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    Politics and economics fraternity social gathering,

    Politics related words Democratic Party Prosecutors Brass instrument Donation case Donation issues Hatoyama Yukio Individual donations Deceased donation Fund Management Group 鳩山総理 Impersonation issue donation Disguised donation scandal
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  • ○■ 友愛政経懇話会

  • ○■ 記事抜粋 鳩山首相 の 資金 管... With disguise donation problem of the financial management group “friendship political and economic affairs Forum” of Prime Minister article excerpt Hatoyama, it was found that the policy private secretary who is the accounting patsy of the same meeting is dismissed

  • ○■ Expecting to the highway free conversion policy of the Democratic party, one vote the people who were inserted may get angry

  • ○■ そう、またなんだ すまない(´... So, in addition it may not be what, (the ' Ω `)

  • ○■ Therefore as for this ani mated picture service without being modest we want viewing, a liberal translation

  • ○■ おっとっと、また 文になってし... It became the [tsu] and the [tsu] and in addition the long sentence

  • ○■ Hatoyama prime minister s ide as inside we assume that the June this year, the case which the “contributor” lying, enters the person where the same meeting has not really contributed in the income and outgo report, from 05 the total 193 case equivalent to approximately 90, rises to sum total approximately 21,770,000 Yen in 4 years to of 08, it publishes the findings from, it corrected the income and outgo report

  • ○■ ptの指摘につい 、鳩山事務所... Concerning the indication of pt, because the Hatoyama office “has not inquired about concrete contents, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Assuming that donation to of the financial management group 'friendship political and economic affairs Forum' of Prime Minister Hatoyama was untrue statement, 10 person among contributor approximately 90 it is deleted from the political financial income and outgo report of meeting, really says that you testify that it has donated,

  • ○■ 鳩山由紀夫首相の 金管理団体... With disguise donation problem of the financial management group “friendship political and economic affairs Forum” of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, the Hatoyama house invested, on the 25th, it understood in the story of the authorized personnel that financial offer to prime minister side is requested the prime minister chief director (while temporarily retiring) the foundation official the actual mother of the prime minister (87) vis-a-vis,

  • ○■ Disguise donation problem , in the party Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama apology = prime minister 4th in the afternoon, greeted in the Democratic party Assembly of the Members of both Houses of the Diet, “(at extraordinary session of parliament) the fact that very it is very most difficult to me in everyone was my myself problem concerning the disguise donation problem of the self

  • ○■ では、みなさん、 日も元気に... So, everyone, please pass also today vigorously!

  • ○■ In blurring, already “s ecretariat secret expense” treatment 120,000,000 expenditure source the Yomiuri Shimbun Company

  • ○■ ptによると、鳩 氏の資金管理... According to pt, that in the report of 05 years of Hatoyama financial management group “friendship political and economic affairs Forum”, Hatoyama was the overhead name, you say that the same surname same name as 52 people who are recognized, ▽04 year 26 (4,580,000 Yen total) ▽03 year 15 (3,860,000 Yen total) ▽02 year 6 (620,000 Yen total) - - with you could verify the name of the person of the same address

  • ○■ It smolders, as for Prime Minister Yukio “politics and gold” new administration Hatoyama, with while problem “of deceased donation” of financial management group “friendship political and economic affairs Forum” is undecided arrival, also Democratic party Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa, as for new administration has held the problem “of politics and the gold” e.g., you refrain from the trial of political financial readjustment method violation incident of the private secretary,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 関係者によると、 山首相側は... According to the authorized personnel, Hatoyama prime minister side same day in the afternoon, the room which governs tax payment area. The declaration was sent to the tax office, assuming, that giving approximately 1,200,000,000 Yen was received in 7 years from 2002, you say that you took the procedure which supplies approximately 600,000,000 Yen of this tax amount which excludes delay tax and the like, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The financial management group “friendship political and economic affairs Forum” of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama (friend governmental cordial) with the disguise donation problem which it goes round, summary of the report book which the prime minister submits to Tokyo area inspection special 捜 section understood

  • ○■ 「 献金していない のに勝手に名... Although “it has not donated, name was stated selfishly”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ It goes round the financi al management group of Prime Minister Hatoyama, with “deceased donation” doubt, investigation of investigation started

  • ○■ 鳩山首相は29日 、自身の資... Prime Minister Hatoyama 29 days and nights, political financial readjustment method violation (untrue entry) Defendant original public 1st private secretary victory place Keiji who questions (59) in the first trial, victory place defendant recognized prosecution fact in the disguise donation incident of itself financial management group “friendship political and economic affairs Forum”, “victory place you thinking my for the sake of, working, committed this kind of thing concerning prosecution proposing imprisonment 2 year,

  • 友愛政経懇話会

    Politics and economics fraternity social gathering,

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