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  • ○■ 亘さん

  • ○■ As for the next time alre ady talking, the kana which at the time of all right is?

  • ○■ 前にはしのさんが 川口先生は... To do to before, as for Mr. Kawaguchi however you say, that it is natural, even as for me as for truth being understood, the [ru]? The mark there is also feeling, that however you think, whether it is it is not, Murakami being recognized, because you call the [ru], and clear there

  • ○■ It is to be the mii, but it is to be wi-fi which wii the net is made to connect, but when you connect, this Japan, well color is mii of the famous people is made in the person in the world, “mii craftsman” those which become to be and others the [tsu] plain gauze be, that being similar and well, the [ru] it is!! Also size of the part is changed delicately and, because it is possible, also for position to shift delicately, being similar delicately at just little position, wrapping, it does

  • ○■ しかも、サイレン らしてなく... Furthermore, the siren not to be trained, the [te], you attach the lamp

  • ○■ The negative it is one be forehand with thinking, however it increased, hateful ones human [tsu] [te]…^^; Well me thing of the person it is not relied on to the feeling which cannot be said to human there, however it is, don't you think?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ しいて言うなら髭 嫌いです... Forcing, if you say, ww which dislikes the mustache ((, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Summer with the [tsu] [te ] feeling the shank

  • ○■ 書いてないや\(^o^ )/... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ Although it went to Shibu ya, because condition it is not good, now returning, [retsushia] thought in such it increases <- the feeling favorite time of physical education of kana always there is no motivation <- you released and [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] that the without fail painful expectation [ji] [yu] it is the [ji] [yu] it is desperately all right or all right applying, saying, was the [ru] form cute, all right applying, as for the three theater which we would like you to say when that, appearing remarkably from the room of [jiyarujiyaru], does the person plain pride funny sandwich man when this time the short story making, the extent which we would like to turn to the origin to be enormous was favorite the person, it is dense, you want <- there is no laughing combat which is not self-confidence in Chinese character, the [te] 亘 after a long time after the short story appearance 2 week the [te]? Ikeda has picked up the plug fence which Kanada dropped being too plain, the laughing illness which can be laughed

  • ○■ 本当の事言っちゃ てるよって思... The true thing word [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ru] depending, you thought

  • ○■ This time it was said to also the staff, but it is the super luxurious member

  • ○■ レッドシアターズ 1泊2日、海... With [retsudoshiatazu] 1 Tomari 2nd, in going to sea travelling!! There is a difference in frequency of performance of some characters, but…Because it is beginning contribution, please see approximately…[kiyara] is different somewhat?! Perhaps, the person is, but that please see (the) with you start approximately*. Bus 1 of/★ going. “[me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] pleasure and!! Sea or…”Like the place where you play at the sea is imagined

  • ○■ Murakami Ken will of the fruit punch and we met at the studio ([me] [tsu], it was before the man with the small face)

  • ○■ ついでに、他の放 予定見てたら... Next, other broadcast schedule seeing, the tournament of the cod and Valencia 亘 was explanation

  • ○■ Opening, you question wit h the [me], it is

  • ○■ 一昨日のレッドシ ター・・・・... [retsudoshiata] of the day before yesterday…

  • ○■ After that “Kanada you smell!”With you to say and from rear being arrested in the other entertainer while, the bad breath of the [ri] [ji]…

  • ○■ 亘さんの笑顔を見 たことに感... 亘 You look at the smiling face and the [re] are especially the impressed [tsu] <-

  • 亘さん


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