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    Anime related words Lucky Star K-ON! Nakano Azusa Tee Time after school K-ON!!

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • http://ameblo.jp/natusora0707/entry-11312903153.html
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    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
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    • recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

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    • sayaka �� atashitte ������ honto baka �������� abababababa ����������
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      日語句子 , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

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      Это мнение , original meaning

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      Comentarios sobre este , linked pages are Japanese

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      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

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      issue , linked pages are Japanese

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      belief , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

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      日本語 , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
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    • Japanese Letter
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    • Japanese weblog

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    • original letters
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon please visit the following link

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      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Feel free to link

    • (Non subject)
      The right is 400 Yen left tend [bi] voice 699 Yen noisily the [tsu], is high, (the *_*) the [hi] [i] furthermore both the [ya] is in the [a] [zu] not to come out, it was the [te] shock, (crying)

    • In [ya] [ya] ♪
      The [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] the ed clothes coming out, the [ru] it is, (the *゜∀゜*) it is lovely, but (the *´ω `*), I do the uniform, m9 (`Ω ') you buy cat ear [kachiyushiya] with the loft! 〓 [a] [zu] 〓

    • Exceeding the night of sorrow, I continue to believe
      Present ones - it is the [bi] [ri] one day (`Ω ') nothing is done, that <- and others however the gong you saw, to stop immediately, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is (laughing) after all present what doing, high at all there is no [wa] can,/(^o^) \ with the net it will be unsteady, it is great it is finding, it is wwww who who falls, bean jam what you wrote the [ya] it is in the ww [a] [zu] what, ww copying [me] is what, the [wa] ww which will be been nervous even then me who am retained ending, because there is no [ru] wwww two shot, still the [i] [i] however!!!!!!! So you support and the roughness of smap see with such feeling of [zu] leprosy [wa] ww (laughing)

    • … It is hateful! Go alone [tsu]…!
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • Soviet [ra] no [to] 3
      Don't you think? in the [soranowoto] [yu] [i] [mu] tendency [o] [a] [zu] the [ya] it is the [yo] which stays don't you think? this [yu] [i] which stays and stays with the clamp [o] face 鞠. Voice [yaba] it is, (laughing)

    • 唯 “The [u] - it is and -, it bites and removes -…”
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • Long separation it is to remove, is
      [kiyarason] of the fairway (the *´∀ `*) ~♪ [kawayusu] and the [wa] (the *´∀ `*) the [ya] it is you probably will hear in the [a] [zu], (the ゜∀゜)

    • Figma pongee, with Amazon completion of reservation!
      After at the time of the fairway similar, this time entering into lunch break, don't you think? the w [a] seeing [a] seeing main office which is f5 repeated hitting (amount of the noon) with [kiyaraani] was instant shooting even the cart button which the [tsu] [po] which you sell completely between [rirodo] and [rirodo] is and is it is not seen and… as for if Amazon you say, at the time of the fairway although 12:19 around it was start, this time absolutely it does not start, amount of the [tsu] and the noon when perhaps it does whether already ending with 12 where it begins to abandon halfway:57 around the instant which [rirodo] is done, has been in reservation acceptance! Because in the swift attack completion of [pochi] [tsu] [te] reservation (the *´∀ `) 唯, the first lot of the fairway and the pongee was held down with this, after feeling of relief & (' - the `) no 13 o'clock passing, reservation acceptance you observed at that it has started even with sofmap, but as usual sofmap being too heavy, after throwing into the useless cart, many degrees the page which “is to be packed very much” being issued in order procedure, inside that “selling and ending” coming out, when end orz so you think, Amazon overplentiful puts out also quantity, becomes heavy with access centralization and the server is stable and, it is excellent, beam [tsu] which remains,When the [ya] it is with you look at blog of shank [gutsusuma] in the [a] [zu], the effect which does quantity adjustment because of shortage of goods state of remainder is written, when the 唯 1/15, the fairway 1/22, the pongee 1/29 you think of that is, but if you look at the latest pongee, taking [tsu] which is this condition which still is the balance deteriorating too much impression of demand and supply, the [ya] is the first amount cannot permit the air in the [a] [zu], (the *´д `) concerning reservation target date, as for the possibility of coming being 2/5, 2/12 and continuation being high, the shank

