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    New Prime,

    Politics related words Tokyo Olympics Upper House election Communist Party Democratic Party Regime change Greenhouse gas Social Democratic Party Policy speech Hatoyama Cabinet established 鳩山総理 Removing bureaucratic Deputy Prime Minister Naoto Kan

    • Lagrange point   
      “Today the commutation point of history” and the big index of the newspaper, the new administration which enters into the eye started are new, can the Japanese departure social system be constructed? New prime minister talked sailing, with “unknown encounter” future

    • Dirt mixture - reading difference of people boiling
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • New prime minister
      Greatly, but the impoliteness unless the small father is, it is crushed because with, new prime minister who is felt, still they are several days, but don't you think? don't you think? it became [gutsuto] indomitable, because the person who discerns muscle it discovered Toshi, truly one person in order to be able to stand, becoming, we want the benefactor raising forever, such type as for the Japanese is favorite what, don't you think? rather than oil supply problem, calling America, unless the alternate plan which the countries of the world where you aim toward peace agree upon is put out don't you think?, don't you think? as for this the one which is not inserted in [maniyuhuesuto] was better, please persevere

    • DOTDT Tokyo Olympics DOTDT as for presentation,
      DOTDT It was slow, don't you think? is, you those where it becomes favorite DOTDT slow Japan just became new prime minister, certainly so (11) various solution it has applying and in the opportunity DOTDT perseveres DOTDT the apple, the apple and the illness husband call the apple in the far distance and the apple of the home where it seeks as for the friend of the blood relative and the bamboo horse of supporting friendship today which is not separated as one day I of the wife the apple of the husband step on the bicycle in buying, DOTDT the lip was shared with the husband in the red coming apple, it comes sweetly, the acid brim fall depending DOTDT

    • Evening paper
      It may finish this week also somehow many things without is, and, this week it becomes long weekend, well, the evening paper is read before the dinner, no minute, the lady OFF reason, as for the father becomes skip, new prime minister Korea is visited, in meeting, “as a private thought,” that has speech it seems that, but there is no this, probably will be, you have doubt in guidance power, furthermore therefore, well, very, at delicate contents, you attach to the partner and are packed, if Ichiro Ozawa, that “somehow did not do,” you spoke that in the same partnerWhen thing, it becomes like this, my individual does not desire no matter what, but eventually, the pachinko house, private donation from the burning butcher shop flows to the Democratic party? According to the place where you hear, the case of the joining party of the Democratic party it seems that is policy, but, there was no statement in latest [maniyuhuesuto], dissenting opinion is many, opinion is the appearance which avoids the fact that two minutes it is done, this the magazine of the composition statement which has been thrust from inside the Democratic party, was read, this Assemblyman, (member of the Diet is not), dropping margin, with is called to the association from the party, so is

    • “Anymore, doesn't war stop?”, war spreading/displaying Moriyama 2009

    • Echo permissibility test [tsu] [te] what you can use, it is?
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • The Ukrainian west or east? 
      As for [yunakovuitsuchi] president as for that regional party which is peace Japan Communist Party, in addition in the young party and alliance Cabinet formation of a cabinet in success new prime minister retainer [azarohu] of the right-hand man as for inauguration [azarohu], unless only yet 25 years you can speak Ukrainian which has not lived satisfactorily in Russian origin and being brought up Ukraine, being inarticulate attack is received from the opposite party, when it plays the rough wording, at the time of reputation prime minister inauguration that speech; As for the country as for the Treasury which is chaotic as for empty economic slump when it is deteriorated, unless first front administration it comes densely with front administration and therefore as for the falling of gdp of Ukraine and the last year when is lowered if there is no supporting crisis 15% imf, as for dangerous [azarohu] in the past, [yunakovuitsuchi] period has experienced Minister of Finance shortly in prime minister age, economy, new kind of president whom it is possible to see, first, denied the attitude of the [mosukua] approaching of rumor, this motion is supported concerning the public terminology conversion of Russian which so far becomes big motion in Ukraine, once, showed the gesture which puts in place the distance of RussiaThe beauty who is narrowly defeated in Presidential election, as for front prime minister [teimoshienko] future That it resists to [yunakovuitsuchi] on the route, Byron who has been declared

    • [shihua] new Awazi monolith illustration compilation
      100405 new Awazi monoliths 5 posted by which the illustration of woman type woman size battleship [shihua] being my main project rendering have been done (c) yoneden new Awazi monolith it cuts off various communications such as government building radio wave of Cabinet investigation agency of 22 centuries which are made the stage and it is designed in order to protect state secret deep-black, in the chart the monolith furthermore this date time of enormous digital display is indicated with red letter indication is not multi-function indication, 100405 new Awazi monoliths 6after posted by which is also about height 15 meter with the mere calendar and time indicatory 1 letter (c) yoneden thisWhen light ray state changes, forward new prime minister official residence 100404 [shihua] ex zero pause 2 master flights _image12 posted by (with the barrier of c) yoneden sealed cowl development state transparent spindle condition it cuts the atmosphere at hypersonic speed and tears, 100405 [shihuamisuhui] flights _image_capital1 posted by where 100404 [shihua] ex zero pause 2 master flights _image14 posted by which fire (also approach weapon such as c) yoneden sword has 533 millimeter gun from the discharge tube exit of the red indication of surroundings eight, in addition as for the close defense laser gun blue pentagram separately holography indicates ([shihua] and the [misuhui] 100405 [misuhui] ex zero pause which c) yoneden prime minister official residence sky movement are doneThere are 2 master flight seals, 1_image

    • When studying foreign language, not only learning word simply, concerning the thing of that country it will keep learning
      - New prime minister who in England - England has administration alternation after 13 years [kiyameron] prime minister of 43 years old is young, is, well the place where you expect to the young leader will keep learning when studying the foreign language the large way, not only learning word simply, concerning the thing of that country, so you could be moved that country by more familiarly by from the fact that it does, word it is empty also raw [bu] desire it arises when * studying foreign language, not only learning word simply, concerning the thing of that country you will keep learning

    • Yesterday present ~ May 21st (gold) ~
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

    • Corporation people party, administration secession
      The corporation people party seceded from coalition government, but that at that time remembers the time of original Hosokawa administration, Japan Socialist Party seceded coalition government and with the following election the administration ruling party was crushed, Party Chief Japan Socialist Party Murayama which establishes the coalition government of the Liberal Democratic Party anew became new prime minister, but when this time, the corporation people party becoming key point, it is to become the reappearance or and, you dismiss the party chief of the corporation people party and the corporation people party keep doing election cooperation as for Prime Minister Hatoyama

    • The taxpayer and administrator allowance - the cat which gets fat
      When as for English new prime minister [kiyameron], the name and annual income high government official 172 publication this time as for publication standard when above annual income 150,000 pound” the cat which gets fat” you see, most as for large amount fair Bureau of Compensation Bureau Chief and [huinguruton], below annual income 280,000 pound, the assistant secretary of each ministry and board, Bureau Chief class as for rumblingly new prime minister, decides furthermore, at that time it retires,” it lowered,” when makes, the allowance base of the alternation person newly 2 annual freezing them and, concerning the allowance of all government employee, [revueru] as for foot drill publication of decisive 150,000 pound, here the prime minister almost the truth. Therefore the allowance base furthermore namely those which obtain the annual income above the prime minister with the government employee 172 names, but as for prime minister allowance in the year stick part including expenses approximately 190,000 pound [kiyameron] to declare 5% cutting of the year stick part of all Cabinet minister at the time of inauguration, by your fundamental year. The part 5% will be cut, the prime minister whom it has declared that only 142,500 pound probably will receive, was not visible so far in the taxpayer, as for the government which you have expressed that” the corridor of power” will become clear, probably will contribute to the recovery of reliance to government in the future adding, examines the way of the government employee allowance 6,000,000 and the method of release and, ngo which becomes taxpayer combination to send declaration, as for 172 names that it stays, at least 200 names 100 years such as Cabinet minister and self allowance cutting of indication oriental certain country being required, that it stays, cannot designate, strange at least 1000 names as the government employee of indication and the local self-governing body don't you think? probably will be, yesterday [terevui]So as for the ruling party certain Cabinet minister” there is no tax increase and the country falls into ruin,” with the small [za] forcing and the face doing and insisting it does, Byron

