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    International Monetary Fund,

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  • ○■ 国際通貨基金

  • ○■ このため、g20 は、 欧州連... Because of this, with g20, the policy each country setting forth support the European Union (eu) and the like maximum of 750,000,000,000 Europe which is struck out on May 10th (approximately 83,000,000,000,000 Yen) concerning European defense package,

  • ○■ imfは22日に 国の成長率予... imf announces the whole of the world economy prospect that growth rate estimate of each country is included on the 22nd, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The American stocks marke t was single breadth cheaply, but imf is announced that 6,000 hundred million Europe (approximately 62,000,000,000,000 Yen) support is prepared making provision for when the Italian debt crisis deteriorates, the anxiety for the Italian debt problem backs up

  • ○■ 今回imfは円建 の資金をギリ... This time imf lends fund of yen base to Greece, gets over current crisis

  • ○■ [The Athenian 4 day Reute rs] Greece the European Union (eu) with the International Monetary Fund (imf) with executes the taxation of 1 limits financing as a part of the annual expenditure reduction plan which is required from exchange, vis-a-vis the business income 2010

  • ○■ ギリシャで5日、 州連合(eu... On the 5th, the European Union (eu) and the International Monetary Fund (imf) sum total 110,000,000,000 Europe (approximately 13,500,000,000,000 Yen) financing general strike of 24 hours which protest to the shrinkage step which government decides in exchange was done in Greece

  • ○■ September 3rd week (20-22 day) as for the Japanese stocks quotation, consecutively expanding is expected, a liberal translation

  • ○■ <メモ> 中国証券 報:【中証... <Memo > the Chinese bond information: If the European-American situation deterioration the Chinese stocks it increases, = gym Rogers 2011/11/18 (the gold) the 16:23: 45 renewals: From part and excerpt + compilation the plug came on the 17th, deeply and distantly received the guest

  • ○■ * * * Camp road

  • ○■ 正念場の欧州金融 関、デフ... If the European financial institution of crucial point, default in second coming of Riemann shock? - 11/10/03 | 10:13

  • ○■ 2011.06.09 The thursday I nternational Monetary Fund (imf) on the 8th, the report regarding the Japanese economy was published, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 10年に0.7%とプラ に転換... 0.7% plus it converted in 10, as for 11 years it estimated that it increases up to 1.5%,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The whole eu (27 countrie s) March of 9.7% eu unemployment rate 0

  • ○■ (新華ファイナン は、/ A... (As for the Xinhua finance,/the AFP communication photograph) the [dominikusutorosukan] International Monetary Fund (IMF) as for length, it attacks made of the Manhattan hotel sexually in prosecution in New York city to be arrested, that is reported Saturda…

  • ○■ There was the announcemen t of imf which proves the fact that the American public finance continues deterioration,

  • ○■ 日本の公的債務残 は2011... The public outstanding obligations of Japan are the prospect that 1,000,000,000,000,000 Yen is exceeded to 2011 end, according to 11 year expectation of imf, it is gross domestic product of the Japanese outstanding obligations (gnp) ratio to reach to 233,15%, to exceed the Greek 165,6% and the Italian 121,1% largely

  • ○■ Chair Yunker of European sphere financial affairs phase assembly (Luxembourg prime minister) when on the 26th, the International Monetary Fund (imf) next month, for Greece there is a possibility of not offering relief fund, recognition was shown

  • ○■ ストロスカーンを 大25年の... It was prosecuted with the sex crime where penal servitude of maximum of 25 years can assign strike loss Caen and the crime which includes illegality confinement and rape attempted incident

  • ○■ Credit default swap (cds) in the market, the cds spread of the cost which guarantees the Greek government bond past recording the highest, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ギリシャに対する mfなどの... As for the support of imf and the like for Greece, the fact that the Greek government rebuilds, public finance with such as pulling up the value added tax and the commodity tax and reducing the government employee allowance is condition

  • ○■ As for the Greek referend um evasion? That and Cabinet confidence poll being done, that somehow it was confidence when it is non confidence, this and

  • ○■ さて韓国政府は、 農政」につ... Well does the Korean government probably correspond concerning “the agricultural administration” how?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ After here, the [bo] of t he diameter 17~ above choosing the brush which is done at last

  • ○■ [東京8日ロイタ ]国際通貨... [Tokyo 8 day Reuters] the International Monetary Fund (imf) on the 8th, it published the report regarding the Japanese economy, in order presently after 2012 to pull up consumption tariff of 5% to the 7─8%, it advised

  • ○■ imf concerning reformatio n it touches, “worldwide financial crisis patience extending does, the influence becomes great as, the function which international society seeks from imf has strengthened”, that it emphasized, it searched the root where the latest economic crisis occurred, it requested framework of supervision and the fact that the importance is taken a second look to imf, a liberal translation

  • ○■ コロンビア、メキ コ、ポーラ... Although the provision of fcl was approved in Colombia, Mexico and Poland, the Greek financial crisis the financial uncertainty of Europe which spreads to Spain and Portugal etc in the trigger is received, as for imf “spreading of the shock of the market is obstructed, system strengthening is necessary”, (staff) with it judged, a liberal translation

  • ○■ the moment has come, papa ndreou said and speaking from the remote aegean island of kastelorizo “that time it was popular”, that, as for [papandoreu], while speaking from the [kasuterorizo] island of the Archipelago remote island, the plan agreed in brussels recently would provide greece with loans from other eurozone countries to the tune of euro30 billion which you express ($40 billion) at interest rates of about 5 percent, and about euro10 billion from the imf and in 2010. it aims to cover greece's immediate borrowing needs so it can continue servicing its debt and avoid default as for the plan which recently is agreed in Brussels, from other countries of the European sphere 30,000,000,000 Europe (40,000,000,000Dollar) with the large sum which is said at interest rate of approximately 5 percent, in addition approximately 10,000,000,000 Europe from imf,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ (yahoo!ニュースより 引... (yahoo! From news quotation)

  • ○■ < To img height=31 alt = Japanese [burogu] village forward operation [burogu] commodity futures src= width=88 border=0/> < To img height=31 alt= Japanese [burogu] village forward operation [burogu] commodity futures src= width=88 border=0/> < To img height=31 alt= Japanese [burogu] village forward operation [burogu] commodity futures src= width=88 border=0/> < To img height=31 alt= Japanese [burogu] village forward operation [burogu] commodity futures src= width=88 border=0/> < To img height=31 alt= Japanese [burogu] village forward operation [burogu] commodity futures src= width=88 border=0/> < To img height=31 alt= Japanese [burogu] village forward operation [burogu] commodity futures src= width=88 border=0/> < To img height=31 alt= Japanese [burogu] village forward operation [burogu] commodity futures src= width=88 border=0/>

  • 国際通貨基金

    International Monetary Fund,

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