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    • NY [yankisu] WS victory & Matsui MVP
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • Godzilla
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • Float [ya]! Kimura sprouts in air ♪@ member story and sprouts [samuga] Nakai.
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • The Matsui 秀 stands the old home first opposition and the enemy country entire, “one word of impression”
      The most excellent player of the series where the champion ring is presented to the players of [yankisu] which the American major league, as for the Matsui 秀 happy outfielder of [enzerusu] in order on the 13th, 7 years to participate in the [yankisu] game which has been on the register to previous season, after the transferring as for first opposition with the old home which for the first time visits the New York Yankee star gym, 4th starting in advance participating with designated hitter, as for 5 at bats non hit tournaments as for this day when [enzerusu] is defeated with 5-7 precedes the center commencement game tournament of [yankisu], controls the world series of last year on the ground (mvp) as for the Matsui 秀 which shines, appearance with the uniform form of [enzerusu]With it became, but as for the Matsui 秀 where large cheer is sent with the applause of entire standing from approximately 50,000 spectators “it is the one word which is impressed”, you said

    • Present theatre/playing word
      That thinking, whether you probably will buy totobig with [konbini], 1 o'clock it went out about before, but when you cannot buy and go to [huamima] first and operate the panel, the purchase picture does not operate to another [huamima] goes, appeared of the house to the same result helplessly specially in with special care midnight, therefore it is, not pulling, you cannot be, that when you think, you go to [sankusu] which just a little leaves, operate the panel entering the store there 8: 00 - 22: 30 (? Unless you think) only between you can buy, that was, you want to be written [o] []!!! The [ze] which you do not know!!! That does is helpless, such to write also [huamima], the [a] [a] [a]!!! It was not in time to nba with favor well after all there to recognize defeat, shopping with [sankusu], interview of returning home [etsushien] you saw, you buy wsd, concerning the Chelsea thing completely we not to have lacked, whether be disheartened the conduct complete defeat [a] [a] of… midnight, in near future it is not elected large amount with totobig, travelling the world, the [ze] which would like to do again temporarily even with the continuation of the work doing to stare by his, you will sleep, if so you say, commencing also the measure league, the pleasure increased and, but, the kind of air which excessively does not do [yankisu] game due to the fact that Matsui transfers, doing, a little regrettable

    • About [rosanzerusuenzerusu] record
      Matsui, [enzerusu] and agreement… Before of the complicated name, Los Angeles [enzerusu] of Anaheim was Anaheim [enzerusu], but the team would like to gather the customer more, but when for the sake of, measure it tries probably to modify more in regional name, entire [sukan] it is to see [enzerusu] anti- [yankisu] game in saddle [tsu] [te]… Los Angeles from local end, but as for the ticket even at that day large….It is to see [enzerusu] anti- [yankisu] game in Los Angeles, but is the ticket probably all right even at that day? It is to try to look at the tournament of [enzerusu] anti- [yankisu], but because [yankisu] is the popularity team, is the ticket probably to come off in the day? The one which you reserve is better, probably will be? That and the case of reservation some seat recommends the [enzerusu] ball park? Concerning the team name and the place of the measure league it is to like to know concerning the measure league, but is there a team name and a sight where that place understands? If possible, if there was a sight where all club is stated in the map with also the Matsui 秀 which is thought was pulled heart? In [yankisu] affinity in 02 of microphone [soshia] supervision inauguration 3rd year which is also the time when the [uoruto] [deizuni] corporation which had become the Los Angeles [enzerusu] of Anaheim in good [enzerusu] 1 California [enzerusu], Anaheim [enzerusu] and name modification 2005 is the owner carrying out world series first conquest…