    • Kingdom of rainbow - rainbow country -
      As for fire occurring at the power plant where capital city port of Spanish electric power supply is maintained, as for the day true daytime port of Spain and the neighborhood of general election to be visited in power failure in wide scope, several days, the spots whose electric power supply is very unstable it is with it becomes power failure, because there is an unevenness in voltage, electricity becomes dark, it becomes bright, because as for the workplace is a generator, however you could pass normally, to become not be able to transmit image, up-to-the-minute returns of general election you could not see the cable television company and, 30 seconds ago when the inaugural address of new prime minister of the general election next day starts it becomes power failure, speech endsElectricity returned 1 minutes ago, purposely? Well, purposely? Such a conspiracy (? ) It is not defeated, if the fact that it changes from the latest administration where the new Cabinet minister inaugurates, when being oath of inauguration of the Cabinet minister, to administration before the thing where, those which the occasion where you swear with the religion which that Cabinet minister believes, are made the hand are different, however all Cabinet ministers you had sworn under name of all the intellectual omnipotent God with Bible, the Bible person it is from present administration, also the Koran person calls, saintly model of [hindou] teaching (how? ) As for the number of Cabinet ministers who the person who has are there are no either times when, it has been inclined to some religion, because at the ratio which is similar to religion personal oral ratio, [torinidado] which you have sworn, the various people are, the rainbow country [tsu] [te] you call, when it is even - well it tries thinking, the boundary of color of the rainbow likely, being the case that the boundary has divided clearly, the circumstances which how is not boundary of color and color even when without, have become blurred, the photograph of this day which after the [torinidado] shelf is thought: From new Cabinet minister news day

    • <<New prime minister: Shochiku Co., Ltd. plum Maehara for the Democratic party -> Okada -> 菅: Shochiku Co., Ltd. plum 菅 the Liberal Democratic Party desires -> Okada -> Maehara >>
      Comentarios sobre este , for multilingual communication

    • Senryu (323)
      japanese means , linked pages are Japanese

    • WJ26 number &FAIRY TAIL& Hatoyama and Ozawa resign
      However the cover parenthesis it was good in 6th anniversaries, [bongore] crime Simon aiming also puzzle, but so the part where the human is dirty truly expression, with the feeling the dragon & Ivan appearance it may turn off, training & to run and pull and the industry to complete [nu] and others [ri] unexpected well and expect to the earth spider and as for [babu] the not thinking boy who with decision and changes to expect foreboding of position discernment problem and next, wholeheartedness as for month fang heaven opposition puzzle and being useless, as for the siren in [jiyunasu] game expectation and fearfully prediction [metarika] in the town arrival with like the new [kiyara] companion being enormous from the bloom 陀 & with confronting each otherAlso betrayal attack escapes and thinks and [toriko] according to expectation is Komatsu soup necessary, it is not, also the poem the varieties was funny roundly and as for lock on as for Kurosu the rust the blue peak probably will finally win with the feeling which is good being Yamato snow news item if and from the middle in panic as for the department manager news item conclusion putting out tapir man who end seems you write [suketsuto] at other than with useless serialization as for hunter however it is to come to the good place long-term stop of publishing, month 1 we would like to read with sq transfer and as for dead God also body measurement news item of each one being funny, with the vs king earth rust battle way as for four [tsu] valleys Kudou moving, completion is visible, as for seed fairytailIt was the second volume of [roki] secret, but with [roki] star spirit as for the [karen] murder reason however [roki] it stopped helping our industry complacency as a star spirit of [rushii] the next [eruza] is the [jieraru] compilation of main with the flow of the feeling which it is good making the [roki] compilation entirely, Hatoyama & Ozawa as for resignation finally the corporation people only the self-destruction of the prime minister can call either w resignation to secession and perfection with both & Futenma, but however the Democratic party lifting too much you think with the House of Representatives selection and also the president selection of tomorrow 2 people are running, House of Councillors selection is defeated and it is thick and you pile up and on do emptily and, don't you think? it is useless with the kind of feeling where becomes 菅 in new prime minister morning& business and the like writing, in the afternoon angel and you look at demon but & the night is after accomplice [nai] & and so on seeing,

    • Gion convent…
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • The number of young workers has decreased
      New prime minister may be decided today, don't you think? is, when in the newspaper of the current morning which you try that from the resignation of front prime minister new prime minister probably will be decided at enormous speed the feeling which it has been about would like to keep observing to this trend which does, the number of young workers has decreased, among the young people of the 15~24 year when the article has appeared, as for the number of people who have been engaged to job being 2009, that approximately it decreased also 2,000,000 in 5,150,000 person and 10 years, when you compare with the high growth period when the young labor force which is thing was called the egg of the gold when it becomes the calculation which almost it reduces by half, with thing, employment of 09For the young labor force where ratio that it was less than 4 tenths for the first time, when lag of recovery of employment echoes in addition to little child conversion and the high educational background conversion which are thing, is thing to decrease also the social security benefits expense which you think that it decides also that the vital force of society is lost, means that big influence comes appearing to also the Japanese economy in comparison with 141,000,000,000,000 Yen and 07 5 tenths or more it increases is the possibility that in 25 and as the cause the young person who works decreasing, high educational background conversion has advanced in addition to little child conversion when also, university entrance into a school of 09 years which are thingRatio that 50.2% 5 tenths were exceeded for the first time with the man and woman meter, is thing, when furthermore there is also deterioration of employment situation, middle to elderly-aged employment maintenance the young person the opportunity which works as a regular member has decreased to exchange, in order to be thing each enterprise, we would like to start keeping designating helping in order to keep arranging the employment of the young person who bears the Japanese future and the environment of labor for that, as the 弊 office (charge: Seeing [u] and others)

    • New representation is 菅 or, [wa] n~
      ““菅 In ability attention whether clean politics” it can actualize,”: [iza]! Typical = new prime minister of the cup ~ new Democratic party it was decided after all 菅, is or, the ~… the [tsu] [te] you say or, because also the fact that it is decided with non poll was……, it is what, in the unreasonable doing impression election…… it was the… [tsu] [te] feeling, the ~ bowwow ~ which but cup ~ that…… wants doing politics which very this time, is made [kichitsu] anyhow is and, at least…… wants continuing above… 1 years, is

    • New prime minister birth
      When now, with lunch break, you watch at the television, 菅 new prime minister to be born, new Cabinet birth…If at all do not agonize in the interview which is troubled several months later, it is good, but is

    • The [tsu] [ke] which is the open space of this day?
      When last night, it photographs with the pulling which enters into the romantic love open space, the chair which lines up into shape, the kana which understands? As for [kochira]…The kana which is the open space which says that would like to call to new prime minister? Temporarily, it is [chibi] seeing [tsu] which, tries sitting down in the chair after all, it is decided 菅, better seed

    • Being hot, hot one day
      Well, the mere fine weather [tsu] [te] whose even ~ what today is hot quickly compared to increased, it was such a heat of one day of midsummer don't you think? (+0+) in the night also rainy how forecast coming out, but as expected it probably is true? If you say that it is hot, also everyone of member of the Diet what becoming hot thing, don't you think? it increases, pigeon [potsupo] of the National Diet park [sainara] (/; DEG “菅” Before new prime minister is born, duty various problems is accumulation in just front duty, [ro] DEG)/the [tsu] the escaping [u] [se] you want as a stopgap but don't you think? very this time it is something which would like to have persevering, when (well you look to at here, my expectation is thin, is, but…If (laughing)) and you mention birth hotly, (hotly painful…? (Laughing)) today my birthday and wastefully just the year either the air which is taken is not done, is, but to whip in the old body, to persevere, because it increases such a me also in the future with m () m where it does to ask may a little groggy feeling, (laughing) in order also for this day to wait for crossing over everyone ............... o and [ma], yesterday is not the Don pen, 欽 some and others [nu] pin Don m () m very much the treat way

    • Tonight employment statistics! 'It trades with [hairouzu] OCO technique'.
      kanji , original meaning

    • Don't you think? there is [toko] which is decided with the flow
      After all, 菅 is chosen and how becomes from better seed this, it is probably will be? It should have kept doing to the direction whose it is good the one which is not to be chosen to the cell [chi] [ya], don't you think? is, future in new prime minister happiness that!!

