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    Financial crisis,

    Politics related words Nikkei Stock Average Democratic Party European Union Portugal Greece Financial crisis International Monetary Fund IMF

    • The Greek crisis spreading, the Japanese lowering passing most the fitting [tsu] after all, ~ Central Daily News 2010 May 8th
      It is Japanese edition Central Daily News 2010 May 8th, < sale crossing over amount of the foreigner, past the highest 1,245,900,000,000 won > with the index which is said < the Korean kospi exponent of 7 days when European financial crisis of the Greek departure has shaken the worldwide financial market (comprehensive stock price index) front Hibi 2.21% (37.21p) feeling insecurity in 4 day further decline European finishes transaction with cheaply 1647.50p crisis, sale crossing over amount of the foreigner who moves to cash guaranty became past the highest 1,245,900,000,000 won (approximately 100,000,000,000 Yen) with > < Japan which holds especially the enormous deficit where also the Asian stock market such as China & Hong Kong & Taiwan declinesStock price depreciation (3.1%) because of this it is large the Japanese bank (Bank of Japan) the Korean government which supplies the urgent fund of 2,000,000,000,000 Yen the leader of 16 countries which use the Europe which installs the extraordinary measure group held urgent measure meeting > rate of economic growth after the ■<2012 year > is Japanese edition Korean daily report 2010 May 7th, < the Korean economy, after 12 4% stable growth /imf estimates > with the gold which is the article which is said. Isao ([kimu] [gihun]) [kopipe] which is the article of the reporter it does, when < the International Monetary Fund (imf) on the 6th, the up-to-date economic prospect is announced, the Korean economy after 2012, 4% continues the growth which stabilizes, according to that the viewpoint is expressed, as for imf which is the prospect that the Korean gross domestic product (gdp), this year 4.5%, after next year records 5.0%, 2012 and in 13 4.1%, 14 and 4.0% it grows respectively respectively in 15, rides in stable growth keynote as the reason where the Korean economy shows stable growth, environmental measure type industryAfter and so on the new [ke] it is for the sake of pulling part is born it explained > < in addition, per Korean one person as for national income, this year to reach to 20,264 ㌦, recovering 20,000 ㌦ stand, increase is anticipated favorably, according to the estimate of imf which it estimates that it reaches to 27,907 ㌦ in 15, as for the same income even at 15 year point in time as for 30,000 ㌦ which Japanese plum discernment Hiromasa right aims it means not to be able to achieve >

    • As for financial crisis again coming?
      Sending the edge to the Greek financial crisis, it reached the point where the inside of the world observes in regard to [soburinrisuku] (crisis of government debt)

    • A little others (one) thing thinking,…
      Politics or economy the exit is not visible, beautiful national Japan where as for stock price in the super aging society which in the national Greek distant European history is financial crisis produces big effect in the world, Japan debt to be most 900,000,000,000,000 the astronomical number, as for the suicide person as for incident of the annual 30,000 exceeding, crime and fraud is many as usual even in advanced 7 country and destruction of environment advancing, abnormal weather phenomenon the human who lives in such times which become remarkable, with aging, the 尖 the [tsu] is the self insistence to which the human becomes many is strong, does not consider and, politics is bad to the weakWhen society is bad, the human who does excuse, being attached to the eye, the intolerable cherry tree scattering, what is the flower to bloom, the rose producing, ahead the cherry tree which becomes Sinriyoku's early summer was enjoyed, near the dike of the bathroom river the rubbish picking up is done, but don't you think? “it is dirty, -, you well the fact that the rubbish picking up is done is happened to see, but it is entrusted to city?”The rubbish picking up which every day when the person who outrageously asks has been done, it has done to ask cooperation to the spur combination second calling and beautification of town, but… at the area where I where the human who throws away the rubbish in non consciousness is many have lived, cleaning job was done vigorously together to 2 days ago, but is, before the worst situation, suicide occurs the way it is certain for the opportunity of [kominikeshiyon] to decrease, why? Why, there was a so harsh thing, if is, it is made to think the shelf is as the human who with this is wanted consulting lives in neighborhood and “world you correct” and the person who is thought increases and we want the person who rides in consultation, that this time of today when you think is