    • Don't you think? my outer space little by little becomes your outer space
      Be it does good morning! Recently, night sleeping passing, it is dangerous, is; ; When yesterday you become aware, sleeping, with immediate side of the stove which it increases/(^o^) \ the [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] throat it is painful with favor…So well in yesterday junior the star* [suka] (the constellation his person) December, the [ya] it is you borrowed to the [a] [zu], however it is, because - yesterday you could not hear, listening it is on the [tsu] [te] attending school middle, the [chi] [ya] useless shelf [kore] smiling face the nature and 28282828…<- The catalpa it is lovely, the laughing star where the catalpa (the *´д `) [konpu] it does the [chi] [ya] may be unintentionally absent-mindedly and is* Although the hammer [ri] not to want the [te] you avoid also [suka],…(' Ω `). Avoiding, ↓starry☆sky of the [ru] it is thin the Alice clover of the country of the cherry tree ogre heart (the ry joker (ryare you alice? etc ......Basic as for maiden Gaea system avoiding, discernibly of the hammer [ru] which it increases although with laughing, you have avoided directly from the [ru], upper two the animation conversion decision [ma] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] passing, the donkey or the [a] which is the ww seeing [chi] [ya] [u] which you say!! However the [te] you say, or see, well <-, the school it perseveres! The [a] - the catalpa the catalpa we want me lovely in birthday, (^q^) <-

    • The hand was produced,
      belief , original japanese letters , translated

    • * Don't you think? don't you think? it is the mud well Nakano Azusa (the [ya] it is) it was reservation instant shooting in the [a] [zu
      Don't you think? the good smile company don't you think? is the mud well Nakano Azusa (in the [a] [zu] the [ya] is) almost was instant shooting by his somehow 1 could guarantee with the net which it is reserved is started from 2/2, but don't you think? because it was rather harsh fight still not being reserved and being started there is also a shop, perhaps, the desired person in sale day whether it probably is the place that the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] power fearfully the [ru] should, the one which is checked briskly is good,

    • original letters
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      Ono Daisuke cedar rice field Satoshi harmony Nakai harmony 哉 Hiroshi Yamadera one the Yutaka promontory love raw bamboo 彩 奈 you throw away with Kato Suguru Biri and, Ono d handsome voice you pass! As for w Kato Suguru Biri where with everyone [pokan] [tsu] [te] feeling which you spoke in English of the school speech the mountain properly concerning the Yutaka promontory, the friend of [wota] [niyaniya] doing, feeling was bad and is as for Nakai which likes Hidekiti's voice the [ya] is voice likes the bamboo likes the voice of [zoro] which in the [a] [zu

    • Japanese weblog
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    • Japanese Letter
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking

    • Please enjoy in only sound.
      En japonais , original meaning

    • 咲 - Saki- 20th bureau “sisters”
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      This eye closing, don't you think? [ru] secret like and others (the ゜∀゜) the [a] [a]. Because luck it does not need, the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] luck ('; Ω; The `) doing, 9 times doing, secret 1 hanging, [do] [yu] thing (^ω^;)(; ^ω^) Recently the figure increasing too much, it is not opened the [wa] [wa] which is disorder (^ω^;)(; ^ω^) This time putting out outside everyone, we would like to arrange cleanly, (the ´ω `) the [a] [zu

    • The [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] desire
      This way the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] [kosu] we want doing, (the *´д `) attaching also the [haahaa] cat ear, the [wa] [yu] it does the justice [a] [zu

    • * Picture [chiyarogu
      The kana saw you drew the pretty woman in being attached! Thank you! -> That paper like medal is no what

    • Snow and burning potato and winter General
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , original meaning