    • Tube prime minister created
      Directing to the Japanese playback which Hanasiyoubu of the peaceful shrine God 苑 (June 4th general free release) tube Naoto of the Democratic party rebuilds the administration which continued straying which is the Hatoyama successor who resigns it was designated to new prime minister centering on “politics and gold” the “US military Futenma base transfer of facilities” is stagnant, as for economy and public finance and the social security which we want recovering that spirit at the time of the administration alternation where we would like to expect that it starts running becoming united, when it is the field whose it is possible to be complete, as for the speech where the financial affairs minister of state experience person where recognition is shown is strong [ho] time of the social security which you think that it is certain, the [bi] making consumption be coldThe foot of business is pulled and straying of the Hatoyama Cabinet which is connected to further fiscal burden on the nation when in the fact that it does not have the support of the revenue source “administration pledge” is the primary cause, the permanent revenue source which makes full the amount provision of child treatment of the rose spreading which many intellectuals analyze possible not to be found problem and the like of gasoline tax is typical example, if increasing taxes, how to use is wrong, and thinking of the expenditure which it corresponds to earnings with the just each home if you make a mistake in this which maintains living as for meaning to be perplexed to the roadside making provision for the thing unexpected situation which is understood by anyone which causes the burden of the citizen, storing the necessary politicianYou probably won't know well? Asia as the Vice-President that with in the diplomacy which is always thought with the prime minister you walked the relationship of Japan and America in the axis with concern Futenma problem on the basis of the Japanese-American agreement Okinawa reduction of incidence it assures, whether 菅 this important topic how is solved it is the shank belief statement speech pleasure with highlight scene of the arm

    • The shade it is thin!!!
      Huh with… 菅 the [tsu] [ke] which is human who who is disputed with new prime minister? . Floor? Barrel floor? Shiretoko? The coming [ge] it is the way, the sled [ya] which is thousand crane, although there is no degree of distinction, coming out, it does not pass, don't you think? because the ~ originally degree of distinction it was not, just name it could sell a little with this and, [ikeru] it is it is not next? Huh with… the [tsu] [ke] which is what? Name w

    • 菅 By new prime minister, [obama] president and telephone first conversation 6/62: 31 renewals
      菅 By new prime minister, [obama] president and telephone first conversation 6/62: 31 renewals

    • The [bakayaro] economics which returns

    • Internet news
      菅 With American president and first Phoncon Abe judge retirement age retirement Matsumoto condemned criminal one. Prosperity of early summer and hundred grain screen queue Kaga feudal clans you endure in Kanazawa which direction considerably residential total destruction, 2 human death 4 people heavily is defeated in flesh wound Cameroon and 4 mistake Serbia and with all the French tennis women [sukiabone] first v 菅 new prime minister branch field Secretary General announcement Noda financial affairs, the expectation 57% joint communication public opinion poll probe is quick in strategic phase informal decision new Prime Minister Arai the [bu], terrestrial return securely space mechanism, course correction forming

    • What kind of standard of living of the Japanese citizen as for is?
      In consecutive political trend of last week, with my this [burogu] the Kyoto Tsuji [u] you want picking up with entry June 4th of the day concerning the Democratic party representation election and Prime Minister designation 菅 of the Vice-President, because intention and completely ignored even, because the result of public opinion poll is picked up with each media from last week end extending through this weekend, furthermore it is as follows with the article which becomes the source we would like to follow simply, Tokyo newspaper is the result of cooperation communication just has carried that way, the Asahi newspaper which you mention: 菅 New prime minister “expectation” 59%, as for democracy the recovery Asahi newspaper public opinion poll Yomiuri Shimbun Company: The Democratic party support ratio recovery 29% (June 2-3rd investigation) everyday the newspaper: Everyday public opinion poll: 菅 In prime minister expectation 63% Ozawa resignation appraisal 81% Tokyo newspaper: If democracy support 36% public opinion poll 菅 prime minister “expectation” 57% you see, as understood, as for the Democratic party standard of living of the Japanese citizen who has recovered support suddenly probably is such a is what, at one time, as for me “correctly the citizen selects finally unless and, so you think, the government employee being popular, and others, there is the memory which writes the thing of the gist there is no [re]” with this [burogu], but again we would like to impress in the liver,

    • Whisper of non citizen
      Okada Japan and south Africa enter and more and more, the world cup, call to with the war readiness, from the result, 1 scores recently with 4 where they probably are 3 defeat/miss game 4 defeat/miss…When 3rd game, it has become the mutual digestion tournament,… Also 1 victories or 1 minutes it is, well probably will be, you do not have to judge with the 菅 administration human and the face, but…Front prime minister and front Secretary General in period adventure drama… Honesty, yellow gate way and as for Tooyama's money… After all, the bad local magistrate Seki mountain…New prime minister…Some part probably is fitness?…

    • Visor of the main building
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • “Be disheartened the Cabinet” “after all the Cabinet”, it is and at ending the “[tsutsupa] [ri] Cabinet”?
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • Start of Hatoyama Cabinet
      The Hatoyama Cabinet top yesterday of birth and the newspaper doing the eye in one day television, one after another to keep being announced also the personal affairs of better seed formation of a cabinet, because the better seed after all it is the person of the Democratic party, the person who does not know is many, don't you think? was, don't you think? as for the interview of new Prime Minister Hatoyama a word that was impressive you felt that both the deep emotion which shivers it owed serious heavy responsibility, the [a] which how is the sovereignty resident in people, we would like to entrust desire being bright future, is September 16th shank history changes - it became good changing, feeling the reality that is, being like, the shank on the one hand, the night the giant who is tradition - the important matter which surfaces to the Osaka and Kobe game 3 rankThey are 1 games, the result of becoming the night game that it was good favorite the pleasant tournament baseball where from first scramble and the game of the point move 3 rank applause applause of the Osaka and Kobe victory desire changing with the channel of politics and between with 7-6, night length of the fall when it is one day which passed the majority in the house 12 o'clock it had passed the fact that it goes to bed young average

    • Sadrists go to polls for next Iraqi PM
      Это мнение , linked pages are Japanese

    • Yes or no inquiry = plain secretariat director of 4 day attestation ceremony
      Whether or not as for room Director flat es field es Hiroshi es civil service employee in order in press conference of 3rd afternoon, to execute new prime minister appointment system and new Cabinet minister attestation ceremony on the 4th, in the same day the official business of His Majesty the Emperor possibility it inquires to the Imperial Household Agency, “schedule adjustment is possible”, the majesty who makes that reply is received that clear at the beginning from 4 days to 8 days, it was the schedule which recuperates, but as for plain director in press conference of 3rd morning, “as for recuperation 8 days you have heard from 5 days”, that the Democratic party supposed the speech of plain director who has expressed,Adjusting to the schedule of new Cabinet start, it is something which recognizes the fact that the majesty modifies the schedule of recuperation (

    • Formation of a cabinet personal affairs end.
      It is the Shikoku karst which some days ago it visits, but don't you think? today when it is in the deep fog, when if anything, “the downhill” also the political world which probably will be ahead short length in the fog shank yesterday today and extracting the “菅 color” from the tube, that it will dilute the “Ozawa color”, seems the eager way, don't you think? it seems that finishes toward America concerns and the Phoncon with [obama] president it seems that is caught favorably adding also “sociable commission” simply, unless you think with the weather which it is not very clear, rather than the darkness, it receives the shoulder spacing, but don't you think? “according to reporting” 菅 as for new prime minister the 5th nightIn secretariat director 仙 Tanikuni house strategic phase, as for 11 Cabinet ministers of the Hatoyama Cabinet which announces the skeletal personal affairs such that appoints branch field administrative renovation phase to the Secretary General of the Democratic party with the Cabinet minister personal affairs which become the intention which reappoints, besides the fact that in secretariat director the 仙 valley person, the Arai prime minister advisor has informally decided in national strategy phase, in financial affairs phase financial affairs secondary Minister of State Noda, the lotus 舫 the prospect that Councilor is appointed and, 菅 as for new prime minister hurries choosing a person in consumer phase or administrative renovation phase Foreign Minister and the Kamei postal services phase and others 11 Cabinet ministers Okada the intention which reappoints on the one hand, concerning agricultural phase, more and moreBoiling down, now shank here, in addition in the principal Cabinet minister must use the nerve in problem “, of politics and the gold” with “physical examination” as strict, it will for the second time write proper thing that,