    • EU Ministers Race to Complete Finance Plan
      eu finance ministers try to set up an emergency fund to ease the greek fiscal crisis and before asian financial markets reopen monday As for the financial market of Asia before Monday reopening, as for eu financial affairs phase, when in order to ease the Greek financial crisis, it tries to set urgent fund

    • European circumstance or [a].
      Don't you think? various problems occurring with opportunity, it increases the Greek of last week financial crisis, financial uncertainty cutting, spreading to other European countries, the Europe 120 Yen if better seed eu collapses, don't you think? it becomes very thing, spending many years, if it becomes the how thing where the European Union which it builds up deteriorates it becomes even worldwide to suffer a big blow don't you think? probably will be, by the way presently there is also participation national [tsu] [te] 27 country of eu, it is with it was shank study and insufficient, it is many so with trust of Belgian German French Italian Luxembourg Dutch Denmark Irish English [girishiyaporutogarusupeinosutoriahuinrandosuuedenkipurosuchiekoesutoniahangariratobiaritoaniamarutaporandosurobakiasurobeniaburugariarumania] (participation chronological order) Europe. Listing all power to cooling-off of worldwide financial crisis of maintenance and European departure, don't you think? it seems the [ru] way, government bond purchase it becomes, it is the combining [e] which is, being after all serious, shank where

    • 2010 May 10th morning session
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • The 299~302 which read such a book
      … From the latter half of the last month assignment becoming modification, because there and was momentum is many, “law of pain minimization of the human (? )” Moved, book-reading quantity and [eneruki] ゙ which is poured to other hobbies - it was energy-saving mode feeling, several times you experienced even with lately, also night shift, you reached the point where it can move to your own appearance with “automatic pilot mode”, (“the storage space of the goods does not understand”, it is to be most impatient) to be plugged, Japan which how to read 1st volume to beach quadrature child work “slum converts to original pace little by little with the notion that where it is the May first half which becomes the feeling that it probably will keep resetting energy distribution of life to former shape,Because it reached the point where the book which is written the economic” Kodansha publishers, Ltd. plus Α new book lately, concerning economy is felt funny you read that this, however it is, 1 volumes among those… (this book however it is different, however the book which is written) lately, concerning the financial crisis of the country it is various types published, fanning the uncertainty of the people, the mark which the sale [tsu] [chi] [ya] will be, receives the kind of impression which is also the aim, consumer tax and social security expense rising, life of the [washi] and others populace becomes very much, however it probably is not to be wrong 2nd volume ladder Kumiko author “1945 summerI” climb to apex it is the soldier of Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd. all sectors of society and in one word one word of the interview each person cool concerning the military service experience and that postwar period of the people thickness ahead it overflows “scatter, it came sadly and” was good, but if also this book and 3, 4th volume the Aso many work “dying lion which was reread after several years (on & under)” the vision winter building so said, this book, it was to buy in the return of visit of the teacher who enters into the ogre register in the year-end that, while reading and returning, also such a thing it tries remembering,

    • After the Tokyo Stock Exchange stock price average final value 3 business day substantial rally!!
      Tokyo stock market of the week opening good impression did that eu decides the relief step to European participation country of fiscal difficulties such as Greece, the movement of the redemption strengthened and repelled substantially after 3 business days!! Nikkei stock price average nearly 700 Yen with the reaction which reduced value around value bought the brand where the impression arises especially and the front week when the excessive uncertainty for the world economy by the fact that the Greek support of financial crisis is decided backed up on the center order entered!! After all, Nikkei stock price average being 70 sen 10,530 Yen of last week end final value ratio 166 Yen 11 Zenitaka's, finished transaction!! Also European stock market such as the Asian stock market and London such as Hong Kong and Frankfurt rose 2% or more!!

