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  • ○■ Somehow travelling first being like it has the pool, because it was satisfied, as for the summer land that it will postpone proposing!! Furthermore as for end of consecutive holiday that we would like to do freely and easily saying

  • ○■ この三連休のみ無 という券をい... Because only these three consecutive holidays received the ticket, no charge, it came with the friend parent and child to last year similar summer land, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ” “1st day will occur quickly! The [tsu] [te]… with after all, 10 o'clock about 9 o'clock it occurred kana? So, temporarily, doing freely and easily at the hotel nearby private beach, the beer you probably will drink, [tsu] [te] drinking

  • ○■ 」 「もぉなんか 俺、恥ずか... ” “[o] something, we, being shy, (laughing)” “something, what? We just a little, and the [tsu] [pa] person and the paste were different kana? Also how to dance cutting the rhythm truly, it was the [ru], however it is, being entwined,… something [suge] dancing suddenly before the we, is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Yesterday summer land 7: It rode in the streetcar of 46 and arrived 10: 00 passing Hachiozi [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] distant ~!! But nevertheless it has been packed naturalBecause it has been packed laughing the sunburn protection it painted temporarily ringing, the sunburn however perhaps with the total which is not done about only 3 hours it does not enter finishing to become tired, the laughing which above that is unreasonable is flowing with the pool which flows directly the water slider, the [te] you abandoned without waiting [hanpa

  • ○■ 昨日のサマーラン はナナも行っ... Although also NANA has gone has worn also the [i] time which was seen, unless it could meet, you call the summer land of yesterday or, separate say densely going with simultaneous, like whether the swimming wear the matching of to call the lunch and the good bathrobe before the swimming wear which is similar thinking being similar, the [ru] well, because the present night the pleasure is two, early to prepare, the [chi] [ya] [o] framework framework

  • ○■ Also today to be tremendo us being hot, the shank

  • ○■ 今日のサマーラン は プライベ... As for the present summer land it is not private,

  • ○■

  • ○■ 8月28日本日の 鮎... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ Large procrastination of the going of yesterday in teaching, starting gathering time to the early summer land

  • ○■ ※新しくブラウザ 別ウィンドウ... * The browser opens newly in another window

  • ○■ ameba show biz celebrity famous human [burogurankingu

  • ○■ [ルームを見る|な を見る]... [You look at the room|You look at the [u]] nickname: lems (zdw!?) Sex: Man birthday: Around 1979 November 23rd 0 o'clock type of blood: ab type native place: Ibaraki prefecture Daigo Cho a and b, c!!: Self introduction: But bashfulness talkative, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Last time of Tokyo summer land hydrangea garden, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 友達おススメのプ ル〝須坂サ... To pool 〝Susaka summer land〟 of friend [susume

  • ○■ Today however it was busy , had making summer vacation take

  • ○■ 今日は小僧達は保 園に連れて... Today as for the young priests accompanied by the nursery school the [tsu] [te],

  • ○■ Today from morning goes o ut with going straight, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日はサマーラン に行って、... Today going to the summer land, about 3 hour half played with the indoor pool

  • ○■ It was [kanazuchi] to tha t, but is, it commuted mind to the swimming school never, crawl and breaststroke (could not remember the movement of the foot easily and [te] just a little weak point), learning to the back swimming, being about, then just butterfly, it stopped, a liberal translation

  • ○■ s +=''; } do... s += '' ; } document.write (s); return; } //-- >, a liberal translation

  • ○■ google_ad_client='ca-cybe ragent-amebloceleb5_js'; google_ad_channel='shining-will'; google_page_url='} //-- >

  • ○■ 昼は幼稚園を休ん 、サマーラン... The noon the preschool going to bed, went to play to the indoor pool of the summer land, relationship of the sound source for the present in a general way submitted completed* Tomorrow? The photograph of the weekend of the varieties and at this time is raised

  • ○■ These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.

  • ○■ 久しぶりにいい買 物ができた... After a long time good shopping was possible

  • ○■ Because is, during presen t working, the swimming wear it has worn the secret [do] [e] of secret it does directly under the clothes, a liberal translation

  • ○■ サマーランドで遊 、お風呂に... To play with the summer land, taking a bath, to the preschool, a liberal translation

  • ○■ <! -- var hintsword=; var google_ad_amebaid='mori-madoka'; function showarrow (el) {el.classname=showadsarrow; } function hidearrow (el) {el.classname=hideadsarrow; } function jumpad (url) {window.location.href=url; }

  • ○■ そして狙いはウォ タースライ... And the aim is the water slider

  • サマーランド


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