    • Present radio
      japanese means , original meaning

    • Prime Minister Hatoyama, being Tokyo industry large, speech
      Prime Minister Hatoyama, being Tokyo industry large, the speech infancy NHK radio news reporting NHK staff, still, we, with indication and non-, understanding, Prime Minister Hatoyama of this, rotting nation which plays to infancy, being Tokyo industry large, in speech, infancy 菅 of new prime minister, you extolled also today, it seems; You said that it is the person whose over 10 times, revolution of the head are better by your, 2 generations which seem continuously, expects to science and engineering national prime minister? You said, that it seems, the definite [ri], the prime minister, proving, reel; We, the random [ma] opposition is perceived, is speech and behavior and the example which is to be troubled, NHK completely, there is no reporting the random with is, pursuit Noboru who is NHK; When the person who becomes nation and the politician, the national management entire [te], to ahead 50 years, you draw, with that oneself, verify and exhaust, are not wrong judging, runs as a candidate to President candidacy margin and prime minister, the person, nature of thing and that Cabinet minister whom has, the Cabinet minister of the entire [te] send, the entire [te], at perceiving and exhausting cutting and candidacy point in time, policy, the Cabinet minister roster and the work contents which that Cabinet minister does, entirely to publish, the Cabinet minister, runs as a candidate and thing and all release showing which are made to send to the bureaucracy, with the 其 [re], obtain, the approval of the National Diet You, the immature politician, no ten years, it finished to rot, imitation thing and rice thing of the young child, politics, the fool, it does not do, repeats either foolish exposed shame, has sent to some extent, it finished, degradation to rot it does not become extreme in the, fool foolish constituent, there is a big responsibility, that the terrestrial human river area one forming which is 2010.06.05 dreams which are national Japan which infancy finishes to rot of human spreading which rots (1945.6.6 raw; 〒 563-0103 east Tokiwa stand 9-7-2; From annuity life erudite original engineering works manufacture scholar Abe administration, to the Japan major activity contribution start presently with the same contents reaching)

    • [tarutoko
      However you think that it is Kansai local program, “the [a] of high-heeled shoe chairmanship para!”With is said in the program which 菅 with does the party chief dispute the barrel floor which from the flow of front program [sapuraizu]? So it is performed you doing this question of that, when answering is heard, that will designate this person as party chief prime minister, the face of the person who is pushed seeing, like! As for that publicity stunts?? When 菅 just it is candidacy, even excessively it does not become topic because?? Hatoyama one still is [mashi], the ~~~!! How, the story where the form which you thought and sits down first is not beautiful to be too unskillfulness and vis-a-vis question the explanatory face which the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] is difficult to understand the ballad singer wind which cannot be sold it produces and… the [tsu] [te], well as for the face there is no relationship or but 菅 the prime minister [tsu] [te] the fact that you say the sensitivity directly [mashi] is than as for the floor as for expectation has not made 菅 new prime minister, but. The lady [bishibashi] expecting that hitting the rear end of new prime minister, when the [pochitsu] [te] which it increases doing Japanese [burogu] village which is delightful and is

    • 81keys play record 13th key
      issue , please visit the following link

    • Storm of protest
      One night opening, as for the entire world” the free fleet” attack of Israel all together criticism, with United Nations and with inside nayo and, all countries, as for [isuraerunataniehu] which is in the midst of visiting the United States which the storm of the Israeli finger bullet has blown out with the system assembly of [obama] passing cancellation London, it arrived to road with the Arabian league, but from [kiyameron] new prime minister, among security permanent members where protest demonstration occurs at the many places of the world which receive strict warning which requests the reaction which has responsibility in criticism of international society, as for China, Russia and France as for America which already sends criticism declaration officially single prudenceBut, leaving behind. As for declaration the place of this day which appears, as for the counter-measures which are prominent Byron where almost you cannot announce to international [medeia] which is not visible the Japanese circumstances

    • As for new prime minister Kurounin, after a long time “fault cell [chi] [ya] [ma] type”
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    • 'The Imperial Family negligence' of the Democratic party which again becomes clear}
      “The emperor of the political party, Democratic party again. Attitude of negligence” as for the Democratic party which becomes clear, as for the Democratic party which almost finishes the coordination with the prime minister designation election at the National Diet and related direction by the fact that formation of a cabinet is finished in four Japan and China in addition to the Assembly of the Members of both Houses of the Diet which chooses the succession representation of Prime Minister Hatoyama, during that adjustment, way in the Imperial Household Agency, the recuperation schedule of both Majesty emperor empress is modified via the prime minister official residence as for both Majesty emperor and the empress that it requested at the beginning, from four days to eight days, because of this it is the schedule which recuperates with the Hayama business residence of Kanagawa prefecture Hayama Cho, the appointment of new prime minister with the Imperial PalaceBut as for attestation ceremony of formula and the new Cabinet minister, when it is after the week opening, the viewpoint had emerged, if “being able to delay the recuperation with the Hayama of His Majesty the Emperor a little, it can receive the Democratic party, formation of a cabinet of four days becomes possible”, that and so on doing, in the Imperial Household Agency schedule adjustment as for the request recuperation entering the Democratic party that did, it came to the point of being able to delay after 5 days in order now of 16 day adjournment of the National Diet immediately, to guarantee schedule such as the belief statement and representation question of new prime minister, those which become this request that it was necessary to hurry appointment system and attestation ceremonyNot to mention as for the notion that where e.g., the schedule of His Majesty the Emperor is modified attendant upon the abrupt resignation of Prime Minister Hatoyama which is thought that it is national anti- Chairman Osamu Ken Yamaoka, the person who is appointed, vis-a-vis the one which appoints, as for the notion that where it is senseless even with when normally it is general is not to should you permit is impoliteness, e.g., modification of schedule is required as for His Majesty the Emperor, the subject requires the modification of schedule vis-a-vis the monarch who makes be the monarch of Japan, when it is tie kingdom which is not story of impoliteness 'you are penalized with lese majesty' beingTherefore Prime Minister it probably will be, until you say, is the subject of His Majesty the Emperor without, the monarch it names the minister of state adjusting to the circumstances of the subject, may be adjusting to the schedule of the majesty who does not have the expectation e.g., to modify schedule, the Democratic party which begins Osamu Ken Yamaoka 'appointment type' 'attestation ceremony' should be done, is just 'the disloyal person'

    • Cameron should look to Australia for coalition tips | Mark Bennister
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    • Naoto Kan elected as new Japanese PM
      &$&$ naoto kan speaks after he was elected as the chief of democratic party of japan in tokyo, capital of japan and june 4 and 2010. kan became japan's new prime minister after being approved by the diet ON friday. (xinhua/ji chunpeng) former finance minister and deputy prime minister naoto kan was elected as japan's new prime minister friday following the majority of votes in electio… Japan, like 2010 June 4th capital & Tokyo Japanese party length and the Democratic party the $& the $ which is elected 菅 Naoto became, speaks after, as for him 菅 after Friday being approved at the new prime minister National Diet of Japan, (Xinhua/[chi] chunpeng) original financial affairs phase and the deputy prime minister 菅 following Friday of majority of the poll where the prime minister election and Japan of Naoto electio are new minister of state…

    • The new patent attorney where becomes the prime minister?
      Perhaps, but 菅, it passes to patent attorney test, it is the one which the patent attorney is registered even now that it sets aside that you imagine this day, the general person where 菅 Naoto of the Democratic party is decided in Prime Minister is left over and does not know whether perhaps, it is not the new patent attorney where has become the prime minister, as the citizen where without expanding the large kerchief vis-a-vis the various problems to which Japan has faced, in order to advance even to a little good direction, would like to have persevering in new prime minister, is many feels, the politician, especially in the prime minister in word responsibilityWe want having, therefore is, if from beginning as for big thing without saying, while judging feasibility, being able to make steady it is difficult, reason present condition after explaining to the citizen securely now it is not possible, when it is not possible there is a remaining strength which you think that it should call clearly, in the actuality which if possession word we want executing, we would like you to implement to also the intellectual property field where the knowledge is deep is

    • Personal affairs
      菅 Individual color it can put out to Naoto new prime minister somewhere, when kana ~ Kamei it cuts, however it takes a second look, the village guide sight of the [na] ~ [suho] ゚ [nsarinku] ~ ninja

