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    Reportage related words radioactivity setagaya line Hot Spot Fukushima nuclear power plant Sievert Radioactive material 大竹七未 Matsumoto Yamaga

    • ○ The Fukushima Crisis 122; Strontium is found in Yokohama. Fukushima crisis 122. strontium with Yokohama.
      10/14/201,101: 34 radiation-leak. tsurumaki and setagaya-ku. it was announced that setagaya-ku has a high possibility that radiation was emitted ON the night of the 13th from the bottle which gave the press conference and was placed under the floor of a nearby private house, ON the problem by which the dose of radiation higher than the circumference was detected from road of tsurumaki, setagaya-ku and tokyo. the ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology clarified the contents of the bottle at midnight ON the same day and when the radium 226 was presumed. setagaya-ku carries out measurement by a special contractor and detects the dose of radiation of a 3.35-micro/h sievert at a point with a height of 1 meter of road ON that day. since it was a very high dose and a contractor judges that the doubt by which radiation is emitted from the nearby private house is strong. setagaya-ku obtained an owner's comprehension and conducted a site and indoor investigation. an owner does not know about radium. is it radium at the time of the cancer medical treatment of prewar days and the postwar period?, a liberal translation
      10/14/201,101 : 34辐射泄漏。 tsurumaki和setagaya-ku。 宣布setagaya-ku有一种高可能性辐射在夜散发了第13从给新闻招待会的瓶和被安置了在一个附近的私有房子的地板之下,在辐射药量高于圆周从tsurumaki、setagaya-ku和东京路被查出的问题。 教育部、文化、体育、科学技术在午夜同日澄清了瓶的内容,并且,当镭226被假定了。 setagaya-ku由一个特别承包商执行测量并且查出3.35-micro/h sievert的辐射药量在与高度的点1米在那天的路。 因为是非常大剂量和承包商法官辐射从附近的私有房子散发的疑义是强的。 setagaya-ku获得了所有者的领悟并且进行了站点和室内调查。 所有者不知道关于镭。 它是否是镭在战前天和战后的癌症药物治疗之时?

    • Chiengmai 2011.09.20 watts [rokumori]? “Monstrous beast”
      camera: sony α55/minolta af zoom 35-70mm f4
      照相机: 索尼α55/minolta af徒升35-70mm f4

    • 2011.10.12 In the afternoon of Suginami Ku one south town Kandagawa orchid
      camera: sony α55/sony dt 35mm f1.8 enhanced with topaz simplify, a liberal translation
      照相机: 索尼α55/sony dt 35mm f1.8提高与黄玉简化

    • PoPz_kmpii
      RT@jwon0508 [Audio]120512 SS4 in Tokyo - Kyuhyun solo http://t.co/02JcUjC7

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