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    Anime related words K-ON! Tainaka Ritsu Kotobuki Tsumugi Nakano Azusa Summer Festival DEATH DEVIL Azunyan K-ON!!

    • Japanese Letter
      death devil [saiko] - - [tsu]!!! The latest “[ke] it is and is!!”[wa] ktkr!! (The °∀°) the parenthesis which is the b time good ~~ “[ravu]” someone, with smile [u] p, the kana ♪ which is not done the laughing which without fail is inserted in ipod

    • The [ke] it is and is 10 stories
      The [ke] it is and it is the [ya] is in 10 story [hevui] the [wa] to obtain - this time turns it was few even with w,… however it was the [wa] time like, when being that live, without intruding, although the one was better w you acted playfully and… w well were funny in that appearance even if and with after doing, w such next notice just a little you wiped you found [a] [zu] [basutazu]! ex (the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] × [ritorubasutazu]! ex) [ku] time [te] [i] fungus - w 2010.06.08.tue | Animation | com: 0 | tb: 0 | top -

    • Sky [wa
      It is the present sky, while - the [u] ending and well making the purine [pigu] doing and/or doing to become what the cod [u] 23 o'clock and it is the [ke] -! But 23 where it is the [chi] [ro] [ru] o'clock if you mention o'clock, super running the [mu] which wants! When the [ze] which goes to running - the ´ω `) the [chi] [ro] [ru] you happen to see on the no roadside, voice the economized [ya] [tsu] [te] - (the ゜∀゜) you are to remove the forced running event ww which occurs this week nevertheless, are!! Meaning deeply is the tear, the [wa] the parenthesis passing,…('; Ω; `) [bu] [wa] [tsu] & [chi] [ro] [ru] *

    • The [ke] it is and is!! 11th story “it is hot!”
      impressions , original meaning

    • The [ke] it is and is!! 10th story “teacher!”
      The popularity from [wa] teacher and the pupil is high, it is with the shank certainly as for suitable good quality it is transmitted however, with, when still the death devil past having been discovered in the pupils from, as for popularity it was, don't you think? when leading the calm teacher life which wears the cat gracefully gracefully from,

    • Antenna
      The [ke] it was and it is saw but “Mukai reason coming out, the [ru] -” with the older sister teaching, the same channel changing (laughing it is groovy after all! Life science course soldier/finishing to seem the animal looking at shank [oumu] with favorite something, the [chi] where the spectacle which it picks with the finger is healing so was and wide knowledge! The [tsu] [te] parenthesis which has knowledge it is good, is, if it videotapes next, [tsu] t… (silence and the [re] chairman (? ) “In a trance it will be the [chi] [ya] [u] - v” will say as for [te] end “together to the beck seeing it will go”, becoming the [tsu] [te], as for that it increases unless absolutely permission properly body guard of the man chairman is,…! [te] umbrella [wa] like teacher super it is not good, is?? However also the teacher of the advisor of junior high school age was young, clothes sense or the ensemble of [machingu] come out that, the workshop going, speaking densely, being said, it is to be one person, to be various serious character was good enormously, however it is, don't you think? with good memory Good Heavens