    • With Nikkei stock price average reactionary fall 13 weak yen
      But as for Tokyo stock market of 4 days, at thing and the foreign exchange market where Dow Jones stock price average rose in the American of preceding day & New York stock market exchange rate of the Yen 1 dollars =92 the Yen level latter half from the fact that it becomes weak yen tendency, bought export-related stocks on the center and order preceded, after buying made a round, when we would like to ascertain the whereabouts of typical selection of reaction and the Democratic party where Nikkei stock price average 300 Yen or more rose in preceding day, there was also a mood, new Prime Minister 菅 Naoto was born in the afternoon when you reset to the final value level of preceding day, but formation of a cabinet itself becomes the week openingOther things, there was also a precaution for excessive expectation in the market, influence to stock price was limited and, in the classified by industry type where also in the local time 4th night May employment statistics being announced in America is connected to refraining from buying as for the number of Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section fluctuation brands where 22 industry type in 33 industry types depreciates price increase 778 brand and decline 730 brand, change 164 brand June 4th (the gold) 19 sen main numerical Nikkei stock price average 9901 Yen (00 sen preceding day - 13 Yen) the Tokyo Stock Price Index (topix) 890 and 16 (front Hibi - 0 and 48) the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1 section1,280,900,000,000 Yen in completed amount 1,762,550,000 stocks buying and selling price (article data original Japanese television

    • 菅 Naoto, first end
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    • Lotus 舫, informal decision to consumer charge phase
      There was such an article in present yahoo news, 菅 as for new Prime Minister Naoto 5th morning, coalition government the lotus of the Democratic party 舫 (the [re] is one) the lotus which decides that Councilor is applied 舫, as a categorization person the people in charge of each prefecture ministry overtaking tongue 鋒 (the [ze] [tsu] [po] [u]) sharpness poured attention to the consumer little child conversion charge phase which Party Chief Mizuho Fukushima of the corporation people party which secedes has served, with “business categorization” of the Hatoyama Cabinet, the lotus 舫 with appointment, it continues to the wastefulness reduction of administration 菅 as and it would like to appeal the attitude which is tackledIt is thought and, from the fact that House of Councillors selection refrains immediately, Chairman Councilor sedan chair stone east and high 嶋 it is full well and when the shooting which sets the intention which remains in office the House of Councillors Secretary Generals House of Councillors executive committee categorization human lotus 舫 the Assemblyman please persevere it comes to seeing necessary, [peta] please push we ask

    • 菅 New prime minister election
      <<Yomiuri >> rebuilds 菅 new prime minister election Japan-U.S. alliance and the economy << Asahi >> 菅 new prime minister birth - ability “of the citizen” is tried, << everyday >> 菅 Naoto new prime minister politics << Nikkei >> 菅 new prime minister administration management of policy basis aims toward the guidance power which rebuilds << the product sutra >> 菅 the course of new prime minister country correctly to scatter crisis break, withdraws administration pledge << Tokyo >> 菅 new prime minister shows the way of the birth coming again

    • In manju of this time ~
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    • The pilgrim Cabinet was visible,…
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    • As for the current Japanese politician such it is

    • 菅 New prime minister should reconsider personal conception even in order to try not to leave the cause of evil!
      Certainly, branch field Yukio is cut off as for the head and, looking at “business categorization”, to expand the front the [tsu] which sows it is after all no one it is not possible with just the proboscis to collect, “disabled person” Maehara what compared to perhaps, work is possible, but, you refrain from the House of Councillors selection which this year is largest political decisive battle immediately, can be in charge election game direction in the branch field whose party duty experience is close to nothing? Not to mention, with just “counter Ozawa”, the small child the living in peace certain person the way pushing away one Assemblyman Ishii of hundred game training, selection anti- chairman is geyser rice ones! Furthermore, it is branch field similar and the leader of counter Ozawa power, not only, the “Awa raccoon dog” as secretariat director being able to meet also the fact that it makes the Vice-President, only foolish “causes rebellion in Osamu” line you can think! In order on this furthermore, Maehara and Chiba, to remain in office the war crime of the disabled person and the Hatoyama administration collapse such as Kitazawa with Cabinet minister personal affairs, very 菅 unless it is only, you cannot think the intention in new prime minister facing to House of Councillors selection with whole party attitude! Of course, Mori of treason [jimin] and the like old. There is no intention of supporting to treason power! But after the typical selection, self the “no side” was declared even although, to here the 殊 which rejects the group of front Secretary General Ozawa who advances rapidly the Democratic party cannot connive! Still, personal affairs are made to decide until, 菅 new Prime Minister Naoto should reconsider personal conception drastically even in order to try not to leave the cause of evil to the future when there is enough time!

    • It does not become with one case settlement with prime minister alternation!
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    • Those which expects to new prime minister
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • Supercomputer possession quantity America preponderant 1 rank
      Supercomputer possession quantity America having preponderant 1 rank, stealthily if there is a [ru] computer, because as for story however it changes, the supercomputer which is in the world (the supercomputer) with as for the machine possession quantity which is called America having 1 rank American government and the company and the university preponderantly, as for [ru] supercomputer total number, it is more than a quantity which adds thing everything to which remaining national all has possessed, as for the notion that where as for Japan at 18 the shank as for the by the way presently newly quickest supercomputer each domestic square quantity which the shank well -, was defeated and is defeated has displayed the possession quantity of the super computer, the American oak ridge laboratory which is the oak ridge of crayxtjaguar Tennessee(departmentofenergy'soakridgenationallaborator) It is, as for the quad - coreamdopteron processor built-in and memory 45,000 data processing of 284 gigabytes information closely, probably will put out to the hard drive of the possible 750 tera- bytes in 362 tera- byte 1 seconds, is, [] jesusdiaz (/it is dense so) ttp: /news.ameba.jp/gizmodo/2010/06/68877.html “the tend it is good” you question and the circumstances whose now shank feeling is refreshing, the kind of feeling which the good feeling chest becomes transparent always you think unpleasantly, unhappiness of the person whose relations are bad and rejoice the failure being, kind of when, well -, it is the good word where you use, method of w pickup [mosuko] mule Kamikaze HONDA fitting free assessment debt rearrangement before from the attorney suffers with multiplex debt multiplex debt of the consultation housewife, mail consultation ticket fraud/the point of the licensed tax accountant choosing which prevents fraud damage Furlong bay your fortune it forecasts 菅 Naoto new prime minister also created probably will polish the market small moving business man necessary world story power! (News item compilation… sunset live 2010, 2nd feature… Desertion movie meaning it is deep in the reason 8 pattern lift to which she informs the separation with the mail [posutabijiyu]…

    • 菅 Naoto new prime minister created as for market small movement
      Although 菅 Naoto new prime minister created as for the market as for afternoon session of Tokyo stock market of small moving 4 day, 菅 Naoto was elected by the new representation of the Democratic party, after that became 94th generation prime minister, it did not react completely, after all, Nikkei stock price average being front Hibi 13.00 weak yen 9901.19 Yen, designated the May American employment statistics which are announced in the night when you finish transaction as before, ttp which is the development where circumstances seeing mood continues fearlessly, as for higher quotation is heavy: Therefore/the news .ameba.jp/yucasee/2010/06/68900.html person is not recognized completely, it can keep living, it is, don't you think?, knowing, when it dies, by his when dies, the cod, it loses the vigor which lives, because from the fact that you forget it is utilized the purine detective office huge debt private civil playback where the load of the 婚 life shoulder of shank pickup Yabuki [shiyarurotsuteaidoru] information sidecar 30 generation celibacy ol descends it is pleasant letter. In insurance unkind treatment investigation of prize sight ray crotch lining present condition grasp of child Supercomputer possession quantity America… It probably will polish business man necessary world story power! (News item compilation… sunset live 2010, 2nd feature… Desertion movie meaning it is deep in the reason 8 pattern lift to which she informs the separation with the mail [posutabijiyu]…

