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    Hiroshi Kume,

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  • ○■ 久米宏

  • ○■ That Tintarou following t o the Liberal Democratic Party, the field it will droop from now on and in order to keep doing to die with everyone it will appreciate, in real time

  • ○■ The kana which it makes f m, or it will make the “Kume Hiroshi radio”

  • ○■ It input recently mono '[ rasu] and, the her' (the movie) [rasu] and that her (the special compilation) [dvd]/[raian] [gozuringu], [emiri] [moteima] and Paul Schneider ¥3,990 amazon.co.jp 'NHK special|Don't you think? the future ~ of the broadcast commemoration day special edition ruinous earthquake mass media ~ television newspaper' (the television) 'with it is, sp where is favor only of the [ru] [zu]' (the television) 'at 5 o'clock absorption! ' (Television) & more 'Yoshida illuminating beauty [sokodaijinatoko]' (radio) 'Fumio's Takeda [rajiobibari] noon [zu]' (radio) 'day break' (radio) & more 'Otake true golden radio!'(podcast) 'Kojima celebration child [kira]* [kira]' (podcast) 'cultural type talk radio life' (podcast) 'the banana moon of the banana man' (podcast) 'the post rainfall suicide squad should [ya] [ri] [burintsu]!'(podcast) However '[temeoko] of [kendokobayashi]' (podcast) 'weekend shuffle of the lime star space/large house multi circles' (podcast) 'it is the Kume Hiroshi radio,' (podcast) 'living in peace 紳 Ichiro's Sunday heaven' (podcast) 'the office well the pod casting' (podcast) 'Osamu's small 阪 Yutaka framework framework business voice' (podcast) 'Tokyo pod permission bureau' (podcast) 'the world of the Katsura United States and Korea laughing which the Chihara junior Katsura good fortune 弥 talks' (animated picture) 'the nnn document ' 10 “the fighting [u]! The father of the bookstore”' (animated picture) 'Lincoln' (animated picture) 'dommune' (ustream) 'past of the intense laughing reverse side mass media ~ television newspaper the ~' (ustream) & more good-bye careless Osamu the valley/Higuchi. Traveling of the Hiroshi ¥1,365 amazon.co.jp causal railroad - the basic Satoshi's human travelogue (the book of the alligator)/basic Satoshi ¥1,544 amazon.co.jp [terumae] [romae] i (beam comix)/[yamazakimari] ¥ 714amazon.co.jp '“you laugh and it is the explosive in Otsuka” compass & the lemon are

  • ○■ With the movie and with t he book and with music and with television program and with the laughing the times when the various person criticizes the thing of the various person

  • ○■ Because it is Takeda “w ell one-on-one contest, don't you think?

  • ○■ Because Hiroshi Kume ther efore to be the [tsu] or the ~ saying!

  • ○■ “Well, the [tsu] where the [a] and the mother who are that Yamanaka's thing” do is today voice was increased

  • ○■ Air temperature of 6 o'cl ock - is the 15.8℃

  • ○■ Linked web pages are wri tten in Japanese ,

  • ○■ Kume furthermore enters

  • ○■ It was the person who ver y loves the elocution which is made, [bokutotsu] of the time where it is performed to “the news station” of Kume Hiroshi chairmanship

  • 久米宏

    Hiroshi Kume,

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