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    Diamond ring,

    Nature related words total eclipse Poupeegirl All-night Bracelet Tokara Islands Partial solar eclipse Akusekijima annular eclipse

    • Modem and solar eclipse and [anikero] ......
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , linked pages are Japanese

    • Diamond
      摩 訶 Wonder “art of [daiyamondoringu] instant” seeing, the like [wa]!!

    • At [chiyonchin
      The solar eclipse seeing [re] the [a] - the [tsu] which it increases!!!!!! Three years ago you do not drive and - it means that this day which is continued to call the [tsu] does!! You see truly, the [re] [ru] how!! It is lie like, we would like to dream, is!! In the splendid [a] - television many degrees seeing it was however, and [tsu] [pa] raw is different!! View of the sun, the sky, the air and around do not have either the fact that you saw, in the people televisions however me just what is not felt and other than and around Doke you saw and the [i] - it is it was the Chinese person to whom word does not lead, it is the very good experience where the instant where the diamond ring is visible was increasing cheer in the same way from Shanghai which is about, by the way, as for the place “Chongging” writing, “[chiyonchin]” furthermore by the airplane it is the hottest city in China of 2 hours

    • Diamond ring
      From the Kikai island also [honma] which copies from the friend of the friend of the wife with the Kikai island is after the diamond ring 26 year is seen even in Ishikawa prefecture seems, but whether or not you have lived, when it is the rain, you see and the [re] or as for one time [honma] you are, we would like to see being, the shank

    • [tokara] archipelago total eclipse solar eclipse tour in bad Isizima
      大量的日本當前主題 , for multilingual communication

    • Either one is enormous?
      The solar eclipse which some days ago is unintentionally some days ago, the opposition to which the asteroid or the comet strikes to Jupiter. . The point where the top is black by the way, the continent as it is called in the earth equivalent of 1 does the size of this point, the diamond ring is, the corona is, the Jupiter picture is at all enormous, it is becoming dim! With I who make the story which is said marrying the never did bad 寧 [ro] good thing

    • You will look at the solar eclipse with the Yaku island! (Tear) that 1
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • Science the summer vacation which is done
      But summer vacation in this time the latter half no what but as for that there are some which every year have been enjoyed radio program what of summer vacation child scientific telephone consultation NHK directing to the specialists of each field, the program where the elementary school student of entire country keeps throwing question by the telephone question is funny first!! [yadokari] was picked up “at the sea, however it is, how it should have done, is?”(Your Japanese ode Yamagata elementary school 4th grade friend) “as for the ant why so being the power having?”After (your Hyogo prefecture elementary school 3rd grade friend), “is the leaf [tsu] [pa] green with something?” “Is the bird why to fly through the sky?”Etc., very the question to which we becomes study it is many, is while being, the [zutsukoke] [te] there being also the kind of question which is put away, the specialist the pleasure is the place rather to that and also the children are the children, “the [hu] [u] it is, the [hu] [u] it is, the [a] to be, the [hu] [u] it is, to the [e] to obtain”, like, understanding, it is not understood how it replies, whether [ru] it is?…(; Don't you think?, by all means lastly even with ^_^a, as for the place [erai] thank you, lastly question of yesterday* “Is the diamond ring at the time of the solar eclipse why to be clean?” The reply ↓ of the specialist who confronts “it probably is it is with ~ something, don't you think? so is, the [e], clean ones are clean what!!”“.............”“The [a] it will be and the [arigatougozaimashita]” [so], such a foolish (´∀ `) the sweat [u] - it is probably will hear also tomorrow

