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    My Girl,

    Drama related words Masaki Aiba THE ARASHI SECRET TV SHOW masamune Kaibutsu kun

    • オリ☆スタ
      single ranking necessary is seeing!! p4.5 櫻 well Sho (“[kabachi] on special!!”) “On Sho site who carries the protection against the cold goods of the younger brother to press conference interview photographing actual place the staff prepared barbecue”, the photograph being recorded before “[otonoha]”, looking at better seed that, the laughing where the stomach sounds - from the stormy member something as for word and the like of encouragement? - Yesterday (1/5) was the first day of the year for work with 5, but it is, it works huh, from 3 days?”The [tsu] [te] being said, it was the day off “huh, to everyone today!?”The [tsu] [te] was surprised conversely (laughing) (omission) after, in actual place the staff to whom the respective member relates with another work doing to reach, when” the stormy family” [tsu] [te] you say, but exaggeration, a liberal translation
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    • オリ☆スタ
      In any magazine in the article “of the left eye detective eye” the superior horse now shank this is to the extent where 2 stories start, don't you think? it is lonesome the [u] - Jun p6.7 Matsumoto/[kose] “fasio” cm pine Jun it is beautiful! Also fasio being 10th anniversaries? [wa] -, chance meeting! Laughing recent pine Jun, just a little you became younger, don't you think?? The mass color [tsu] [te] you do not use usually, however it is, it will try buying the kana - [pawa] quantity which we would like to know, what kind of ones it is, don't you think? as for p38.39 secret of arashi Aiba elegance period Aiba travelling alone, just a little insecure laughing p59 left eye detective eye Yamada the photograph of the superior horse has been recorded is the scene of the roof to which in the article which as for thing of part of the superior horse is not written when p64 which and, you think in this “the photographing reverse side potential enlistment” [tsu] [te] is said the article which! As for photograph two shot of Yamada as for 2 cutting one Yamada and [gatsu] %
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    • オリ☆スタ
      As for the latest attention [jiyanizu] selection large game p5 super bulletin! [orikon] annual ranking 2009 album section storm “all the best! 1999-2009” 143.3 ten thousand single section storms/the Yano Ken it is thick “fine weather 65.7 ten thousand music dvd section stormy “5×10 all after the starring satoshi ohno believe/becoming cloudy” the best! clips 1999-2009” 59.1 ten thousand p6.7 last promise [nino] [tsu] [te], the suit form just of the shirt which does not wear the jacket the Huziki Naoto storm which matches enormously large extolment!! “The tempo impression of lines quite like stormy song,” notice is broadcast by “the vs stormy” end of cute yesterday and that it is feeling the better seed notice, story and so it puts out funny, performance will have been secure the hammer [re] so is in world view of empty drama, (cm of [jiyanizukauntodaun] flowing, it becomes in earnest atmosphere of end of year and the better seed) subject song “sky is high” slowly %
      ¡En cuanto al boletín estupendo grande del juego p5 de la última selección de la atención [jiyanizu]! ¡[orikon] tormenta anual 2009 de la sección del álbum de la graduación “todo el mejor! ¡1999-2009 de” solas secciones 143.3 diez milésimos asaltan/el Yano Ken que es “la sección gruesa “5×10 tempestuoso todo del dvd de la música de los diez milésimos del buen tiempo 65.7 después de que el satoshi starring ohno crea/llegando a ser nublado” el mejor! ¡acorta 1999-2009” 59.1 promesas pasadas de los diez milésimos p6.7 [nino] [tsu] [te], la forma del juego apenas de la camisa que no usa la chaqueta la tormenta de Huziki Naoto que empareja el extolment enormemente grande!! “La impresión del tempo de líneas tiene gusto absolutamente de la canción tempestuosa,” el aviso es difusión por “contra” final tempestuoso del ayer lindo y eso está sintiendo mejor el aviso de la semilla, la historia y así que él pone hacia fuera divertido, el funcionamiento habrá sido seguro el martillo [con referencia a] así que está en visión mundial del drama vacío, (cm [jiyanizukauntodaun] de fluir, se convierte en en serio atmósfera de de final de año y aunque presentimiento la mejor semilla) canción sujeta “cielo también que el atrasado puede vender el colmo” alrededor 1/31,… él es suspenso [huantaji] [tsu] [te] palabra [tsu] [ji] [ya] milagro [u] Aiba después de todo ese milagro %

    • 12/7 HEY!03/宿題くん
      hey! 03 this year [ma] [tsu] [kaminguauto] [shingururankingu] 05 rank ★everything03 rank* My girl 02 rank* After memory /crazy moon01 rank ★believe/to become cloudy of the tomorrow, the VTR of fine weather [puremiamunaito] (the //∀//) this year [wa] VTR performance first appearance remembering, don't you think? [ru] thing what and present hey! Because you saw with most certain famous foreign animated picture sights of 03 performances, the money of the [ze] [tsu] three large powers former times you have seen entirely pine Jun's lines it is bitter with was obtained, something?! Laughing that it is, don't you think?, the absolute friend saying, the person (o^∀^o the) child having album
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    My Girl, Drama,

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