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    • Summer vacation
      Because as for the tray of this year as for the going which traveling of the year time of the [chi] [bi] is enjoyed slowly closely at the place with the Osaka departure ~~~ your same stomach was less crowded to Kinosaki, because Izushi plate side the public plate ~ [chi] [bi] being poor, me everything received the plate eating and remainder, depositing the remaining cargo ones, with the ~~~ going collapsing with go gale, very damage now the rebuilding UC, with there is no budget and becomes like the [te] highway how the cute iron bridge which is even with the [re] [te], because half-day with heat of lapse remainder first, lets flow the sweat to the ~~~ with [kutakuta] the [chi] [bi]The raw thing eating [re] [zu] 但 horse cow being soft at the place where it does promptly clearly to outside, food rear stirrup the fireworks of the night for the sake of in the bathrobe changing clothes, during clean month doing, the [ru] so the day eye end time sound sleep day eye which is eating the fish which you fish [marinwarudoirukashiyou] and ~~~ [huitsushinku] ゙ by your the [re] [ru], being pleasant highest, the good experience [tsu] drill being hot in [tenhu] ゚ [ra] and although [kutakuta] to return, you wanted to ride with heart ゙ it was hot pleasant traveling quickly to Osaka

    • Super luxury!!!
      The burning meat it is you called yesterday to the [be] with furthermore way to put out and the empty super luxurious (master [chi] [ya] [ma] hiding, although it increases) in love of the 但 horse cow highest [o] meat lover Honma not accumulating happiness the former times setting [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is the [be] [re] it is even with the [wa] [a] [a] which you did, the year when the meat is the [a] ball quantity is the [be] [re] gradually becomes and ww

    • The kitchen knife grasping, it is quick, 6 days.
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    • The meat ~ it received!
      japanese means , original meaning

    • Mikage high cedar
      The leash properly west. There is a coffee 2 floor, but the lunch which you see and in the [ge] mansion the 但 horse cow goes to eating it is not in the menu and contents price of the night and furthermore very conscience, but style what which in the store stone burning it burns by his the [ze] ~ it is the [bu] burning the difference, after the leash which is distributed (laughing) this as for golf school which the [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] the salesman who becomes dim being in eating, it was the eddy of burst of laughter, trying going by all means, don't you think? full the place where it becomes the stomach being, before the Dunlop golf school accompanying first, the [tsu] [te] receives the cake with the nearby Mikage high cedar although it was polite with little number of people system,This time teacher 1 opposite vain 7 you call with large 人数 system, even with us who do not have motivation which starts from the instantaneous [bunbunkurabu] swinging with self-taught method, the good sweat out as for the next time which it increases, as for [miruhuiyu] me of the leash which the experience lesson goes in golf school which can be made the 夙 river and the [ma] ~ it does the cheese cake

    • Osaka and Kobe 6R
      Because [esuhe] ゚ [rata] ゙ (the older sister) 20,032 game 0 victory [oruteisurosa] ゙ (the older sister) 2004 [tahe] ゚ [sutori] (the older sister) 20,057 game 0 victory [rosaohu] ゙ ゙ [runika] (the younger brother) as for 20,073 game 0 victory [reinasohuia] the father of the mother was cut off with [huoteinaina] ×dr.fager1800m, saying, it can jump with 2400m, whether or not? As for [dadeizuuozu] you call princely gift it stops wanting to ignore the father war emblem softly with the running of big judgment, or in all sibling of the mother the [ma] is the image of the [ma] wide Baba probably is ok with [dainamaitodadei] and [tounante], but evenness > as for the super orbit which probably is hill and 2000m>2400m the [tsu] [te] which sows the place of 12 second lap being the case that it was said, method of using the leg which feels the length of breath can correspond although j you can appraise, around outside 2400m slow & quick when the reaction it is required, whether or not is? Because probably is not the vessel to which each of them is restricted with 5,000,000, perhaps, it is possible to be character concern but… There is also the hand which is twirled from around easy escaping [tenshinomazuru] 但 horse cow ribulos 800g You look at the details of this item of Sikata meat center

    • Muraoka double full ultra running participation description<100km>(2)
      kanji character , Japanese talking

    • Fattening technical manual
      One product taking fattening technical manual 但 horse cow which adopts grazing furthermore the efficient fattening technical q&a fattening/fertilizing which fattening technology uses first manual conversion vitamin a control tastily. Ligneous of cow. Fodder (. Boiling color pine) allowance manual cross (black hair Japanese kind male × [horusutain]. The female) the fattening technical calf rearing technical manual calf rearing technical manual which designates the early shipment which probably will aim toward the fast profit with establishment short-term fattening of fattening technology as goal: Nagasaki prefecture animal husbandry association fattening management manual: As for abdominal extension girth chest enclosure of Nagasaki prefecture animal husbandry association animal husbandry technical report 63rd number Japanese Cattle barometer of fattening record improvement. Departure. The roughage (wcs) giving. Technical manual. Departure. Start high nutrition level black hair harmony of roughage research business appraisal written record young period fattening. Fattening manual: Fukushima prefecture hybridization. Establishment of fattening technical system of cow For meat. Fattening management manual: Nagasaki prefecture it is young the narrow cow (the steer) texture improvement technical black hair harmony. Reason of cow. Practice effective breeding value format of the breeding management manual which corresponds to fattening. The rearing cow of the research and study animal husbandry system workshop bulletin table of contents higher order stable livestock farming body regarding the fattening characteristic of the cow. . If influence 但 horse cow [burogupatsu] which the ovariectomy under causes to fattening record [burogutoi] [blogtoy