    • With the lunch with Kawahara the stone throwing
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • Therefore Japanese③
      This time, it came out with the shank Beatles with tune of the cant bi- me love early time of the Beatles' and as for meeting when in one being, it knew with influence of the older brother on 3 years old where is, of course, already dispersing that time, however it increased, don't you think? don't you think? when it is while two, the large quantity having Beatles' record, the [ru] person transferring, it became chummy directly, recorded on the cassette tape and the better seed already, the all losing paragraph increased that tape but as for w tune however first stage compared to we like the latter term, and the love which cannot be bought with the love love gold which cannot be bought with the gold which John compared to is pole group it liftsIf the air is completed with diamond ring my friend that, it lifts with anything, if the air is completed with my friend that, being, such a gold gold which either the [yo] [u] is not when the love which cannot be bought [ze] we all the property you who increase love, however so there is no large quantity, don't you think? but there being a [ze] which is lifted, such a gold gold which either the [yo] [u] is not love everyone whom you cannot buy with the love gold which you cannot buy so you call if love no no no no you whom you cannot buy with the gold are and others are not it is delightful with diamond ring that, when you ask, it is delightful, there being some which cannot be bought with the gold, the love which you cannot buy with the love gold which such a gold gold which does not have either the [yo] [u] you cannot buyEveryone so you say, also the love no no no no movie which cannot be bought with the gold went to view, (it is the time in 2, but don't you think? w) for 4 these raising 400 Yen w

    • Present Baba 'Evolution' noon④
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • Queen's cup - news -
      This day 10/21 (the water) from kana entitling [wa] flower [huesuta] 21 1st flower design contest “queen's cup”, to see as Yokohama everyone, because at the leprosy the flower design contest is held, you inform Meeting place: The queen's circle (you see as Yokohama everyone, the leprosy queen's square 1 floor) session: 2009.10.21 (Water) ~25 (day) 11: 00~20: 00 (however, as for exhibition of 21 days 22 days 15: Because the 20~) 21 and 22 days - the bouquet and arrangement (free & the gift) section 23 and 24 days - flower art and [uedeingubuke] section 25 day - wedding section final competition stage event commendation ceremony details please read the home page -> the admission fee etc which this is are unnecessary, the occasion where you go out to the vicinity if it may, please stop To tell the truth this time when it is decided that also the foolishness my [me] exhibits from the teacher who is taught the flower which is the work of flower art section, there is request of application in the pupils,… Time of application and there to be also Cook's nursing, because arrangement etc of the natural flower it cannot put out at all, flower art section (23 and 24 day exhibition) selection not being accustomed everyone whom it tries doing, what kind of work is produced…The fact that your own do not compare unfavorably considerably is only is prayed, we fear, the Friday morning which by the way, as for my tries making entry no and 230 themes with the diamond ring of the total eclipse solar eclipse, it goes to carrying

      En japonais , please visit the following link

    • To tell the truth… it is day of solar eclipse
      日語句子 , original meaning

    • Satoko Junichi and Higasio Ishida, already, it had entered in the family register on December 12th last year!
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Feel free to link

    • Bosom or forcing
      The television of last year total eclipse solar eclipse has met, the ~ the solar eclipse of memory you did tremendously!! As for this you see in India and the [re] are the solar eclipse it seems the ~ diamond ring* Being this raw, when you see, impression rubbed ~ one side, the [ega] child [ega] photographer which is in the Japanese sea the miracle intense copying the photograph and in the super excitation [tsu] and before that from synopsis morning of that day with family entire gathering the party beer of the solar eclipse drinking at the sea dances in the family and/or eats and/or passes the instant of impression! Difficult to meet it was cloudiness, but it is tremendous strange power* You were impressed with the strange air - the [tsu] to there being possible, the party ending, with everyone concerning the solar eclipse, you talked together with the secondary meeting feeling and the photograph to show, as for the ~ were and with the [doya] face there [ega] photographer self-confidence fully you showed the photograph which ......This it puts out to the ~↑ mouth which can take the solar eclipse cleanly and says and the better seed [tsu] to be tremendous does in the solar eclipse of memory the [yo

    • Total eclipse solar eclipse [oda]!
      Everyone total eclipse solar eclipse how was? As for me Japan before, the Japanese sake drinking too much, while the hula hula to do, as for the outer space where you saw from the house being great, with such a order of shank [] as for one which is [banguru] which is done the earth already such a as for one the sun!! When two [banguru] are adjusted, the reverse side where month appears middle it represents the diamond ring!! With, s cute order it to be []!!

