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  • ○■ 稟 “So, but well, 1st week ends the university and so the time where the animation generally with something already with degree of expectation ranking p” ●s (you can expect the panty & the stocking with garter belt even then town rather) when it turns, prohibited bibliography record II of a certain magic - Instead of a (well stability with) thin cherry tree ogre 碧 blood record spirit detective Yakumo ●b (still is not the end, but however with inertia sees) the dropping thing f super robot great war og we younger sister of the [so] and others so lovely the maiden ghost [za] [ku] [ro] all kinds of flowers profusion [samuraigaruzu] Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] × bridge fortune arterial iron man ●c who does not have reason (sees once to about 3 stories, the [tsu] which perhaps and it cuts) [tegamibachi] reverse smiles and smiles! Tapir man

  • ○■ It seems the tired way

  • ○■ fortune arterial Ono you heard after a long time with animation

  • ○■ Also new program of the f all appeared generally

  • ○■ Unclear tvkor Tokyo mx? T he [tsu] which smiles and smiles! It is m?…The groove of takt TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. God of 1 tbs star driver shining from [sekaiarubatorosu] which is known to here…5? Invasion! With squid daughter ground wave [geso]! 3

  • ○■ The [tsu] which smiles an d smiles! … Never, you thought, but the boy of [do] m was story of the leading part truly…

  • ○■ ” The [tsu] which smile s and smiles!”Privately this time very. it was the time

  • ○■ 1 (1) (jump comics)/Obata health, Ooba closing * tapir man

  • ○■ [katoun] thinking, it dep ends and is not bad…Kana? But it is vulgar animation, the circumstances seeing

  • ○■ The “Arakawa [andazabur itsuji] *2”… well, it keeps accumulating… seeing 1st season? Because “with prohibited bibliography record 2 of a certain magic” there is no… ginger, the schedule which is seen with [niko] motion

  • ○■ With the notion that wher e you say 1st season is borrowed from [tsutaya], in

  • ○■ Also we younger sister pr ivate the flower 澤 framework

  • ○■ Temporarily seeing as [ch ihi] ゙ [chihi] such as animation to yesterday, ゙ it increased -

  • ○■ The [tsu] which smiles an d smiles! [hurubotsukoanime] for [do] m

  • ○■ The [tsu] which smiles an d smiles! 1st volume [blu-ray] publisher/manufacturer: Media factory media: blu-ray

  • ○■ えむえむっ!

  • ○■ Pages Web liees ecrit en japonais ,

  • ○■ えむえむっ

  • ○■ Tuesday 25: 30fortune art erial red promise Tuesday 26: 05 Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] × bridge Friday 25: The groove of 53 God is known [sekai] Friday 26: 35 maiden ghost [za] [ku] [ro] Friday 27: Legendary Saturday of the hero of 35 legends 26: 55 invasions! Squid daughter

  • ○■ As for your own attention work whether with prohibited bibliography record II of a certain magic” ““the groove of God you know [sekai] which” and so on the combining which is

  • ○■ Monday 10/425: The [tsu] which 15 tvk smiles and smiles! 10/425: 30 tele Higashi maiden ghost [za] [ku] [ro] 10/426: 00 tele east invasions! Squid daughter Tuesday 10/526: 00 mx more to love [ru] 10/527: Dropping thing f ≪ [huorute] ≫ Wednesday of 00 mx [so] and others 10/625: The groove of 50 tele east God is known [sekai] Thursday 10/723: 00 mx detective [operamirukiihomuzu] 10/725: As for 55 tbs even then town 10/726 it turns: 00 mx [yosuganosora] 10/1424: 45 [huji] sea month princess Friday 10/825: 30 mx prohibited bibliography record II Saturday of a certain magic 10/218: 00 nhk3 tapir men

  • ○■ Dropping ones f of [so] a nd others ([huorute]) tvk October 6th (water) 25: The groove of 45 God [sekaiterebi] Tokyo October 6th is known (the water) 25: 50at-x

  • ○■ The [tsu] which smiles an d smiles! tvk October 4th (month) 25: 15at-x maiden ghost [za] [ku] [ro] TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. October 4th (month) 25: 30at-x detective [operamirukiihomuzu] tvk October 11th (month) 25: 45 (net) invasion! Squid daughter TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. October 4th (month) 26: 00at-x

  • ○■ Temporarily introduction of [kiyara] ending, from now on! With being about to say, it ended

  • えむえむっ!


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