    • To call the favorite, whether still
      But just a little just the kana which we would like to say? The [ma] -, some cause and effect however there is no [wa] can, it became many recently to speak with the girl with the net, but (*^-^) really meeting still just one person, f^_^; Because the face is not visible, the air it did not combine and also [tsu] [te] the fact that you can speak it is, but it is after all one time bore meeting, although we would like to speak with o which you think (^-^) the reason lllorzlll which to everyone Hiroshima is not with combining something, o it goes, becoming little travelling, the stripe, but (- o-;)It is what, now you cannot say at all when it is loved to love, but it is It was yesterday coming-of-age ceremony it is not? But as for we next year what becomes the adult, that it is, w getting married keenly, once upon a time it has home, you think that it is, but it is don't you think? it can meet with the girl such, whether or not however there is no [wa] can, thinks as the kana which will lift up everything in just that child, (*^-^) you write what w temporarily for a while the [ya] just it is it is we wife in the [a] [zu], however <-, when it does also rear several years, inhaling with we wife, whether the person whom it introduces is, don't you think? (*^-^) now warning for admonishing, is just the [ru

    • March purchase schedule
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • Search word 100127 editions of yesterday
      Analytical object period: 2009 January 27th (water) the number of samples: 187, pattern: 165 (as for access 357) when the [tsu] it tries it will come and probably to take a bath the washroom (and the divestiture place) with the older brother washing the part of [zaku], it increased, (laughing) something recently “while doing ease in non paint, just which finishes cleanly with just the polishing and simple processing?”, even with the formation color which puts out and is theme what. When you drop, although [akiyodo] which is surprised unexpectedly with clean something the assembly sample which is decorated, already at one time furthermore it becomes clean don't you think?, with you think, when the question which looks at that and well pg which the finisher of [vuajinaru] which is decorated as expected in the store of [bokusu] arranges you see it is tremendous after all, however is; The sample of [pichi] of [huigiyuatsu] now was regrettable at one, it is, but you probably will do with the doll with the artificial hair as for that coat color without coming out, completely in the theme various person for the figure we want the fresh pre- cure which it does trying persevering, it is, but…Because Toei Co., Ltd. the day copyright is noisy, it cannot mass-produce, is with the person whom it does not wish to do is many, it is probably will be…While thinking that with your own exclusive use there is no calling even with one off, well also Bandai the Bandai kana; Because the production expense of op and ed Bandai is expectation, that modeling data of ed having, therefore [ru] Bandai what, putting out in that base, at all, although it was good, the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] the cat to see, while it will try trying how to do, always sort you fold

    • [] which is the school in 2 days after
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • The [ke] it is and is 1 stories!
      1 stories it takes a second look it is, but at the time of first attending school of the 唯 already passing each other with the law fairway pongee, the [ru] it is with the shank! When the feeling which still does not become chummy, the foreshadowing to 13 stories, the cat photographic fog [tsu] [pu] [ri] of the [wa] it tries looking back and don't you think? there is new discovery! The [ya] is in the [a] [zu] the opening which is not conversely fresh w

    • The native face is the [u] [za], case w
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Feel free to link

    • The time when the training place starts overflowing with the abundant high school student
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • Even what - ww
      issue , Japanese talking

    • Don't you think? “animation dress” summer is, the [e]?
      belief , please visit the following link

    • So if you say, ++
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • [warudoizumain] X'mas Ver.
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • Part release of the New Year's greeting card picture production midway
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • There is no banana,… is, with?
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • [meito] ww
      En japones , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Em japones , for multilingual communication

    • Rib rose -

    • (^q^) -
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • To being!
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • Japanese Letter
      Well the [a] ('; д; The `) the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is in electric batteries 1 of carrying the orz [chi] [yo] www bus riding, assistant of the cod university it came, but it is, as all power run, www which breath it runs out rather and questions it is quaint! (^ω^;)(; ^ω^) Even, how it is good, but the [tapii] [ke] it is and is! Two periods the www [ke] which [pisume] photograph taken on the spot conversion extremely is known recently it is and it is the [ya] is in the [a] [zu] [pisume] when tin loses weight the favorite (^ω^), the [ke] to be, it is! The chair which [kosu] is done the [ya] it is in the www [a] [zu] it is itchy, we would like to do, (the *´д `)