    • Drop of water
      When you look at the human [tsu] [te] round ones, there is no total eclipse solar eclipse of the last week when the kind of air which settles does however is, the diamond ring where the sun and month are round, are created circle… and, also the earth is round of course! Even in compliment of the human “the human became round,” that… “you matured,” and so on and so on the fact that even one of polar mind of the movement of the martial arts which is circle is drawn?! From square circle (circle? When) it removes, ratio approximately 79% angle falling even with the human, there is a word that it becomes round, but when… after all, is not perfect ones and excessive angle is dropped,… phenomenon moving smoothly, the combining ~ which means being settled roundly?! When the employee is the human who is everything excellent even at the company and the like, it goes with other than well unless?! Expression is bad, is, but, when you think conversely it has the fact that you inquire about the kind of employee who becomes the outlet turns about 2 tenths the one which is… well, as for the person of the 2 tenths, enormously the valuable talent!! Not being conspicuous, it does, when but it is cut off, the lube existence which is troubled saying, it is not overstatement whether?! When [tsu] [te] so you think, because… by your are rescued, it is! With the notion that where you say this time, when you see, the ~ it does with the photograph of the drop of water where heart is softened!

    • [demantoido] @ jewelry specialty store Carat
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • Good morning it is
      Good morning, as for present Yokohama which is the maximum air temperature which is rainy occasionally cloudiness had not done the reservation which promptly, purchases ipad which is schedule of the 17℃, it is, but unexpected when carrying back can do only the 3g type which can be purchased easily, because it was thing, because you intended to make originally 3g type trying using, when it is necessary, the varieties which you try to purchase to try fumbling you try the external keyboard which exactly was good and is temporarily (the @@) today one day persevering better [yo] [u]! 2010 May 29th (the Saturday) the gold per 1g (the gold) negotiation price per platinum negotiation price 1g (renewal there is no celebration national holiday) 2010 May 29th (the Saturday) above k24 ingot 500g/3,581 Yen k24 ingot 100g or more/3,544 Yen k24 ingot 1g~99.9g/3,507 circular k24/3,032 circular k22/2,749 circular k20/2,555 circle k18 (above 300g) /2,559 Yen k18 (above 100g) /2,545 Yen k18/2,534 circular k14/1,538 circular k10/890 circular k9/741 circular pt ingot /4,428 Yen pt1000/3,824 circular pt950/3,718 circular pt900/3,708 circular pt850/3,497 circle pt (pm) /2,658 Yen silver 1000/16 Yen silver 925/11 Yen monovalent x gram several = payment amounts * as for commission the gold platinum diamond negotiation application which does not catch altogether clicking this now! As for gold platinum diamond negotiation from portable telephone this click & * * * * * * * * * * gold and platinum high price purchase! If the jewelry reform and purchase clock repair clock to buy, if fine jewelry fj this click jewelry reform to the fine jewelry this as for click jewelry repair this as for click clock repair overhaul this as for click clock negotiation this the click gold, the platinum, the brand jewelry, diamond purchase special fine gold this [kuritsukumerumaga] This click & * * * * * * * * * * tag: Jewelry reform diamond ring

    • Good morning it is
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • Junichi Ishida, feast postponement
      Satoko's the Higasio of Junichi and the woman professional golfer actor Ishida feast becoming postponement, schedule July 12th was announced on 2010 March 13th, is not the modification catastrophe on August 8th, when we assumed that July 12th with last day “of 65th All-American woman opening”, is the pattern catastrophe which we have decided to modify moment, the diamond ring of the Halley Wien stone which is the place where the diamond ring of the Halley Wien stone that becomes wasteful it purchased at approximately 3,000,000 Yen, even in medieval times, at price of that appearance the shank tag: Ishida Junichi Higasio Satoko Halley Wien stone

    • * Diamond*
      Because the y order diamond ring heart motif of Himeji very lovely transfers on next month 3rd is, it is the cheer group where is strong from Sawayama's, angle jewel 'beauty' 'economic' 'love where very the diamond which is the pleasure benefit from Venus goddess Sawayama is poured from now' you inform, 'please inform the person who the [supirichiyuaru] lecture' future details of keiko is desired the below-mentioned address the kouza@annapuruna.comannapuruna home page

    • Japanese Letter
      As for the deep darkness where the glowfly the return which goes to seeing, you became aware in being the beautiful month night the memory which a little before the river surface where the month shadow is dropped is brightened more, boils in the total eclipse solar eclipse the 甦 [ru] diamond ring and to look at the shadow of month mean the tasting where shape changes the crescent moon where so say the phrase which composes month from former times are many, first quarter, with season and time such as last quarter because of the month night like deep ones the glowflies were few, but “like month” it was possible to touch the scenery which is not