    • 但 horse
      It has gone to the 但 horse, from yesterday extending through today 但 horse [tsu] [te] where? [tsu] [te] one it is, don't you think?? The Sea of Japan side [tsu] of the Hyogo prefecture north section in the airplane which is done the propeller machine flying from Itami, when the pub it goes in the night when it increases the joke you are surprised at the pub! The throat [gu] [ro] and m (which receives the sashimi of the 但 horse cow) m [me] [tsu] it was good

    • Hot water village hot spring②
      Well - cold pulling, weekend it is crumpled it was be tired after a long time the liquor God way, because already just a little copying which is [me] it remains circumstances at a time of the well and… The tray is round!! Changing, the [te] you call and feel the ~!! To 20 names which are the beautiful banqueting hall the shank of course there was also a stage at the banqueting hall of rank, it is! The licensed cook it rose!! Before the customer the roasting sushi of the 但 horse cow [go] which is made! The [tsu] roasting, performance grasping well, the end which it increases the licensed cook. Greeting, it is splendid the ~ which keeps coming out!!! The shank - at a time the well and feeling at rest in calling, the customer still there is no Hontiyousi whom you can send…

    • [tsu] [pa] and Kinosaki travelling 13☆
      So!!! Evening - it is (the ∀) the crab celebration [ji] [ya] - (the ∀)!!! [hiha] (゜∀゜)!!! Well, the sashimi boiling crab crab plain gauze [bu] of the crab which is not the times when already, you say other than tasty happiness and is it burns (with the crab miso and) crab crab soup (the collagen enters) to sukiyaki other than the 但 horse cow all the way!!! Elegant cooking all the way!!! The boiled rice of the crepe mountain 椒 you did [shime], it is the burn, the [u] [pu] [tsu] (the ´3 `;)About the [te] [yu] [u] stomach [itsupai] you did…For a while, the [te] it is good without the crab eating [re] is…(Laughing) the fool it is well with it was tasty!!! The highest!!! It was highest!!!

    • Topo Gigio
      As for this day at topo gigio salad tailoring hors d'oeuvre of course cooking hors d'oeuvre large format hamⅱ[taruto] this year of main day of salad ice-cream of stake season of shrimp and soup 但 horse cow of main day of pie package of [hotate] being last, a little more slowly x'mas year-end party of the eye the [dokan] [tsu] and the shocking [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is good passing lastly, furthermore with the consequence which ate your calling meat to which it cannot keep the stomach being attached the varieties in the road of the return rest room visit of the store those which were eaten it put out entirely

    • [totsupojijiyo
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      Don't you think? profitable [sanmon] and the [tsu] [chi] [yu] [u] of ~ [i] how early rising three Yen it is it was the intention with the day off of staying in the house, but it is, after the [hu] ~ [tsu] ahead arrives 'the store of Tottori city' front closing, even with there is no opportunity which goes very the close friend receives communication and/or therefore with, it is to be connected even now the [ri], that it will be able to surprise, 'it is good it is in the house' leader, you love first and/or the sushi the [wa] ~ which is grasped you are, [ya] ~ [kin]- [ma] you have not grasped, and you recommend, the lever sticking 但 horse cow, person [mashitsusoyo] which sometimes only arrives after that vip one intruding while entertaining in the close friend special duty of the certain pachinko house and drinking [aho] story drinking, drinking and search in woman k returning to the [sapuraizu] house, although the [ru], drinking with the call, the Chinese cooking and combining [kuso] distasteful it is in [shime] and '[sanra] - in the tongue', is done again [retsutsu] drinking, more and more adjournment after all…Don't you think? as for the close friend important [wa] special duty k [yakara] where, sled [ya] Egasira and [momoeri] come the pleasant night [kamusamunita] ゙ still it continues if it is furthermore, surprise the woman before that [yasaku] ゙ [re] physiological end 5 second, it is not from this, the [wa] one evening which is the [wa] which around greeting is not enough the person who would like to meet, Sawayama

    • Whether ~~~~~!!
      Temporarily, the night boiled rice of yesterday the [a] which is the ~~~ crab [zu] paragraph DREPT (the @^▽^@) the sashimi of the no crab, the tofu of the crab,… the sushi of the 但 horse cow of course… with just the crab to be satisfied with Boyle of the crab whether, to be to insert, also the 但 horse cow entering into course, because the tempura ~~ of the crab which it increases furthermore it has been attached to plain gauze [bu] plain gauze [bu] this of the 但 horse cow it rubbed to the boiled rice and the dessert while in cracking all the way, as for the w crab which often you ate after all time of silence eats… (the laughing friend silently to do, because w it becomes long and the continuation about after the [u] p [ri]Because well does (- ^□^-) your [a] friend is the general child, because it is picture ng, the [a] it does, not driving