    • Japanese weblog
      As for being, theater edition magical girl [ririkaru] of the glance which leaves in January 3 sunrise coming thing Osaka Nihonbashi seeking the advance sale ticket, when it left, you were surprised because [animeito] 18 o'clock was closing, when you looked at the clock, well -, the dangerous [wa] where 18 o'clock it was just before closing before - somehow, get it does the advance sale ticket and the palm is after that, to approach to [gemazu] that is, you bought with the varieties doing, the [ke] it is and is the hole of the [chi] [bi] voice [tsu] [te] and others was a little cheap, don't you think? is, unskillfulness it is dense, it is…But to before this of the river orz, the [ke] which is heat it is and is thing what of the 1st lotteries at the certain store, selling the premium figure, on the Akiyama fairway of the b prize which it increases, with Tainaka law of 4980 Yen d prize, it comes even with 3780 Yen other prize and the [yu] is g prize of [kiyara] 唯: 980 Yen (most low price: Inside purchase) fairway: 780 Yen law: 1280 Yen pongee: 400 Yen (inside purchase) catalpa: 1280 Yen f prize: Although the pongee magnetic cup 500 Yen e prize the [yu] it is, involving…To wwww which you forget, if it approached to the place even with the 唯 of g prize, there was an unevenness of price…If with at a certain store, they were 2280 Yen and now, you think, if the [ya] it is you buy to the [a] [zu] of g prize, with after so long a time regret…

    • Japanese Letter
      figma new series announcement! The /a> [ke] to be, - mobip had come out first because, there is no arm, that you thought whether is figma conversion, whether it is it is not, but don't you think? even quality it is problem improbable, to the max [a] [zu] the [ya] it is as expected expecting, the combining ^^ which it waits

    • Japanese talking
      Temporary earnings 1000 Yen p (^o^) the qktkr way the [ke] it is in the [be] and is repelling ed [ru] elementary school student [u] p being done, as for [ru] obtaining [shiyana] 3 period starting (^o^)? But now feeling per seat it is and is* The [ya] it is you could think lovely in the [a] [zu], (the ´@д@ `) it is the mail from the [a] everyone being full [ya] [so], (^д^) laughing

    • original letters
      The present dream house (book or cd or dvd selling, the [ru] store) the [ke] it is and is! When it goes to the [kiyarason] debt, unless the [mu] [gi] taking [tsu] properly as for grieving and harmony although it is, 唯 with the [ya] is in the fairway and the [a] [zu] putting, saying, the position where it was said it is properly and entirely dissolves and just 3 must buy as for the gold it is 30,000, but it is, as for 30,000 one for when going out with the friend, when gold putting out cd you borrow, only 700 Yen the gold which it is possible to use it remains, well just New Year's present 5000 Yen using, cd which we will assume that you buy, selling, when it went to seeing with the [ru] densely, however the fairway it was not put, there to be a person whom you read to the end which is or more grumble

    • Japanese Letter
      Temporarily, as for [wota] looking at animation, the [ke] which increases it is and is! It is school animation, per seat it is and is! Just being, story of the sound section it is funny lightly! It is healed! It is, and others one pushing! It is the black hair beauty of the fairway ´ω `base good [naisubadei], sometimes but [tsundere] ww← usually although it is cool, you show, it is shy, but [ru] expression. >< the [so] it is with having, the extreme fearing!! >< the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] the right to sprout, it is system, the [dojitsu] child lover the [yu] to be, the male is completed is the terrible [dojitsu] child, (laughing) because [tsu] coming [karakon] it reached, it tries acquiring afterwards!!!!! (^o^)/

