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    annular eclipse,

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    • 2012JB Hinohara lake commencement game.
      The [tsu] was visible is good the gold ring solar eclipse which the [ma] ~~~ is done the children it observed inside the ~
      [tsu]是可看见的是好的金戒指日蚀[ma] ~~~完成孩子它观察在~里面

    • Gold ring solar eclipse, a liberal translation
      Don't you think? good morning because the gold ring solar eclipse which is (^o^) it is splendid the potato which was seen (≧∇≦) it did! (b^ - DEG) In Kyoto you could observe Bailey beads [tsu] [te], it is to seem but…You did not understand, the ~ (> Because the gold ring solar eclipse where also the _ children have been deeply impressed (^w^) could not be taken with carrying…It tried taking the sunbeam the time where gold ring ends (^_^;)However it is difficult to understand,…It understands that it has the sunbeam of lunate type in the here and there, probably will be?
      您是否不认为? 早晨好它是, (^o^)您看见的金戒指日蚀,因为(≧∇≦)它是精采的土豆,它! (b^ - DEG)在您可能观察贝里小珠的京都[tsu] [te],它似乎,但是…您不了解, ~ (> 由于任一_孩子深深地留下深刻印象(^w^)对运载不可能采取金戒指日蚀,…它设法花费光束金戒指结束的时间(^_^;)然而了解是难的,…它是否了解它安排光束半月形各处输入,大概将是?

    • [hurutsusumuji] ♡
      Good morning everyone who is saw the gold ring solar eclipse because as for me sleeping normally, the current morning which it increases low the banana and the strawberry, inserting the honey in the milk of the fat, had made the banana freeze which it makes [sumuji], being cool, way also today when it was tasty enormously and is cute 1st, the contribution from iphone

    • Annular eclipse, a liberal translation
      Good morning, as for Kobe which is the unfortunately cloud caught, but in the association which can see in that appearance present commencement of work time am7: 00 is, (laughing) contribution from android carrying, a liberal translation
      早晨好,至于是被捉住的不幸地云彩的神户的,但是在那出现礼物工作开工能看到时间am7的协会: 00是, (笑)从机器人运载的贡献

    • [insoku] with solar eclipse
      Good morning it is! Today in historical gold ring solar eclipse shank
      早晨好它是! 今天在历史金戒指日蚀小腿

    • Tomorrow the kana which clears up.
      The tomorrow which good morning is as for the place of gold ring solar eclipse everyone, weather how is? When tomorrow is let escape, as for the next you see and probably there is no [re] and the tomorrow when we would like to witness the commemoration instant, there is no relationship in the princess of this indifferent feeling and inside the inside of Japan becomes the fair weather or, (laughing)
      早晨好是至于为金戒指日蚀地方大家的明天,天气怎么是? 当明天是让逃命时,至于为下您看见,并且大概没有[关于]和明天,当我们希望目击记念瞬时,那里是在这种冷漠感觉的公主的没有关系,并且里面日本的里面成为晴朗的天气或, (笑)

    • Gold ring solar eclipse, a liberal translation
      Good morning, as for bgm of ♪ present [burogu] which is, tune ・・・♪ time travelling song [dorikamusuteki] which is associated with the gold ring solar eclipse, ♪ today which is tune, although there being a cloud, the gold ring solar eclipse saw even in Osaka and the [re] increased! Because yesterday Sunday was going/participating view, also the school of the youngest daughter went to bed with the generation 休 therefore, appeared in the park before the daughters and the eye and saw and the [re] increased
      早晨好,至于的♪礼物[burogu] bgm的是,今天同金戒指日蚀, ♪联系在一起是声调的声调・ ・ ・ ♪时间旅行的歌曲[dorikamusuteki],虽然那里在云彩,金戒指日蚀甚而在[关于]增加的大阪和看见了! 由于星期天昨天去或参与看法,因此最小的女儿的学校在公园也上床了与世代休,出现在女儿之前和[关于]增加的眼睛和锯和

    • Well with [u
      Good morning, that well Tanaka who is it puts out well the [u] with [u] [ratatouiyu]! Everyone gold ring solar eclipse view [re] it increased?! Tanaka it overlooked…The tear persevering, although it occurred, when the sun staring, still the solar eclipse being like it does not start, hiding in the cloud, also Tanaka hid in the futon… The photograph which becomes mystery the person who can be taken by all means!!! Being the case, earnestness, last night New York and bicycle Ichimura sequential flat with [zundokoperonchiyotsumanraibu] you played and went don't you think? it is good, the ~
      早晨好,是它的那口井田中投入井[u]与[u] [ratatouiyu]! 大家金戒指它增加?的日蚀视图[关于]! 田中它俯视了…坚持的泪花,虽然它发生了,当凝视的太阳,日蚀是象仍然不开始时,掩藏在云彩,也在蒲团掩藏的田中… 成为奥秘人可以尽一切力量被采取!!的照片! 是与[zundokoperonchiyotsumanraibu]您的案件、认真、昨晚纽约和自行车Ichimura连续舱内甲板使用了并且是您不认为? 是好, ~

    • Gold ring solar eclipse, a liberal translation
      Good morning as for everyone gold ring solar eclipse which is Daibutsu which is you saw? I increased, sleeping, (wry smile) you saw with the television
      早晨好至于大家的是Daibutsu是您的金戒指日蚀看见了? 我增加了,睡觉, (扭曲的微笑)您看见了与电视

    annular eclipse, Science,

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