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    annular eclipse,

    Science related words DREAMS COME TRUE Astronomical show total eclipse Tsuyoshi Nagabuti Tokyo Sky Tree Partial solar eclipse Glasses for eclipse Akusekijima solar eclipse Maximum eclipse Crescent-shaped Diamond ring Sunglasses Transit of Venus

    • 4/10 real time sign language interpretations the memo which is troubled
      The next time April 26th (the wood) is schedule
      É a próxima vez a programação abril 2õ (quinta-feira)

    • First time the workshop ♪ which is done considerably
      The next time 5/17 (the wood) 'probably will know before the observation! It plans gold ring solar eclipse [ma] [me] knowledge'!! Because we prepare also the candy and the juice, thriving, under crossing over - it is!
      A próxima vez que 5/17 (a madeira) “provavelmente saberão antes da observação! Planeia o eclipse solar de anel de ouro [miliampère] [mim] conhecimento”!! Porque nós preparamos igualmente os doces e o suco, prosperando, sob o cruzamento sobre - é!

    • Annular eclipse observation
      The next time in 2030 is seen in Hokkaido, so is
      La próxima vez en 2030 se ve en Hokkaido, está tan

    • As for the next of lunar eclipse solar eclipse?
      It seems that can see in the wide range where the next gold ring solar eclipse includes, big city such as Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo
      Parece que pode ver na escala larga onde o eclipse solar seguinte de anel de ouro inclui, na cidade grande tal como Osaka, no Nagoya e no Tokyo

    • To annular eclipse 1 years after
      When observation of the next time is let escape, 2035 September 2nd (day) to it becomes depositing, a liberal translation
      Quando a observação da próxima vez é deixou o escape, 2035 setembro ò (dia) a ele torna-se de depósito

    • Total eclipse of the moon
      As for being able to see the total eclipse of the moon in next Japan 2014 October 8th, as for the part lunar eclipse it is 2012 June 4th
      Quanto para a poder ver o eclipse total da lua em Japão seguinte 2014 outubro 8o, quanto para ao eclipse lunar da peça é 2012 junho ô

    • Gold ring solar eclipse, a liberal translation
      As for next time on 2030 June 1st in Hokkaido observable, a liberal translation
      Quanto por à próxima vez 2030 em junho ø no observable do Hokkaido

    • * Hokkaido tonight winter vacation rust day, a liberal translation
      It is school lunch from the day after tomorrow! As for also 2012 being the pleasure, there is lunch not making [te] good school lunch, day! So the school lunch worries
      ¡Es almuerzo de escuela de pasado mañana! ¡Como para también 2012 que es el placer, hay almuerzo que no hace [te] el buen almuerzo de escuela, día! Tan las preocupaciones del almuerzo de escuela

    • 部分日食見られました 大阪
      As for next 50 years later? When with you think, don't you think? it seems that you can see the gold ring solar eclipse on 2012 May 21st of 3 years later
      ¿En cuanto a los 50 años próximos más adelante? ¿Cuándo con usted piensa, usted no piensa? parece que usted puede ver el eclipse solar del anillo de oro el el 21 de mayo 2012 3 años de más tarde

    • 怪奇!CORONAの真相
      As for next in 2012 May 21st morning the gold ring solar eclipse sees in Japan and the [re] increases, a liberal translation
      En cuanto a después por la mañana de 2012 el 21 de mayo el eclipse solar del anillo de oro considera en Japón y [con referencia a] aumenta

    • 曇ってました
      Don't you think? the next total eclipse solar eclipse seems like 2035 September 2nd
      ¿Usted no piensa? el eclipse solar siguiente del eclipse total parece como el 2 de septiembre 2035

    • 部分日食。
      As for the solar eclipse which is seen in the next time and Japan 3 years later
      En cuanto al eclipse solar que se considera adentro la próxima vez y Japón 3 años más tarde

    annular eclipse, Science,

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