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    annular eclipse,

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    • Gold ring solar eclipse, a liberal translation
      May 5th, it directed to the gold ring solar eclipse and tried continuing and photographing
      5 mai, il a dirigé vers l'éclipse solaire d'anneau d'or et a essayé de continuer et photographier

    • Simultaneous remote heeling of TOHKA sponsorship May 21 Nisshin month
      As for May 21st day of gold ring solar eclipse
      Quant au jour du 21 mai de l'éclipse solaire d'anneau d'or

    • Schedule to the middle of July of KSS
      April 28th (Saturday) mini- observation (shrine public citizen's hall former site of beach) May 5th (Saturday) kss day off volunteer drink May 12th (Saturday) regular meeting May 19th (Saturday) regular meeting May 21st (month) gold ring solar eclipse May 26th (Saturday) regular meeting June 2nd (Saturday) regular meeting day off June 4th (month) part lunar eclipse June 6th (water) heliographic passing kss36 anniversary June 9th of Venus (Saturday) kss36 anniversary celebration June 16th (Saturday) regular meeting June 23rd (Saturday) regular meeting June 30th (Saturday) regular meeting day off July 7th (Earth) regular meeting 'Centaurus' manuscript deadline July 14th (Saturday) regular meeting 'Centaurus' issue, a liberal translation
      Jour de congé mini- de kss du 5 mai d'observation du 28 avril (samedi) (emplacement du hall de citoyen public de tombeau ancien de la plage) (samedi) le jour de congé régulier régulier solaire régulier régulier volontaire de réunion du 2 juin de réunion du 26 mai d'éclipse d'anneau d'or du 21 mai de réunion du 19 mai de réunion du 12 mai de boissons (samedi) (samedi) (lundi) (samedi) (samedi) le jour de congé régulier régulier régulier de dépassement héliographique lunaire de réunion du 30 juin de réunion du 23 juin de réunion du 16 juin de célébration de l'anniversaire kss36 du 9 juin de l'anniversaire kss36 du 6 juin d'éclipse de pièce du 4 juin (lundi) (mercredi) (samedi) (samedi) (samedi) (samedi) le 7 juillet de la réunion régulière régulière du 14 juillet de date-limite de manuscrit de « Centaurus » de réunion de Venus (la terre) (samedi) Issue de « Centaurus »

    • It is May 1st!!
      May schedule whether… it was bow ring conference 21 day of pub on the 20th, is the gold ring solar eclipse, as for 27 days the Nagoya dome observation, a liberal translation
      Le programme de mai si… c'était jour de la conférence 21 d'anneau d'arc de pub sur le 20ème, est l'éclipse solaire d'anneau d'or, quant à 27 jours l'observation de dôme de Nagoya

    • Gold ring solar eclipse, a liberal translation
      May 21st is the gold ring solar eclipse, a liberal translation
      Quant au jour du 21 mai de l'éclipse solaire d'anneau d'or

    • - The gold ring solar eclipse we would like to see, the ~
      Don't you think? May 21st (month) the gold ring solar eclipse got near more and more, the ~
      Ne pensez-vous pas ? Le 21 mai (mois) l'éclipse solaire d'anneau d'or a obtenu près de plus en plus, le ~

    • Annular eclipse observation
      Morning May 21st, you can see the solar eclipse, a liberal translation
      Matin le 21 mai, vous pouvez voir l'éclipse solaire

    • Because the gold ring solar eclipse is photographed, the ND filter was bought.
      The next of the gold ring solar eclipse May 21st Venus passes the solar disk is also “Venus passage on solar disk” in June 6th morning, so is, a liberal translation

    • 子供物流課 S.I
      You looked at the total eclipse solar eclipse July 22nd?
      Vous avez regardé l'éclipse solaire le 22 juillet d'éclipse totale ?

    • 皆既日食と金環日食
      July 22nd, topic “of the total eclipse solar eclipse” of 46 year inclination enlivens the newspaper and the television, 26 years later it probably will put out the next, is, but the scholar of course thing, the general person scratched the romance greatly and raised, a liberal translation
      题目7月22日, “全蚀日蚀” 46年倾向有精神报纸和电视,当然26年后它大概将投入下,是,但是学者事,一般人很大地抓了浪漫史并且上升了

    • 日食見ました!
      Don't you think? 22 days were the solar eclipse! Osaka could see however it was the cloud, somehow
      您是否不认为? 22天是日蚀! 大阪可能看然而它是云彩,莫名其妙地

    • 見えました!
      It was broadcast live the total eclipse solar eclipse after 46 years with the television, but not only the circumstances where the sun is lacking, so it becomes pitch-dark with it was the surprise

    annular eclipse, Science,

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