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    Environmental conservation,

    Reportage related words Global warming Bird influ 環境省 Biodiversity
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  • ○■ しかし、そこはち んと富士山と... But, there has been connected Mt. Fuji properly, a liberal translation

  • ○■ This increases, democrati zation, activation advancing, energy self-supply ratio of the country

  • ○■ 今日は クリスマス ... Today Christmas

  • ○■ 2010 July 25th (day)

  • ○■ 自分の行動が少し も役に立て... When your own conduct even a little raise, it is to part that much thing

  • ○■ Environmental preservatio n type agricultural materials [pikako] 300g price: 500 Yen (including tax and postage extra) as for the item which rose princess applies, from this the ♪

  • ○■ もちろん行動半径 広がること... Action radius spreading of course as for, travel distance the extension, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Then arrival being packed a little, it goes

  • ○■ さらには化学肥料 農薬を使用... Furthermore it can designate environmental preservation as the commercial fertilizer, and because the agricultural chemical is not used furthermore decreases also the discharge of carbon dioxide

  • ○■ In this way, the gold tur ns to also the district

  • ○■ 『海猿3』観て来 したー... 'Sea monkey 3' you saw, -

  • ○■ “Importance of environm ental preservation is conveyed to the peasants,

  • ○■ 「エコファーミン スクール」... The “echo farming school”, “the experience” it is the participation type program where “it learns” Koiwai farm type environmental preservation and “plays and” through bodily sensation it is possible

  • ○■ , a liberal translation

  • ○■ 5.カナダ: 赤十字 ンター... 5. Canada: Red cruciform intern ship 6. Australia: Environmental preservation volunteer recommendation volunteer program overseas volunteer special sight studying abroad special sight working holiday of 1 and 2 weeks it tried observing to special sight working holiday!! Working holiday, in very thing…!! Working holiday it has become matter of concern, a liberal translation

  • ○■ April 17th, Kanagawa pref ecture Atsugi city, it is the continuation of “Kanagawa prefecture natural environment integrity center”

  • ○■ 環境保全的には、 とめてする... But environmental preservation, collecting, what it does probably will put out is desired, in order to use water electricity at the appropriate quantity, we would like to do

  • ○■ Yesterday took charge of the manuscript compilation of national assembly representation question of our denomination

  • ○■ ということもあり 早くに植えら... Partly due to the fact that it is planted in early with partly due to the fact that you say? The flower of the greens where growth shakes well in the wind was splendid, is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The UN's The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Teeb) project shows us the real cost of damaging natureWhy do we care about nature and can we actually quantify what the benefits are? This is what the UN's The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Teeb) project is all about and the answer is remarkable. The natural world - biodiversity - provides us with food and materials and energy. We eat animals and plants; insects pollinate many of the foods we consume; microbes in the soil provide the nutrients the plants to grow; vegetation and soil biodiversity reduction flooding and release clean drinking water; vegetation soaks up a substantial proportion of the climate warming carbon dioxide gasses that we emit. The list goes ON and ON. Urban and rural citizens alike rely ON these natural products and benefits. The real cost of damaging nature, it turns out and is at least 10 times greater than the cost of maintaining the ecosystem as it is so that we can reap the associated benefits. To take an example close to the University of York where I work and the costs of flood defence construction and flood-related insurance claims in the Vale of York hugely outweigh the agricultural benefits of drainage ditches and overgrazing in the River Ouse catchment. Rather than treating nature as a pleasant luxury and Teeb argues that we should integrate the real costs and benefits within our decision-making. It should not be the preserve solely of environment and conservation ministries and but it should be at the core of the activities of finance departments. Teeb argues that we should get rid of subsidies that are environmentally damaging and reward beneficial activities that maintain natural ecosystems. This might be by including the costs of damage within the purchase price of products to encou We who as for United Nations economic ecosystem and living thing variety (Teeb) in us who are one of project as for us designate the nature as the air, have shown the true cost of harmful natureWhy really which kind of %

  • ○■ 5.カナダ: 赤十字 ンター... 5. Canada: Red cruciform intern ship 6. Australia: Environmental preservation volunteer recommendation volunteer program overseas volunteer special sight studying abroad special sight working holiday of 1 and 2 weeks special sight English working holiday foreign rate of exchange Japanese Yen (jpy) the English pound (gbp) 123.63 Europe (eur) 108.496 U.S. dollars (usd) 0september 9 and 2011, 10:02 am< note > this rate of exchange the exchange ray in the foreign exchange market. I for the first time go to travelling in New Zealand when and, when going working holiday, mile you do not completely know thing, seriously so… you do not understand well it is what,

  • ○■ And, in 1986 it was selec ted in “specific plant community of the natural environment integrity fundamental investigation” of the Enviromental Agency, a liberal translation

  • ○■ しかし周りはまだ だです... But surroundings still are, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Popularity article your o ut of order of this [burogu] is low the blood glucose symptom with cause? Homecoming? The parents' home it is hot, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 【送料無料】消え 大学生き残... The university which goes out the university price which survives: 777 Yen (including tax and postage extra)

  • ○■ Becomes encouragement

  • ○■ <!-- if ( pa... <! -- if (parent==self) {

  • ○■ When it designates that i t keeps advancing terrestrial environmental preservation as purpose, it is thing

  • ○■ 今日は幼稚園から いてきたそ... Walking from the preschool, it probably will cause, today is

  • ○■ This year you do not look at the still clean cosmos and Tetsu are the ^^; Still, was not the full bloom, but being settled, the place where it blooms was clean

  • 環境保全

    Environmental conservation,

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