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    Merry Christmas iTsukaNo,

    Music related words New EXILE Hamazaki Ayumi Santa Claus Hirose Komi Yamashita Tatsuo Christmas Christmas songs Ito Yuna Matsutouya Yumi Mariah Carey
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  • ○■ いつかのメリーク スマス

  • ○■ めっちゃ見たいの な…... meccha mita inonina ��

  • ○■

  • ○■ これは、わが家の リスマスの... This has decided, of the pad day, those which cd go out in Christmas

  • ○■ “mr.vocalist”, a libe ral translation

  • ○■ 途中眠さと疲れで ィータイムケ... Halfway sleeping with the tea time cake another place which was eaten being densely with the fatigue, the birthday present you received, don't you think? you have remembered it is, the last ferris wheel it rode, but it is, scene & [irumi] were clean, -! Large excitation! As for that the one which was seen is better! Music choosing, you can hear, but it is, Mary Christmas or rust Christmas or Christmas song the fullest capacity! When it tries applying Christmas of the sweethearts, s large excitation, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Temporarily, this day was cold truly…

  • ○■ この曲を聴くとせ なくなる... When you inquire about this tune, it becomes the [se] without

  • ○■ '“1 tune ranking' 1 ran k b'z once upon a time Mary Christmas” 2 rank pornographic graffiti ““hard days which we would like to hear in 5th Christmas, love song 4 rank t.m.revolution “burnin' x'mas” 5 rank boa “[merikuri]” 6 rank [raruku] un [shieru] “i wish” 7 rank bump of chicken “snow smile” 8 rank Hamazaki of holy night” 3 rank gackt December” you walk, “rap 10 rank warehouse wooden Mai carols” 9 rank kick the can crew Christmas Eve” ““winter bells” (* 2004 December 11 date) with, in addition the next time

  • ○■ b'zのボーカリスト 稲葉浩志... You say that the vocalist of b'z, you respected Inaba Hiroshi will, inquired “about the music once upon a time Mary Christmas” of b'z, were impressed, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Tomorrow seminar it puts out,…The announcement [chi] or to remove from the tomorrow 2 limit which the [zu] is, the morning soup work [ro] [tsu] kana ~

  • ○■ ゆっくりと12月 あかりが灯... Slow, the December light begins the light and it becomes favorite I where run everyone town which dances busily and, everything which the kind of air to which you can connect the hand which in the baggage holding streetcar which buys the chair which closing [ma] [gi] [wa] you desire is happy alone forever has done glittering, recklessly the day when the joy and the sorrow which begin to be it shares entirely coming thinking dream, smile have corresponded, Mary Christmas of the handle which would like to fade

  • ○■ Well, me the actual place , her how it has not been possible

  • ○■ いつかのメリーク スマス☆[... These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.

  • ○■ b'z “friends” the min i- album which even nationwide includes “famous once upon a time Mary Christmas” in famous

  • ○■ そして、あの「い かのメリー... And, “as for at that once upon a time Mary Christmas”, after all the lyric becomes matter of concern, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Christmas song…As for t he taste however it probably is each person, ''the sweetheart of Christmas eve' of Tachiro's and [yumin] 'lastchristmas' of Santa Claus' and [wamu] and b's 'as for once upon a time Mary Christmas' fixed turn in fixed turn, a liberal translation

  • ○■ クリスマスケーキ けは、みんな... You ate just the Christmas cake, with everyone

  • いつかのメリークリスマス

    Merry Christmas iTsukaNo,

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