    • original letters
      The [ke] it is and is! 14th story (extra compilation) “place with live music!” *… Being different until now in doing live with the end of year place with live music, the real story shelf * law, you are confounded to the live schedule which is done properly, when… the [tsu] [po] which is not play it is and it is certainly first, you are confused * the [yu] to be, the live ticket is distributed to everyone,… calling - pleasantly so is, * the [yu] it is, transfers also sign to the ticket and simultaneous restfully… the air grows and - is recognized even with w - * the fairway, “inside, with all pink!” … The illumination [tsu] [te] of all pink it is enormous it may become the w strange air, don't you think? is, w seeing, also the like air w & the [yu] it is, the other band adapts don't you think?… the eye which with envious character was seen to shank that fearfully and everyone it is kind so, * the [mu] [gi], before the production the usual way “it designates as the tea and the [tsu]?”… the great man * the live scene 'softly the time'… is good after all! The live scene, we wanted, * [wa] teacher and the manager of the place with live music you know each other and… it is like it is the member of the band and there is such connection of the shank with * after the live over-year-end side eating, tramp it does and/or with waits and/or… truth good atmosphere, is pleasant probably will be - * New Year, with 5 people the first sunrise… the [ya] it is in the tiger ear [a] [zu] w

    • Japanese talking
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • Japanese talking
      Comentarios sobre este , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      En japonais , original meaning

    • Japanese talking
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • Japanese Letter
      Densely it is, it is at [wa] today January with end the shank \ (the ゜□゜)/something being quick, the shank! Today, the [ke] it is and is! You looked at 14 stories, the “place with live music” was, but being the [a] ~ good well, the shank! 唯 Seeing after a long time, little by little it grows, the [ya] is in the [a] [zu] which you think that is, the [tora] ear was lovely, (the ∇)

    • original letters
      Essa opiniao , Japanese talking

    • Japanese weblog
      Love raw and the [hi] [tsu] [chi], the palpus beauty and beauty greens, in the leash the [ya] is, and 唯, the [ya] is in fairway, law, [mugi] and the [a] [zu] and the [ke] to be, it is! Everyone of the staff you question again with the [me], it is! The tune of htt the album buying, heard many degrees and you sang awfully even with the karaoke, because (laughing) as many as 2 periods from this April to be enormous op and ed are sold in your own birthday which is the pleasure, animation together that with the pleasure the shank! In addition everyone of the cast staff where what you can inquire about the tune of htt is the pleasure, as many as 2 periods please persevere!

    • original letters

    • Japanese weblog
      Therefore this time s.i.c mask [raidadeikeidorebiyudejirama], the background which is normal [dejirama]: That something which you think whether before the Uzigawa suspension bridge it will make privately sinking, [imaichi]… pause kana? “The [ke] it is and is!”However, however principal [kiyara] everyone it was the [ya] it is Nakano Azusa sewing involving Gaea plug get 唯 excluding to the position where it is easiest to catch it is this catalpa figure is good in the [a] [zu] also [animekiyara] of such sewing involving shank presently in the car, is dangled with healing

    • Japanese talking
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , for multilingual communication

    • original letters
      The [ke] it is and is closely examining “[retsutsugo]” it increased

    • [a] [zu] 3
      The [ke] it is and is! Because [gachiyahuigiyua] (the swimming wear) it was, it tries turning

    • weblog title
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • The [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] [ritanzu
      The [ke] it is and is! 2 periods start from April, it is even (the ≧∇≦) the [ya] it is and it can meet in the [a] [zu], - the [tsu] (*^-^*) it is the pleasure*

    • Japanese weblog
      belief , for multilingual communication

    • Japanese talking
      En japones , please visit the following link

    • Japanese talking
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon please visit the following link

    • original letters
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト 第1話 響ク音・払暁ノ街
      The new animation framework, there is no 1st feature animation original “of [animenochikara]” it is animation of new shape? Because basically, the war-related work, the gun as for the work which comes out you do not see, me degree of expectation most was under and “唯 what you do the first impression which temporarily, was seen?”Was, “the [ke] it is that much and is!”The [ma] it is the [ma], [wa] teacher how [sotsukuri] to pass, probably will be, (^-^; …… It is funny as the thought which was seen to end and it is! “The [ke] it is and is!”Accompanying the people in this world, the way of the [ji] feeling this which adds flavor and aria flavor the work which gives strange feeling to me… is viewing decision! Conduct and the true [tsu] where as for 1st story with [kanata] of the protagonist showing world view well, the lot of op which starts pushes out foreshadowing [kanata] to festival after in board intently, extensively is not either sudden rhythm of [kanata] immediately character, the bone which [kanata] saw in description of the festival which designates the whole work as good impression and explanation and the spring of legend the center of the story? So, when it does, as story advances, it may become sad direction, being we fear,… end SIME lines of the old lady regarding the bugle of [kanata] which is were highest, (唯 the [ya] it is in the + [a] [zu]) the ÷2? This smiling face is enormous! [kanata] is too lovely! [wa] teacher!! The shelf where this child may become perhaps 1 keeper air -