    • It seems the tired way
      Yesterday, after being infrequent, this month it was last going to work, is the [wa] (= Ω)/the shift which is done after a long time not to be agreeable, because the [te], it was infrequent considerably day is less crowded, when at this running it enters, however the [tsu] [te] which probably will persevere you think it is, the holiday [wa] which well… it is [otsuke] which is [otsuke] which is the [tsu] [te] feeling it has and cannot go sometimes [wa] holiday it seems to do [i] thing you were trying, 'the Alice who at looked 3 movies in wonderland' <- after so long a time… 'you converted the laughing every work where national' every one of confession' 'kenter and [jiyun] and [kayo] goes with 1 people rutFavorite the actor, high well health which gives the stimulus which is good to my life our is, however it is, that person “sees at the movie [wa] cinema, it rubbed,” the [tsu] [te] you say it is with, you saw properly at the cinema, that actor appearing in the movie which the ♪ by the way 3rd was seen in with type something which is easy to be influenced, however the movie [wa] which it increases originally we love, although it goes with 1 people, it could not keep there being resistance, it is being, when it goes, (*´∇ `) the human [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] 1 it is it is with unexpected and room!!!! The [i] which you saw* Because is, when the recommendation movie which you try to continue “1 human movies” as a [wa] hobby from now on it is, please teach m () m fear, sf and war, the action [wa] you do not see by the way…The case [wa] of change of occupation 3 corporations it fell well it can work already from only September and, when there [wa] which qualification and or the next week when it is helpless thing is 1 corporation interviews well enough it is [maji] and joining, the suit which was provided the kana which still enters (; Don't you think? the [yo] also story of the ^_^a pulling pulling out continues to be reservation when interview of next week it is useless…How, thinking, it increases, it perseveres still and increases!!! The secret going to work stripe whose also shift of next month is undecided being completed, in the pleasure* With going to [wa] [sutaba], only powdered tea [kurimuhurapechino] you ask, =^ Ω ^= & the coffee which are the [wa] you cannot drink, it is with…

    • 7/4
      belief , please visit the following link

    • The [ke] it is and is!! The latter half game
      Thought Hirasawa of the first half 唯 (the [hi] and others the [wa] [yu] it is) occasionally, we like the place where becoming dim it increases, the w Akiyama fairway (the opening and the [ma] fairway) it thrusts and as for the air which or turn part becomes fixed is not done in a flash doing consequence of the air? Tainaka law (you want temporary) the department manager it seems, where the wind w my pace which is blown it passes, (laughing) the koto blowing pongee (the thing roofing tsumugi) [mu] [gi], the attention Nakano Azusa (the Nakano [a] [zu]) the extent where is suitable in the department manager, w seniors, the place where it will have been secure learning to the development after kind of this becomes the existence which is becoming just a little reckless driving feeling, (laughing) Hirasawa grieving (the [hi] and others [wa] [u] to be) the Manabe harmony which will give the designation, older sister love ([ma] pan restful) her losing, the sound section consisting lightly, the [ru] it is the [tsu] which is not it does? (Laughing) Yamanaka the [wa] densely (and the [ma] the umbrella [wa]) also past thing being known densely, than before it became easier to move, as for advancing to the development the remaining catalpa as for expectation 2nd period, past thing appearing in the varieties and busy, however 1st period the air which has become completely the different thing does, don't you think? and, 唯 story probably will advance to the road of graduation gradually in the [wa], this way lightly must think of the sound section why it goes, you are not wrong, but will the new member probably be present? Just a little you thought, but is, there is also an order that with you look at 1st period and considered as 2nd period thinking it is with (the ´_ `) >

    • It seems the tired way
      Everyone it does after a long time* It is the [wa], (= Ω)/it is the present [wa] July first day off…It was connected working hard/employment of the ogre from end of the month, although (the ´д `) even sale you say, the [ma] - the [hi] - the [yo] which is “be and others the [tsu] plain gauze be -!!!!”You do not know with no time you shouted with yell, it is high 30%off!! But 30%off!! To seek why it does not come to the buying which it is likely…(t_t) Below being such 1 weeks, “it is to come from the [yo] tomorrow where the staff everyday is the [buchi] being cut off with mistake rapid fire calling with [maji]”, but stripe now do and the wooden pail [me] it is do also [wa] following day comes properly it has the [wa] having been crowded, in calling the shank (the *´∇ `) just the ☆1 time which is highest at this running you think that everyone of the ♪2 table which you could point, thank you the m () m doing [zu] and others you applied, but if teaching politely, it is delightful, is* Well, it is case of change of occupation, but…You became tired already…Today when it is the change of occupation [tsu] [te] [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] serious have before coming, going to Harajuku ♪ I myself where is 1st good impression touching in present interview is received rather liking, because it is the [ru] company, if it is decided, it is delightful, however it is, don't you think? (^o^) last week, finally did the story of retirement in the store manager of the workplace, being surprised, don't you think? the sled [ya] which it increases so the [yo] which is never I would like to stop, is, because it was full with the feeling which is not the excuse which you think that you did not think even in the how dream which how you say with, already speaking the [wa] the tomorrow which cannot be returned discussing once more, 4 where it is [wa] retirement during August which is decidedIt was year and 3 months, when it reviews, it may cry, because is, it stops, (тω REPT) it should have passed* With [wa] next going to work [wa] 22 day (the wood) 10 o'clock - is!! It comes out for the first time with full!!! We ask may being, although the [wa], we like the sea, you do not insert in the sea in the seawater allergy, =^ Ω ^= which is the [wa

