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    Air Band,

    Entertainment Music Avocation related words Yaguti Mari Satoda Mai Syouzi Tiharu Mild Seven Suzanne Shame Minami Akina wimp Santa 合田兄妹 Do you mind if I cry
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  • ○■ エアバンド

  • ○■ Don't you think? very in the strange space

  • ○■ そちらも分かり次 upしたい... As soon as there to understand, up we would like to do,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When was, precaution leve l so it faced to the Jonan island low

  • ○■ それがやっと日の を見ること... That at last being able look at sunshine, the delightful [tsu] it does

  • ○■ And it moves by the car w hich how to guide prepares

  • ○■ そして 山田さんが 正解し、緑... And Yamada to correctly interpret, green team victory!!

  • ○■ How it increases in this tent, is, even if Okada and Kojima who are that the reed is received birthday, with thing, raising the candle to the snow, you had celebrated, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 1回くらい聴いてみ ようかと、... Whether about 1 times it will try hearing, when, 1 it tried borrowing suitably

  • ○■ Whether [kibokaru] [mario ] bearing and guitar [ruiji] bearing it is the [tsu] [chi] and the based [pichi] bearing seeing [do] [do]*”

  • ○■ これが岐阜での一 の失敗で... This with the first failure in Gifu shank…

  • ○■ Present buzz…The sound source of the golden Bonn bar flowed for the first time! You think it is from before, don't you think?, although with something so it became popularity, with something with buzz the bent flow of the golden Bonn bar without being?…

  • ○■ ヘキコン(夜の部) レポ的なの... [hekikon] (the section of the night) it is to be [repo], DREPT (∀) [setori] is thought that it is not agreeable,… (^-^; The [tsu] [te] the almost private impression thinking, when [kedo] which is the can [ji] it is good, seeing, therefore the [tsu] [te] (the ´ω `) ↓ “the third man/this tune of [eavuijiyuarubando]” fairly well the favorite, being raw, ♪ Shoji who is possible to can be effective was fairly well good, * “already immediately with combination rice field sibling main the Christmas/village rice field will not” -> movement (the tramcar?)-> But you have sung it is with [bakusute], to be too lovely was, -!! After will not, it was lovely* “dear friends? To friend? /2 human [ho] of [hurenzu]” [hurenzu] is with also the tip which we would like to see also the parenthesis good ★2 person is with the [i] sees alternately in the chord! ~mc~ 紳 help and male 輔, misono or [huren] %

  • ○■ Because you did not carry the air band, being the place where the beer where the same trader around is I of depending is drunk, someone “it came, -!”When you look at south in voice, because still it is a certain expectation to arrival predetermined time of [raian] where the machine shadow is visible until telephoto the camera which is attached is looked, [raian] is with the air was not attached, -! With some amount to spare to face to photographing it is in time, but to take rather quickly with arrival, it was about to let escape because (the general passenger flight it is chartering which is not, time is rough), a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日は買い物やら 科やらなん... Shopping ophthalmology with something going out, it increased today, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Dance of the golden Bonn bar is funny and, Kiyan the shampoo has done in the small pool…(Laughing), being thorough to there, acting playfully, the [ru] (compliment) how, a certain meaning it is enormous even with the air band, whether (laughing) laughing you think and start and, quality of tune is high and, also voice of paulownia show is cute* In the association, member everyone [burogu] is funny, (laughing) live is pleasant, it is probably will be, a liberal translation

  • ○■ エアバンド購入を 考えの方に... Air band purchase efficiency, both the sound quality we recommend the highest air band private receiver sp-125 to the person who is thought

  • エアバンド

    Air Band,

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