    • Because the Liberal Democratic Party there is no non- worth.
      'The Kyodo News Service in the nationwide urgent telephone public opinion poll which is executed from 4 days and nights extending through the 5th, 菅 in Naoto representation of the Democratic party where is elected to new prime minister “the direct comparison which rises to 57.6% cannot do the person whom you answer that you expect,”, but you improve substantially from Hatoyama Cabinet support ratio 19.1% of previous investigation of 5 ends of the month and it is the shape where the “prime minister alternation effect” is expressed clearly, “does not expect” even ahead voting of the House of Councillors selection proportion representation where also support ratio of the Democratic party which is 37.2% exceeds rise Liberal Democratic Party 20.8% largely in 36.1% of previous ratio 15.6 point increase democracy 32.6% of 12.7 point increasesThe last time when our people are 23.4% of 2.5 point increases because was reversed political party support ratio, both ahead voting our people after the administration alternating for the first time democracy, but shortly at period democracy “to return to the 1st party, from Hatoyama which” blooms' just alternated to the 菅 support ratio so much to recover, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is the position which the Tanigaki Oshima Liberal Democratic Party is clear is not set forth, with the Hatoyama favor which becomes such a public opinion (?)Although the person where various things are found at last is many the wretched Liberal Democratic Party where it cannot absorb that Returning to the mind of the joining party, as a true characteristic conservative party if you do not show the attitude of the extent which goes to Yasukuni before the House of Councillors selection which we want showing attitude perhaps, support ratio Tanigaki and in Oshima which you think that it does not rise, the excessiveness but…

    • Newspaper article of the meeting in Tokyo of [kanemi] oil symptom victim
      Below meeting relief method early relief of the formation request [kanemi] oil symptom victim is appealed inside the oil symptom victim group and others capital which is the index and the article “of the Nagasaki newspaper” of Sunday. The urgent meeting which requests the relief method enactment of wheel executive office leader = Tokyo Kasumigaseki and the attorney hall [kanemi] oil symptom victim on the 4th, is Tokyo Kasumigaseki attorney hall, the victim and the support people approximately 100 people of this prefecture participation that “it directs to relief method formation and is active all by power” the relief bill which adopts resolution Councilor dog mound direct history of the Democratic party, received the demand of the victim with this prefectural election and examined, but now as for submitting at the National Diet as for the meeting which becomes difficult, Tokyo [kanemi] oil symptom victim support center and Nagasaki and Fukuoka etcPreservation rice field line male attorney of the oil symptom new recognition lawsuit defense counsel which participates to the plan of the relief method which the victim group opened course of examination as for investigation of the victim who does not do the medical expense burden and the notification of the patient who notifies damage explanatory oil symptom incident at that time was the direction which is included in the bill, but preservation rice field attorney that establishment of “health care treatment” is waived, reexamines emphasizes the importance of the relief method enactment which includes the public funds burden of medical expense, the provision of health care treatment and the development etc of cure, “would like to influence even in new administration” that with the oil symptom victim who expresses[kanemi] oil. Meeting of Goto city. . As for executive office leader Tosiko, in regard to the bill “although it believed that now it is rescued at the National Diet, you expressed that you despaired”, but responsibility of the country was recognized with chemical injury AIDS problem, 菅 it touches the point where Naoto has become new prime minister and “strains power fighting would like to be once more and” you said, in addition, also Masazumi the Harada of the doctor who repeats the research of the Minamata disease and the oil symptom as for 寿 scene duty Bureau Chief Fujiwara of lecture victim support center, the signature which requests the relief of the victim over 30 ten thousand human recentralization conveyed the fact that it waited

    • June 6th (day) learning from the Liberal Democratic Party experience, the Democratic party which succeeds in V letter recovery
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    • ((((; ゜Д゜)))Newspaper
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    • Deviation from Ozawa system was made clear, 菅 the new prime minister ~ greatly approval
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    • North Korea and Iran 63
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    • “Everything even”
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    • Ozawa busing of the media does not stop.
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    • How it treats the extraordinary politician, Ichiro Ozawa, the ability of new prime minister can peep<菅 Naoto>
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    • Good-bye Loopy!
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    • Postal services bill waste plan or the force breakthrough which floats in space?
      When on the 2nd, you refrain from the session end of 16 days which the National Diet deliberation stops entirely by the resignation statement of Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama because it is prime minister designation election and the belief statement speech etc of new prime minister, as for bill deliberation as for important bill such as the postal services reformation bill which quite becomes narrow there is a crisis of waste plan, but as for the ruling party because alliance maintenance and following to the House of Representatives from viewpoint of election measure the prime minister designation election etc which searches the possibility where it forces breaks it is, the earth, you exclude Sunday, as for national anti- Chairman House of Councillors Kenji Hirata of the Democratic party which is seen that the days when you can use in bill deliberation remain and there are no either 5 days 2 daysUnless in press conference “because there is no enough time, (is formed) the bill must be squeezed, but” that as for the postal services reformation bill which expresses, there is a stage which has not entered into either deliberation with House of Councillors, it is formed at the current National Diet where formation is feared, Kamei Sizuka representation of national new party which becomes waste plan attendant upon the execution of House of Councillors selection (postal services reformation financial phase) finishing the deliberation which appealed the formation of the same bill strongly with meeting of the same party of 2 days at brief, if it forces vote, formation possibility, public criticism if conversely it is not avoided, is not formed, supporting the national new partyThe postal services-related vote which it does is not unable to do loss in weight, as for the Democratic party as for the worker dispatch method amendment plan to which the corporation people party which has been pressed for harsh judgment you take which where crack enters into the alliance of democracy and national new both parties, requested formation, while deliberating inside the ruling party without voting the voice which at the House of Representatives is made continuation deliberation has come out at the House of Representatives

    • Prime Minister Hatoyama of according to schedule Ozawa Secretary General W resignation
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    • original letters
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    • weblog title
      Some days ago the mother and the movie you saw, the escape mystery where the [gorudensuranba] false person makes new prime minister assassination offense to tell the truth the parent and child being even, as for the mother who is the Sakai elegance human sun lover however the original you read, as for me the original it does not become with appreciation even then because the mother whom it could enjoy sufficiently says “extremely it was faithful to the original, -” the [tsu] [te], whether the original fan all right don't you think? nevertheless Takeuchi Yuiko [tsu] [te] clean, the [a], after so long a time?? Former times however so the favorite it was not, this movie especially was cute, but mother part what it is the mother goal which has been made so clean the ~~ of course the Sakai elegance human collar - the [tsu] and to tell the truth, 'confession which was recommended to the mother on the just a little front which is cute' Minato tripod kettle work [kore] even filming what reads the former times when you know with notice of the movie '[daren] [shiyan]' immediately the filming which probably will be rubbed pleasure shelf -

    • Power should not be offset mutually, > China and South Korea the Japanese foot the pulling [tsu] Hari [tsu] [ru

    • original letters
      Yesterday as for first Cabinet conference new prime minister [kiyameron] of the English new alliance Cabinet, beginning, being proposed and being acknowledged that 5% it cuts the year stick of the Cabinet minister and Cabinet minister class the prime minister who has become immediately execution says. But this administrative cost cutting of future from the point of view of scale government expenditure economizing, 些 is little, this is the symbol which shows our determinations, that” oriental certain country which starts the new Cabinet in the attitude which personally droops example, great Assemblyman in England went out to London in study of constitutional government, but what it learned buying the apartment at kana political fund, [shikoshiko] the circumstances which have accumulated wealth Byron

    • (ll゜Д゜) [hiiii] newspaper
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    • Prime minister movements (May 12th) (current events communication)
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    • England administration alternation
      [kiyameron] new prime minister [debitsudo] [kiyameron] date of birth 1966 October 9th (43 years old) birthplace England where also England is administration alternation, the London graduate school Oxford University post political party conservative party

    • Prime Minister English Brown, stating intention to resign formally
      As for Prime Minister Brown of the work party which falls down to 2 rank with the English general election 11 days and nights (the Japanese time 12th early dawn), the 3rd party which states intention to resign formally before the London prime minister official residence, alliance negotiation with the Liberal-Democratic Party is broken off, being because the prospect of formation of a cabinet stops standing, Prime Minister Brown “the written resignation is submitted to the queen, expresses that the leader of the largest opposition party is nominated to the successor”, moderate right group and David [kiyameron] party chief of the conservative party to whom Prime Minister Brown who faces to the Buckingham palace the written resignation receives submitting this to the Elizabeth queen, becomes the 1st party (43)If as for [kiyameron] is inaugurated as new prime minister as for administration recapture of the conservative party which enters into the formation of a cabinet work of the Liberal Democratic Party the alliance construction and the like of including to the same Japan and China, after 13 years as for the Yomiuri Shimbun Company England the first party changes with the election which is the country which is made sample of national assembly system democracy, as for the prime minister changing inevitably when how, Japan of one side as for you look at the Upper House election candidacy of the summer voicing the clean impression the original sport player and the talent catching to the eyes on the front, you probably will say, but whether with just that how we would like to do Japan which is troubled future, having the vision which it is clearThe person who is put out as administration pledge desires, “PR” Futenma transfer of facilities last plan, in abandonment Chinese center to the visa and sight-seeing attraction the ferryboat collides May conclusion to the pier in fact with important matter relief one,… ny 37 human injury conservative parties, in alliance range of vision = “majority… even the left can hurt the Nagoya ball rice field thickly to our people and conference