    • The [ke] it is and is!! 14th story “summer course!”
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • Transmission outside [supeope] of cool shrine [haruhi]!? (The [ke] it is and is! Compilation) 22
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • The [ke] it is and is!! 11th story “it is hot!”
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • Summer vacation!!
      The [do] which the watermelon bar stops wanting to eat just is the dream falling www [ho] which is good younger sister what is with the black [a] [zu] is who, www [wa] www www where www this time www dream knowing, whether ww and the dream which are the ~by Nakano Azusa what kind of intensive training which is the younger sister whom it is possible it is the catalpa what kind of dream where www gradually color keeps becoming white, whether the dream time the www [ku] palm [ku] the potato it is it is by Suzuki pure water arrival burning ww what kind of conception, www and it came and had and purity www it cheated well ww where why it can shine grieving why as for that dream of www to which grieving receives the shock entirely it was the flag that!! At the time of Uji gold by Tainaka law fairway, face!! Your freedom www which it passes you obtain!? Wwww which you ate

    • Night boiled rice ♪ of yesterday
      Everyone densely it is, it is today being weather good, shank yesterday, the daughters night boiled rice growing [nan] Sakura [mamii] which was made, the [wa] and everyone something which probably will be rubbed it was understood, don't you think? the daughters doing, the topping it is completed and the ~~~ so the [a] which made the pizza which is it is completed and the daughters eat immediately and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [tsu] [te] with by your it increases, the pizza which was made are like it is tasty then, < which in addition is scratched;! -- insertpr (); --> Article url arm introduction

    • The [ke] it is and is!! 10th story thought

    • The [ke] it is and is!! 10th story
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • The bud came out in two days!
      How, the ~~ to which Tetsu's sunflower produces the bud in four days!! It is quick, the ~~~ it is!! It is pen Taro! The [pe] it is the [gi] it is, surprise!! As for [a]! Always the penguin watching over at side, the [ru] it is! As for [a]! The highest!! Color is at the place, the flower of miracle to bloom, the [tsu] [te] [ru] which is sown!! And one more introduction!! Also the bud of the [wa] came out! In flowerpot of being softened ~~ [ho] and others!! Lovely bud!! The highest! How, the bud came out in 2 days, it is even!! The strongest “it is softened and” is!! Therefore the [wa], the smiling face the highest, you anticipate the way, the bud came out, it is! The [tsu] it does!! I sow the seed of the sunflower and all the way, the ~~!! Pleasure ~~! [iei]!! And… yellow ones… looking at [kokotaneburogu] from sunflower quiet, don't you think?!

    • weblog title
      Unless lightly there is a cooler in the sound which the [u] it droops to heat section one line clubroom action shelf [suku] water [mugitan] +. of the ogre domesticated fowl and animals ゚ (*´∀ `) b ゚ +. ゚ next there is a [mugitan] residence, in bigger tank change [mugitan] which rides in the car of the [wa] and is excited is the [wa] [yu] and in the car where [mugitan] usually rides is not dangled amulet something of traffic safety for the girl cooler acquisition which is the car which ww this the lower classes rides when to directors committee dissenting opinion emerges at that directors committee, for the sake of to practice the tank of the ton, now then law taking the field!! … Obtaining? The cooler it is possible to attach? When the copy machine of student council was attached with the accomplice ww which get harmony nice president of the student council is made simply sacrifice, the cooler, you attached with cooler weak point the 唯…Temporarily. The accomplice which the droppings [u] [za] is done (they were 11 stories, wry smile