    • original letters
      Matsui of [enzerusu] because of [yankisu] game it appeared in [yankisusutajiamu], but applause from the customer being enormous, is harsh [yankisuhuan] in the player who the shank keeps coming out, but don't you think? as expected it is mvp of the world series of last year because the fan it understands that and, as for Matsui although we would not like to come out, it was put out, probably will be, well, today the last week when Thursday it is audience rating ranking (April 5th ~11 day)? The 1st rank laughing point (day tele system) 23.6% superior regular program says it is the surprise being, with something the high number can take 23.6% to here, don't you think? it is probably will be, 2nd rank turban shell ([huji] system) 21.2% this is enormous! So, you do not understand?? whether above the laughing point such a number can be taken with something? Don't you think? history of the 3rd rank pad (the 1st night) ([huji] system) as for 21.2% this the number it is high you understand, even Mitani happiness happiness it is also if and, that much performer has been present, that because thought now shank I did not have time, because it videotaped, whether you will try seeing, as for 4 ranks or less which you try seeing from now on, history of 4 rank pad (the 3rd night) ([huji] system) 21.1% 5 rank NHK news 7 (11 days) (NHK) history of 18.7% 6 rank pad (the 2nd night) ([huji] system) 18.4% 6 rank steed transmission (NHK) 18.4% 8 rank [honma]It is huge!? tv special ([huji] system) 18.2% 9 rank appearance (tele morning system) 17.9% 10 rank truth reporting [bankishiya]! The steed transmission where (day tele system) history of 17.4% pad perseveres and increases appearance of 3 also best 10 entering new programs 17.9% 9 rank and very good start and last week drama the tend [ku] which is [imaichi] became funny with is to think, but it does not extend persevering Fukuyama! Already, almost ending also special service code, that new program becomes many, because you think,

    • Belief is carried out
      More and more, don't you think? it is commencement, it was certain today, don't you think?? The [tsu] [ke] which at the Japanese time is from sometime?? Because there is work, however you think that it is not seen, we want persevering, whatever saying, therefore commencement don't you think? this year also not becoming pipi to especially heart machine complete change and start with new world partly due, being observed, it probably is the [ru], something waiting, the [tsu] [te], just a little, you understand being, it does and it is [yo] measure league Matsui, Matsui! Transferring to [enzerusu] from [yankisu], first year is it is, in the tournament the large quantity coming out, being attached to also defense, ringing the hitting [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te], appearing in the world series, in addition mvp we want taking, don't you think? at least [majigan] we want with [yankisu] game and the [marinazu] game beating () seriously ringing, as for the hot feeling where it confronts Matsui's [yankisu] - the [ku] the thinking which understands home run what being included in this book, don't you think? the [ru] there being only now when it transfers, it does and when as for putting out the [yo] and this book including also pipi, this year it wants to look at the play with [yankisu] as Matsui's fanYou think being that the person is many, therefore as for pipi Matsui's fan this year [enzerusu] is supported, so it decided, because the red uniform to see Matsui's of the pin which is accustomed stripe form is not remembered under any condition, [a] commencement! Matsui, strike, strike, to strike, -!!! Story funeral of a certain earthworm does not need - Peter's golf manner - - finishing “Riyuuma transmission” March broadcast, - - “the Tanaka military officer large” complete reader -

    • 初☆人工授精
      belief , Japanese talking

    • MLB 田沢初先発初勝利
      Tazawa who joins an organization in [retsudosokusu] of mlb via npb increased first forerunner first victory! Unintentionally, don't you think? from 2 days ago 3a being promoted suddenly [yankisu] game extension 15 tournaments debut game is defeated to 15 a lot with [sayonara] and hr present first forerunner after the pitcher 1 time 3 mistakes is and others after 2 times also the team which finish 5 times with your own pitching scoring, is entrusted Saito et. al who connecting to succession with the authority of the victory pitcher, experience stacking with first victory 2a/3a, mlb is good, the ~!! As for coming after forerunner in ranger game on the 16th? The kitchen where Matuzaka is not asked!!