    • The Greek crisis
      But old country where as for Greece where the world has run about in confusion to the European small country there is a tradition certainly, if after all, financial crisis of such a country which is the small country is, with the financial chain, Europe, before Greece which causes the crisis of the world well enters into the Europe, the currency to go down largely, hyper inflation happening, to become in fact tax increase, because the place where financial crisis is cancelled in general, as for the currency is the Europe, either hyper inflation does not happen, allowance cutting of the government employee and substantial rise of consumption tariff become necessary, when the Greek public finance where disturbance happens fails the Greek government bond becomes default,Well, direct bomb hit it does many European bank property, it means that financial circulation of the whole Europe is stagnant, it becomes the fire of the other side?

    • Crude oil market condition
      As for the June limit where as for the New York crude oil period as for front business Hibi of urgent rally final value, period 2 contract months 1.69~2.01 strong dollar, as for other contract months as for the 1.49~1.95 strong dollar ice [burento] crude oil, period 2 contract months 1.85~1.89 strong dollar, as for other contract months receive the ready service agreement of 1.59~2.01 strong dollar Europe closely, closely closely period closely temporarily, although it repelled suddenly, from emergency recovery and the like of dollar quotation, attend and after start lift largely and shave width, with nighttime transaction temporarily, to 78.51 dollars zooming European Union (eu) and the International Monetary Fund (imf) stability and Greece of the worldwide financial marketIt directed to the financial crisis solution and but to agree with ready service, good impression dollar slump and urgent rally etc of the European stock quotation it became the background, while being done, financial uncertainty inside the European limits is deep-rooted, dollar in anti- Europe counterattacks quickly from low price from the fact that, you attend and after start you return and to and so on you sell and being pushed comes to the point of with when into the final stage which you enter furthermore dollar cuts and because it rises, temporarily, is approached to the low price (75.80 dollars) with nighttime transaction as for [badori] executive office leader of the petroleum transportation departure mechanism (opec) which on the 10th, by the European policy authorities people the ready service step crude oil price the barrelAlthough it is seen, that it pushes up to hitting approximately 80 dollars, the world economy continues and because there is a way of recovery, but when as for price the price movements coming becomes rough, although it warned, as for same executive office leader on the 9th, as for the worldwide petroleum market over-supply, whether or not opec causes conduct in order to hold down the crude oil price slump with the debt crisis of the European sphere concerning referring as for timewise prematureness, with the [heriru] energy mining phase of Algeria which the overseas principal news agency which has expressed the viewpoint conveys on the 10th, the ready service agreement by the European policy authorities people to receive, “as for us thisSmall influence has already been discovered in the price which you have expected, if one time impact appears, that, while also the petrochemical product which the overseas principal news agency which expresses 80-85 it probably will return to dollar”, conveys becomes urgent rally crude oil similar development, after it repelled suddenly with nighttime transaction, it changed to the development which is sold the return

      * American index: Dow Jones +404.81 eggplant +109.03s&p500+48.85 the Chicago 225¥10715+175 * crude oil futures: 1 barrels =75.11 dollar ◆ny circle: 1 dollars =93 35 sen Yen 25 sen - 93 Yen & the foreign owned bond it approaches and is attached and sale surpassing Osaka ¥10540 evening ¥10710 Chicago ¥10715eu etc of front [nariyuki] status of orders [u] 34,100,000 stocks - mosquito 23,600,000 stocks deduction 10,500,000 stocks establishing the emergency loan system making provision for the financial crisis of European countries the financial uncertainty of Europe which sends the edge to financial crisis of good impression and Greece the future anxiety largely retreat and Dow Jones Tokyo market which has been zooming for worldwide business recovery is softened, weak yen supports, probably becomes the development which recovers lately slump