    • The [ke] it is and is!!
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , for multilingual communication

    • 'The [ke] it is and is!!'
      [wa] duty time now and, the boiling [ri] and cannot be transferred the thing and furthermore the story whose springtime of life is hot you must truncate as for the [wa] on the surface, as the adult it has made the past, but as for the thinking which spends everything of springtime of life as for separating from heart proverb that it probably is carved as those which it is not possible not being memory of springtime of life also when 'the signboard like the death devil' is important, by your as for the literal signboard of the enterprise which is felt the image which of course, the name has, with even the name which is written on the card of the individual, by your becomes pronoun of confidence autonymBleaching, there is no courage which releases composition on the net, but because skillful you use properly with the scene scene which has a little pride it does not happen to have in h.n, it is r.n, because you use variously, it does not go with to any which do not have the wound obtaining, but that we would like to use carefully long, you think whether in the reason there is also attachment as for the mistake of the [wa], as for the young child it is to forget that “just a little badness so” it is the favorite food, (laughing)

    • weblog title
      57 names: Name of the valley of the wind there is no @ real condition with the live board [sage] contribution day: 2010/06/11 (Friday) 02:39: 20.35 id: There is no oxcac5ix0 your distinction… 68 names: Name of the valley of the wind there is no @ real condition with the live board [sage] contribution day: 2010/06/11 (Friday) 02:49: 07.08 id: jjvtrt8io 5716 rank 06/23death devil 17 rank 06/23 Inaba Hiroshi will www 72 name: Name of the valley of the wind there is no @ real condition with the live board [sage] contribution day: 2010/06/11 (Friday) 02:51: 48.58 id: Being the r9aqdook 68 multiplier effect [tsu] lever Toda who probably becomes good 71 names: Name of the valley of the wind there is no @ real condition with the live board [sage] contribution day: 2010/06/11 (Friday) 02:51: 44.38 id: m/0wdylkp [1/3] 16. the tv animation “[ke] within 100 rank 2 days it is and is!!”Play middle song “[ravu]” ~ death devil (artist) sale day: 2010/6/23 next few days sale reservation yes price: ¥ 1,260 point: 63pt (5%) 17. 46 days within okay between 100 ranks ~ Inaba Hiroshi will sale day: 2010/6/23 next few days sale reservation yes reference price: ¥ 1,575 price: ¥ 1,291 OFF: ¥ 284 (18%) [wa] child [e]… 79 names: Name of the valley of the wind there is no @ real condition with the live board [sage] contribution day: 2010/06/11 (Friday) 02:57: 36.57 id: jjvtrt8io [2/2] seven net single *1 rank monster (storm) *2 rank monster (storm) *3 rank stormy *4 rank death devil *5 rank akb 85 name: Name of the valley of the wind there is no @ real condition with the live board [sage] contribution day: 2010/06/11 (Friday) 03:00: 51.82 id: Being able to sell the gah4emas0 [1/3] death devil, but as for [ru] fact now however so is not, when almost it is close to fabrication, to force the explosive popularity, many weeks which it sells singly before reaching single chart one rank of bureau, now then [ru] did has been decided the [ri], because all the way there are more important ones than the artist how sale to which the cover when it can be less crowded, is not sold from the [wa] there is no intention of relegating the b'z fan separately but… 88 names: Name of the valley of the wind there is no @ real condition with the live board [sage] contribution day: 2010/06/11 (Friday) 03:02: 45.44 id: yk1gniky0 [4/4] the [wa] new bending, which extent it can sell, with kana we expectation about [orikon] 5 rank kana 97 name: Name of the valley of the wind there is no @ real condition with the live board [sage] contribution day:

