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    Drama related words AKIRA Seto Yasushi 男子新体操 Flunk Punk Rumble Yusuke Yamamoto Shunsuke Daito Kaibutsu kun Love, Again For not honest Newcomer Miura Shohei

    • Wedding.
      The [gu] [tsu] - it is today it went to the wedding of the cousin, don't you think? well - the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was good, bride clean you did and the dress was lovely also the cousin the parenthesis was good and the wedding which does for the first time it became good memory, today the [ho] it is with becoming happy is questioned with the [me], wedding you wanted to increase also inside, [ri] increased well (laughing), it is the tumbling pleasure from 8 o'clock, \ (the ^^)/
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    • As for night of Saturday
      In joining, spring out, [a] Seto and Sawayama who are the shank pleasure with scientific ♪ Seto tumbling it comes out don't you think? and self-abandonment it keeps the [wa] which is one hour (the ¯ - the ¯) completing with [huhutsu] quick thing anything, we would like to see in real time, with everyone good weekend
      在加入,春天, [a] Seto和Sawayama谁是与科学♪ Seto翻筋斗的小腿乐趣它来是否您不仔细考虑? 并且它保持的自暴自弃[wa] (¯ - ¯)完成与[是一个小时的huhutsu]快的事任何,我们在实时希望看,与大家好周末

    • Japanese talking
      日本語 ,
      [u] - -是太最高的册页的o (^-^) ~弹药筒o迅速希望记住它是!的它应该从今天翻筋斗击中了(笑) 红色头发它留给结束然而,并且好是有效的它不是, Yutaka式样时髦乐趣!! 如果少有假日您没有足够, (^ω^)

    • weblog title
      The [tsu] it did and - [burogu] saw? And [tsu] [pa] Hidaka your thing writing, the seed (laughing) the [ri] [tsu] [te] it was written gently lonesomely, don't you think? be too lovely the [tsu] it does and - large good comes, already tumbling starts immediately however we would like to videotape, whether it is possible, the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it enjoys and would like to see quickly
      [tsu]它做了和- [burogu]看见了? 并且[tsu] [pa] Hidaka您的事文字的种子(笑) [ri] [tsu] [te]它幽静轻轻地被写了,您是否不认为? 是太可爱[tsu]它做和-大好来,然而已经翻滚开始我们立刻希望录影,是否是可能的, [我] [tsu] [凯爱] [ya]它享用和希望迅速看

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