    • 動画、音楽プレイヤー
      Densely it is, because is, the [a] the [do] is so the thing was searched again pleasantly, because there is a detailed specification where the introduction stripe not being completed first it is the portable animated picture prayer please verify ahead linking there is no mp5 prayer 2gb camera there being Sawayama's color at the convenient price which is the music prayer of the certain ipod shuffle wind, this which is good bargain details please verify ahead linking ipod shuffle type! When the [ya] it is the varieties which are [nekomimi] it has searched in the [a] [zu], the [ya] is [nekomimi] which is attached, the kind of air which is different does the end which is the mp3 prayer of topic in the [imaichi] [a] [zu] which is found but because funny so is, it tried raising attaching, as for like one at ahead linking to you viewing details, under go to be, it is! Nakano Azusa [nekomimi] [[kosupa]] << reservation commodity June sale >> in 々 pleasant ones were found because and it tries searching, when it is found, in the rise stripe shank the [a] the [do] it is in favorite store “and others the sillaginoid it is” immediately this under please try clicking details which add the character goods “of [ritorubasutazu]”, the [a], the [do] it is favorite as for the one which has the interest which has the store of array with this please view popularity [burogu

    • 拍手返信
      One your thank you snappily, if just applause gratitude and it can renew soon, after applause reply [erimihaden] which is thought opening, you question with the [me], it is, this year to be possible the request stripe shank [ke] it is and is! Your Valentine story that it is the very much tasty volume where three volumes you read being good, thing of the 唯 being too favorite, lovely the time of study it causes shank grieving the [ri] doing travelling which is the 唯, as for grieving the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] which is the younger sister who can be made good truly there to be also the description, fairway lover, the better seed - privately, also the feeling which has yearned to the fairway it is good, is, but the candy which the 唯 gives “it is sweet”, that the 唯 which the feeling and very much was tasty and is the [ya] it is as usual in the [a] [zu] favorite, being lovely, the shank the law fairway which is rolling in the mouth is good privately, is, but 唯The 唯 fairway where the × fairway is favorite seems that formality does not push, but with we like, the shank! Un solo is not to see, but because they were contents of such feeling, because the shank - me we love 唯 grieving, as for that with rather tasty contents the shank! After all, 唯 with always wanting having made chummy in grieving, it is can be less crowded, is! It is lonesome to be possible to be, the end [wa] [tsu] [chi] [ya] is, don't you think? also animation two period was decided however and, it is we would like to expect development future to! Then, applause

    • まんがタイムきらら2月号
      It became the [chiyo] [chi] review slow, the [tsu] fungus it is and it is the [ya] is in the [mu] [gi] and the [a] [zu] as for the entwinement natural of the good [mu] [gi] being good, that however you thought, whether it is funny, whether that this of the shank it is densely to see, the sea urchin good [hu] it is connection how you drop, occasionally [kiyara] which is good [ochi] changing and/or well… being visible in another person and/or [yu] [yu] type [kiyara] moving disjointedly, properly the [ru] it is pleasant, don't you think? in the seeing which is natural the [yu] - the [mu]! It is not however also justice ww Chelsea large happy interest news item it was funny, being [ochi] highest, to do, the cartridge palpus [ma] [ro] typhoon nipple holding down ww already just a little [sekuhara], in lily princess as for serialization? The [yuritsupuru] [ma] - such a younger sister of the inspiration which puts on airs we want with the double knight calling feeling, well the [mero] ^3! Two surface characteristics of the protagonist the point or normally the obtaining and the [se] of the Aizawa house and others [toko] which sleeps with the letter of the river whose it is good to make for the [bo] of the [ho], are good, is, don't you think? the [za] system straw inside it did and expectation kana - enjoyed in the next time and but pongpongpong common news item what as the biting which, is good said it grew, well, as for grinningly www three thing trifoliate Calais the beverage? It is like the! The limbo of the boundary line it is not bad, but it is the [chi] [yo] it is and the betta [i] slipping [zu] [bouzu] which is applied is different, as for the www aaa poor milk the stay (ry two Chome alleyway reverse side searching. However odd 譚 darkness Alice and the life where she inside the brain which we would like to see is it was difficult to know, the older sister who becomes dim was funny, just a little… near equal already as for one twist [kamon] sweethome throwing away cat news item it is many, well the cat coming [tsu] the snail where the pot just a little is different it is - to go, whether being harboring… the [ke] to be, it is it is stable, well well this month the number did not have the large end with the shank, because the New Year's greeting card it was left over all the way, the prize you apply, -