    • weblog title
      As for the latest story if it kept chasing the feeling politely, with the [wa] as a protagonist although perhaps, it is regrettable, perhaps, it became the masterpiece, it judges that well, lightly the method which designates five people of the sound section as the center is a demand, it was dream of shank [mugi], standing “with the corridor, do!”But that, she probably knows looking at what whether very that now there is no corporal punishment which the bucket together about half a century exterminates before in the worldwide both hands just in animation and cartoon? However so, you are not surprised to the oden of the float, as for the cancer faked you have not seen, after is her privacy puzzle the scene with that float which it passes, the 唯 being returned the guitar, until it repels, at such production whose it is good to have between little, being small as usual, even at the shank, becomes matter of concern in the [a] [zu] which the leader who, boils down the fact that tool of the oden of the float shakes so and the [chi] [ya] scale it is and it is, the [tsu] [te] (laughing) changed live and hair type of secondary meeting of wedding the [ya] it is being lovely the shank gently you have been absorbed to music the place where may the fairway and the catalpa whereWhen it was such description don't you think?, the [wa] time, after all usual plan of the staff who means that the sound section member remains lightly in impression was correct after all? (^^;

    • Japanese talking
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • Japanese Letter
      Good morning, today when it is clears up and the better fungus is and is!! #10 teacher! You saw, the [wa] parenthesis it can obtain and don't you think? cd buying greatly the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u], the one which also everyone hears is better!! Then (^-^) [noshi

    • weblog title
      After all as for the www keyword which it tries thinking with Star Festival July 7th Www which is Hail Andromeda im happiness (without being, or w) bag [kabutomushikisu] before doing, as for the cloud as for the white apple red go go machine love making cry sea [shiawase] of the seesaw the white clothes the black clothes worldwide star ones which directly do not have the escaping fireworks boyfriend hat and the swimming wear and the horizonal star in the vicinity. Dance star telephone hull and [akiumiusagi] of Jupiter dream the tomorrow which cannot be returned Star Blue optical morning. Day Andromeda of the rain be completed one how to loveseptember damage [kirakira] of using the thumb it is cripes densely the [pe] to be, the white clothes where you question it is black. Just deep-sea refrigerator star that foot pupil self-complacent mantle Mikuni station [kiyoumohare] milk [rizumuhikari] which [naki] [mushi] flower scenery points The sweet carpet where Milky Way [kakera] is left When the cheek flower sunflower more&more drop of water it becomes 2 of shirts, as many as one day it just has done to ram down the [niyaniya] stripe it is it is (^q^) www tomorrow, morning of the [wa] it is call, when \ (^o^)/lying down and getting up it is bad, to lend 2 it does not solve, don't you think?? Because www we fear, the candy it lifts in the [wa] and (^q^) w Kanto falls and is the rain [chi] [ya] [tsu] seed obtaining morning as for midseason drainage doing however it dried generally, several drying cartridges the [ma] (^ω^;)Roof of 2nd floor [mu] [re]!!!! The [a] - it will enjoy and (^q^) the t shirt of tomorrow it will make Chiba which how will be done, whether it will make aiko, whether aloha it will do, it is perplexed, (the ´д `;)

    • Japanese talking
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • Wealth bamboo* Flash <-
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • Japanese talking

    • original letters
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Japanese talking

    • weblog title
      Being hot, don't you think? the fairway which binds the shank - the hair, it is fresh… cripes!? The ton it requires, but…! You question with the [me]! The ton skin [tsu] [pi] it did! If you mentioned the summer, if the ghost story ghost story restaurant, already 1 cool it continued, although it was good, August somewhere it will try going, in making the tank new because of the ton which is in the midst of growing that new tank in taking the pongee the [wa] to the Takuan Family the [wa] home the house of the extent which stops wanting to visit?…There being a variety,… The long-awaited cooler came lightly in the sound section! The [a], a little with this seriously practice…When with you think, as for the 唯 which is poor the cooler as for the notion that where the down cooler is poor with consequence of the long-awaited cooler. The notion that there is no cooler in the room? You will lodge together! Next “summer [huesu]!”

    • weblog title
      日本語 , original meaning

    • original letters
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • Japanese Letter
      belief , linked pages are Japanese

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