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    Yonekura Chihiro,

    Anime related words Aya Hirano Mizuki Nana JAM Project GACKT sakakibara Yui Kuribayashi Minami angela GRANRODEO Kageyama Hironobu Masami Okui Anisama Ishikawa chiaki Otsuki Kenji and despair girls
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  • ○■ 米倉千尋

  • ○■ 31『now loading.... 31 ' now loading… sky!!'/sphere-[suhuia]- 32 'super noisy nova' /sphere-[suhuia]- 33 'future stream' /sphere-[suhuia]- ww and [tsu] [pa] latest live and [suhuiahuan] whose rising is dangerous temporarily it was many, don't you think? it is probably will be, however,… ([suhuiagutsuzu] 1 hour being strongly, like it is sellout to put out,) [nausuka] with the lyric to fly “it is live,…” with

  • ○■ Omi knowledge long 3 Otsu ki [kenji] and the desperate girls (the Riyouko Nonaka indigo Shintani Kobayashi [yu] [u] 沢 castle to see, to keep,) first inner part well Masami 5 gackt first shadow mountain [hironobu] 2 rhinoceros kick rubber 3 Sakaki field [yu] it is, the true 耶 child from the idolm@ster 2 plain twill 4 fictionjunction first flying orchid first water tree Nana 5 m.o.v.e 3 fairy emperor after the Asami first savage genius 3 suara 3 Tamura [yu] temporary 2 Nakamura 繪 foster child Imai benevolence 國 first rice granary Chihiro 4

  • ○■ 歌の後になぜかガ ダムのギレ... However after the song why speech of Gundam [giren] was done in the customer and simultaneous, 'the [jiku] dione!'Therefore and 'the boy' and so on, the [hamo] [tsu] is altogether meeting place was funny, www which is

  • ○■ Tadaaki shadow mountain [ hironobu] Endo it came even Hiroshi's “[yu] or, the companions 2009” zepp tokyo24: 30

  • ○■ 平野綾はここでは めてのmc... As for plain twill here new mc, a liberal translation

  • ○■ By the way, Shiina Megumi oiler was the well-known feeling with the Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd. drama system, ('as for tonight angel')

  • ○■ そして、ゲームの 力そのまま... And, charm of the game that way, it enjoys, it spreads, in new interpretation as “a locus of the sky” animation conversion! Furthermore to event large decision!! August 27th (the Saturday) generality sale of the event ticket starts

  • ○■ “The star the protectio n [ru] person” this time the first time, a liberal translation

  • ○■ jamはホント疲れる. .. As for jam truth you become tired, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When the stage of gackt e nds, the seat the people who stand at many, moving the anterior seat to guaranty promptly! W which can guarantee the 5th seat well from before

  • ○■ blade アニマックス( 金... blade [animatsukusu] (gold) 22: 00 op ed, a liberal translation

  • ○■ animelo summer live 2009 - re: bridge-[tema] song cd

  • ○■ 1. seize the d... 1. seiz e the days 2. gift ~ eternal look 3. goodbye days 4. seize the days (OFF vocal) 5. gift ~ eternal look (OFF vocal) 6. goodbye days (OFF vocal)

  • ○■ In addition the [ze] wher e also next year probably will go!! The [anison] highest!! The dubbing artist highest!!

  • ○■ 個人的今日のベス 3には入る... Because private present best 3 yuuka was not in the photograph of the member of the kana official sight which enters, “well just Pandora…”However it was expectation, yuuka [kita]! Furthermore car [kita] of dawn! . We of the 厨 being raw, could hear the car of the dawn in 6 years!!! And [yanmani] of this year was the real thing

  • ○■ animelo summer live 2009 - re: bridge- occasion cartridge super arena 16: 00 performances: Omi knowledge long, Otsuki [kenji] and the desperate girls and inner part well Masami, gackt and shadow mountain [hironobu], the rhinoceros kick rubber, the Sakaki field [yu] to be, savage genius and suara, true 耶 child from after the Asami Tamura [yu] temporary and Nakamura 繪 foster child Imai benevolence the idolm@ster, the plain twill, fictionjunction, the flying orchid and water tree Nana, m.o.v.e and the fairy emperor 國, rice granary Chihiro

  • ○■ 2009.05/31 [su... 2009.05 /31 [sun

  • 米倉千尋

    Yonekura Chihiro,

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