    • Limitation sewing involving
      It tried dressing the silk jump suit which is remainder and the sewing involving and sewing involving being covered which of the [pupegaru] /poupeegirl limited item buys the cat ear - the gorgeous cirque long - all knight compact - mass color /002 - midnight dresser glamorous l - midnight dresser glamorous e - teak 014 - the secret lingerie - pedicure 010 - manicure 022 - crystal clock /09l of the snow - Christmas present lingerie /rd08l - border knee high socks /bk - rubber sole /wh08l - race/lace camisole /bk - silk jump suit /bl - [toragaruchiyoka] /10aj - the outdated camera - neck applying /bk10cj -, [ru] sewing involving /10dj - tile pitch [banguru] - Hawaiian bracelet /09g - heart ribbon pierced earring /nv09h - the penguin keyHolder attaching bag /10d - cat ear hairpin /bk10d - you cling, koala sewing involving /10dj - shoulder riding lith sewing involving /10dj - rabbit balloon /10d - lion sewing involving /10d - the platinum × diamond ring - engagement ring /09f- Africa /09c

    • [serawanpi
      Because the marine ribbon catcher was gathered with [pupegaru] /poupeegirl [hurima], because 7/10 where it tries dressing it arranged, there is no repetition perhaps, it was good playing with the catcher, a little just under [serawanpi] which has become cheap it shows the hem of race/lace with the denim frill, - the gorgeous cirque long - all knight compact - mass color /002 - teak 011 - midnight dresser girlie l - eye shadow 018 - pedicure 010 - manicure 022 - the secret lingerie - ribbon clock /09l - x'mas lingerie /bl09l - sailor socks /10d - sailor shoes /10d - [purumeriaburesuretsuto] /bl10c - denim frill /wh09l - [serawanpi] /10d - [purumeriapiasu] /bl10c - sailor bag /10d - the sailor [bo] [u] it does, /10d - platinum ×Diamond ring - engagement ring /09f - fancy balloon /bl09k- [hiyou] handle /br08k

    • Cool girl
      When [pupegaru] /poupeegirl the relying vent ends loosely, the cool girl luck sack of New Year's Day where the cool girl arrives, both of the ribbon jewels… cool girl [tsu] [te] which through are done, is close to real, it is, in the hypothetical kind of world which in the usual actual life which is it has worn, because, we would like to enjoy [kode] which it cannot make yourself lovely when it is close to real, the excessively new hair type which does not have the surface growing light, 5 types it is the campaign price whose it is regrettable for the hair type where the pierced earring which arrives hides to be many, but because yesterday it just changed, this time shopping of the first day when probably to stop you try is 6 points The stocking of the beige whose request is many to do the arrival stripe, because seed this time, the jacket and the bag were the white ground, the head ribbon and the pierced earring which hold down the color of the teak which tries gathering the navy unusually and have viewed to are the rating item of the time before, - the gorgeous cirque long - pedicure 010 - manicure 022 - midnight dresser girlie l - midnight dresser girlie e - teak 015 - mass color /002 - all knight compact - the secret lingerie - the combination watch - engagement ring /09f - solid color stocking /bk10d - cool flower skirt /nv10dj - [bisuchie] wind halter camisole /bk - cool tight jacket /wh10dj - [sutatsuzukagobatsugu] /nv10dj - heart ribbon pierced earring /nv09h - race/lace ribbon /nv09h - 3 connected bracelets /bk09h - platinum × diamond ring - 3 grain diamond necklaces - pearl pumps /bk09jj- flower race/lace /bl10d

    • Underpants attaching [ribonwanpi
      Being lovely at the time of the recreational area event which is [pupegaru] /poupeegirl underpants attaching [ribonwanpi] although all color you bought, also today when it does not have the opportunity which you dress the large quantity tried having sewing involving, - the gorgeous cirque long - midnight dresser girlie l - midnight dresser girlie e - all knight compact - mass color /002 - teak 014 - the secret lingerie - pedicure 010 - manicure 022 - crystal clock /09l - x'mas lingerie /bl09l of the snow - panda balloon /10d - rabbit balloon /10d - the platinum × diamond ring - engagement ring /09f - pocket attaching turtleneck /wh08k - underpants attaching [ribonwanpi] /pr10a - heart ribbon knee high /pr10a - high cutting sneaker /pr10aj - [makaronneko] /pr10b - 2 - birthday bear l/10b - [pupe] rabbit /pr - cat ear hairpin /wh10d - [ribonkachiyushiya] /pr09kj - koala key holder attaching bag /10d - the outdated camera - neck applying /br10cj - you cling, bear /wh09hj- [dotsutodorotsupusu] /gn09d

