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    Anime related words Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru The invader comes from the bottom of the sea! The World God Only Knows Bakuman My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute starchild : YOSUGA no Sora Heaven's Lost Property:Sora no Otoshimono A Certain Magical Index Arakawa Under the Bridge Samurai Girls

    • The decision which is approached
      The [tsu] which as for tonight “smiles and smiles!”With there is the “Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] × bridge”
      [tsu]至于今晚的“微笑并且微笑! ”与有“Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] à —桥梁”

    • Japanese talking
      Tuesday 25: 30fortune arterial red promise Tuesday 26: 05 Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] × bridge Friday 25: The groove of 53 God is known [sekai] Friday 26: 35 maiden ghost [za] [ku] [ro] Friday 27: Legendary Saturday of the hero of 35 legends 26: 55 invasions! Squid daughter
      星期二25:30时运动脉红色诺言星期二26:05 Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] à —桥梁星期五25 : 53上帝凹线是已知的[sekai]星期五26:35少女鬼魂[za] [ku] [ro]星期五27 : 35传奇26:55入侵的英雄的传奇星期六! 乌贼女儿

    • weblog title
      The [tsu] which the Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] *2 broadcast day additional (10.08.19) Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] *2 broadcast day addition (10.08.17) fortune arterial red promise fall in animation additional (10.08.14) you so shelf fall addition (10.08.13) smiles well in animation and smiles! The broadcasting station information additional (10.08.13) we younger sister puts on airs so lovely as for dropping thing f broadcasting station information addition (10.08.10) of the takt broadcasting station information additional (10.08.12) sea month princess broadcast day additional (10.08.10) [so] and others of broadcasting station information additional (10.08.13) [karuru] and the strange tower broadcast day and time additional (10.08.12) star driver shining which is not reason even then town the broadcast day additional (10.08.07) pocket monster best wish addition (10.08.07) which it turns more the tolove [ru] - with and others, - broadcasting station information addition (10.08.07) the groove of prohibited bibliography record II broadcasting station information additional (10.08.05) God of a certain magic is known the [sekai] addition (10.08.05) which It is the list of broadcasting station start day and time of [tegamibachi] reverse title correction (10.08.05) animation
      [tsu] [andazaburitsuji] *2广播天加法(10.08.19)在动画加法的Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] *2广播天加法(10.08.17)时运动脉红色诺言秋天(Arakawa的10.08.14)您架子秋天加法(10.08.13)在动画很好如此微笑并且微笑! 广播电台信息加法(10.08.13)我们妹妹投入宣扬很可爱不是原因的广播电台信息加法(10.08.13) [karuru]和奇怪的塔广播天和时间加法(10.08.12) takt广播电台星司机发光的(10.08.12)海月公主广播天加法(10.08.10)下降的事f广播电台信息加法的信息加法[如此]和其他(10.08.10)甚而然后至于镇的它转动的广播天加法(10.08.07)口袋妖怪最好祝愿加法(10.08.07)更多tolove [ru] -和其他, -广播电台信息加法(10.08.07)与有些魔术(10.08.05)的被禁止的参考书目纪录II广播电台信息加法上帝凹线知道的[sekai]加法(10.08.05) [tegamibachi]反向标题更正(10.08.05)它是广播电台起动动画的天和时期名单

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