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    My Girl,

    Drama related words Masaki Aiba THE ARASHI SECRET TV SHOW masamune Kaibutsu kun

    • CDTV
      weekly album ranking 9 rank all the best 1999-2009 the arrival [u] it is the top 1010 rank my girl week
      álbum semanal que alinea la fila 9 todo el mejor 1999-2009 la llegada [u] es la fila superior 1010 mi semana de la muchacha

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      Wednesday and 21 October 2009, 12:49 C O N F I D E N T I A L TBILISI 001919 SIPDIS EO 12958 DECL: 10/19/2019 TAGS PARM, PGOV, PREL, KNNP, DOE and GG SUBJECT: GEORGIA: RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL CROSSES THE BORDER REF: TBILISI 207Classified By: Deputy Chief of Mission Kent Logsdon for reasons 1.4 (b) AND (d) .1. (C) Summary. ON August 26, a car carrying three Armenian citizens entered Georgia from Armenia at the Sadakhlo border crossing. The car set OFF a gamma alarm ON the radiation detection portal monitor. The driver provided a cursory explanation for the alarm and the patrol police did not detain the group. ON August 27, the same car returned to Armenia through the Sadakhlo crossing and again set OFF a gamma alarm. At this point, the patrol police detained the occupants and searched the vehicle. Georgian officials determined that the car was contaminated with Cesium-137. However, because the search did not produce any radioactive material and the occupants were released and returned to Armenia. An FBI officer is currently following up with the Government of Armenia ON the case. End summary.2. (C) Comment. This incident shows the value of radiation detection portal monitors at ports of entry in Georgia and which have been installed across the country over the last several years by the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration/Second Line of Defense (SLD) PROGRAM. Without the monitors and this car would have probably entered and exited Georgia with no one knowing that radioactive material may have been brought across the border. Officers with the Patrol Police, Border Police and Georgian Customs have received, and continue to receive and training from the United States ON detecting and deterring radioactive and nuclear material smuggling. This includes instruction ON how 2009 October 21st (Wednesday), 12:49 general affairs ONFIDENTIAL [tobirishi] 001919 SIPDIS electroendosmose 12958 declination: As for gg TAG PARM 2019 October 19th, as for PGOV, [pureru], KNNP and DOE, subject: Georgia: The radioactive substance exceeds REF of the border, %
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    • Japanese weblog
      Australia's Casey Stoner notched up Ducati's maiden MotoGP victory of the season when he dominated the Aragon Grand Prix from pole to the chequered flag ON Sunday.The 2007 world champion, who started from pole for the 20th time of his career and finished 5.148sec ahead of Spain's Dani Pedrosa (HONDA) at the Motorland Aragon circuit in north-east Spain. Spanish [danipedorosa] which as for the Australian k sheath toner, as for him from pole position to the checker flag from pole position 20 hours of that carrier the champion of the world start 2007, controls Aragon grand prix in Sunday.The, victory of maiden name MotoGP class of [doukatei] of this season finishes 5.148sec ahead the notch (HONDA) with the north east Spanish Motorland Aragon circuit
      La deshuesadora de Casey de Australia hizo muescas en encima de la victoria virginal de MotoGP de Ducati de la estación en que él dominó el Aragon Prix magnífico del poste a la bandera marcada con cuadros EN el campeón 2007 del mundo de Sunday.The, que comenzó del poste por la vigésima vez de su carrera y acabó 5.148sec delante de Dani Pedrosa (HONDA) de España en el circuito de Motorland Aragon en España de nordeste. El español [danipedorosa] de quien en cuanto al toner australiano de la envoltura de k, en cuanto a él de la posición de poste a la bandera del inspector de la posición de poste 20 horas de ese portador el campeón del comienzo 2007, prix magnífico en Sunday.The, victoria del mundo de Aragon de los controles de la clase de MotoGP del nombre virginal [doukatei] de esta estación acaba 5.148sec a continuación la muesca (HONDA) con el circuito español del este del norte de Motorland Aragon

    • Japanese Letter
      The UN reported ON Friday that at least 28 out of the 240 victims of brutal mass rapes that have taken place throughout August in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are minors and said a press release issued by the office of the UN special representative for children and armed conflict. From July 30 and throughout Aug. 17, the UN alleged that Congolese militants of the Mai-Mai group and Rwandan rebels of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) descended upon village… As for United Nations on the 16th, from August eastern Congolese democracy republic (DRC) with from the child and military force 30 of the dispute where the cruel mass rape 240 victim who occurs at least 28 people as for the minority, are issued by the office of report and press release United Nations special representation July middle August 17th, United Nations insistence, democracy power Chiengmai group Rwanda of the troop of dance of the Rwanda release Congolese radical group (FDLR) getting off in the village,…
      La O.N.U divulgó EL viernes que por lo menos 28 fuera de las 240 víctimas de las violaciones totales brutales que han ocurrido a través de agosto en el Republic Of The Congo Democratic del este (Manual del Transportista) son menores de edad y dijo un comunicado de prensa publicado por la oficina del representante especial de la O.N.U para los niños y el conflicto armado. A partir del 30 de julio y a través del 17 de agosto, la O.N.U alegó que los militantes congoleses del grupo el AMI-AMI y los rebeldes ruandeses de las fuerzas Democratic para la liberación de Rwanda (FDLR) descendieron sobre aldea… En cuanto a Naciones Unidas en los décimosexto, de la república congolesa del este de la democracia de agosto (Manual del Transportista) con del niño y de la fuerza militar 30 del conflicto donde la oficina de la representación especial julio el 17 de agosto medio, insistencia de Naciones Unidas del comunicado de prensa del informe publica la víctima total cruel de la violación 240 que ocurre por lo menos 28 personas en cuanto a la minoría, y de Naciones Unidas, grupo Rwanda de Chiengmai de la energía de la democracia de la tropa de la danza del grupo radical congolés del lanzamiento de Rwanda (FDLR) que baja en la aldea,…

    • オリ☆スタ
      Although the cover snow prince choir places in the announcement page which is [ikemen] mountain p☆ and the [chi] [ya] obtains and is good - p9 last promise/storm p14.15 weekly news hey! say! Although jump attendance and the left eye detective eye Tomohisa [kabachi] p19-27 Yamashita on special is enormous [ikemen] in illumination system, lovely how extremely sly lux doing, don't you think? it increases, even if with p28 [kokoichiban] strongly so in game in the human ranking artist compilation 4 rank storm, as for stormy dress me “of mannequin five” of laughing p42 secret of arashi yesterday which 4 rank [tsu] lever and seems with power and is although “the coordination which adopts the laughing red which” is everyone [bu] is, the miracle which red does not glow as some one person the storm as for the boy who again becomes favorite, just a little coming out, [ru] one being lovely, shank p49 event hey! say! jump in [santa] request!, a liberal translation
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    My Girl, Drama,

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