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    Rubble processing,

    Politics related words Democratic Party Regime change radioactivity 環境省 Fukushima nuclear plant Radioactive material Shimada City
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  • ○■ With as for the notion th at where you say, in the first place as an environmental ministry, it is the case that “what harsh thing you say” is intention of the latest announcement, a liberal translation

  • ○■ by nasurie on... by nasur ie ON twitter

  • ○■ 17:52 rt from web [1 rt] <[burogu] renewal>“Oi nuclear plant re-稼. Absoluteness obstruction! Hunger strike” 2012/4/17 (the fire) from 5/5 (the Saturday) to is executed with the tent open space before the multipara ministry

  • ○■ 最近やっと東電の 生は困難で... Recently, at last as for the Tokyo Electric Power Company playback it is found and that it is difficult, the mass communications which have been kept so far tardy the Tokyo Electric Power Company criticism was begun, but if compares to the criticism attack to Snow Brand and the like it is at all looser, a liberal translation

  • ○■ This the field pig which wanders, appearing of the home to May 18th early dawn, passing Hiroshima and the like, it arrives at Kagawa at the May 19th night with anything

  • ○■ 今回の被災地の瓦 処理は、果... Whether or not as for trash processing of the latest suffering area, as expected, the wide area processing which suffering area and the country appeal, from environmental pollution and the physical aspect possibility, it is the problem which it has been about to test, isn't elbowroom of heart of the extent which admits this as the local resident to be good being?

  • ○■ Recent picture being atta ched article [to picture summary, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「暮らし」カテゴ の最新記事... “To live”, up-to-date article soldier of category, thank you! The [tsuito] beginning [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is

  • ○■ 20:23 rt from [mobatsui]/ www.movatwi.jp @nasurie Hosono environmental phase tomorrow, “the earthquake disaster trash accepts” distributes the leaflet before the jr Ogura station -> nikkei.com/news/local/art… (The [yu] - (the ufo party of opening star theory) [tsuito]) 23:05 from web [13 rt] wide area processing 2 tenth calling the amount which cannot be incinerated at the locale the [ru, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「ニュース」カテ リの最新記... Up-to-date article “of news” category black rain: Backing object area enlargement signet experience person, perplexity and losing… 20120516 the [a] of “re-work admission” is cut off behind scene cover town… which Oi nuclear re-work, of the prime minister Kitakyushu trash processing carrying arrest person before “the necessity convinced 菅 of Kansai Electric Power Company president deviation from nuclear plant who” in the country decision is urged full particulars (2)…

  • ○■ 「weblog」カテゴリ 最... Up-to-date article [mu] oak “tobacco” “of weblog” category, from this with “as for the industry which is gained the furrow”… Trash processing, here started making a noise [okashii] nuclear plant 4 crisis of the basis, [masumedeia]! Beta wave of video game frontal Maeno section senile dementia 患… The acceptance of the earthquake disaster radioactivity trash being decided at the Kitakyushu city assembly, it does,…, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Is not the popularity art icle gold ring solar eclipse of this [burogu], but” the bizarre doll” of the cherry tree enshrining Venus evening party of the Heda commemoration park

  • ○■ 「weblog」カテゴリ 最... Complication of the importance celebration 弔 of the store which the necessity to know the heart of the reason company person where up-to-date article I “of weblog” category do not fear radiation… the drinking companion who is thought in Hanami's meeting and, it commutes and is accustomed

  • ○■ 瓦礫処理

  • ○■ Simply, “it does not ke ep living and the [te] does not become”, that, you just think, a liberal translation

  • ○■ には当時県の宮城 福島、茨城... At that time Miyagi of the prefecture, Fukushima, Ibaraki becomes subject, the next contiguity prefecture, Iwate, Akita and Niigata, Tochigi, in Saitama and Chiba prefecture the trash, a liberal translation

  • ○■ “Up-to-date article Ish ihara capital governor China “of weblog” category is called China way,”, in China as for the problematical point of tile _ processing of voice Saitama prefecture of anger detailed [mu] oak “tobacco” of the Ozawa Motoyo chart opinion statement which does not have completely accurate radioactivity measurement, from this with “as for the industry which is gained the furrow”… Tile _ processing, here [okashii, a liberal translation

  • ○■ このブログのフォ チャンネル... Photo channel of this [burogu, a liberal translation

  • ○■ That time channel (2011 J anuary 30th - 2011 0…

  • ○■ 「日記・歳時記・ 知らせ」カ... “Diary Saitokiki up-to-date article March 20th of news” category (fire) [bu] and that 2 March 19th of coming (month) [bu] and coming March 18th (day) [bu] and coming March 17th (Saturday) [bu] and coming March 16th (gold) [bu] and coming that 2

  • 瓦礫処理

    Rubble processing,

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