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    Kyoto Animation,

    Anime related words Lucky Star CLANNAD 京アニ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Toyosaki Aki endless eight K-ON! 高軽音部 K-ON!!

    • Those which boil down in the [yami] pot of the hotchpotch
      Stuffing combination of cool shrine [haruhi]? Collection of poems single in “dejected play of tv animation cool shrine [haruhi]”?
      充塞凉快的寺庙[haruhi的]组合? 诗的汇集选拔在“丧气电视动画凉快的寺庙[haruhi]戏剧” ?

    • Japanese weblog
      How to enjoy the sigh of cool shrine [haruhi] where sigh of cool shrine [haruhi] does not understand does not understand

    • The guitar is the percussion instrument
      Dejection of cool shrine [haruhi] 'cool shrine [haruhi]' (the [yu] [u] [u] of tin seeing and [haruhi]), the Japanese television animation which designates light/write novel 'cool shrine [haruhishirizu]' of the mountain streams style as the original
      凉快的寺庙[haruhi的]沮丧‘冷却寺庙[的haruhi]’ ([yu] [u] [u]锡看见和[haruhi]),选定光的日本电视动画或写新颖‘冷却寺庙[haruhishirizu]’山小河样式作为原物

    • 最初からこれが目的だったな、京アニぃ!!!
      Disappearance next spring of cool shrine [haruhi] theater release

    • 日記とか感想とか@追記
      Dejected 17th story endless eight of cool shrine [haruhi

    • 本当に終わらないエンドレスエイト
      Dejected episode 'endless eight' of cool shrine [haruhi

    • 金はないけどやりたいことは多い
      Of cool shrine [haruhi] the [yo] [ro] ~ it is dejectedly* [chi] [yu] [ru] and the next (2nd volume) [dvd] selling agency: Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd. sale day: This day sale which verifies details with 2009/06/26 amazon.co.jp!! As for the first benefit it is the box which 3 can receive dvd
      凉快的寺庙[haruhi] [yo] [ro] ~它是dejectedly* [凯爱] [yu] [ru]和下个(第2容量) [dvd]销售代办处: 出版Co.,有限公司销售天的Kadokawa : 核实与2009/06/26 amazon.co.jp的细节!的这天销售! 关于第一个好处它是3可能接受dvd的箱子

    • 仮団員募集!
      The formality hp of dejection of cool shrine [haruhi] returning to sos group hp version from cool shrine [haruhi] version, don't you think? it increases, with, the broadcasting station & the day and time where dejection of cool shrine [haruhi] is freshly broadcast being released, at the ~ ground wave 14 bureau &youtube interior angle river channel which it increases it is broadcast, so the ~ broadcasting station which is it is many, it is with here, in our Fukuoka which you spare at tvq April 4th (the Saturday) 26: It is broadcast from 00, so the ~ which is ......... ......… that? This day of the week, time completely the same as [kuranado] it is! After [kuranado] ends, the [ke] it is in that time and is! When enters… It is dangerous it is! Don't you think? capital [ani] crushing combination the [e] well the [ke] it is and is! You ask the fact that it enters into the time when it is different being, at formality hp. Collection 団員 being done, the ~ which it increases as many as… When it registers. When you can receive 団員 proof… We registered promptly, when this [tsu] [te] of the ~ it registers, everyone you can receive, it is probably will be? Or pulling out selection kana?
      返回到sos小组马力版本的形式马力凉快的寺庙[haruhi的]沮丧从凉快的寺庙[haruhi]版本,您是否不认为? 它增加,与,广播电台&凉快的寺庙的天和时间[haruhi的]沮丧新近地是被发布的广播,在它增加的~地波14局&youtube内角河道它是广播,如此是它是许多,它是与这里,在我们的福冈您饶恕在tvq 4月4日的~广播电台(星期六) 26日: 它是从00的广播,如此是......... .........那的~ ? 这星期,完全地计时同一样[kuranado]它! 在[kuranado]末端以后, [ke]它是在那时间并且是! 当输入… 是危险的它是! 您是否不认为? 资本[美洲黑杜鹃]击碎组合[e]的井[ke]它是并且是! 您要求它输入时候的事实,当它是另外是,在形式马力。 做的汇集団員,它增加和一样多…的~ 当它登记。 当您能接受団員证明… 我们登记了及时地,当这[tsu]时[te] ~它登记,您能接受的每个人,它是大概将是? 或者拔出选择kana ?

    Kyoto Animation, Anime,

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