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    Tim Burton,

    Movie related words Batman Burton Sweeney Todd Johnny Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Helena Bonham Edward Scissorhands PACO and The Magical Book Alice in Wonderland Alice In Wonderland
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  • ○■ ティム・バートン

  • ○■ You do not know the cg mo vie some world of [teimu] Barton director but the mankind had human intelligence In order that the machine which is produced causes rebellion vis-a-vis the mankind and as for the scientist who is the inventor of the machine which leads the world to fall stops the reckless driving of the machine, life of the self in exchange As for the road where the doll which it distributes to the doll of 9 bodies and awakes should advance… The former times when it is the movie which can be made good, 'there was a movie which used [mapetsuto], darkness crystal', but the extent which is a match to that being well kneaded, the movie which was made so the dubbing artist who is felt, unintentionally, “well the people who groan have been present with the [ho] [ho] [o] ~”, it dives into the futon gradually or, in addition (o^- ') with b, a liberal translation

  • ○■ アリスの決断がよ 一層、際立っ... From Alice's decision was prominent more, because with, you thought, a liberal translation

  • ○■ First, it is 3d, but it s eems that it is imaginative, it is not the image which springs out, the [bo] and - - it is with being three-dimensional, the 3d glasses removing, seeing, the view [re] it increases without strange feeling, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ところで3d映画 は専用の眼鏡... By the way with the 3d movie the private glasses are used, a liberal translation

  • ○■ However just a little it is different, synchronizer like feeling kana of [evuangerion

  • ○■ それにしてもハリ ッドの実力に... Nevertheless, changing to the Hollywood capability, you could make admire, a liberal translation

  • ○■ [ne] which as for the Miy auchi ocean year is not taken nevertheless

  • ○■ そして、単なるエ タテインメン... And, even in the place where you do not finish with mere entertainment

  • ○■ Well-known gym carry and, yuan [makurega] of “train spotting” and the “Star Wars” coacted for the first time with “mask” something

  • ○■ 「シザー・ハンズ 何度か観ま... “[shiza] [hanzu]” several degrees you saw, but again

  • ○■ When it is accustomed to this week subject movie supervision, what kind of movie is photographed?

  • ○■ 今日はおひるにお 達とちょちょ... Today the friend and the [chi] [yo] [chi] [yo] it was in the [hi] [ru] and did the [tsu] and the tea and - pulled to the house and was confined and because it is the measure which is the off day which the temporary [te] coming, looked at the book and the movie, it looked at the Alice in wonderland, with [teimu] Barton director most [shizahanzu] is less crowded, but what being the [te] clean, without…Especially, that confetti the [chi] [yo] coming [chi] [yo] it comes and the chair where the scene which is made is it comes!!

  • ○■ The “Alice in wonderlan d” was seen

  • ○■ ◇2部門 ・ダニー ボイル(作... ◇2 section [dani] Boyle (work prize dramatization prize) Christopher [noran] (work prize script prize) un [rotsuserini] (work prize dramatization prize) Scot [rudein] (work prize work prize) [ri] [ankuritsuchi] (dramatization prize long piece animation prize) skip lievsay (sound recording prize acoustic compilation prize) craig berkey (sound recording prize acoustic compilation prize) a r [rahuman] (composition prize song prize)

  • ○■ * Starring actress prize comedy/musical section * [anetsuto] [beningu] 'kids [oruraito]' un [hasauei] “love and other drugs” [anjierina] jolly 'tourist' [jiyurian] Moore 'kids [oruraito]' Emma stone “easy a” (supervision: will gluck) , a liberal translation

  • ○■ 映画『夢のチョコ ート工場』... The chocolate factory of movie 'dream', [teimu] Barton's [rimeiku] edition when, it is to love also the chocolate itself

  • ○■ [teimu] Barton director work

  • ○■ 映画 ティム・バー トンの... You looked at movie [teimu] Barton's [kopusuburaido, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In a trance in the voice whose [kubojiyunmama] is kind! (Sun Kay sport) Ziyunko Kubo of the free announcer (38) on the 10th, the [deizuni] movie “Alice in wonderland” which was done with 109 [shinemazu] Kawasaki of Kawasaki city (during [teimu] Barton director and release) in the event, you challenged to recitation

  • ○■ 19歳に成長したア スは、幼い... Alice who grew in 19 years old the underground world had forgotten that it ventures in young day, but a certain day, to witness the white rabbit which wears the clothes, chasing after that, again to the underground world

  • ○■ The [herena] [bonamu] Car ter [tsu] [te], you cannot think as the same person as the queen of the room and the red where the view is good, don't you think?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ジョニー・デップ やりすぎな... The [jiyoni] [detsupu] being popular too much as for extent the plain gauze it is and is also does not say, but pleasantly so

  • ○■ As for playing Alice the hat house which is the important character which grasps the key of rising actress [mia] [washikousukasutori] of the Australian graduate, [jiyoni] [detsupu

  • ○■ この記事が参考に りましたら... When this article becomes reference, extent of click we ask

  • ○■ This spring, one of the m ovies which waited for the fact that it is released

  • ○■ 「ティム・バート のコープス... You looked at “the [kopusu] bride of [teimu] Barton's”

  • ○■ “The sky of the cirque grandfather the house which it flies” it was different from the development which was expected extremely, but it was the very good movie

  • ○■ 最近ちょこっとだ 眠ったとい... Recently if you say that just you slept little bit, the new work 'Alice in wonderland' of [teimu] Barton's view the ^^ which is thing

  • ○■ I the entrance garden did by the way in the “after 6 passport”, a liberal translation

  • ティム・バートン

    Tim Burton,

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