    • Futenma transfer of facilities, and so on
      Long separation, Mt. Fuji displayed the form clearly, << Yomiuri >> Futenma transfer of facilities view it is not government last plan a little more than of the 窮 << Asahi >> the new administration of England - you gaze in this alliance, << everyday >> the English coalition government financial crisis pushed the back, << Nikkei >> recover the faith of science with warming problem << the product sutra >> to Ozawa re-listening very this time doubt elucidation the automobile balancing of accounts which are sought << Tokyo >>, the [a], from the protection to attacking

    • Exchange rate view
      As for this week exchange rate, increase in yen value of risk evasion, the intensification of strong dollar other than anti- circle and in that the quaver resetting with the short-term climax the European financial crisis which becomes the development which glares worldwide financial uncertainty metallurgy molten insecure is, on the 14th to thought reporting of the French European secession the Europe the bearish factor becomes the American stocks, being contagious) anxiety such as flaking of intertexture stimulative step of other balancing of accounts improvement and business recovery of the risk property compression reaction adjustment with materialization financial uncertainty in long-term rise from the March last year and the fiscal austerity of the future (increasing taxes financial regulationAnd financial institution hitting anti- Europe and the like in the exposure which follows one another the resource of pressure risk evasion of the American export dollar extensively with highly cheaply and so on the bad material furthermore as for shrinkage public finance plan of European each country, very temporarily there was also a scene which becomes the retreat of financial uncertainty, but in the thought, “business easing of the future” and “easy money and currency cheaply policy long-term conversion for public finance depressed evasion” action risk evasion and, the exchange rate of the Yen where pound cheaply pressure increases from similar association continues even in England which holds the enormous deficit which the Europe cheaply applies stimulation, risk evasionIt means that the increase in yen value which increase in yen value and the Europe/circle and pound/circle direct is cautious when “everybody entire becoming weak”, besides the fact that inside the European authorities where the fact that the commutation point is received is history of quotation crisis correspondence materialized, the g7 Cabinet minister even in Japan where also the bud of the avoidance of confusion by policy cooperation starts being born 20-21st the monetary policy decision assembly of Bank of Japan is planned on, e.g., telephone conference is held over 2 weeks, stocks in order to carry out “deflation breaking away within year” cheaply increase in yen value obstruction correspondence is observedProbably will be

    • “Italian of turtle possession 2nd anniversary events? The quantity 3 times “Mega to pile up”, as many as 2 kinds/Tokyo (economic newspaper network of everyone)”
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

    • Saying, w
      Very, child treatment month 26,000 Yen provision it is unreasonable condition, “becoming Greece like, when public finance which is troubled” failure fear it does 菅, the 仙 valley admonished the increase of the deficit-financing bond, so, it is there, with democracy proud excuse the old boy of the long wife, saying, that because child treatment full amount provision is not designated as we the Greek financial crisis was devised in some person but w large burst of laughter what w

    • Article up to 5/22 (15/16)
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • Valley Riyouko and member of the Diet are licked
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • Very much, the net is not connected to the stock company, well.
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , original meaning

    • Stop the resonance “of public finance business financial” negative number
      Это мнение , Feel free to link

    • With moving to Tokyo 1.8 hundred million Yen
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • Close-up today national valley Yuuko “” [batsu] it is, the [chi]…”? Other things
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • Worldwide simultaneous stocks it is cheap
      The worldwide simultaneous stocks cheaply movement which designates the Greek financial crisis as opportunity is rumored

    • (屮 ゜Д゜) 屮 credit credit new
      impressions , original meaning

    • Even in Greece and Korean same peninsular country…
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original japanese letters , translated