    • Kansai business trip
      With younger brother [susumu] which administers the accounting of the cross project group as for the purpose which is in the midst of Kansai taking a business trip New Year's Day returning to balancing of accounts and the general meeting parents' home of the Oya ski site. Previous arrangement with the Hyogo prefecture north section area ski site round and the Italy 澤 [bejibasu] division just it is public and private matters confusion, but in order that it is complete both, energetically it has moved about, trying seeing, we dawn this winter of the Wakasugi Oya ski site, presently the best condition! This way, to be favored by the snow, we would like to make the good winter, being “a better ski site where the shank unintentionally, it did to pray with the linn of [gerende] side aiming, to persevere, because it increases, we ask the good snow all the way” Italy which is the 但 horse cow 串 house which is in the midst of opening at the [tsu] [te] sky valley ski site 澤 in you being favorable, to burn, this which always receives power and hint all the way, the potato selling out, it increased, everyone, Italy 澤 you producing, chance loss it increased, the air whose [gerendeaitemu] is large (laughing) everyone of the sky valley, vis-a-vis the technology warm correspondence your thank you of the customer did, but the numbers of improvementWith [gerende] which you do not make grow tired was impressive unless and in the spectacle where many young people meet, again weekday measure is done even with weekday, that it felt keenly in addition, the bee and bee north and it went round the ski site of the east bee and the God pot plateau etc, but if only the snow of favoring it is, the numbers of the still your hot customer bright future was felt in everyone of the warm staff and, with the parents' home, tardy, in year's first visit to the shrine in the rice cake being attached, in walking of the love dog, you had enough New Year's Day in personal computer course of filial devotion and to eat favorite crimson [zuwaigani], the plow bottom which is sown heavily most it is worry,…

    • First [sunobo] the [a] which is said*
      At present - it does being born, you called to first [sunobo] at earth day,… the first time to arrange [atashi] which enters from the eye which after all, was seen entirely the ww board and the boots and the wear and the goggle and the knit which the [chi] [ya] do [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [kawaii] it is all the way being, finally it was perplexed most head which likes is the reverse side which is done such a feeling first [sunobo] went to the uncle [ro] ski site of Hyogo prefecture and 2 places of [mikatasunopaku] also [o] weather being good, because it was not at all cold, lucky first the [ho] it is [ma] ≪ such it is without fail it to be possible, however the [hi] it is the ≫ [tsu] [te] you think,… the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] teaching man to manWith the favor which receives the [chi] [yo] it was in first day 3 hours and it reached the point where it can slide, the [tsu] photograph future and also the up stripe [tsu] following day riding, sliding to 5 o'clock from morning, the lift until it can keep getting off from above with the [konoha] slide, to become, thank you waited with mountain direction still delicately fears, however…… the [sunobo] [me] [chi] [ya] the [i] it was fixed funny, even when to be quick and we would like to go being, because this day [atakushi]… systemic myalgra your [pane] [tsu] rear end… in four cracked with as for [ta] ゙ [nsu] dances in the shout, with pleasant this where the burning meat of the 但 horse cow you ate in the return and for the sake of the [tsu] [chi] [ya] you were good abhorrent the winterIt becomes favorite also season, the [so] [u] simple [tsu

    • The griddle it burns, “and the coming and coming tricyclic” dinner
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    • weblog title
      Today today cleaning from morning, o (the `▽´) the kana ~ which probably will go o somewhere so is, because (^w^) already immediately birthday of the parents of my parents' home (^w^) the father and the mother are 1 weekly difference, the ~~ starting middle which probably will go to ・・・☆ hot water village, the stomach which it keeps passing through to Muraoka by way of the Niagara cascade God pot it does temporarily and others obtaining the ~~~~ is as for the 但 horse cow being too high, the Omi cow it seems, it was sufficiently tasty, is, (o^∀^o) then getting off in hot spring town, it boils and the egg while making, the feed it does in the foot hot water carp, to the ranch which then is the vicinity lamb lead/read of 6 days after the rawAttaching, it had making walk, however you have disliked, the hot spring entering in the return, it was the holiday which also the parents rejoice, are complete

    • Apology and correction
      A page of 10 days “但 horse domestic animal market February calf cicely city record” of last month was written, but it is the even part of the Mikata Gun product cow which receives indication to being error of the number, but “female average 531 and 000 Yen emasculated 466,200 Yen” as description above you wrote, but it is my big mistake which just “female average 531 and 000 Yen emasculated 562,800 Yen” is and writes, thank you the camera where you say to apologize to the reader everyone deeply here, to correction can point there is no excuse which it receives being, you do to the one which wooden pail indication it receives from heart gratitude you sayOut of order is repaired, perhaps, this the picture which reaches the point where it can do photograph attachment is something February 28th, this year is the new paddock is a cause, but obtaining [hi] [me] 2 after the next woman having diarrhea in the next day, the [te] [ru] of three women it recovered also 2 heads where the [hi] [me] has diarrhea in the next day when [chi] obtaining [hi] [me] 2 heals, but if after all 3 months to “carelessness prohibited thing” 但 horse cow [burogupatsu] which is, [burogutoi] [blogtoy

    • Still travelling news item.
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    • Already immediately the April shelf ~
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • Sky sport
      The one, professional of the multiple-unit steerable antenna rust suit of topic became the reader, when ('- the ^*)/flying through the sky, when just with the multiple-unit steerable antenna rust, walking the ground, even in addition interesting youtube where it has been similar to also the penguin is full! Recently, a story that has been raised, inside the companion it probably will go to sky diving tour abruptly in the 但 horse, but m [tsu] it flies for the present, is increasing the self-introduction! Because the [bu] it is it is there is a courage unexpectedly, you were surprised, but as for the occupation of the acrophobia, when welcoming and sending off and the blue sky are prepared, waiting for the fact that everyone returns alive safely, (the ^^ HKDRT as for participation desired one it is still in time with toast with the 但 horse cow!

