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    New Prime,

    Politics related words Tokyo Olympics Upper House election Communist Party Democratic Party Regime change Greenhouse gas Social Democratic Party Policy speech Hatoyama Cabinet established 鳩山総理 Removing bureaucratic Deputy Prime Minister Naoto Kan
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  • ○■ 新首相

  • ○■ The Democratic party, as for number it is many very, but is honesty, the Liberal Democratic Party way there is no cover which is replaced is actuality

  • ○■ Changing administration, the fact that should not be a little closely examined, already quality of that politician group has converted to problem?

  • ○■ As for Ozawa “. Lowerin g” the speech and behavior which comes off was begun

  • ○■ As for administration rec apture of conservative party after 13 years

  • ○■ After all, because it is the person of the Democratic party, the person who does not know is many, don't you think? was

  • ○■ In other words, be sure t o appear in the ruling party harshly

  • ○■ If on that, it becomes tw in election, the ruling party to become disadvantageous demerit of tend House of Councillors selection is lightened

  • ○■ Furthermore introducing m edium-size constituency system, acquiring priority to the candidate, in the Liberal Democratic Party election system reformation plan which votes as for [kiyameron] party chief “English politics becomes eternally unstable”, with the standpoint where it is clearly opposite has been shown

  • ○■ Thousands of Iraqis who s upport the anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr turned out ON Friday to vote over who should be the country's new prime minister. Sadr has called for a referendum ON who will be backed to assume the next premier post. In a statement posted ON his website, it said the referendum would be ON five candidates, including Ayad Allawi who won 91 seats in the next parliament, his rival incumbent Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki who got 89 seats and along with three other… The saddle, the premiere clarification following Friday someone is necessary required the article of the Iraqi support anti-American Shiite clergyman of Al thousands thing [mukutada] with the poll which is supposed, the country it is drawn up saddle new prime minister whom the human citizen seeks

  • ○■ Today probably will be wh en if anything with the weather which it is not very clear, “the downhill”

  • ○■ 2010 June (18) 2010 May ( 107) 2010 April (84) 2010 March (108) 2010 February (86) 2010 January (80) 2009 December (94) 2009 November (101) 2009 October (102) 2009 September (96) 2009 August (109) 2009 July (94) 2009 June (93) 2009 May (102) 2009 April (91) 2009 March (124) 2009 February (99) 2009 January (83) 2008 December (115) 2008 November (145) 2008 October (56)

  • ○■ (As for Xinhua finance,/e ntire selection of 5 days later. . Japanese plum). . u0026amp; $. . u0026amp; $ and Cameron. . u0026#39; As for conservative party largest seal alliance contract of bullet party the nick Democratic party and the 3rd Liberal Democratic Party Clegg. . u0026#39; …

  • ○■ However, “good breath was not seriously considered

  • ○■ That will designate this person as party chief prime minister, the face of the person who is pushed seeing, like!

  • ○■ In addition, obstinate it will stretch

  • ○■ And, depending upon Ozawa Secretary General resignation, you will expect that becomes second deliberation ⇒ prosecution of inquest of prosecution meeting

  • ○■ Hatoyama Yukio representa tion of the Democratic party stands in greeting of beginning, “when still the responsibility is recognized that it does not recognize calls the country, but it is proper to compensate in the people of the victim, to keep recovering reputation

  • ○■ Pledge of the Democratic party interview release the coconut log news which is torn: @nifty

  • ○■ The Democratic party, in order now of 16 day adjournment of the National Diet immediately, to guarantee schedule such as the belief statement and representation question of new prime minister, says that it was necessary to hurry appointment system and attestation ceremony

  • ○■ Ukraine's new Prime Minis ter Mykola Azarov held talks in Moscow Thursday aimed at renegotiating gas agreements as the two neighbors seek to put their ties back ON track after years of acrimony. A key transit nation for Russian energy supplies to Europe, Ukraine wants Moscow to cut by a third the price of natural gas and which stands now at $305 per 1,000 cubic meters. &$&$Source: Global Times &$&$ … Two neighbors new prime minister [muikora] Azarov Thursday of Ukraine which again stingingly several years later, it tries to develop related to both country into the track contract of the gas you aimed toward re-negotiation as, conversed in Moscow

  • ○■ Pages Web liees ecrit en japonais ,

  • ○■ “It differed from forme r prime minister speech largely

  • ○■ “Badness” as like ori ginal sin of the human probably will point to “badness”

  • ○■ Individual new Prime Mini ster Hatoyama, after the administration starting boarded to the United Nations place in about 1 weeks, “greenhouse effect gas 25% reduction”, Japan taking the initiative, when it executes, the degree liver while the spotted lifting and the world also was pulled out in the United Nations speech and was praised

  • ○■ As for the story, in the triumphal return parade in Sendai, explosion happened suddenly, new prime minister died

  • ○■ Unless everyone goes with “seriousness”

  • ○■ Thailand's Prime Minister ON Friday announced a list of five new ministers in a minor Cabinet reshuffle, which he said will be submitted for the royal approval and Thai News Agency reported. Abhisit Vejjajiva told reporters that the qualifications of the five nominated new ministers have already got verification from the Secretariat of the Cabinet. The list of new ministers, to wait for approve from the King and is including Deputy Prime minister for economic matters Trairong Suwankiri… As for tie prime minister Friday, as for him with minor Cabinet remodelling that, it announced 5 Cabinet minister rosters anew, the tie conveyed is submitted in order to obtain the approval of the royal family,

  • 新首相

    New Prime,

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