    • NO 833 bullion
      Saying, that the bullion of the gold was sold, because the “10g small bar” are those where you buy are 1980 (1980), already also 30 years “shank because gold does not lose absolutely”, with being recommended at before, it is to buy to the degree which visits that store it is something which is saved, first it was 47,000 Yen, but don't you think? next year 35,000 Yen the year when it begins at the highest value, after that when the just desire which declines is scratched is useless ones, when so it does, “, now you buy even in order to dilute first the fact that it is high and should increase” that somewhere it means that the business man saysWhen you think that you have heard when the business man of the stockbroker, giving loss to the customer, the place where it is the word which is used well, is not the Ayakouzi your [ma] [ro], but because the Greek financial crisis which means that 30 annuity starts increasing in price from that, has induced worldwide financial insecurity when is, you wrote and advanced, word of the knot stopped being found

    • Manifest and revenue source
      2010.05.19. After (the water) the Hatoyama Cabinet starting, at the point where also the National Diet which it has been about that 9 months will elapse, leaves it is rear January, comes to an end but ““Futenma moving problem” the problem oral hoof of politics and the gold” “. Infectious disease problem” and, as for the eye which or the citizen who can fight Upper House election, as expected this kind of when we have held many political topics is seen, whether how it probably is to have appeared, compilation of the budget of next year, is something which keeps starting from now on, but we assume that the manifest which the Democratic party put out is executed if is, about some revenue source is not guaranteed and as for the [te] whether it probably is it is not good when the country and the district with this year 3 end of the month are adjusted, the long-term outstanding obligations, now when it reaches 825,000,000,000,000 Yen, in overseas Greece, send the financial crisis edge and the Japanese government bond grade where each country stands in crisisIn order to assure the actualization of the manifest to 11 are not never good ones, government bond issue either the issuing bonds balance of Saga prefecture which is called the prospect that it does not keep doing 44.3 trillion Yen or more of 10, as for the [te] it cannot execute at end of this year, as for general account budget of this year when it is called to 7,000 hundred million Yen the [ru] is not 4,600 hundred million Yen finally from 4,500 hundred million Yen, the issuing bonds balance, as for local finance plan of the country of the next year when it swells up in two times the accounting budget, this year when it is worry whether probably will be, whether it is formed with some kind of contentsThe tax revenue is 37,000,000,000,000 Yen, but next year as for such a many extension in any case plan of public finance which is not something which is expected soundness is assured, as for the country collecting the mid-term public finance frame urgently, what in the citizen it makes clear is required

    • The American stocks, urgent rally Dow Jones 404 strong dollar 
      belief , please visit the following link

    • Because “the European stocks, <- it is quick fix with substantial rise = financial uncertainty retreat”, “one case settlement” is not with this.
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • NY market, chart at time of 1000 dollar great break
      While dawn around 3 o'clock adding the business where the eye awakens because of the wax or the rest room which are, because as for the Japanese-Chinese foot chart which is depreciation of 300 dollar rank which looked at the stock price of the New York market with carrying, there is also a problem of the Greek financial crisis which a little is depreciation keynote, I who had become matter of concern inserted the coffee and applied the fire to the tobacco and, you looked at the New York market which is renewed at 1 minute interval which turned on the power of the personal computer interestingly, when it does, after the following 1 minutes which you think that nearly 100 dollars it depreciated 'the [u] - it is, something it occurred 1 minutes later', 100 dollarsDepreciation that with while saying, also 1000 dollars depreciated, after that, 'the circuit where also renewal of stock price stops braker operating, it became the transaction discontinuance, it is you thought the shelf', doing for a while, the picture which you are resetting substantially value is attached exactly is the Japanese-Chinese foot chart of the time, because after large declining heavily, the sky which a state where value does not move for a while understands from the picture, even the [u] [tsu] became bright, with the news where the eye which we have decided to sleep awakens, as for cause of the New York market great break it isn't error order? But with you say, as for the United States which is ambiguous and is hazy state, as written many degrees, as for the circulation of money which is the artificial nation which was made, it has become the order which the person of part is dominant, but being mistaken in the Greek crisis, in order for great break to be devised even, you feel, perhaps, Monday from Nikkei stock price average May 10th it changes to rise, the flow it spreads to the entire world because, with, here where you think, the Greek financing which quotes the article while execution approval Greek financial crisis in opportunity, confusion continues soon in the financial market of worldwide each country, introducing single currency EuropeAs 16 countries which it does hold the summit of emergency, approve the fact that financing for Greece is executed soon, directing to the stability of the Europe, agreeing, it showed the attitude which it tackles (05/811: 13 NHK news)