    • From direct sales depot of 但 horse cow
      On the one hand, because the Sea of Japan, it is the land handle which is surrounded two ones in the mountains, in happiness of the happiness mountain of the sea the other day which is my district which does not inconvenience, with request of the daughter at the direct sales depot of the 但 horse cow as for the meat of upper quality of the marbling where the meat and the frying thing meat for the stake purchase cutting down the business the gram ¥850, as for cutting down the ^^ which is cheap with the ¥280 of course promptly as for the night of that day stake dinner ♪* consomme soup (to make the Japanese radish onion ham the small cutting, in coloration the spice green onion) * as for the attaching adjusting, the grille of the potato and the closing [ji] *With the filet meat which remains it designated the lunch of vegetable salad yesterday as the stake bowl, because of course, yesterday when is just the daughter it was duty from evening, [shitsukari] and the stomach it does and others it is obtaining, * the stake bowl * the soup of the non- room house frying the onion of cutting thin, light the salt pepper it does and it cuts the filet meat which is roasted in [mideamu] which is placed in the boiled rice sip largely, with in the frying pan where the fat of the meat which is placed on the onion remains, the [ri] wholesale trade garlic which soy sauce is done scattering the source and the spice green onion in the finish which makes the source with a little vin rouge salt pepper, it is completed, ♪ simplicity & gorgeousnessIt is the bowl!!

    • Successful in the maneuver of 05/10 coaches…(Wry smile)
      Being caught to the maneuver of the um coach successfully,… It swam securely with…It was pleasant sufficiently, because yesterday which is after a long time going out ~ weather is good when it is attached to the destination whose also [riko] is simultaneous… Because the pet kept happening to think the useless [tsu] [te] suddenly, because there is no ginger which was not inspected…The 但 horse cow eating, well the ~ which returns after a long time tasty burning meat skill [riko] which is done? Of course because you do not insert inside the store, waiting at outside, in the car of the return which it increases…Remainder it was not pleasant, it is with? However with you think,… Temporarily it is to be satisfied with the simultaneous going out the like *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 05/10 (month) challenge crawl (the um coach) 50m rise 50mx4 [konme] sequential + crawl 50mx10 back kick + gliding kick 100m [sukaringu] + crawl + one hand swimming + crawl (being easy, breath the feeling which is arranged) 100mx10 crawl (about 2 minute ~1 amount 55 seconds) 200m easy swimming (character Eiji you bite, with) =2050m this month meter 16000m the [wa] um coach who the ~ is defeated well it waits with 4 people, wide conspiring, because from the 100m swimming 6 flat knot 5 second circles it has shortened you became aware selfishly midway, that when you think whether you probably will call, the stop to… um coachesHowever cartridge… it is good, kick the [ke] [ri] finishing, the air which the true [tsu] immediately is noted attaching, the [ru] somehow… So…Directly, when [kunekune] it does and kicking immediately the knee and the consequence like air where the tip of the foot loosens participation of the [tsu] and the triathlon uniting which it will try to attach increasing, it was pleasant, is

    • Next week more and more with 3rd 但 horse cow Viking…
      Next week 11/27 (the gold) very popular, 3rd. 但 horse cow Viking is held, - basic contents of the meeting it is simple, but don't you think? because it introduces under, the one which has interest propriety propriety viewing, contents: With Viking of cooking which uses the 但 horse cow for the food - time above the menu how approximately 30 types which are done: The reservation which 17 o'clock -, 18 o'clock -, 19 o'clock -, 20 o'clock - complete entrance substitution system of 4 cool (restriction time 40 parts) the day, divides the business of the noon with rust order of 14:30, once enters into end preparation: Also reservation is possible, 17 o'clock - with 18 o'clock - concerning don't you think? (in each case basic 17 o'clock 18 o'clock exactly empty start is) application only the telephone by all means the full name, number of people (difference of the adult child), ahead communicating please teaches telephone number, fee: Because adult ・・・3800 circle and elementary school student ・・・2500 circle, ・・・1000 circle under the elementary school student, 2 years old or less… no charge * also the telephone which is the inquiry which as soon as again - the details which are done to be decided with the including tax amount, borrowing this place, making report, receives which it is good from 3 years old, to the Muraoka firm garden hp where Sawayama's everyone it comes please without modesty and the store, waits and the [ma] - it does

    • Knowledge record of the Osaka the depth of winter 
      Into ...... where it goes back and forth “the Renaissance of 2009 lights” it is cold, - the river edge came the cold [tsu], with last year when goes back and forth “the Renaissance of 6th into light”, but fusing with the north and south axis and the east west axis of the Nakanoshima neighborhood where this year also contents having been complete, the governor under the go go bridge of the polar bear which to the Osaka city Tennoji zoo which is the [sugoi] rising is proposes the light/write rise of hall muscle, actualizes with that, in spite even in this cold time, as for the Osaka collection customer power, as for the cutlet sandwich of the 但 horse kind of cow which is expanded much more one pieceBut 600 Yen, if [maji] it was tasty - with, it comes with the winter of the Japanese after all, we are quick, returning to local end, would like to be warmed, - advance - it is with only such a person quickly you want to drink - to be!! With fresh fish, also today full… floods to the fish type pub of the seat, don't you think? after all, such atmosphere settles, when -, everyone one densely [chi] [a] -, also today feeling it is good to peace, one day passes, - (satisfaction)

    • Search Morley the [tsu
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • Winter arrival
      Although the cat which the middle of December the winter stops seeming at last under the sky, going out knee lifter bell crank ○cm temporary it did coldly after a long time young with the skirt and as for time at all did not become the cold how air if you mention Rugby observation lately, don't you think? the girl underpants style is forgotten and the form [tsu] [te] year after go appears with [chi] [ya] [ikannitsutowanpi] and deep-red coat, if you do not pay attention, when it becomes cold, it stops wanting to store the fat natural providence? You thought the pan in the snack, to ○ [nku] entering into the same eye, 'letter of the Calais pan' Kobe Sannomiya store limitation of the Tanba cow in your the next door the maple butter pan 但 horse cow, the Awazi product onion, the area area of production went out in the Awazi product onion pan, and under and this, the maple butter pan you warmed sweetness of the syrup which and salinity of the butter the is kalium kalium о of exquisiteness and 但 horse cow [karepanhuwahuwa] (ж>▽<) y * The onion pan is the pleasure of tomorrow

