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    Individual donations,

    Politics related words Democratic Party Regime change Brass instrument case of Tokashiki Naomi Donation issues Donations Hatoyama Hatoyama Yukio Politics and economics fraternity social gathering Deceased donation Fund Management Group
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  • ○■ 個人献金

  • ○■ Vis-a-vis this, the polic y the Democratic party repelling, being absent “the ruling party has utilized bill deliberation in political situation”, that commission deliberation of 2 days

  • ○■ これでは、国民も 得できない... Now, you cannot agree upon either the citizen, a liberal translation

  • ○■ From resident foreigner p rivate donation of 50,000 Yen

  • ○■ 小沢一郎民主党元 表の資金管理... Centering on the land purchase and the like of financial management group “land mountain meeting” of Ozawa Ichiro Democratic party original representation, member of the house of representatives who accuse of a crime to political financial readjustment method violation, Defendant intellectual Yutaka Ishikawa (38) and others the decision trial 3 of former private secretaries on the 26th, was opened at Tokyo district court

  • ○■ 22: Name it is not @ tent h anniversary: 2009/11/29 (day) 10:39: 13 id: Or the i6s5dxp4o Hatoyama mother lovely in the pocket of the boy, is dense the [zu], [kotsusori] just inserted 900,000,000 Yen is, the pauper makes a noise, is

  • ○■ (ムラマサ、鋭く る)... ([muramasa], it cuts sharply)

  • ○■ The prime minister overta king team installation = disguise donation problem, for ordinary diet session preparation - our people Liberal Democratic Party on the 4th, overtakes the disguise donation problem of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama “the neck. Enormous tax evasion overtaking team” (chairman Tanihata. National anti- secondary chairman) it installed

  • ○■ 自民党の議員への 人献金の実... Of the private donation to Liberal Democratic Party Assemblyman 72% was offered truly from electric power company official or ob, as for the donation amount to one Assemblyman averaging, truly 47,000,000 Yen the news which is said flowed

  • ○■ Nevertheless, the air whe re side is too sweet a little does, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 鳩山首相の資金管 団体「友愛... With disguise donation problem of the financial management group “friendship political and economic affairs Forum” of Prime Minister Hatoyama, the former public 1st private secretary of accounting charge of the same meeting (displacement) concerning the donation of 50,000 Yen or less of political financial income and outgo report which does not have the necessity to state the contributor vis-a-vis the internal investigation of Hatoyama prime minister side, “the private property of Prime Minister Hatoyama was applied”, that it was found that untrue entry is recognized,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ According to written indi ctment, victory place defendant states besides the fact that 2004 ~20 year, the deceased and 207,000,000 Yen private donation total from person who has not been donated really were stated in the income and outgo report of Forum, approximately 153,000,000 Yen inflating also political financial party earnings,

  • ○■ 自民党プロジェク チームが作... There is such description in the circles data which the Liberal Democratic Party project team drew up

  • ○■ Because Secretary General Okada of the Democratic party “becomes shortage of funds, we have decided to receive enterprise & group donation

  • ○■ 政治資金規正法は 治家から自... Political financial readjustment method from the politician have restricted the donation to your own financial management group to annual 10,000,000 Yen, but in the same meeting annual several 10,000,000 Yen were applied by the earnings of the same meeting from the property of Prime Minister, Hatoyama exceeded restriction amount much

  • ○■ =================== there is an interest in private donation? > > As for poll result of everyone!? It is possible with, the there being net the experience which donates to the politician and the political party if we would like, to try doing, there is no thing which is done, everyone why is, there is, completely an interest there is no interest

  • ○■ 民主党は衆院選の ニフェスト... The Democratic party has sung the prohibition of the behavior which takes over the group which handles the hereditary prohibition and political fund of member of the Diet in manifest (administration pledge) of the House of Representatives selection to the relative, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for the Democratic par ty “political financial readjustment law is amended, that enterprise & group donation is prohibited 3 years later”, it has clearly written in general election pledge 2009

  • ○■ 民主党政権の経済 ンチぶりが... The way of economic [onchi] of the Democratic party administration became clear, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for aging of untrue st atement crime of political financial readjustment method in 5 years, as for aging of 16 years March of next year

  • ○■ 「「鳩山由紀夫民 党代表の... ““In the political financial income and outgo report of the political financial management group of Hatoyama Yukio Democratic party representation, name of the deceased the problem which is stated as the private donation person

  • ○■ After 11 focusing on the one room of the city center, several 10,000,000 Yen relatively small-scale real estate was purchased from 10,000,000 Yen level

  • ○■ 自民党はそれを理 に結論を先送... The Liberal Democratic Party that ahead did to send conclusion in the reason

  • ○■ Also the Democratic party was below the Liberal Democratic Party

  • ○■ 民主党の鳩山由紀 代表の資金管... With the problem where financial management group “friendship political and economic affairs Forum” of Hatoyama Yukio representation of the Democratic party (friend governmental cordial) has stated untruth in the political financial income and outgo report, as for the private donation which friend governmental cordial receives in 10 years of 98~07 year it understood that it rises to sum total approximately 590,000,000 Yen,

  • ○■ When it illuminates in po litical financial readjustment method, to become private donation because very problem it seems, however

  • ○■ 政治資金収支報告 の修正を検討... It made that correction of the political financial income and outgo report is examined clear

  • ○■ As for [obama] political fund of the header which was gathered with the net became enormous, with fund and it overwhelmed [hirari] with collection of the volunteer staff, became the president, a liberal translation

  • ○■ もちろんの事だが 「やらせ」を... Of course but thing, “let do” the case where it does, the enormous money is required

  • ○■ On the other hand, as for private donation and the reply for Futenma base problem although it is ambiguous, just there decides the [bishi] [tsu], the [chi] [ya] [u] how…

  • 個人献金

    Individual donations,

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