    • Article up to 5/21 (1/16)
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • North Korea and Iran 9
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • North Korea and Iran 17
      * Assuming that the bow and the stern part of the naval patrol warship where the North Korean woman spy restraint Korea, the report Korean Defense Department released subway secret information to the home country, was pulled up (the combined = joint) 2010.5.23 23:48 product sutra newspaper Korean intelligence agency, national intelligence institute and the Seoul central area inspection procured the 23rd and the Seoul subway information etc illegitimately, reported to North Korea in doubt of national preservation method violation the woman operative of national safe preservation defense section post (36) with the man of original staff of subway public corporation the “Seoul metro” (52) the combination which makes that it restrains clear2 people whom news conveys knew each other at the kyat of Internet, after that as for developmental original staff the woman the North Korean operative after knowing, had handed a little more than secret document 300, terrorist organization such as extraordinary communication net of the subway comprehensive command room and coping main point of the state of emergency occurrence time is not unable to abuse to sweetheart relationship, (the Seoul Mizunuma Hiroshi child) * in Korean president and the citizen to “resolute correspondence” statement 2010 May 23rd 22:53 Yomiuri Shimbun Company Korean Japanese plum discernment Hiroshi ([imiyonbaku]) the president 24th morning, naval patrol warship “Amayasu ([chiyonan])” cause of sinking as the North Korean torpedo attack receives the fact that it is concluded, as the concrete measure which becomes the contents where for the citizen the conversation which announces conversation “the clear military force provocation of North Korea” stipulates incident, states “the resolute correspondence” of the Korean government so far, south. Discontinuance of trade and end state strait navigation prohibition etc of the North Korean ship are examined, * the powerful incumbent one after another defeat … The Democratic party spare %E of extra selection American Pennsylvania state of American off-year election

    • Crisis ever since news “EU second next great war”
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • original letters
      The Greek financial crisis and the political situation of the tie being insecure, the world economy shakes to be large

    • Foot and mouth disease damage, and so on
      <<Yomiuri >> in referendum method enforcement constitution amendment face << Asahi >> small pigeon system - it cannot escape from political responsibility from the front, << everyday >> in chance of the theory law which referendum method it enforces matures << Nikkei >> the seriousness of the currency financial crisis which gold highest value shows << product sutra >> the awkwardness where also the foot and mouth disease damage kind cow was polluted

    • Way it does not become Greece!!
      En japones , original meaning

    • Does 231344 Greek financial crisis become the 2nd Riemann shock?? - Anger explosion of each citizen the most significant risk
      kanji character , original meaning

    • Now the news digest of morning
      Good morning when life it has forced in the capitalism society which is establishment support consultant Italy Seki of the administrative scrivener social insurance labor loyal retainer who is today when it is something which is various news changing thought, the economy which tries collecting the news which now had become matter of concern of morning in the digest: The financial affairs ministry which temporarily holds down confusion with 89,000,000,000,000 Yen support of the Greek financial crisis eu, the debt 882,000,000,000,000 Yen of Japan announcement domestic politics: From the valley Riyouko player Democratic party of Futenma problem May conclusion abandonment judo running worldwide politics: To the English Brown party chief resignation  Sport: There is no w because cup Kawaguchi election drill, you refrain at this point, but in relief and the surprise and discouragement as for shank Japan peace being or wretched country to be the country… the tag: Administrative scrivener valley Riyouko consultant social insurance labor loyal retainer establishment support Futenma problem Greek financial crisis Brown party chief Kawaguchi election

    Financial crisis, Politics ,

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