    • Kinosaki hot spring travelling!!
      kanji character , Feel free to link

    • 但 horse cow
      Because the 但 horse cow which some days ago the master gets in the wedding secondary meeting reached, it received promptly with the dinner

    • Super popularity menu! It is cheese burning [hanbaku
      belief , Japanese talking

    • The fillet steak of the 但 horse cow one time it tries eating by all means,…
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    • Year-end party ~ straw [ku] ~
      Yesterday year-end party of commission of the youth section similarly can pan was “straw [ku]” of the youth staff

    • Spring in the midst of plan sale!
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    • Hot spring park in nature! Refreshment park [yu] unevenness
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    • Station 但 horse easy seat of road
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    • As usual…(^o^;
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    • Kashiwabara's Italian food [orumo
      After you looked at [tsutsuji], the store which from one no shrine shrine which looked at [tsutsuji] which goes to the Italian food store, which with the notion that where, Kashiwabara (the cusp) is, [orumo] long separation it will smell and will force and will eat even with the thing is about 15 minutes by the car remodelled the town house, as for the one which has the interest which the old-fashioned feeling absent-mindedly is forgotten to take the photograph of appearance of the store please see in dispersing the shoes which are such feeling, it rises with hp, the lunch course which wears the slipper 4 type a hors d'oeuvres and course just of the pasta, b main your one (meat chooses the fish) course c main the fish both course d main of the meat to hang course of the stake of the 但 horse cow the [tsu] distantly, when we would like to eat, because as for the hors d'oeuvre which is made c course there was no explanation which either one calls something, name does not understand, if it was possible, the pilaf which we wanted explanation and is as for having written, whether the risotto? It was very tasty with the pasta of the diluting whose [tariatetsure] which is elegant because you said, that the husband who is would like to eat the deer meat one, the chicken which at plus fee is made the deer meat [karitsu] burning, was tasty, because it was the car which is, not being able to drink the wine regrettable! As for this cooking we would like to receive being after all with the wine, the shank strawberry is sweet!! Very, cooking which is the tasty strawberry is to be tasty in the whole, but just a little unsatisfactory feeling salt allowance has not been effective [imaichi], safely is the taste which is not done firmly it collects with it was the image which is said, because simply, as for being able to eat this much quantity entirely securely, saltiness was diluting, because it is many, recently at the home perhaps what where to make taste is compared by any means, it is, don't you think? when - the vegetable of local end is used to main, it overate in any case after a long time was good and is for the bread and the ham to be homemade, your [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] stomach was full and it was painful, is - The � which is cooking the calm taste in the same way as the chef of the calm feeling

    • Did calf price escape the bottom price?
      As for the 但 horse market, at the place where it has the spirit which is the mecca of the 但 horse kind of cow which is crowded with high price. 1,000,000 Yen whose cicely price of the calf is high is crossed over. The calf came out, at the 但 horse and the Awazi market so, for propagating and because there is a competitive phenomenon in one for fattening, as for these calves where the unit cost per kg Japan one is always, eventually, when valuable and others looks at the information of the main producing district which means with [re] [ru] thing as a brand and a Matsusaka meat of the Kobe beef, nationwide as for the steer approximately 400,000 Yen, as for the cow if at 350,000 Yen or less, lately each of them single breadth approximately of 10,000 Yen is this quotation like lifting, either the calf producer not to put out the remarkable deficit, even with fattening theseYou can obtain the tolerably result the time where it ships, recent times when it has estimated that probably will be, looking at the branch meat which was presented in the branch meat market, from the usual market, it was the number of heads of 2 times partly due to the fact that also the end of year which it turned is close, but, you could see considerable small and large difference from branch meat weight 420kg to those of 630kg, but. Thread luck × flat Shigeru Masaru × God high luck and. Tadahira ×. If as for this kind of cow which becomes the cicely price where as for those which designate the fodder allowance and intake where as for thread luck × God high luck and the like, the fattening technology which shows the record of according to reputation is established, is not off-center quantity as the thing, while increasing the record where the cow of this kind of lineage is superior, the branch heavily a5 is also a branch meat which is stamped above 600kg, crosses over 1,400,000 Yen, as for the intake quantity of the formula feed and the rearing fodder 6,600kg is sufficiently crossed over and fodder generation and the management cost which add roughage expense are added, 700,000 Yen, adding element cow price to this mostlyIf it does, whether the fact that it remains barely the branch which becomes heavily, with 480kg, similarly a little more than 50 aims for Onuki ones which reach ten thousand Yen the branch of the Kobe beef aims heavily, it means consultation of the texture which is the thought present in brief