    • [アニメ ワンピース]あずにゃん
      japanese means , original meaning

    • 僕と相棒
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • C77 2日目 まとめ
      Comentarios sobre este , for multilingual communication

    • 第陸佰弐話 アカシロ
      Essa opiniao , for multilingual communication

    • バンプレスト 「一番くじプレミアム けいおん! B賞 秋山澪 プレミアムフィギュア」
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • 3枚同時発売とか鬼畜すぎるだろ・・・
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    • うがー!!
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • けいおん
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • キスはちょっとだけ待ってて
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • 14日
      Essa opiniao , for multilingual communication

    • 行って来ました!
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Feel free to link

    • もう針がないから買わなくちゃ。
      Nihongo , original japanese letters , translated

    • 突発2 版権
      kanji character , original meaning

    • Blu-ray 「けいおん!」第4巻 & 「CANNAN」第1巻

    • ミラノ風ドリアの中にゴキブリが入っていた・・・
      Essa opiniao , Japanese talking

    • あずにゃんマグまもなく発売!!
      kanji , Feel free to link

    • シャムシャム
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , linked pages are Japanese

    • 今更けいおん!
      En japonais , original meaning

    • アニメイトに行って来ました
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • やぱりかわゆし
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    • 今日の戦利品はコレ~♪
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    • 今週の夢パティ
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • けいおん一番くじと統計学
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • けいおん!一番くじコンプ記念
      Это мнение , Feel free to link

    • 総柄中野梓パーカー
      belief , please visit the following link

    • 2 Mステとか見てなかった( ´Д`)ぁぅ
      日語句子 , original meaning

    • けいおん!同人ミニ小説ニコッと版w 1
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • hだいdjさいおふぃおさmこいさjf
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    • ストーカーという名のry
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • あずにゃんのギター買ったにゃん♪
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • バンドやろーよ!!
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    • 鍵盤の魔法がお気に入りになりそうな件
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    • レポ2日目。長文注意。
      belief , Japanese talking

    • けいおん!3巻買ってきました。
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • 以外と。
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    • Mステねwww

    • 昨日・・
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    • 痛車みっけたんだよwww近所で
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    • 今日はクリスマス
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    • 今日は何の日w

    • ほあたの奇跡だz((((

    • けいおん!VSハルヒ
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    • ねんどろいど
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    • 年末・年始・年度末はすでにライヴで予定がいっぱいどすぅ。
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    • なんか色々
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    • ごめんなさい
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    • 「けいおん!」から続々とフィギュア化!
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    • シルバーウィーク ゲーセン記!                 けいおん! イラスト 平沢唯
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    • 日本始まりすぎだろ・・・
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    • フィギュア好きの女子人口が増えればいいのに(-ω-`)
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    • 今週のまとめ11月1週目
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    • RioのドラマCD?
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    • 軽い音を楽しむ部

    • 横アリでレッツゴー・・・てか(笑)「けいおん!」ライブイベント。
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    • 俺の嫁たくさん、夢もたくさん
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    • アニサマ凄かった。
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    • サントリーがまたやってくれました
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    • 最近、事情ww
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    • パーフェクトさんすう教室
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    • だく足のマスタング。
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    • 女の子(仮)
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    • いざ投票
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