    • イチローな夜ふけ
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • 私は一人うれし泣き^^^
      2009 August 17th (month) anti- [niyuyokuyankisu] game 10-3 pleasantly it was victory!! Either phase does not change it was the lack of policy where, but the players independent? Moving, the cover stripe it did that and led/read the seed young Fisher skillfully and won and first there was also applause pressure in Jojima which presents the star however probably will be, breaking ball system sphere to be good it was the defense whose in the Fisher pitcher who good throwing is done first base man is unpalatable in the next applause loaded bases, applause and two base hits per satisfaction the instant which strikes largest applause in Jojima which strikes the home run which is, I increasing [yoshitsu] and voice, increased even in [ichiro] which pointed to [todome] to the tournament with 2 strokes and the tear the [ji] [wa] [a] [tsu]… as for the [suuini] uncle is the good person, well, with the entire body the joyDisplaying, blessing Jojima, ^^^ this year which it increases charge was not wak pleasantly, if 7 times like whether you were hungry to the victory which you think as jr and that achievement which make the clubhouse bright of, super attack, you look at that still it cannot abandon

    • イチローの今シーズンが終わる
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • 北米2回目(5)アボカドにダイブ!
      The present night boiled rice with the Mexican Mexican beer about 2 blocks went into the restaurant which is in the place where you said from the toast [u] [tsu] plain gauze [tsu] plain gauze hotel, when so it does, what delicate object… probably is what on side of the stairway, this?? When you try seeing carefully,… well well the [a]!! Everyone as for the ~~~ [hi] [ya] [tsu] which is dived as for the [tsu] it is such [atashi] lover of this funny ~, asking cooking, also [guakamore] which you attach to [toruteiyachitsupusu] of course order! To fresh it makes before the eye, the older brother of the salesman, it is enormous being enthusiastic, making, it increased (laughing) nevertheless, this bowl (? ) It is lovely,… it was tasty, after the boiled rice, accompanying the customer, to [yankisu] game! go yankees!! Because new [yankisusutajiamu] is unprecedented, it was the just a little framework framework

    • ワールド・シリーズ第4戦。
      By the way in Japan, the Japan Series 3rd game was done with Tokyo dome the giant where winning, with 2-1 the giant with lead/read, as for me with video recording world series 3rd game are received with observation 4-4 when to the base 2 base [deimon] is present with attack 2 out of [yankisu] in 9 charts which stealing, funny thing! [teshieira] of the 3rd batter (the left to strike) with shift, the infielder position 3 base hand which entirely considerably approached to clockwise [deimon] which becomes last safe without sliding entering the restraint of second, aiming for the fact that defense is not in 3 base bases, that way in the 3rd bases! It is enormous! It was beautiful base running with, after that, at a stroke 3 points entering, as for the result such with 7-4 [yankisu] put the checkmate on the world champion with victory this the play which changes as for view [re] [ru] being delightful, as much as 1 base restraint out of [morina] of the shank other day, that it was, play after 59 years ever since 1950 saying, however in the [yankisu] game of the post season which it increases, you think as [tsu] lever Toda…There you heard and let escape (the ^ ^;)When now it is dense, how major league to observe is funny, is

    • 日本時間と米国時間の狭間で♪
      Em japones , original meaning

    • 忘れない!
      The [ichiropuro] beginning “you do not forget!”The reversal [sayonara] bullet * [marinazu] 3x-2 [yankisu] (18 1-2 where the reversal [sayonara] home run where days Seattle) the [ichiro] outfielder of [marinazu] (35), in the [yankisu] game at center, itself becomes first was shot 9 times with 2 dead second bases, the eve when from [ribera] of total 522 saving 10 2 runs are hammered to the right wing seat (17 days) as for single blow of the distinguished services which continue,… where it becomes [sayonara] hitting of the Japanese measure first season 3 flat knots Single v “morning the [hi] [yo] [tsu] being disgusted hail of the daughter it is it is the island”/morning the daughter

    • 実は立派な球速を叩き出せる野手は多い。
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • イチロー  松井秀  松坂 2009年9月
      Because 9 year continual season 200 hits of [ichiro] already were achievement secure circumstance, settling, it was full and the [ya] was, but you were surprised to [sayonarahomuran] in the [yankisu] game which was seen in morning of 19 days