    • Cat ear hairpin
      The [pupegaru] /poupeegirl cat ear hairpin when the cat ear hat and the cat ear which buy also three colors it is attached the air doing lovely, tried setting the bear long cutting saw and the gaucho underpants of the spring which are always bought, - the gorgeous cirque long - lipstick 016 - eye shadow 006 - all knight compact - mass color /002 - teak 014 - the secret lingerie - pedicure 010 - manicure 022 - crystal clock /09l of the snow - the platinum × diamond ring - engagement ring /09f - cat ear hairpin /pk10d - bear long cutting saw /10a - gaucho underpants /gr09g - marine dot sock /10d - rubber sole /wh08l - you attach densely densely, quilted down vest /wh09l - the cup chocolateNecklace /pk10b - Summer Teddy bear /pk - you cling, [usa] /wh09hj - 2 goldfish /bk09hj - [purumeriapiasu] /pk10c - rabbit key holder attaching bag /10d - fancy balloon /bl09k - dolphin balloon /10d - the margin [ku] [ma] sewing involving /10d- n-01b/marble wallpaper

    • original letters
      As for grinding house of diamond from k tie with purchase 8%off!! The kana which is easy to use also to be dialing working you think lovely even with the pin key? Diamond ring of new feeling * Romantic star ★0.6ct diamond ring Also the [pu] [tsu] chestnut heart pierced earring is lovely It is <336 sorts where it can choose> * It is not too sweet* [hatopavuedaiyamondopiasu] The small pieces which want being 40 centimeters, are the diamond ♪0.32ct diamond necklace small pieces the diamond the heart pierced earring of ♪0.32ct diamond necklace jewelry specialty store carat being sharp fully fully, the cute pt diamond pierced earring (0.20ct and heart motif) (sd1620) with the day coupon of the Italian jewelry oe point up mother 49,800 Yen in necklace reference retail price in 5000 Yen pulling k18 (18 gold) yellow gold cutting cylinder chain necklace 1mm width 40cm (rna13722)< 18 gold gold jewelry> It is [hueiku], but the die fabrik pearl multiple long necklace which we would like to attach to simple [wanpi] as a fashion item, is (the day fabric) (10ss) You think that it is calling even in the gift of Mothers Day, <4/30 (gold) 20 o'clock start of ~ sale>deica [deikahurawadekoruaromahureguransudeihuyuza] (180ml)

    • Japanese weblog
      Real the [pupegaru] /poupeegirl ethnic camisole was used it is pile arrival [kode], because still, in the halflength sleeve coldly so is, the kana which with the race/lace socks, the key knitting cardigan and the piping straw hat which dressed the coffee cup t shirt of the long sleeve is visible coolly in the [ge] - the gorgeous cirque long - all knight compact - mass color /002 - the secret lingerie - midnight dresser glamorous l - midnight dresser glamorous e - teak 011 - pedicure 010 - manicure 022 - the platinum × diamond ring - engagement ring /09f - ribbon clock /09l - the ethnic camisole - ribbon attaching leggins /kh - race/lace socks /wh09kj - mesh wedge sandal /br09g - coffee cup t shirt /wh10a - animal bag /bg09l - Ethnic pierced earring /or10cj - ethnic necklace /or10cj - key knitting cardigan /bg - piping straw hat - tea cup /br10b- flower tile /pk10d

    • Ultra Galaxy Monster Battle Legend THE MOVIE
      En japones , please visit the following link

