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    Comedy related words Tunnels Taka and Toshi Buffalo Buffalo Goro Punk Boo Boo Monoii 板倉俊之 Ariyoshi Hiroyuki
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  • ○■ フットンダ

  • ○■ The [a], temporarily the year striding better seed

  • ○■ “[hutsutonda]!”When c m after the verifying, you look at the benevolence “of ginza”, from the television “scared densely is the voice of Hokkaido” and benevolence… When you look back, benevolence and Kobayashi director [a]…!!! It was instant, (¯д¯) after that it stretched, but…([en]!) It perseveres and the [ma] - does also today!! “olympos” you heard… 9 numbers 4 ' 38 seconds later 1 ' 32 seconds after the elapsing… “the ♪… which would like to meet to you” It does this with [yabai], [yo] [tsu]…!! As for the one which has not been heard yet, please has done magazine today ginza [zaterebijiyon] [terebigaido] was purchased by all means in the pleasure

  • ○■ Linked web pages are wri tten in Japanese ,

  • ○■ How thinking, the [re] in order for the [re] entertainer abnormal play to like to do, it probably is to be the result which is done

  • ○■ When request from [hutsut ondapennemu] Masanori [haiji] you laugh, to be defeated, the [moji] [tsu] [te] the one Goto total which the rust we would like to do doing the [a] [pu] [tsu] [pu] [tsu] [pu], because the side and it goes here, that you knew whether it shakes it is it is not in everyone, you do, the pad tsubo Arafat chairman with it is dense to be surprised with self introduction of warehouse reason happiness party! Total ten boss Fujita. The right uncle it is and you say it is thing, when it squats, it hurts to do to be, when [tsu] [pu] total ten boss Omura 朋 the shank it touches with rule of Hiroshi [kiyabakura], the gold the breast [pa] it is! The hawk uncle it is and in state your shank inside the male Toda [tsu] [pu] it is it is [puu] ~ Tosi [amekomihiro], when you get angry, green [haruku] (the superhuman) football hour Iwao gazing/hoping it covers and is densely with to laugh fly, in the [ru] young person uptoyou (as for meaning your circumstance? ) Football hour Goto shine basis for the person who does not know wealth 澤 with Date my important matter mono it kept flying simultaneously with the futon where also the sandwich man sandwich man has been bothered new equipment edition glare the [tsu] densely (the Kodansha publishers, Ltd. creative picture book)/cedar rice field Yutaka ¥1,995 amazon.co.jp superhuman [haruku] ~ last fighting to be, the ~ [dvd]/the building [bikusubi] ¥1,000 amazon.co.jp sandwich man live 2009~ Shinjuku Yotarou roaring tune ~ [dvd]/sandwich man ¥3,990 amazon.co.jp

  • ○■ The member -> buffalo Gorou & possession good fortune Hiro line & [pankububu] new work movie [moji] [ri] “can not passing away” Kimura ““[shiyarotsuku] [homuzu]” Sato [motsukun] how it moves?”The possession good fortune “small 6 [bobozu]” bamboo it is young “the middle-aged circus” Tosi “shear lap! Honolulu!”Hawk “present back Thomas” Kurose “char saying, the rear end it puts out” the hawk which “studying abroad James” bamboo young “shear bet freezing and others it does” “the 捧 [gu] simply one love (lovin'life/funky monkey babys) the bamboo is young in famous musical work which [moji] [ri] you” “the benevolence Osamu's your speech 'Heda it is older brother,'” “it approaches to hawk “with in you the Honda multi hearing and liger” Tosi “as for sea swims Baba Tsuruta which tiger” possession good fortune me you swear when it loves you whom” Sato “plainly moves simply one which wiper” Kurose “suddenly goes out Yada's [jijii] which!!”“This spear of the Kaga ball which sticks to Kimura rear end” “in the sand back” (the [a] did jaw/Bito [isao]) Kurose “properly slowly” the Kimura “sea bright/fresh bowl” bamboo young “in “in [santa] possession good fortune “after the war revival” Sato “pan and pumpkin” [imechienmoji] [ri] “Siyouhukutei crane bottle” hawk “reinforcement medicine [be] Tosi who is struck” “becoming emaciated, crane bottle” possession good fortune “threat condition it comes being,” the Sato “short hook strikes jumping knee” hawk “Bando [potsukuri]” Tosi dumpling Bambi” the chord [be]!”Kurose “super. Cottage old. River. “Siyouhukutei vinegar” Kimura the [be] bamboo which is driven” young “the [shiyaa] private crane bottle” [besutomoji] [ri] -> “the short hook strike the chord [be]!”

  • フットンダ


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