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  • ○■ ディストリビュー ョン

  • ○■ 5.高速な動作 slack. .. 5. Most distribution compared to high speed operation has become possible high speed the reason of 10 where it should use operation slackware linux - (page2) - with zdnet japan slackware by installing only the component which the user needs, in addition depending upon the release policy of slackware,

  • ○■ , a liberal translation

  • ○■ #風邪ひいてて、肉 体的なダメ... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ In brief, in case of linu x, when to the last, distribution is different, unless you think as os which is different go, it seems like the kind of feeling which is not, when (it is different, the [me] it is do)

  • ○■ そもそも、そのレ ルのひとが... In the first place, if one of the level sets, with any distribution, the setting file the cleanliness and becomes something which is superior, the combining which it is not and probably will be

  • ○■ The fault of windows whic h was seen from the older brother, os itself becoming enormous thing, is [ru] thing, (that and there is no imagination window), a liberal translation

  • ○■ linuxの欠点はディ トリ... The fault of linux it being decided that distribution is too multi and that directory constitution is not well recognized is [ru] thing, a liberal translation

  • ○■ If the vnc server is inst alled to windows and linux etc, using the vnc client, remote access is possible

  • ○■ (笑) ワタクシは、 回のub... (Laughing) as for [watakushi], as for latest ubuntu 9.04, that you think in good sense, there is no release something which got near to windows,

  • ○■ (Blast) is not the story which is limited to ubuntu, it is, but the linux [tsu] [te], the joke software well enough, rather than, the kind of air which is not the meaningless application [tsu] [te] having done

  • ○■ インストールその のは、非常... It ends installation itself, very disappointingly, a liberal translation

  • ○■

  • ○■ linux(ubuntu)で... T he setting file of the software where linux (ubuntu) with, .vimrc has entered into /etc the [ri], conversely, has entered into /usr/local/ and installs entering into /etc, it was also kind of [ru

  • ○■ (Laughing) the daughter o f the friend entered into the industrial university to seem,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ まあ、今時のとい かwin2... Well, calling today, or using pc after win2000 and if the [ru], as for ultimate, throwing away x, the combining which is emacs with the console

  • ○■ Inserting linux in usb, i t makes boot, several there is a method and past several degrees has tried even with the article, but this time it tried using the tool, “unetbootin”

  • ○■ The trading amo... The tr ading among directors was flat last week with 137 transactions worth HK$220 million based ON filings with the stock exchange from March 7 to 11. The figures were slightly down from the previous week's 163 trades worth HK$225 million. Buyers outweighed sellers with 21 companies recording 125 purchases worth HK$214.9 million versus seven firms with 12 disposals worth HK$5.2 million. The buyback activity, ON the other hand and plunged with only one company posting two repurchases worth HK$758,000. The figures were sharply down from the previous week's already low three firms, eight trades and HK$3.5 million. Two stocks that recorded significant insider trades last week were CLP Holdings and Sound Global. The inside transaction of the director value 137 transaction 220000000 dollar of the Hong Kong dollar, last week was level from November 7th on the basis of the submitting document of stock exchange

  • ディストリビューション


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