    • 明けましておめでとうございます♪
      2010 opened asks may the cloud which being many, you abandoned also this year when, but this just instantaneous day shines as [otsutotsuto] where and this year been good year don't you think?… with unintentionally the hand it is adjusted exactly this time with tv relayed the Mt. Fuji diamond ring as expected it is defeated to Mt. Fuji which slowly it starts the preparation of the rice soup and two people when can be prepared in the table the numbers of plates which are few after all it rusts and it is forcing, but don't you think? it probably is such a condition even from this, it is not possible and to get together, everyone does also the [te] respectively and vigorously relief the [re] it is it will be slow the time when the flow,In the afternoon the tomorrow which is the New Year's Day which is done freely and easily with such feeling which goes out to the Yawata shrine of neighborhood linking year's first visit to the shrine [otsutotsuto] and the bicycle, the day after tomorrow does not look at the Hakone Race, as for the [te]! Saying, that also the daughters who, are in Kawasaki go to support to the vicinity it increased, it should not have been cold being, shank.…━━━☆.…━━━☆.…━━━☆ present English the whole year's plans are made ON new year's day. (As for the meter of 1 years there is a New Year's Day)

    • 新作アニメ「銀河鉄道999」に、米国から若田光一さん出演
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • UNTITLED jewel
      The petite diamond ring of untitled jewel (the pink gold) in the latest Tokyo travelling, as for the accessory truth which purchases we wanted the lipstick of the certain overseas manufacturer, but it is when color and the color of the spot goods which, were seen with the net thought because it was different, as for the lipstick you abandoned with, looking at the accessory counter, when it turned, this ring entered into the eye at your any store the ring of the narrowness to be many, repeating two and attaching, are three types of [ierogorudo] [pinkugorudo] [howaitogorudo] in this petite diamond ring which recent popularity seems and former times, the marguerite purchases the ring of the pink gold of l how (To repeat to that, the stone it is not), at the house to the fact that usually you have attached partly due, whether also it is good to attach, when, color when is just this ring which together chooses the pink gold, because it is thin, stand even with the small diamond you say or that the feeling which just a little is too simple… with you pile up and you pull with attaching, you say or that (laughing), the kind of feeling which also the ring of former times recovers freshness does, (laughing) to with your own Christmas present Good Heavens the ~

    • 18年前の皆既日食
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • 20090723
      Because the fact that sight testimony with Tokyo station becomes the key to inference is Matsumoto clearly Hari's representative work “the point and the line” and many trains enter and leave, only 4 minutes of evening the ▼4 amount which is the trick in the noted time table does not call that 15 annealing wire can be foreseen from 13 annealing wire foams/homes in one day, the cloud in also just 1 minutes were cut off and pulled such scream and accompanied, the multitude bodily sensation to do the “short night” when the total eclipse solar eclipse after 46 years in country ran and the Nankai islands crept in the noon when it comes out, sight talks of the plain gauze [gu] children whatIt probably means that also generation is handed down but *, [tokara] archipelago bad Isizima where the darkness of the longest 6 minute half waited (the weir stripe which is opened) the downpour of cruelty, also Shanghai after 434 years became the rain pitch-dark, but the diamond ring and climax of the corona were obstructed in the thick cloud, was not sight-seeing and it made cry, it goes to observation * that time of that day, certainly, playing miracle you showed, “the point and the line” of the sun and month and the earth on the other hand, every train which does not have the time table to do the cloud and spread with reason of the cloud appearance, in celestial show and circumstances of the person not to care the skyIt was overturned, instead of * whimsical stationary front, discouragement as for the torrential rains of Yamaguchi prefecture which also tragedy calls in Hofu city where 1 months's amount fell in 7 hours which had become the disaster deceased unclear 17, the continuous weather map where the stone and clay style attacks the old person facility, at a certain place weeping (obtaining) brings cheer, at another area, * today large the summer when it is full hotly, as for Riyuunosuke Akutagawa with is composed does limply visitsThe rain which was opened, while looking up Tokyo clouding heaven which finishes nationwide every most what which the long [tsu] rear end seem without, the natural managing abnormal play you think