    • It is the guide of 但 horse domestic animal market New Year first [se] [ri] city.
      Today already was 5 days, but still New Year's Day, is, don't you think?? New Year's Day early is, but January 12th comes (the water) they are head several unconfirmed guides where the “但 horse domestic animal market New Year first cicely” is held, but please permit today in the snow, as for the air temperature which has reached snow 15 centimeter in about 2 hours during morning it is particularly low, is not, but my cow-shed which it slides well with 2 floor building, in the 1st floor the cow the time, the roof of the 1st floor where the “straw hay” has entered is about terrestrial 2 meters in the 2nd floor, but in case of the heavy snowfall if you say with the human where 1 floor part is almost buried in the snow “Perhaps, whether the lower half body probably is medium” state of the water, glance so it is thought coldly, but to tell the truth 1 floor part where the cow which is opposite is in the snow it is closed, to “Kanpuu preventing”, it stops, but as for “the pillow” with the reason that the shank it is warm, the snow which is “truly inconvenient” covered entirely, it removed the snow which is higher than the roof of the pitch-dark 1 floors, “the lamp inserted and” did not do snow removal job and while the [hu] - the [hu] - saying with the shovel which does not become “sweat out snow removal” it did the [te], that finally the inside of the cow-shed became bright, the present photograph which becomes is something of several days ago, butNow high distribution extent of the 但 horse cow, we ask presently and as the photograph the buyer of the entire country which is the same circumstance to everyone “as for long journey the [ru] while your [ru] foot is bad,” is, but this year may

    • [bu] and coming
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    • Feature of cow
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    • * Capital cooking*
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    • Travelling of area
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    • Birthday varieties.
      ¡ hola! ¿ que tal? Because you have invited today on the just a little front which even accidentally Monday is the work day off, is wipes the day when it is the advisor coral married couple and golf rose wood appearing, at the time of the [ru] being warm, when just a little it runs around even with hot extent, the majority with gale the [chi] [yo] - ragged equal to the number of lusts struck golf after a long time with the fact of the matter favor where the cold hail fall, how, applying just the №18 with something which is wanted clearing up? <- Here is visible the tea gland of the №18? Middle something as for me who am knowing, however the [ru]… is something <- in place of this wind vane middle Orikkusu of the fair way of the №18 standing, when you wanted to take [ru] this, the empty openly the [te] we wanted by any means, when so it does, therefore to the №16, although the hail falls, as for the №17 and the №18 however completely it was it is there was no score or swing or the putter or a concentration which clear up, today as many as these 1 it is pleasant golf large harvest and, me birthday because with you say, when this ball which you present, [regashiearo] of the limited callaway of the [ku] [ma] entering being sold however we wanted, it is wasted, when is, being perplexedBecause it was in the golf-course which is sold out between the [ru] you had bought and others, the [tsu] [chi] [ya], thank you and another today, however golf whether does the half competition during half competition morning just of score during morning the [tsu] [chi] [ya] pot [tsu] [chi] [ya] of, you did, however how it has been fixed 55 rank you did,… today was written the stamina cup to seem the alias meat competition don't you think? and the prize the 但 horse cow of such a marbling of all meats, the meat, the meat and the meat and difficult to come the meat horse burn of business, is the cow, the complicated 但 horse cow birthday present like you receive delightfully the [i] of course the mother exultaion thank youIt was

    • Mikata Gun breeding union local study group
      To follow to “the Kinosaki system” of yesterday, today the hot water village house. The mother 11 in the market continue for a long time in the Mikata Gun which has the “local study group” to be the study group of “bear wave type”, are chosen. The nationwide harmony which is examination. The mother cow where the teachers of the related system examine in addition to Mr. Mukai who is the chairman of register association, keep fixing the feature of wave type very carefully. Reconstruction of formation, in the mother cow group which is present theme as a wave system special. It assures fixation, keeps conveying the gene to the next generation largely with “project” as for the shank Mikata Gun with breeding between system of the “medium Doi bear wave,” having because it has consisted, important system. The teachers where today when it is the cow group 33 degrees is very hot, examines the farmer and the cow? The sweat [bi] [tsu] it did and as for me who am the [yo] [ri] the Mikata Gun product cow yesterday at “Kinosaki system even if it looked the [zu] [ru]”, but also Kinosaki is superior and the thing, it is the pad, the “wave type mother cow group” is superior more and the thing and, “partiality to relatives” becomes by any means is “if the Doi wiping bear wave of the 但 horse three large even if thickly inside, there is no existence of the Kinosaki” chord cow, my individual where existence of the “但 horse cow” does not consist, yesterday and today, teachers of the register association which becomes very study and teachers of the related system, while every day being hot relates, even, not increasingIn development of the 但 horse cow in accumulating effort receiving thank you for, making study, to be thick gratitude you say to receiving producing the cow to the [a] - the ranch, it perseveres in the hay gathering, the [o] -

    • Noon boiled rice.
      The gift normal taste [tsu] [chi] [ya] of Yokohama opening a port 150 year, being normal, there being just a tasty ★★★ 但 horse cow, taste of the meat being secure, also naming and the focus which do not know well the fact that the [te] good Calais taste is commonplace, is [motsutainai] ★★★★ what, becoming dim, also taste becoming dim, whether it is tasty being unpalatable? Because well such being unpalatable it is not in Calais, the ★★ [tsu] [te] the kana Calais [tsu] [te] without growing tired densely, well enough because the shank, the vegetable boils together by all means to that because, is good to also the body, you eat the cup Chinese noodles, when it is, retort Calais recommends

    • 1142 bistros R
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    • 'FSMD luxuriously BBQ@NASA 2009'
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    • Large hitting ~
      Some days ago, it was painful expense in we of the allowance system where same period of the company which goes to the secondary meeting of wedding after a long time gets married, but with expense of celebration, there where it puts out from housekeeping expenses, for the first time, the prize hit with life! This!! 但 horse cow (for burning meat) 500g!! About the [ge] [e] fee amount which it does coming from the feeling long way which can be received, although the [ru] person it was, there was also the feeling which flesh fell receives and is not excuse but; ; Don't you think? so, and the second it is possible to meet [tsu] [pa] wedding! Certain it is meant is refreshed and! Calling, thank you for! We lottery pulling, thank you for! And from something you question with the [me]!! Happily!! Or more end