    • Political and economic affairs news to informal decision! 48 times (10/05/10)
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    • Britain embraces new prime minister in new coalition era
      &$ &$britain's new prime minister conservative party leader david cameron (l) and his wife samantha arrive at 10 downing street in london and ON may 11 and 2010. cameron was appointed by britain's queen elizabeth II as new prime minister. (xinhua/zeng yi) &$&$ five days after the general election, cameron '' s conservatives sealed a coalition deal with nick clegg '' s liberal democrats and the third largest party in the brit… New prime minister conservative party party chief [debitsudokiyameron] of &$&$ England (l) with as for [samansa] of the wife, the arrival time 2010 Downing 10 street London, as for May 11 [kiyameron], with the queen Elizabeth 2 world of England was appointed in new prime minister (as for the Xinhua finance,/entire selection of 5 days later. . Japanese plum). . u0026amp; $. . u0026amp; $ and cameron. . u0026#39; As for conservative party largest seal alliance contract of bullet party the nick Democratic party and the 3rd Liberal Democratic Party clegg. . u0026#39; …

    • Japanese talking
      &$&$ britain's new prime minister conservative party leader david cameron speaks in front of 10 downing street in london and ON may 11 and 2010. cameron was appointed by britain's queen elizabeth II as new prime minister. (xinhua/zeng yi) &$ [1] [2]… As for new prime minister conservative party party chief [devuitsudokiyameron] of &$&$ England in 2010 before the street Downing 10 London which you speak, as for May 11 [kiyameron], with the queen Elizabeth 2 world of England was appointed in new prime minister (the Xinhua finance/. . Length. Takeshi) &$ [1] [2]…

    • New gas talks
      ukraine's new prime minister mykola azarov held talks in moscow thursday aimed at renegotiating gas agreements as the two neighbors seek to put their ties back ON track after years of acrimony. a key transit nation for russian energy supplies to europe, ukraine wants moscow to cut by a third the price of natural gas and which stands now at $305 per 1,000 cubic meters. &$&$source: global times &$&$ … Two neighbors new prime minister [muikora] azarov Thursday of Ukraine which again stingingly several years later, it tries to develop related to both country into the track as contract of the gas, you aim toward re-negotiation, in order principal passing country and Ukraine of the Russian to Europe which conversed in Moscow energy supply to reduce, Moscow you would like to do presently $ 305. 1/3 price &$&$ source of the natural gas which stands in such as cubic meter: Global times &$&$…

    • Japanese weblog
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    • “The Japanese power” of Prime Minister Hatoyama
      When present with you say, or yesterday, you rearrange the weekly magazine and the clipping of the newspaper which around become the mountain and, we would like to expect to the evolution of the Japanese power of new prime minister where Professor Professor and discernment sea large Sasaki Daito Ritsumeikan where the clipping of the November 17th Yomiuri Shimbun Company morning edition page 27 “cultural” aspect of last year stops in the eye with the above-mentioned title, Higashi professor MARU shift as for betting on the word of Prime Minister Hatoyama, is the force which the listener gouy gouy is involved to the listener center concerning the belief statement speech of Prime Minister Hatoyama, is the stirring impression, is drama characteristic…Don't you think? it seems that is ended in that unreasonable expectation if the Professor Sasaki partner humbleness you respect that changes expression, “eight one beauties” (this already extent, hate it was exhibited,) (and) you think and the fact that the contents are shown clearly concerning the word which bears the interpretation of thinking is future topic and, the consciousness, that topic and as for Hatoyama “topic” etc and so on you have not happened to have, when being that Koizumi postal services reformation election which unintentionally probably is “investigation and fighting [tsu] [te]” speech how the most barrel ones of the day before yesterday which probably will be the rice. . In origin of private secretary world. Because the communique strategic team large in the Democratic party which participated, or Ozawa, the shrewd private secretary Iijima's way, as for excellent communique charge was not in Hatoyama, therefore the shank with the net which hits the rear where Ozawa should struggle support orphan troop and in Ozawa vs investigation and hits concerning this problem various items of information? Is seen, but concerning that as for the large mass communications in me who do not announce excessively, which, the place. Occurrence in the cloud which is not on the cloud, from lower bound something how having become?

    • Japanese Letter
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    • In Hitler 喩 obtaining
      New administration starts in earnest, below the thought talks of new president of the Liberal Democratic Party for this speech which has the belief statement speech of new prime minister cause scandal, assume on the 26th or that criticism “former prime minister speech of the translation house person who is contributed to the newspaper the tone which differs largely it is high assuming, or that contents are thin, as for the appraisal when you criticize, simply as the politician and political party party chief who the side which is heard is free there being a fixed pride, Liberal Democratic Party President Tanigaki who probably is proper, 喩 obtaining in Hitler and Nazis with the reporter as before, although it was ironical, the newspaper which is surprisedAccording to, concerning Democratic party Assemblyman “like Hitler [yugento] when we want Tanigaki who, in Europe and America, as for using Hitler and Nazis in nature of the politician and figure of speech of idea is largest insult, is taboo withdrawing speech rapidly it becomes also nature of the Japanese politician and to be doubted historical recognition whether this which used the expression that the impression which don't you think?, is approved Hitler speech was received”, probably will be finished saying, that you talked private impression candidly,”, “like Hitler [yugento] don't you think?” as for severe critisism that, in prime minister speechAs the word of that president who has the obligation which makes the party play back in Liberal Democratic Party president who makes that it turns to the opposition party which is in regard to the approval applause of Democratic party Assemblyman who confronts unavoidable there is no item which excessively is not the item, estimating low, those where it is strange is, Tanigaki speech the mass media problem apparent is not to have done, (today just a little makes an excursion)

    • Pine river door product waste processing facility judgment and declaration of “greenhouse effect gas 90 year ratio 25% reduction”
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    • * It is the fan “of Kasuga” of the o dolly
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    • Cinema after no ten years
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    • Olympic whereabouts
      Photographing: Being close as the human who is born after the olympus e-3 + zuiko digital 11-22mm f2.8-3.5 Tokyo Olympics, it was the chance which you can support however it is, don't you think? now then 2016 summer Olympics, it was decided in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, when it tries being decided, the cat which is the after all regrettable result at the point where several years, the person gets together densely the leaflet receiving with the future which goes, [kuritsupubatsuji] receiving, “the present” like Japanese logographic mark being fresh, the parenthesis being good,…Because there was Beijing of last year, “as expected in the Asian sphere there is no opening in consecution, it is probably will be…”With, is expectation was done, but because just a little you had supported, unless “just a little” with useless something shank everyone goes with “seriousness”, that depression and the administration alternation which are prolonged it just was Japan quite “when such a thing it has done there is no”, combining and the support which excess markedly the [tsu] [te] are said, “the Japanese entire country to shrinkage perhaps, that it faces direction” it is the proper flow, “the story where after all such also business is good” sometimes being necessary, the varieties was said, the Olympics again in Tokyo excluding the problem of the “Tsukiji moving + media center”, summonsBecause when as for doing we would like to make revive, the baseball and the softball which are large approval as competition it includes that and this time that it is the society where the result is important, but from the point of view of front reputation what which is to be [gatsukari] below new prime minister husband and wife Tokyo governor who with the force schedule which you think that you fought well, participated in [purezen], for a long time everyone of the Olympic summons commission which is active very much there will continue to be Olympics the hardship way and, obstinate the **** present bgm which will be stretched: With alphabet city/clare & the reasons itunes the audition the movie artist who is done: Publisher/manufacturer: frog stand sale day: 2007/09/04 media: cd

    • Guinea's Acting Military Leader Calls for Opposition Prime Minister
      general sekouba konate says political parties should immediately choose new prime minister to help lead country to free elections You say that new prime minister who the general sekouba konate political party directly supports lead/read country in freedom election should be selected,

