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    New Prime,

    Politics related words Tokyo Olympics Upper House election Communist Party Democratic Party Regime change Greenhouse gas Social Democratic Party Policy speech Hatoyama Cabinet established 鳩山総理 Removing bureaucratic Deputy Prime Minister Naoto Kan

    • Cameron should look to Australia for coalition tips | Mark Bennister
      The new prime minister would do well to follow John Howard's example ON maintaining POWER in a coalition governmentHH Asquith famously remarked that the office of prime minister is what the holder chooses and is able to make of it. So what does the future hold when the prime minister is part of a double act? Tony Blair, of course, had Gordon Brown in a duopoly and but tensions within parties between the leader and his potential rivals are part of British politics. It is a different matter when the style of the leader is cramped by an intruder from another party. With five cabinet ministers, the Liberal Democrats are over-represented around the cabinet table and impacting ON the new prime minister's patronage powers. David Cameron could and however, look to the period of office of John Howard in Australia. Howard gained office with a slim majority in 1996 and managed to get himself entrenched there until 2007, when he was ousted from POWER and his own seat. His Liberal party (confusingly and Cameron's sister party ON the centre-right) governed in coalition with the small rural National party. This formal anti-Labour coalition has existed in some form or other since 1922.The arrangement suits the alternative vote electoral system in Australia and as preferences always flow from the smaller National to the larger Liberal party (and the other way round). Howard won four consecutive elections and in 2004, of the 150 lower house seats and Liberals won 74, National 12 and Labour 60. Whether or not Howard held a majority and the formal agreement with the Nationals meant campaigning as a coalition and governing as one. But was Howard constrained by the existence of a coalition partner? Howard had three successive National party deputy leaders with which to work Tim Fischer, John Anderson and Mark Vail Some kind of person selects the office of famous prime minister who does that also new prime minister follows the example of alliance governmentHH [asukuisujiyonhawado] in maintenance power and probably will be, it is possible to make that, you expressed that is,
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    • Britain embraces new prime minister in new coalition era
      &$ &$Britain's new Prime Minister Conservative party leader David Cameron (L) and his wife Samantha arrive at 10 Downing Street in London and ON May 11 and 2010. Cameron was appointed by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as new prime minister. (Xinhua/Zeng Yi) &$&$ Five days after the general election, Cameron '' s Conservatives sealed a coalition deal with Nick Clegg '' s Liberal Democrats and the third largest party in the Brit… New prime minister conservative party party chief [debitsudokiyameron] of &$&$ England (L) with as for [samansa] of wife, arrival time 2010 Downing 10 Street London, May 11
      &$ &$Britain kommen neuer Führer der Konservativen Partei des Premierministers David Cameron (L) und seine Frau Samantha bei 10 Downing Street London und am 11. Mai und 2010 an. Cameron wurde Großbritanniens von der Königin Elizabeth II als neuer Premierminister ernannt. (Xinhua/Zeng Yi) &$&$ Fünf Tage nach der Parlamentswahl, versiegelte Cameron '' s-Konservative ein Koalitionabkommen mit s-Liberaldemokraten Nick Clegg '' und die drittgrößte Partei auf den Briten… Neuer Parteileiter der konservativen Partei des Premierministers [debitsudokiyameron] von &$&$ England (L) mit wie was [samansa] der Frau, Ankunftszeit 2010 niederwerfende 10 Straße London, 11. Mai

    • Japanese talking
      &$&$ Britain's new Prime Minister Conservative party leader David Cameron speaks in front of 10 Downing Street in London and ON May 11 and 2010. Cameron was appointed by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as new prime minister. (Xinhua/Zeng Yi) &$ [1] [2]… As for new prime minister conservative party party chief [devuitsudokiyameron] of &$&$ England in 2010 before the street Downing 10 London which you speak, May 11
      &$&$ Großbritanniens spricht neuer Führer der Konservativen Partei des Premierministers David Cameron vor 10 Downing Street London und am 11. Mai und 2010. Cameron wurde Großbritanniens von der Königin Elizabeth II als neuer Premierminister ernannt. (Xinhua/Zeng Yi) &$ [1] [2]… Wie für neuen Parteileiter der konservativen Partei des Premierministers [devuitsudokiyameron] von &$&$ England 2010 vor der Straße, die 10 London niederwirft, die Sie sprechen, 11. Mai

    • New gas talks
      Ukraine's new Prime Minister Mykola Azarov held talks in Moscow Thursday aimed at renegotiating gas agreements as the two neighbors seek to put their ties back ON track after years of acrimony. A key transit nation for Russian energy supplies to Europe, Ukraine wants Moscow to cut by a third the price of natural gas and which stands now at $305 per 1,000 cubic meters. &$&$Source: Global Times &$&$ … Two neighbors new prime minister [muikora] Azarov Thursday of Ukraine which again stingingly several years later, it tries to develop related to both country into the track contract of the gas you aimed toward re-negotiation as, conversed in Moscow
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    • News Analysis: Change in Japan a Tough Task for Finance Minister
      Analysts see the appointment of Naoto Kan as finance minister as a sign of the new prime minister's desire to change the way Japan is governed. As for the analysts, financial affairs minister of state please appoint 菅 Naoto the enthusiastic Japan of new prime minister the method of being controlled is modified as a sign
      Analytiker sehen die Verabredung von Naoto Kan, während Finanzminister als Zeichen des neuen Wunsches des Premierministers, die Weise Japan zu ändern geregelt wird. Was die Analytiker anbetrifft, Finanzangelegenheits-Staatsminister ernennen bitte 菅 Naoto das enthusiastische Japan des neuen Premierministers, den die Methode des Seins kontrolliert als Zeichen geändert wird

    • Thai Cabinet reshuffle list heads for royal approval
      Thailand's Prime Minister ON Friday announced a list of five new ministers in a minor Cabinet reshuffle, which he said will be submitted for the royal approval and Thai News Agency reported. Abhisit Vejjajiva told reporters that the qualifications of the five nominated new ministers have already got verification from the Secretariat of the Cabinet. The list of new ministers, to wait for approve from the King and is including Deputy Prime minister for economic matters Trairong Suwankiri… As for tie prime minister Friday, as for him with minor Cabinet remodelling that, it announced 5 Cabinet minister rosters anew, the tie conveyed is submitted in order to obtain the approval of the royal family,
      Thailands Premierminister am Freitag verkündete eine Liste von fünf neuen Ministern in einer kleinen Kabinettsumbildung, die er wird eingereicht für die königliche berichtete Zustimmung und siamesische die Nachrichtenagentur sagte. Abhisit Vejjajiva erklärte Reportern, dass die Qualifikationen der fünf ernannten neuen Minister bereits Überprüfung vom Sekretariat des Kabinetts erhalten haben. Die Liste der neuen Minister, zu warten genehmigen vom König und umfassen stellvertretenden Premierminister für ökonomische Angelegenheiten Trairong Suwankiri… Was Premierminister anbetrifft Freitag des Riegels, wie für ihn mit dem kleinen umgestaltenden Kabinett, dass, er 5 Kabinettsministerregister von neuem verkündete, wird der übermittelte Riegel eingereicht, um die Zustimmung der Königsfamilie zu erreichen,

    • From the archive: Mrs Gandhi India's Premier
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    New Prime, Politics ,

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