    • NYYとの第2戦
      July 2nd (the Japanese time) tournament several batting average hit base stealing stroke score 2 base hit 3 base hit home run Annie Oakley 77 0.368 112161838143614 The Japanese-American total 3,085 hit return game 1st tournament (April 16th) with it achieves!! To measure total 2,000 hit after 83 9 years consecutively to 200 hits after 88 The present [ichiro] player was 4 at bats non hits As for at bat details of [ichiro] player As for 1st at bat second racketeer As for 2nd at bat second racketeer As for 3rd at bat short racketeer Furthermore 4th at bat is the contents, pitcher racketeer, as for the team the [ichiro] player who is defeated with 2-4 with [yankisu] game me is to be the image which has been struck well enough, the obtaining perhaps it is possible to look at the tremendously unusual tournament where, but it ended today in non hit? “It is sour grapes, it is it is not!!” So inhaling?? Because even the [ichiro] player is the human, there is also such a day!!! With say, you do not desire tomorrow or the fact that it ends with non hit!! After the tomorrow, including also present amount to the [ichiro] player, it makes hit strike fully!! Persevering and [ichiro]!!!

    • 新ヤンキースタジアム

    • 復帰直後ですから・・・おとなしくしてよう・・・とはいかないね
      Comentarios sobre este , for multilingual communication

    • オメデト(。・ω・ノノ゙パチパチパチパチパチ
      Because yesterday, “the [marinazu] × [renjiyazu]” [tsu] [te] it was written on the television column of the newspaper with tbs series, Σ (the ¯ and the ¯=) it is 9 years of ~ [ichiro] the historical record which is thought the kana which consecutively sees 200 hits to put out, because there are no any which are seen rarely when (*´ Ω) the (Ω `*) [ne] 2 o'clock in the morning the television is attached,… (Ω) [moniyu]? [yankisu]…? That? How it did [marinazu] game? The announcer, “because of the rain of the Japanese time 4:5 AM is play ball schedule from”, even (゚ д ゚) [nmatsu]! Waiting also rear 2 hours, while doing [ru] or the game, [yankisu] game view 3:30 AM it crushes time again the announcer, “this time at 6 o'clock is play ball schedule because of the rain”, even DREPT (. `д´.)No 彡* [hu] ゙ [hu] ゙ [tsu]!! Already, the staying in bed sulking sled [ya] it stays in bed sulking, (* `д´) [nochikishiyo]!!! When so, Asaoki it comes, hit 1 it has struck to do, still it remains and but 1 it is drowsy and zzzz…(- ω-). . When ooo 2 time you sleep, having recorded and achieving and Ω DREPT (the ' Ω `) as for [chinniyusu], the word [tsu] of bail of that person (゚ д ゚), as for such a thing of [he] ゚ [tsu] how it is good (* ゚ д ゚)/[ta] ゙ -!! With special care, although the night 更 oak it did, it was wasteful, (*´ Ω) the (Ω `*) [ne] well there is no plain gauze ~, or (*´ [e]) (*´-[e] -) the [tsu] which does also [u] [i] next year it does, the [yo] (the *´▽ `) (the ´▽ `*) the [ne] ♪ [ma], calling and (' - the `) y-~~

    • 上原浩治 初登板初勝利 台湾では…
      There is an article before, but doing, it decorated measure first victory e.g., Uehara in [yankisu] game holds down the Matsui 秀 happiness of the senior with first going to the mound original [chimumeito], it has been reported already at the various places, but in Taiwan, the � the king building people who are thrown this season not being able to decorate first going to the mound, the pitcher from thing and � Japan the � two person to throw in the Athenian Olympics probably will actualize the case that being continued it passes, and so on other than that subject has come up, the confrontation with Matuzaka who is the same as the Japanese reporting soon. Grass soul. Victory Uehara first going to the mound. . Matsui. . Uehara Matsui 秀 happiness: Emergency happiness