    • News Analysis: Change in Japan a Tough Task for Finance Minister
      analysts see the appointment of naoto kan as finance minister as a sign of the new prime minister's desire to change the way japan is governed. As for the analysts, financial affairs minister of state please appoint 菅 Naoto the enthusiastic Japan of new prime minister the method of being controlled is modified as a sign

    • Thai Cabinet reshuffle list heads for royal approval
      thailand's prime minister ON friday announced a list of five new ministers in a minor cabinet reshuffle, which he said will be submitted for the royal approval and thai news agency reported. abhisit vejjajiva told reporters that the qualifications of the five nominated new ministers have already got verification from the secretariat of the cabinet. the list of new ministers, to wait for approve from the king and is including deputy prime minister for economic matters trairong suwankiri… As for [apishitsuto] vejjajiva which as for tie prime minister Friday, as for him with minor Cabinet remodelling that, announces 5 Cabinet minister rosters anew, is submitted in order to obtain the approval of the royal family, the tie it conveys, five qualifications the verification from executive office of the reporter Cabinet which designation already has in new prime minister, as for the list of the new Cabinet minister, including deputy prime minister trairong suwankiri, concerning the economic item which waits for the approval from the king…

    • 雌雄決戦
      September 27th (day) 1,731st day main day 15,568 step 10,898m total 24,479,735 step 17,135,815m Pakistani & Afghanistan of the distance of the number of steps which walked passing Kandahar from � 2005 January 1st, after facing to [herato], because walking in 83,464m evening you went out ahead of time, it applied the victory of the grand sumo tournament, large most the recent years when it is in time, from the fact that many foreign professional sumo wrestlers occupy higher rank in the grand sumo tournament of national skill my phase. Also heat had started to awaken considerably, but if now the sumo champion white 鵬 of place east does defeat and as for revival by the fact that the sumo champion morning blue dragon the west which was seen with even failure receives end with complete victory, the morning blue dragon of the declining fortune which is decisive battle of both sumo champions where suddenly interest boils with complete victory, the white 鵬 of the favorite defeat, being end, if the white 鵬 wins, but it lines up with both 14 victory 1 defeat/miss and becomes victory decisive game, the morning blue dragon which rode in spirit wins, never the white revival of the morning blue dragon becomes with complete victory victory 鵬 as for such a thing, as a sumo champion eastBut the power which does not have the expectation which is permitted even with nature entered game kept pushing the white 鵬 unilaterally, the morning blue dragon slung the overwhelming victory capability Japan one, admirable white 鵬 with as I as expected the chest of relief lowered, but in the victory decisive game it witnesses and is defeated and, it unites and the hand is bad and “scoops and throws” and as for the morning blue dragon which has not become either the favorite which is defeated is the morning blue dragon where is 24th victory with this as expected “the 甦 [tsu] is” probably with this? To approximately the white 鵬 also it is the man with replacement of east west, saying nothing, you stay, the following place will not is long in coming, new Prime Minister Hatoyama it may become funny, also entire direction the country, flies to America, do it is 25% reduction, shouting, that it is nuclear extinction, you attracted the attention of the world, but today sumo wrestling sight-seeing and the prime minister cup are handed to the self morning blue dragon at the national skill mansion, while when being busy, hardship you probably will speak also worry it does, this time you say that it goes to Denmark with Tokyo Olympic summons, “exhausting personal affairs, it waits for fate” completely it is hardship

    • TOHOシネマズ
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • 090927 二つ続けて勝つのは難しいけど...

    • From the archive: Mrs Gandhi India's Premier
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • 2009年を振り返って
      This year looking back at 2009, suspension of the water supply of January Aomori prefecture Yato city and wide area town village, February blue. Storm. Power failure and March wbc Japanese 2 consecutive championship victories, April blue. Snow North Korean ballistic missile discharge and May nationwide May clear east Japanese west Japanese severe heat of off-season, June ~ August northeast north. Long rain cold. To the Suruga bay earthquake administration alternation new prime minister Hatoyama administration, there being 1 years such as completion of 9~10~ November northeast Shinkansen new Aomori ~ Yato rail construction, and before the December northeast Shinkansen beginning operating event at very good year next year as been various years,

    • 鳩山新首相の就任記者会見に、おやっ…
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • 鳩山首相に 新憲法制定議員同盟顧問の辞職を要請
      Me who am below reprint signed of course “requests the resignation of the new constitution enactment Assemblyman alliance 'advisor' to Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama this time when” signature is submitted to the Hatoyama office, the citizen group 9 group being joint, “resignation of the new constitution enactment Assemblyman alliance 'advisor' is requested to Prime Minister Yukio the request signature Hatoyama to new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama which was called”, even in calling a little more than 10 days with Internet, as for the latest “request” motion where you could move aside the approval 1737 of 201 groups to September 15th of deadline in spite, with Internet signature of this kind the extent which usually is notWith the big reaction, size and heat of thinking the citizen where requires the resignation of the “new constitution enactment Assemblyman alliance advisor” to Prime Minister Hatoyama September 17 when is felt, it was Nagatacho which the next day of formation of a cabinet will be tumultuous, but it calls and also the future when 5 members get together from the group, visit the Hatoyama office, visit the office of member of the Diet of the acquaintance as for the private secretary who appears in the request sentence and the reception which delivers signature “it conveys certainly to Hatoyama”, that the policy deliberation room of the return route and the corporation people party which are promised, in addition to Japan Communist Party National Diet executive office, deliver the copy as data the National DietThe cooperation it includes possibility such as question, the stickiness [zu] would like to keep tackling well combining report in everyone of the entire country which it receives, representing 2009 September 17th calling group which gratitude you say, citizen communication meeting (Takeda Ken)

    • 外交デビュー
      You debutted with the highest stage, Prime Minister Hatoyama United Nations, it was lucky timing and doing also the bold speech, greenhouse effect gas 25% reduction pledge, because the leader of the world where it poured applause applause has gotten together also individual diplomacy being active, that it became the perfect face showing of Minister of Foreign Affairs new prime minister and Okada of Japan, but even just that as for the effect it was you think as for the concrete discussion which is by the new administration which future topic, it is possible and high how probably becomes success or failure of start dash to make the fact that smell it is different until recently

    • Y150だの東京オリンピックだの・・・
      Essa opiniao , for multilingual communication

    • どぶ板
      Bosom of the voter where it is not the case that it is this time “ditch board” when the word, “ditch board” flew about with election ahead the “ditch board” and so on the young man either you have not seen was many in also Democratic party Assemblyman of the first Noboru institute which is the election terminology which means the fact that one eaves one eaves you walk deeply, but as for constituency which with political one house Tokyo University soldier/finishing from the great-grandfather whose, new President Yukio Hatoyama, the “ditch board” extent is most distant is not hardship of political fund at the American studying abroad wealthy person Hokkaido, that you were brought up, the big Western style building where it is called the “Otowa palace”, stands in the hill of the city centerIt was the stage of postwar politics which is and instead of at the place of interest where the sight-seeing bus you stop the “ditch board”, but in the garden where the blue lawn spreads there was “the Japanese white-eye palace” of former Prime Minister Tanaka in the Hatoyama residence vicinity where the rose has bloomed, this now now when even in the mansion which is not either trace of the old days it goes out with one generation is thick. If there is also a type, as for those where the coming out spot of Prime Minister Hatoyama which is also cultural assets class of Japanese type [serebu] is the Liberal Democratic Party Tanaka group the name house which is sarcasm does not become one generation and with evidence, 4 people continuously there is no intention of pointing to the water to departure of the clearing up where hereditary Assemblyman where has the grandfather or the father in the prime minister has become the prime minister from thing or the theory which is said, but politics is actuality, in one night Japan unless it changes, thinks in new prime minister birth

    • 外国人の名誉のため【日本人は?】鳩山総理
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • ★「鳩山総理所信表明演説」をどう見たか?★
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • トップニュース

    • お久しぶりです。
      belief , Feel free to link

    • 政権交代
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • 自爆民主党とオープンって、似合いませんなぁ
      Comentarios sobre este , please visit the following link

    • 九月尽(2)
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • 災害復旧
      Nihongo , for multilingual communication

    • 日本の新しい夜明け!鳩山内閣発足
      En japonais , original meaning

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