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    Caramel Eclair Latte,

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  • ○■ キャラメルエクレ ルラテ

  • ○■ 映画だけ楽しむに 、ちょっと... Just for the movie to enjoy, because just a little it is distant

  • ○■ Last week, I being able t o meet, the varieties as not seen, increased with the net

  • ○■ そこの音楽がすご 良かった... Then don't you think? dyeing you see in the good heart where music is enormous

  • ○■ With halfway [sutaba] in gift cake and coffee purchase

  • ○■ スタバ飲んだ キャ ラメルエクレ... [sutaba] [kiyarameruekurerurate] which was drunk being too tasty, the eye was the heart

  • ○■ “[kiyarameruekurerurate ]” of new sale was bought, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日は帰ってから1 2km走り... After today returning, 12km the ^^ which it ran, a liberal translation

  • ○■

  • ○■ お母さんは、私が 好きなのも... Because the mother whether I am the storm lover with something has understood also the fact that I am the storm lover, directly

  • ○■ Therefore I was pleasant truly from heart

  • ○■ スタバでひとりカ ェ中期間限定... [kiyarameruekurerurate] of limitation between one person coffee mid terms it is good with [sutaba] (゜ω゜) the [hi] ゚ cone* Don't you think? it is the echo which it has inserting in the magnet for the first time! The register - (well, the junior causing [re] it is w) with the smiling face being kind, that it is splendid salesman, you say, or as for [sutaba] here with everyone smiling face polite salesman when tea time where the [tsu] or feeling is good you rest, the library going, to going to work line densely (the *´н `) the [ru] - it is in the data searching of thesis the ♪ (; The ´н `)… tomorrow school 1 it is you have forgotten infinitely -! 6 Tokioki coming (´゜д゜) Hearn thank you. ☆luka☆

  • ○■ Because [sutaba] to love to the cold of remainder became the [ku], it tried approaching, after (゜ω゜) [kiyarameruekurerurate] and the chocolate ray toss cone (the ´ω `) the caramel well - (the human Ω `*) being warmed, it returns, the [ma] Good Heavens the [tsu]!

  • ○■ 伊勢崎のスマーク 来ました♪姪... With the ♪ niece [tsu] child and 2 people who come to Isesaki [sumaku] infrequent [su] [ta] [ba] (' the 艸 `) 癒 and being done in sweetness of [kiyarameruekurerurate], the [ma] ~ as for the ♪ return which is done in the Ota of promise ion approaching/leaning and others the oral [ya] (the ≧∇≦)

  • キャラメルエクレールラテ

    Caramel Eclair Latte,

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