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    Reportage Politics related words Democratic Party 鹿児島 Futenma Camp Schwab Hatoyama Cabinet established 鳩山総理 Hirano, Chief Cabinet Secretary Relocation problem Relocation site 普天間移設
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  • ○■ As for Prime Minister Hat oyama whether “now, very much harsh weather, related language of… Futenma base problem unic Futenma base problem: The Okinawa Japanese Hatoyama prime minister American May base Hatoyama administration conclusion Tokunoshima United States. This contribution 2010 April 22nd Thursday in 1:16 am with [burogu] of today and Japan it became topic, taking densely? It was released to category

  • ○■ In the Futenma transfer o f facilities Tokunoshima axis April 10th 2:33 transmission everyday to adjustment white beach abandonment the newspaper

  • ○■ Our orbit is painful

  • ○■ By the fact that Japan sa ys selfishly, we expectation have not done “5 end of the month conclusions”

  • ○■ The group of government-r elated people made clear

  • ○■ Also Foreign Minister Oka da 9 days and nights, converses with the loose stop Japanese-American ambassador at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • ○■ Sunday, Kagoshima where t he large collection 會 of the transfer of facilities counter 對 of the US military Futenma airport was opened to the 縣 Tokunoshima question, as an island of the long 壽 which bears the mark it is known whether the spring it is heavy Chishiro and Hongo,

  • ○■ Prime Minister Yukio Hato yama 20th morning, the US military Futenma airport (Okinawa prefecture Ginowan (cup of [gi]) city) when is not possible “May conclusion” of transfer of facilities problem, concerning itself advance and retreat “therefore the reason which you have said that conclusion it can point to 5 ends of the month, only having the determination is”, that you expressed, stated the determination to the solution again

  • ○■ The American government-r elated person < as for Japan, the ball understanding still being by your?

  • ○■ Prime Minister Hatoyama 1 9th morning, “when it is one public opinion, should understand islander meeting”, that you express it left, but “it deepens only insecurity in Tokunoshima everyone, the [wa] [bi] would like to say” that you apologized in the same day night

  • ○■ Furthermore “if you thi nk, the prime ministers as ahead moving in regard to opposite meeting being opened with the Kagoshima prefecture Tokunoshima which examines it probably will move to Tokunoshima if, you speak with the self-governing community first securely, (it should, was)” with to express, when there was a problem in attitude of government, recognition was shown

  • ○■ Pages Web liees ecrit en japonais ,

  • ○■ Centering on the US milit ary Futenma airport transfer of facilities problem of Okinawa prefecture, secretariat secondary Director Kinya Takino 20th in the afternoon, government the Kagoshima prefecture Tokunoshima which examines as ahead moving the helicopter unit Tokunoshima, telephoned to 3 town mayors of Amagi and Isen individually, in order to interview with plain secretariat director in Kagoshima city, requested

  • ○■ Sweetness of the prospect to Futenma base transfer of facilities problem/Tokunoshima, trick of the cooperation with America, recently the support ratio to Prime Minister and the present cabinet Hatoyama has dived, it seems

  • ○■ Not responding to Tokunos hima 3 town mayor secretariat director conversation;

  • ○■ But, “transfer of facil ities inside the prefecture” with Okinawa in plan of the government which combines the helicopter unit moving and the like to the Kagoshima prefecture Tokunoshima in the axis, American side and the goal which obtains the agreement of the affiliated self-governing community are not in sight completely

  • ○■ Vis-a-vis this, “5 end of the month conclusions” have clamored being impossible, when it is desperate, in the newspaper and the like

  • ○■ However, after that, by r ally of the corporation people party and the like of alliance… the prime minister ahead did to send conclusion “to 5 ends of the month”, to the situation which brings up Tokunoshima transfer of facilities plan anew was driven

  • ○■ In November last year Jap anese-American summit meeting, vis-a-vis [obama] president who urges the solution of this problem “we want believing” that but Prime Minister Hatoyama which you feel at rest, now when 5 months pass, circumstance has not changed largely

  • ○■ Prime Minister Yukio Hato yama glares the House of Councillors selection of the summer, has the desire to administration floating spread, but when exploding accidentally, it is not strange, “the bomb” is held

  • ○■ The thought the prime min ister the occasion, explaining such Japanese examination circumstance to the president, directing to the conclusion to 5 ends of the month and requesting cooperation

  • ○■ Because of this, as for P rime Minister Hatoyama last month at the regional sovereignty strategic meeting 31st “it does not become story”, that the unpleasant impression was stated in harsh expression, more match strengthening was indicated

  • ○■ The Kagoshima prefecture Tokunoshima and the camp [shiyuwabu] (Okinawa prefecture Nago city and the like) overland section could not examine is jointly used even “concept”

  • ○■ Tokunoshima… at clean p lace shank

  • ○■ As for Okinawa US militar y Futenma airport transfer of facilities problem as on the 10th, opening of business person conference between Japan and America is waived, Okinawa which had been ahead relocating with government program, rally spread in Kagoshima both prefectures, was stranded to the sunken rock

  • ○■ Situation break with the shoal plan may be obtained understanding of American side, is groped, but “pledge violation” in addition to being, as for rally of the corporation people party being inevitable, adjustment inside the ruling party may have a rough going

  • ○■ Prime Minister Hatoyama d eclared thought again that 15th morning, it is to decide ahead relocating in a way which obtains the both agreements of the local self-governing community ahead the United States and transfer of facilities it pledged personally concerning “5 end of the month conclusions”, with Okinawa US military Futenma airport transfer of facilities problem,

  • ○■ Concerning government pro gram, it is the schedule where Kitazawa defensive phase 25th in the afternoon, visits Okinawa, both days of the same day night and 26 days, Hiro Nakaima multi (wide the [zu]) converses with the governor, explains summary

  • ○■ In order to convey the tr ansfer of facilities plan which government collected conference of government and Okinawa prefecture where plain director it offers being something which, directs conversation to the conclusion to 5 ends of the month of Futenma problem materialized

  • ○■ It is “base transfer of facilities opposite meeting with “foreign carrot administration opposition” and Tokunoshima”

  • 徳之島


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