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    Momoko Tsugunaga,

    Music related words Berryz Kobo Shimizu Saki 千奈美 Sudo masa YuuRina Kumai Yurina Sugaya Risako Miyabi Natsuyaki
    0 .
  • ○■ 嗣永桃子

  • ○■ 1 rank 嗣 Momoko (you ho ld long and hold ×4 and buono! The ×1 and the [inazuma] ×1, the bus guide ×2, is, in order it is to be, the ×3) 2 rank Shimizu 佐 period, thousand Nami Tokunaga, the Sudou 茉 flax, friend Rina Kumai (you hold and hold and the ×4 and the [inazuma] ×1, the bus guide ×2, are in order it is to be, the ×3) 6 rank summer burning elegance (you hold and hold ×1 and buono! The ×1 and the [inazuma] ×1, the bus guide ×2, is, in order it is to be, the ×3) the Sugaya pear sand child (the [inazuma] ×1, the bus guide ×2, is, way it is, the ×3 and the photograph collection ×2)

  • ○■ 嗣 Momoko accumulating t he favorite” [tsu] [te] long, it increased

  • ○■ When you inquire about th is tune, remembering countryside, because feeling is softened

  • ○■ ○ present [harogachiya] today “嗣 is long Momoko” the ~~~~ [tsu] which is!!

  • ○■ 09/10/27 sales “radio p rogram schedule 2009 fall berryz atelier 嗣 Momoko was chosen long in the cover of the number'* Decorating the cover with solo for the first time kana? In the past, there is a thing where friend Rina Kumai decorates and b where with solo we want the member of berryz decorating better seed w in the future in the cover of the magazine, is (°∀°)

  • ○■ Although 嗣 long Airi Mo moko Suzuki summer the burning elegance 1000 cyclotomic goods are bought, you say that also 2 hours catch, it came across to the scene boringly, favorite the member adjusting to the present condition which keeps multiplying without the limit other than of the goods of specification started thinking that purchase will be stopped to,

  • ○■ Everyone, today

  • ○■ If the berryz atelier you see with the person who does not know, the article 1 than this ago seeing, it is the [ku], - it is, (^ω^)

  • ○■ 鏈接網頁的書面日 本 ,

  • ○■ The totaling (2010 total) Takahashi love 06 new fence village sand 09 Kamei picture village 08 road weight [yu] seeing 11 Tanaka [re] it is and 08 optical well love good 11 [jiyunjiyun] 09 phosphorus phosphorus 07 Shimizu 佐 periods 05 嗣 long Momoko 13 Tokunaga thousand Nami 05 Sudou 茉 flax 06 summer burning elegance 10 Kumai friend Rina 10 Sugaya pear sand child 02 Yajima dance beauty 05 Nakajima quickly your 11 Suzuki Airi 17 Oka well thousand saintly 06 Hagiwara dance 07 Maya Eri greens 23 Wada 彩 flower 06 Maeda grieving is good 05 Fukuda flower sound 05 Ogawa gossamer season 06

  • ○■ As for present [harogachi ya], Maya

  • 嗣永桃子

    Momoko Tsugunaga,

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