    • weblog title
      There is no excuse, perhaps with my judgment everyone whom, it tries trying “September” area “September 1st” it has become with you think from today, but how probably will be? If “August 32nd” it has become, “breach of law” it is perfect, it is well, how to be able to burn, “Kanto large earthquake disaster” occurs in 1923 September, but the many victims are present in teaching, “as for September if prevention of disasters month” it was enacted (it is the mistake, because the [me] it is do, it is something which has been written with shallow wit,) June and the August cover month is “closure”, September 9th comes (the water) “emergency day” becomes 但 horse domestic animal market September calf cicely city opening, “20 product calf”It is included, but also the coming out where “21 product calf” is mainly presented. As for the number of heads “female: 126 males: 1 leaving: It becomes 182 totals 309”, nationwide “the child. Heavy decline” it is the circumstance which shouts, but in you heard Hyogo prefecture “the Kobe cow insufficient” circumstance, it is to be the contents which are felt “contradiction” a little, but how high distribution extent of the 但 horse cow, we ask may

    • Japanese Letter
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    • Kobe it is born!
      Having lived in Kobe, there are no times when the Kobe cow how you eat, is, don't you think? the Kobe cow alternate of cutting down it was cheap with the ~~ net, it is with the Kobe cow the favorite today to burn!! One by one the photograph the place where you take is poor smell, but the cow which (laughing) the Kobe cow [tsu] [te] you say and lives does not exist, it is knowing, it increased? The Kobe cow with thing of the meat of texture above a4.5 of the 但 horse cow, the Kobe cow walking town, it reaches, everyone looking back with the yearning of everyone the cutting down which is not no matter what almost only! The [ho] it is with to call, is the meat as for the egg which as for the Awazi pasture egg bean curds has become the return air of the hot spring of the dragon field at the tofu house which purchase this. Being thick, tastiness it was and the thread homemade ones which densely it is at your this store are bought this evening when it had become the enormous luxurious late boiled rice it recorded and useless had done while” looking at the first volume of useless”, you ate, don't you think? it is funny, this animation check of the ~ cutting percentage seeing, also tempo being good, it is funny, is

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    • * In the Kobe beef Matuzaka cow Omi cow. Cow of the Japanese three large brands. As for origin with 但 horse cow black hair Japanese Cattle*
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    • Japanese talking
      It is cheap flat luck cherry tree luck 之 national Hyuga national thread northern country Shigeru Masaru Doi. The Shigeru Masaru plum luck 600 grain screen illuminating filial piety flat victory flat correct loyal Huzihide chrysanthemum cheaply the Tositarou God 之 home village it is cheap flat cherry tree Miho country. . Shine victory flat circular east it is cheap flat. Long the Shigeru 秀 chrysanthemum well the Takamatsu cherry tree Kohei cherry tree saddle Oka cherry tree cheaply it is heavy Mori ranging the empyrean circular day. On king. 俊 interest shrine circular gold beauty it is cheap willow optical 之 star filial piety. The wave it is cheap 秀 victory. Shigeru cherry tree cash wave inner part Hyuga Shigeru Masaru spring it is cheap Shigeru Shohoku with respect to high flat shrine 芳 luck. It is cheap the bloom prosperous cherry tree. . Masaru Mori flat Shigeru rattan 8000 luck Masakatsu 寿. Hiroshi Tousei luck Masakatsu luck cherry tree King Fukue promontory Kana. Luck victory. Princess circle. . Doi. Summer rattan luck cheaply below we request cooperation to the contribution gold for national Shigeru Masaru checkmate power man promontory Taro 寿 blessing luck correct foot and mouth disease damage [puchitsu] please click the banner the Japanese [burogu] village 但 horse cow which the cow fool rejoices

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    • Japanese weblog
      Mitsubishi group president meeting member; Nikon, the new Nippon Oil Co., Ltd., the Nippon Yusen K.k. and the giraffe beer the etc Mitsui group and the enterprise whose relationship is deep; Suntory Limited, Sapporo Breweries, Ltd., Ito Yokado, oriental land, the Fuji film, Toshiba and Toyota ahead investing of etc [toyotagurupu]; kddi and the like HONDA and SONY typical after the war the [warudokanpani] Mitsui co., ltd. and the Mitsubishi Corporation 2 large trading company trading companies the enterprise Mitsubishi Corporation which makes the distribution industry and the intermediary business main; Nisshin [oirio], Lawson and the Kentucky fried chicken etc [sebunandoaigurupu]; [denizu] and the Seibu department store etc electrical industry; Rationalization and efficiency management insufficiency constructive industry; As for technical power high 2 large residential manufacturers; The Sekisui Prefab Homes, Ltd., Yamato house industrial jal; From circular constitution of boss day hovering glass; The there being food resource a demand for the worldwide prominent capability display monitor and the mineral energy resource in modern society the life line nonferrous metal and are held down to the Anglo-Saxon system as for, Hitachi, Panasonic, SONY and Toshiba in the electrical machinery and appliances industry sale superior semiconductor the substance (the integrated circuit and the semiconductor device) with is the peripheral device and the production device the integrated circuit which cpu and dram sram (memory) and the like is as for cpu which Intel, as for memory the [samusun] electron the medicine manufacture of the most significant world; Medicine manufacture of [huaiza], [gurakuso] [sumisurain], [sanohui] [abenteisu] and [nobaruteisu] Japan; Takeda, first Sankyo Co., Ltd., [asuterasu] Lawson; Mitsubishi Corporation [huamirimato]; C. Itoh & Co., Ltd. food and it, energy difficult, sweetness to industrialize the national strategy fishing industry and agriculture of the United States enormously, it is sour, pain, it is salty, skillfulness the sense of taste Japanese Cattle brand; 但 horse cow -> Matuzaka cow, the Kobe cow, Omi cow and Maesawa cow three ground chicken; The Nagoya cochin and Hinai chicken, Satsuma area chicken brand pig; [agu] pig and the Kagoshima black pig, as for average salary of platinum pig network employee presentation enterprise