    • 「日刊『変集長後記』外伝」SP01 09年08月12日(水)発行
      The viewer participation type variety program “winds of the tbs type which ◇tv news 86 - was broadcast to 89! The fungus it did and was dvd sale announcement interview of the castle,” the valley Hayato and the Ide and others [tsu] sewer of the captain, the knob green soybean and the program etc where the Asakusa kid was broadcast with the appearance regular was something which re-was compiled in one for dvd and “其 no one” November 20th, “其 no two” February 26th of next year sale * game animation comic etc news this year, attained 30th anniversaries from theater release of the 1st work, “Milky Way railroad 999” it returns as animation for the new work event of the original story, “to the far side of the Milky Way railroad 999 diamond ring” 999 seconds (1639 seconds in amount) at length, it is done on September 9th, is released in “Milky Way railroad 999 movie festival in Kagoshima” in the start, after that, at the various places release, * cinema news 40 years old it is young in 89, the case where you perform to the movie and the television where with “Yuusaku documentary soul red Matsuda which” commemorates the birth 60 year of Yuusaku's the Matsuda which dies (Minorikawa Osamu supervision) production announcement press conference is done, with at one time wife river well Sinya of Miyuki and the producer the Matsuda of the actress the Noboru platform does with valuable image and interview etc of the people where the edge is deepIt is constituted, Shinjuku Piccadilly other nationwide consecutive release & sport news Japanese land ream joining group system of the team which participates in world championship serve the supervision which does from November 6th is deathday high. As for strengthening chairman medal one or more, other than goal of winning a prize 6 “we want putting out the season best to 25% of the players,”, that, the boy the Sawano ground of polevault, the woman Kubo warehouse Satomi of 400 meter obstacle was decided in the captain who put out new standard, * the comic story tour “white” which after 2 time becomes years of laughing news storyteller Siyouhukutei crane bottle 2nd to appear September, this time when the curtain is opened 6 popularity storytellers of the east west which personally requests performance, with the respective day substituting compatibility with the coaction busy talent industry in pain,If there is a time, directing to [korabo] of dream, there is no another idea in Keiko e.g., it rises to Koza,

    • もう8月...。
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • ♪はじめまして♪
      Is? Beginning, it is boom? Beginning, it is tamper captain, (∀) HKDRT welcome to the May can number salute of naval system the compact* Because (the inside of warship is narrow,) the meeting, 'topic tired like class' being similar, the grand troop whom you borrow from the naval maniac of [kurasumeito] you submit, extremely it is high, so is*; +; . ゚. ; +; *; +; . ゚. ; +; [purooooomineeeeeeensuuuu] so, everyone, the total eclipse solar eclipse was enjoyed the tamper beforehand with the pleasure, handmade doing to the shade machine for observation, fixed carving/moment of the day while [dotsukidoki] to do, sprang out outside, but as for that as for that while the thick cloud crying, it returned to the house, it is real time to broadcast even with hp of the Meteorological Agency which looked at NHK real time relay but access concentrating, it was not seen at all, oh! But, relay from the NHK sulphur island was truly beautiful, don't you think? also weather was good, it was the NHK one person victory enormously with fantastic image!! As for the sun which starts projecting to the high powered camera corona, and deep-red deep-red [purooooomineeeeeeensu] which already shine around that in the jet black that one prominence which is the tamper of large excitation with the prominence, being maximum from the prominence diamond ring which how is said 350,000 kilometer this space scale we were the day when the fact that re-is recognized it is the small creature which is utilized miraculously by the sun

    • 部分日食―ちょっぴりだけど―
      2009.7.22 (wed) *☆*: ; ; ;: *☆*: ; ; ;: Total eclipse solar eclipse *☆*: ; ; ;: *☆*: ; ; ;: Even in Niigata city which is in the position where it becomes place the part solar eclipse, you saw in such a wind and the [re] increased (^ε^) ♪ [a] there is no night, is, fortunately? Because it was tend to become cloudy, when the cloud depends on the sun exactly, clearly, when goes to the doctor who can look at that form, when you see with that you lend the film for Roentgen's because… such a [tsu] 1st 2nd you took together with carrying, [imaichi] it was taken and but and the [re] [te], was good being able to leave to commemoration (^ε^) as for the next time 26 years later - - ・・・2035.9.2 Niigata prefecture Joetsu one the range which it can go by the car which inside of the solar eclipse seems putting out that time working retiring, it may be putting out, also time we would like to go (the ´∀ `) the diamond ring and the instant which becomes dark experiencingDon't you think? the potato which saw it is the [a]… you start to and the [re] [ru] want (the *´д `) =з completely there is no interest in the total eclipse solar eclipse, aloha coming to the clothes looking which it has always worn, don't you think? case there is no size which is agreeable ♪↓ portable →soulove net, don't you think? stock you verify please inquire at the manufacturer whether the “diamond ring”* * In order for you to go to bed,

