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    Nagoya Port Aquarium,

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  • ○■ こちらは、名古屋 水族館のイ... As for this, you saw from the main pool which does the dolphin show of the Nagoya port aquarium, it is the sea train land, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Not being accustomed yet almost there is no contact training in several minutes end; ; ; ; ; It means that also it is good to become the [ma] talk time, but ^^ tags: Because Nagoya port aquarium [beruga] Friday Otto it was the day off, (however it was light rain,) it went to the Nagoya port aquarium! As for going with the daughter together with this 3rd time

  • ○■ いきなり、いいと 行くんだね... Suddenly, it is and the cousin goes don't you think? it is, the [e, a liberal translation

  • ○■ [a] - - - - -!!!!!!! Blac k boat [da] well well!!!! When laughing (w which is pleasure boat of black boat which places sightseer) and just a little you walk, the small suspension bridge, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「港」ではあるけ も... However “the port” is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for twitter of the [a] wing where twitter is born the coconut!! So, everyone the [u] [tsu] [te] It went to Ise! [komeda] coffee store Japanese [do] middle celebration! * The Nagoya port aquarium* Today the grampus 來 is in the Nagoya port aquarium 2010 August 29th (Sunday) 10:51 01 seconds theme: But as for living thing posted by kantago me the favorite the grampus the 觀 callous you do not grind either one time until now

  • ○■ 2005年8月14日放送「 全... 2005 August 14th broadcast “nationwide simultaneous 0 test Kasai seaside aquarium sunshine city international aquarium to do, the [wa] aquarium Epson Shinagawa aqua stadium Kamogawa sea world Nagoya port aquarium Toba aquarium sea playing mansion adventure world (the marine world) the Okinawa beauty and others sea aquarium sealer if park and the like and the like

  • ○■ Live image of show starti ng projecting to the enormous monitor, it was the impression where the jump scene of the dolphin which is adjusted to music was played back, slow such as modern show enormously

  • ○■ ペンギンも土日は ばっかり... The penguin as for earth day the person being the [tsu] temporary, seeing slowly, and others however there is no [re], today you see with [garagara] with some amount to spare and the [re] the [tsu] shank which should come to the weekday which it increases after all, such you are dense

  • ○■ At the Nagoya port aquari um working, it increases today…When you are walking to time of rest! Something! There! Turtle! It is the coming out shell, but what?

  • ○■ 4日目は名古屋港 族館に行き... 4th day went into the Nagoya port aquarium

  • ○■ The Nagoya port aquarium arch, a liberal translation

  • ○■ とまぁ、あっとい 間だったけ... However with well, oh with while saying, it was, it was very pleasant gw!! The son tongue, benefit 々 because the word which you can speak increased, it reaching the point where it can do conversation truly normally, just the fact that you are surprised, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because to that, it came to with special care distance, to somewhere we would like in play keeping accompanying

  • ○■ これはその時の画 です... This is the picture of that time, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 2009.03.21 But [agohigepe ngin] of the Nagoya port aquarium as for truth [agohimopengin] what, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日は気温も高く タジオは熱気... Today also air temperature to be high as for the studio being full in ardor,…[tsu] [te] today is limited as expected…After returning, the spring when it goes into the family service Nagoya port aquarium after a long time to go to bed and not be able to go everywhere gw as for sport club regardless of…Pointing to the thinking which is lonesome, [ru] kana…How, doing various story together, seeing the various fish, when it can stick, it is painful, the tornado of the ~ sardine! Fantastic…Clean! Time was made to forget, sometimes it is, the [tsu] or [a] ~

  • ○■ Temporarily, in order to be able to go, obstinate Hari [ro] [tsu] story it changes, but “the Don [tsu] [te] which becomes quiet” the movie which is said doing with yesterday [hi] temporary tv, it increased

  • ○■ 今日は夕方からぷ まにと名古屋... Today went to the Nagoya port aquarium to with the [pu] [chi] [ma] from evening -

  • ○■ Today went to a intellect ual prefectural art university from afternoon, after that went to the Nagoya port aquarium

  • ○■ 名古屋港水族館top .只今... The Nagoya port aquarium top. Merely now, as for [beruga] of the Nagoya port aquarium for propagation plan, 2 heads of the male and the female live together with the exhibition pool, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Before dolphin show start s, projecting the seat with the camera, the [ru] it is, but how! With the older sister family appearing, it isn't the [ri]?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 名古屋港水族館行 てきました... The Nagoya port aquarium it went

  • ○■ The Nagoya port aquarium in 30 minutes end 3 men who used beautiful rough trick

  • ○■ 名古屋港水族館行 てきたぁああ... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ The dome where the opposi te bank is round is the Nagoya port aquarium

  • ○■ 「かけるんの話」 テゴリの最... “You apply, it is up-to-date article travelling concentration � declaration of story” category!! School life starting, as for… soldier/finishing garden type now we being able to do…

  • 名古屋港水族館

    Nagoya Port Aquarium,

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