      [deyurarara]! You bought! Animation doing, it increases, don't you think?

    • デュラ
      Having tried [deyurarara] to see, you saw at the cod we room and [re] [ru] day was tomorrow

    • 首なしライダー
      [deyurarara]! [tegamibachi] when it tries to reserve the older sister reserving stormy drama first, the [te] was not possible, the science did and cod real time let escape and ((it has come out so there is no Ishikawa, is?

    • あのキャンディ・スター食べたいな
      [deyurarara]! It was funny!

    • 今日は手短に。
      [deyurarara]!! Op you remembered, it is, - w something it is delightful the blue ogre seeing from after the ♪, and before this it increases, (knowing, the [ru] person has known >…Wby England which the [tsu] w blue ogre [tsu] wwwwwwwwww it does not wait fearfully fearfully

    • みかん久々に喰ったw
      [deyurarara]!! The goods [ma] [ji] we want,

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