    • 冗談のような本気の記事!
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • ワールド・シリーズのもうひとつの見所
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • いざシアトルへ
      As for the world shank 9 consecutive holiday taking already with the tray day off and the [ru] person being, the company you go to bed completely, mode me from tomorrow to Seattle! America as for going after a long time as for shelf ~ main as for [marinazu] vs [yankisu] game [ichiro] and Matsui you see, [re] [ru] kana? In order not to depend on the new model influenza, the [ma] ~ which keeps noting the ♪ which is done

    • 松坂 シーズン初登板で黒星、岩村は1安打を記録
      With wbc Matuzaka pitcher this season shows the participation of according to expectation it became black star start, but from this, it probably is to show capability Prime Minister Aso, in 3 years the employment creation 2,000,000… Caloric consumption fat of dream even to adult internal, application… As for the female of the chimpanzee “gives the food the male… which The Italian center earthquake, in sweet construction standard in voice Uehara [yankisu] game of anger first going to the mound first victory, Matsui 秀…

    • ヤンキースタジアム
      Comentarios sobre este , linked pages are Japanese

    • メジャー情報
      * On. 6 halfway 7 mistakes it suffered, e.g., confusion as for 2 victory eyes and [ichiro] entire practice participation Uehara you go to the mound to [renjiyazu] game, pour 2 departure, but friend batting line-up large. There was also backing and “just 2 victory eyes annoyance were used”, that as for Iwamura which has been reflected as for the participation Matsui 秀 of 2 and 3 strokes of 4 as for 3 at bats non hit Fukudome 1 hit 1 strokes, Kobayashi who is ended in 0 of 3 1 times 1/3 the zero seal did the Matsui 稼 which is 3 Annie Oakley in the [yankisu] game, but furthermore as for Saito 1 mistakes line of battle [ichiro] which is left from this day participates in entire practice

    • サバのひもの、豆腐のピカタのミートソース添えのおうちごはん♪
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • 2009年の横浜ベイスターズ終了で、カテゴリーも消滅
      Opening after 10 years. Six successive defeats it probably will put out, is, but if as for already what saying when there is no what hindrance you try looking at the tournament progress which is in extent and my life where one among the interests which is a quantity which is not gone, other than [serigu] the team, successive defeats with the kind of cliffhanger where level is already different because anyhow, it is the being defeated continuation because it is the good opportunity, that the last night when you think whether it probably will make major league [kate] instead of eliminating from [burogukategori], looking at the raising anti- lead socks with video recording, regrettable now also morning looks at [orioruzu] anti- [yankisu] game from five o'clock, as for the word which becomes the professional baseball, already in the headIt is not

    • 夢のカロリー消費脂肪が成人体内にも、応用に期待 米研究
      [metabo] is big news in Koike of trouble Prime Minister Aso, in 3 years the employment creation 2,000,000… As for the female of the chimpanzee “gives the food the male… which The Italian center earthquake, in sweet construction standard in voice Uehara [yankisu] game of anger first going to the mound first victory, Matsui 秀… China and Russia in the American electric power supply net frequently hacking…

    • 麻生首相、3年間で200万人の雇用創出を約束
      As for the 25th provision all citizen, being healthy, as for 2 countries which possess the right to pursue the life of the cultural minimum, social welfare, you must endeavor to the improvement and increase of social security and public health concerning all life phases, like this it is recorded in the Japanese constitution, “dispatch it cuts and”, “it employs and stops and” and so on when the human is handled quite like “the thing”, only, it cannot think, the circumstance which is related to recent employment “because it is depression”, with like this it does and it means that the callous had could have connived or, as for Japan of on hand with being a circumstance which opposes to constitution 25 provisionWhen as for without being being, or in a certain book which some days ago was read there being current Japan it is not “free works and” it is “free can be used” you think that it is the indication which shoots the mark which is Caloric going out of dream. Fat even to adult internal, application… As for the female of the chimpanzee “gives the food the male… which The Italian center earthquake, in sweet construction standard in voice Uehara [yankisu] game of anger first going to the mound first victory, Matsui 秀… China and Russia in the American electric power supply net frequently hacking…

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