    • 皆既日食! 50年の夢は半分
      As for hard hippie travelling and the total eclipse solar eclipse like time of the student who returns from Amami O-Shima finally as… already reported, the clouding! Being born, you learned the solar eclipse in approximately 50 year small school that to see from the time where without fail because you thought we would like it was dream of 40 years or more, but regrettable it became cloudy and the diamond ring or the corona were not visible, but had become slender because as for the sun which barely is visible the [tokara] archipelago which was total destruction with the torrential rains seems, whether fortunate one but as for dream the half achievement as for details while rearranging, [buroguatsupu] of doing the intention because today you became tired, when just bulletin we would like to go as cheaply as possible, ferryboat 奄 beauty of 11 hours is distant from empty Kagoshima, to be possible to be is about however there is no what which all the way only the nature there is a nature with this island of the good island where the total eclipse solar eclipseWhat it is seen comes, at the place where you inspected that time of 170 years later, in addition and the [re] [re] [ii], as expected is unreasonable,…

    • 金剛界=ダイヤモンドのマンダラ M999
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • 波乱万丈の一週間。。

    • 日食
      When you looked at the part solar eclipse as, become cloudy, the total eclipse solar eclipse which darkly feels that it becomes cool sees and about the [re] [ru] place at all does not become dark, if, but even then a little being covered in the shadow of month, size of the sun and month and the earth which realize that sunlight does not reach and relationship of position being exquisite, it created accidentally riding, hearing with news, the nature becoming the [tsu] [te] funny accidentally, you thought, it has slipped, as for the diamond ring you see and there is no [re] don't you think? it is those which are ~ me once upon a time, the total eclipse solar eclipse sees and the diamond ring sees at the [re] [ru] place and shape of the sun which takes the photograph of the like ~ ↑ sunbeam appliesIt is understood

    • 奄美皆既日食! 詳報1:奇跡の瞬間のこと 7.22
      日本語 , linked pages are Japanese

    • 皆既日食090722
      2009 July 22nd, the total eclipse solar eclipse sees at the Japanese portion and the [re] it is it is day

    • 雨。。。
      Good morning, don't you think?, today when it is as for Yamaguchi it probably means that the rain just when rain opens, although to some extent with special care summer celebration ~ fireworks festival sea ~bbq the event which want rain opening quickly it is it is ill-smelling it is, today as for the celebration whether the discontinuance that it will wear the ~ with special care bathrobe although you think, the ~ in this way, [burogu] the midst when you have written the racketeer racketeer [za] [a] - the [za] [a] - being disgusted [ya] it is useless so so, the day before yesterday was the total eclipse solar eclipse me, it is excessively not to have interest in the total eclipse solar eclipse, but while working to be hailed in the superior, started accompanying outside, 'with [kore] the sunThat to try seeing', when it is said, tries seeing however 'your [o] [o] [o] [o] ~' you saw and the [re] as for the ~ diamond ring which it increases regrettable you saw and the [re] were not, as been lacking, as clearly something been lacking with naked eye, being strange, it was mysterious enormously, in this way, when you see, by his has lived in the earth, don't you think? it is the ~ [tsu] [te] which is, you realize, more not to make kind in the earth and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] ~ [tsu] [te] more not to cooperate to the echo which is thought, the [tsu] [chi] [ya

    • 46年ぶり皆既日食
      En japones , original meaning

    • NEWSLog 2009年 07月24日 (金)
      Em japones , Feel free to link

    • 感動の太陽と月
      The total eclipse solar eclipse, being splendid, the shank - as for bad Isizima however it was regrettable, bodily sensation in that appearance it was enviable to be possible! And calling whatever, the solar eclipse from the sulphur island! Already don't you think? gazing thoughtlessness and others of that diamond ring… (the wind which was seen quite there the expression shelf) the gooseflesh is stood in any case, because you say that the prominence which burns red, that much passes being visible really the terrestrial 2~3 is height of amount you were surprised! To after the next 26 year, living absolutely, the [ru] the [] [tsu]! Laughing

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