    • It is the 但 horse domestic animal market May calf cicely result.
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    • [The [bu] of yesterday and it comes] 10 days
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    • It waits with your that 7 “inn of 但 horse drive”
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    • Li u0026amp; home Ota GOGO cloud Gorges Tajima beef 2009/11/24
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    • うはwwカニwww初日wwww
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    • 有難い事
      The gift where also being able to pass the old year tastily can receive the specialty item of every place again appreciation! (The *´∇ `*) it is unable to look at the Chinese cabbage of field race/lace state of the pad, [torotoro] of the big black bean and the 但 horse cow of [don] and the local market product, to the crab and in the hot water grows hoarse deep-red securely saltiness it has been attached the big sea bream, the sake of the contraction building, the clam 串 to bake the winter vegetable which raises nicely, [etosetora]… the luxurious items which cannot always be tasted seven grasses, [chiyauchiyau]. The stomach was to return to usual simple dietary life with the grass gruel, (; ゚-゚) Today to receive, in pruning the medium chestnut oyster apple cherry and the like of the cool empty [tsu] air coming from the distance with unique instrument carrying, become the trees and shrubs which will be been extremely clear, to teach to also the question of rapid politely among the pines which very much grateful New Year starts running (^-^) v

    • 林間学校
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    • いっぱいあるから判らない
      This week subject beef, pork, chicken and fish meat…As for favorite meat some meat? But generally because you eat with anything, the beef…… the Omi cow, the Kameoka cow, the 但 horse cow and the Matsusaka cow (which as for the roots the 但 horse Don't you think? even then those where we like after all probably are the flying 騨 cow, the ♪ pork…… the various relation pork has appeared in the market recently, but if basic the domestic pig, the chicken which is ok…… this there is a variety, but because it can purchase easily, the fish meat which becomes the capital red area chicken and probably will be…… we like also the expensive fish, but the blue back (the sardine, the agitation, fall the sword fish and the mackerel) being cheap, being tasty, the shank This time of Kyoto, 鱧 (collar) with shank . The plain gauze [bu] plain gauze [bu] of the 鱧 is good well enough, is, after burning the ♪ head and the bone lightly, to make [dashi] with kelp [dashi], the body of the 鱧 with [shiyabushiyabu]… As for the finish when it makes the rice and vegetable porridge. The whale meat which can eat everything…… the ax seeing which recently is stopped happening to see is highest, but The lean meat with [dashi] which inserted the garlic and the contraction ginger to a plain gauze [bu] plain gauze [bu] it is good, is, ♪ triple (Suzuka) and Gifu (Kamigahara) with you cannot eat, don't you think? the [e]… returning to Kyoto after all, unless you buy at the store which you have favored… the kana which will be made snack something of this evening!? Going out to with also [apita], to think, but well still 10 where is hours later,

    • いまさらだけど但馬牛食まつり!
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    • 但馬牛食まつり行ってきました。
      At last, the Sunday which Sunday is work going to bed, because it goes to play it is to be daily routine is, this time the winter when it tries coming to the event of local end at the place where it becomes the ski site, “the 但 horse cow food, enshrining,” the 但 horse cow which those which it stops did is the cow becomes the high-class beef which is the cow which becomes the Kobe cow some cause which, because Calais which accidentally, this you celebrate Toru you received the exchange ticket of the meat it tried going out with 3 people, or densely it is, here where it comes being the lunch where you can eat various ones which used the 但 horse cowDon't you think? instead that the beef it has entered into also Calais which tries coming all the way and the die stake and the hamburger etc of the 但 horse cow were eaten are large excitation favorite pan and [hanbagu] are with the hamburger, this [tsu] [te] that distantly the exchange of the meat what and it was the total loss coming of the cow, it received well, securely being soft, it was tasty, it was the kind of tenderness which is and can eat even of course while to around ending and in such a form appreciating in the cow, also the contact open space of the cow being installed in the meeting place, now it does and the callous densely other than the big cow, it is such feeling which the small cow is, once, togetherIt is [pa] dust what, the face may cry, in the meeting place where it has done it means that also the cow of arrival involving stays, but don't you think? somehow it seems like arrival involving where, this starts crying weak point because well, among these when branch office length of the credit union is the arrival involving which is not worn, although it is all right, don't you think? animated picture from [e] ~ present morning is designated afterwards as the article of [amenba] release, when it is good, as please seeing the participant done to wait while raising, child, the childcare which the mother who has persevered by all means, we would like us to speak, is* Housekeeping* Work…Gathering of the mother who perseveres! [ameba [guru] [tsu] [po

    • オサレなトイレ
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    • 納涼
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    • お勧め本
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    • 夏の楽しみ
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    • 昨日のデート(笑)。
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    • 【£】初夏の陽気に舞う桜 一久、今季初勝利
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    • ドラえもん一覧 09/05/24
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    • 大台ケ原に行ってきました@山道クタクタ&温泉は良かった
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    • 食博の続き~!の5月14日
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    • もしも犬が肉屋の店員だったら♪
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    • 温泉!の前に・・・但馬牛のステーキin楓

    • 食い気。
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